: Player behaviour is assessed individually - just because someone else is breaking the rules doesn't mean you can to. Your logs are also heavily edited - you've skipped Game 1 logs entirely - without unedited logs, your story is unreliable and you won't get much input other than that really.
Dude u blind ? Pre-Game WORLDBraker: no man sorry WORLDBraker: first game this is Reasone for geting banned ?! wtf douse this thing has to do with everything? he asks if i wanna trade lane i say no then this appears as PRE GAME offance ?! are u for real ? what more do u want ? u get banned for using in game chat.
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: Next time someone claims it's hard to climb on support show them this
You got lucky that's all i just finish a bronz 3 game where the enemy team had a 1.7 million illiaoi in bronz 3 ...
: Ok now here´s something from a guy who hate you junglers from bottom of my hearth. Reason? You are dumber than a brick. Here´s one of examples I face in diamond games but you can see it everywhere, I´m renekton playing against morde, I have 30% hp, 60 fury, and ult, he doesn´t have flash and is on my side of lane sitting around 70% hp, so what does my jungler do? He says "Sorry I can´t gank he has ward." I´M SORRY WHAT? YOU MEAN YOU CAN´T GANK THRU LANE, BEHIND HIM? HELL RUN AT HIM FROM RIVER. Ok but let´s look at another example, so I´m being camped there´s nothing he can do to help me, but it´s ok while enemy jungler is top he can take his jungle, take dragon, make bot fed, make mid fed, and what does he do? He does none of those, he fails ganking bot 2 times, or by some miracle he succseds and just sits there taking farm, trying to shove lane with adc instead of taking dragon, or he runs around like a silver scrub under preassure like some LCS player told him he will be in lcs team if he wins this game, doing absolutly nothing. So yea we don´t just hate you because you don´t gank we hate you because you are useless in most of cases. I mean I lost any hope in my jungler long ago in s6, but at this point I´m seriously thinking droping top lane, because of you people.
Tottaly agree and this comes frome a guy who play'd jg for a couple of years now.90% of jg players are just like u say no matter there rank :)
pikalov3r (EUW)
: can we talk about attitude towards junglers
90% or junglers don't know how to play the role they pick yi or they pick lee and all they want is kills and what i mean by that is they ether go for the enemy jg and they get rekt then they come and ks everyone they can or they just farm they almost never do objectives or gank when u ask they always run around doing more or less nothing, i playd jg a lot mainly shyvana always go for objectives i always gank every lane still get blame if we lose no matter how many towers i get or dragons or other objectives.


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