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Like usually propably in few days after patch.
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: nice anti cheating software
Im so excited to log back and get leavebuster. THANK YOU! I love your game
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: new player looking for friendly people to play with
Krushto (EUW)
: Complete Freeze experienced in game, requiring me to hard restart my PC...
I have same issue, but more than one or two times. Every second - third summoners rift game freeze about 1:00-2:00. I can ctrl alt del, launch taskmaster, alt tab to it and quit league. Not happening in aram, practice tool or nexus blitz on pbe. Cant handle it anyway
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: We're unable to log you in because you may be offline.
Hotfix patch is up i guess. Try to switch servers few times
GhPanda (EUW)
: A dota2 player starting League journey
If you play DOTA 2 for years, you will be frustrated with skillshots i guess. You have to know champions in leauge are so differently designed than in DOTA. Much more funny to play. Try to play Zed, Yasuo, Irelia, Azir etc. You will be bad but cuz those are champs you usually play after you know how game works and have to play them for many many hours to be at least decent but you will notice difference between playstyle of lol and dota champs. Another way there are several situations thru year where some champs are little bit unbalanced. In DOTA everything is playable even for begginers and high elo players. There are some champs who are so bad right now and you cant see them in higher elo games.
: why is Riot OK with smurfs?
You have know one think. They are not breaking any rules. They are just better. Deal with it. And ofc there are smurfs rules. MMR is so high usually so they play with players in higher division. In promost they can skip divison easily. And noone who smurfing just for fun cant stand in low division for longer time.


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