: I guess i will do that after they lift my ban at some point, thanks, at least somebody that understands the fustration.
damn my stfu got me ban in that acc anway i do accounts to talk on this boards np .. XD stfu got me ban in the boards XD not the fist account tho ... in boards you need to have +20 account to talk freely .XD from what i see trolls don't get ban but if you say bad things ... they can't talk back and they call mama riot to ban you XD
: >ooººStØrMººoo: %%%%ing bronze ooººStØrMººoo: yas blind as %%%% ooººStØrMººoo: %%%% you yasuo xD ooººStØrMººoo: moron ooººStØrMººoo: you're just %%%%ing autist ooººStØrMººoo: yeah i don't have my form yet dumb ass ooººStØrMººoo: learn to play %%%%ing lol ooººStØrMººoo: idiot ooººStØrMººoo: at least i go help when someone pings and i know how to play my class why i was pinging for help but you kept being a %%%%ing a ooººStØrMººoo: its lost yasuo and teemo just passive/autist players ooººStØrMººoo: look at your kda trash ooººStØrMººoo: im playing teemo is inting ooººStØrMººoo: 0/5 inting ooººStØrMººoo: teemo is inting ooººStØrMººoo: no are you hitler? ooººStØrMººoo: no you stfu ooººStØrMººoo: trash bronze players ooººStØrMººoo: yorick is %%%%%% ooººStØrMººoo: garen is too xd You called people autistic, which is not okey.
so autistic people are not humans ... wtf ... reproted
: Being high Rank doesn't make you a god.
Ahries (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WarlockBN,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=oOuf0umH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-24T11:29:46.061+0000) > > dud she look soooo sexy with the walk animation .. i was main zyra .. but i quit her cuz of the havy nerfs on her ... i can't eve think of playing her ... but the new animation made me think of maining her once more . i even have all the skins for her How funny, I think completely the opposite regarding her walk :D. I've all skins too.
she looks like the lady who don't give a %%%% .. " bring it on " :D
Ahries (EUW)
: That Zyra walk animation is atrocious. At first I thought it was a bug. It's like I'm in the hood, watching a gangsta walk by with a gun. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
dud she look soooo sexy with the walk animation .. i was main zyra .. but i quit her cuz of the havy nerfs on her ... i can't eve think of playing her ... but the new animation made me think of maining her once more . i even have all the skins for her
: no u
are you his bf
Riryz (EUW)
: that would be a wrong tip though. lux ult hits where its aimed. the only reason for missing is the player. the blind/darkness does not let her ult bend around you randomly. its the player that had failed to predict while blinded. who even uses lux ult without the snare (unless for sniping)? your words make it seem like if you get snared and blind her then she can miss her ult even if she casts it directly on your face. besides, id rather have those "useless" tips telling me to not be toxic. Or even the lore tips are better. i dont need gameplay tips, those are useless. as if you didnt know that you might miss your skillshots because you cant see your enemy due to blind/darkness. Id rather know that kata, talon and cass are all members of the "du couteau" family or that kassadins name comes from the shuriman "kas sai a dyn". If i want genuine ingame tips id go watch some youtube videos. at least they can show you what they mean.
look at this kido https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW5v7GLsEuE it was a bug ... and if you wanna learn abut lore go to youtop
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: Now someone has been keeping in touch with what it says, so who is VI's GF?
your mam XD reply on that .. lat me see
: Looks like the reminder it gave you was appropriate for the situation you are in.
O M G you don't understand my point ... giving tips that help in the game .. .is better than usalss shit like that or shothing abut the lore of lol champs .. who care abut hte lore in the game . when you q for a rank game you are thinking in a way to win ,, nnot who is vi's gf is
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: I bought RP and the transaction is on my PayPal + Bank as cleared but I've received 0RP
you will regrat spending 1$ on this game . .. and you will remamber that i told you that
Ler da Rim (EUNE)
: Leaverbuster for nothing is kinda annoying
lol ... no one have the balls to play 4 v 5 XD since you play lol you know that the game clint is shit ... after w8ing 1 min in the logiing screen you need to press ( alt + tap ) to see if you don't have that shity server message .. for me every 3 games i get that message so i know it's not my pc and i do the faster thing and clost all the game and then restart it once i see that in my face ... with out pressing reconnect cuz it's uslass ... i will not call it unexperinse from you ... but we learn .. and why you think friendly shit will be good in a game where you play with kids all the time .. just talk shit to them when they do ...and after you find your self won the " chat " mute them and play after all this is a game ... don't lat kids get you .
realKano23 (EUNE)
: why do i sometimes get disconnected from the game?
riot don't like you to rank up .... i don't know ..i have same shit .. servers are shit ... rank is shit ... the game is shit ... no fun ... too many dc plaers ... boosting is legit ( riot don't work on punishing the bosted players that mean it's legit ) .... riot nerf champs right after thy sell good number of skins for that champ ... and shit like that ... this game is no longer the same game you played in ages it's cash bag .. i think now if you find someone in riot you can buy any accun't you like as long as you pay ... they even give you free lvl 30 accounts if you stream . that selling ac%%%% is legit too but not on paper ... %%%% this shit ... and they ban good players and forget abut the trolls or the feeders even the new systyem is with the noobs (if you are 0/2/0 but you know how to farm they punish you for it +500 gold shot down if you are good at farming )
Composure (EUNE)
: Playing league for fun (not competitively is ok, that's one of the only remaining old stuff of league).
%%%% playing league there is no fun in the game if you play vs and with shity players who int . i am not someone who find it funy if i loss... this game is shity and no fun at all for solo gameplay why i payed $$$$ in it in the first place
Catchdown (EUW)
: I found my girlfriend on league tho. We have been living together for 2 years now. So good things can happen, haha.
0.01% ... i will not talk abut that . cuz + 90% is biger .
Composure (EUNE)
: The Death of League of Legends
now that i think of it ... i never liked lol in the first place ... some asshol told me abut it ... %%%% friends they %%%%ed my life
Apocaliss (EUW)
: Garen Spin sometimes stops alone
you have a shity keybord or you eat on it ... that i can tell or you have a shaky hand
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Remember...
i am with you man ... you are right ... they int they afk they cry they flame and then they report
MikyoM (EUW)
: P4 Mid Laner looking for team
stop right there .. and don't try what i did . for 2.5 years i was looking for a team and tryed to make one . no one ore 95% of the players you will find ... will never work as a team or they don't think at all or they think the world move arund them or you will find a players who just make shity joks every time you open a chat . and if you start talking abut playing some games to work on the synergy of the team or somehting like that ... a game or 2 and no one will play once more .. and if you wanna make a team logo and ask your team abut a good look for the logo or a name for the team they will tell you you do that you are the one who made the team and if you tell them what to do in the game or ask them to play a champ nooooooooooooooooooooo you are but a player in the team . and things like that pls don't think of this game for more than a game you play after you finsh you real work .. don't be like me and loss your life tryig to make this work . this game is full of brain dead gay shit players who know nothing abut the game and if they pissed you off or made you angry after 5 games of inting ..noooooooooooooooooooo you are toxic ... there is no logic in this game all you will find is toxic kids or brain dead players or some who think they are funy
Catchdown (EUW)
: Looking for some nice friends
don't look for friends in online games ... they are all animals .. me too
Kokozuma (EUW)
: Is leveling too fast now for new players?
riot lossing players soooo fast that why they are trying to make it up and get new players ... they think this is " change "
: Hard to say... I ban only my teammate Yasuo. Try to ban Jax because he can abuse the new rune + {{item:3161}}
quit then .. that what i see ... who can one shot who first game ...
: First time ever posting here, what should I use instead that works for everyone?
use what i use lightshot .. the link in the pic i give you it's work for everyone
Rioter Comments
: haha balls... more practice it is then ;) Ye idk why it does that
every time i see someone use that website it's a pain to keep saying stop using something that will not work for everyone if you like us to see it
: Zyra's plants should stack Conqueror
damn ... now i looked to it ... zyra looks hot in that move .. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn but mf walk is sooooo bad .... she can't see in front of her wtf .. " not talking abut her boobs " but realy why they nerfed her plants ... like wtf zyra was not that of an op champ ... they culd nerf her early plants or give her a lvl up damge on her plants ...
: Dark Crystal LeBlanc Fan Art Skin Splash Art
great art ... http://prntscr.com/moue7r but this one is better
Haze97 (EUW)
: Revert Katarina's running animation
that what they where saying zed is going to be a female XD
: Players VS Riot
without reading this ... riot will win .. if they players did not quit
: LCL Vaevictis eSports logo in shop is the old one
i think shity teams most not get a logo in the shop . cuz everyone will make a team and then riot need to place all the logos in the shop +1 million logo . they will need more than 10 people to keep track on the new teams and someone to edit them ever patch . this just work for nothing . for less than 0.50$ for icon .. i did not do math on that and i don't know how much 250 rp to $ and i don't like to do it
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: All effects of skins are based on the map being a specific color. Getting special colored maps could give players an unfair advantage, whereas the map being the same for everyone doesn't. EDIT: Skins are also a way to show off to others. EDIT2: Gave a upvote, just because I like Poros.
yup .. for me i will change the map to be more darker to see the champs better .
Bi0killer (EUNE)
: SO im stupid? great mister Art master 2.0.. Sorry to have my own opinion..... LOL.. If some one have wings or something in her/his ass its just not normal and not art, FOR ME.. Sorry bro.
yes you are ... and her wings are not coming out of her ass . her wings are coming out from the lower back of her spine . i think now you understand or need to learn more abut how they draw angels .. since angels got more than 2 or 10 wings in religion books . still you will think something is wrong since YOU think it's wrong ... and not that it's right or wrong ... this lead to more things i don't like to talk abut . cuz i don't like to move out of the main part of this talk . and i don't like to continuing talking to someone who don't know anything abut the things he is talking abut . sorry .
: Still it is the worst visual rework, Riot did until now. Look at her. I dont even want to play this disgusting ass wing lady.
before the rework of morgana it was disgustng for me to play her ... some might find it disgusting some might find it good ... some like me will add the champ to there main list just for there look or " visual rework " ...
Bi0killer (EUNE)
: Why is Morganas wings in her A.s.s?????
if you don't know abut art or not 20+ years in art to talk shit on art ... stfu pls edit : they are not coming out from her ass ...
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Last season, I got Gold II by winning 7 out of 10 placements :P
at s8 i had gold 4 but in s7 i was plat in 3 v 3 ...anyway .. i did not finsh my solo q games yet but it's telling me plat 4 +70 lp if i remamber 2 wins 2 loss still have 6 games to go
: Kayle and Morgana (En version ) The Righteous and the Fallen Champion Ga...
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: What's the name of your actual account?
i don't like to say my name here cuz some i know are looking for it but if you wanna play i can add you i am plat 3 in solo q ... that mean i know how to play and if you do what i say in the game you will get your gold in 3 v3 for me and for you . i can get gold solo in 3 v3 but it's tilting .. anway you get your gold i get my gold and we are done . good for you ?
: And still numbers dont lie, if you dont believe me please look it up on leagueofgraphs.com comparing akali and udyr is like comparing a bycicle and a plane. Udyr has almost no mechanics at all, and akali Needs great skill and great mechanics to be useful and not just feed your ass of. Believe me , I know what I am saying and I am looking at the Numbers aswell and They speak for themselves. How could you possilbe doubt that udyr is strong while looking up the numbers? And dont give me that OTP bullshit, that doesnt work when he is getting played as much as he is. BTW you look at 10 games, they dont mean shit , you dont take 10 games for a statistic, you look at hundreds and hundreds of games and then you can take These into account for a statistic. 1 more Thing: I dont think you have any right to talk about what is strong and what now while posting from an unranked smurf acc. Ofc you can talk but I wont take anything seriously cause you basically have nothing backing you up
he have a good winrat cuz no bronz or iron silver etc.. players spaming him .... do you understand the numbers now ... and from my point he needs a rework or a buff ... now that you are talking abut numbers ... tell me why mf winrat droped to 45 or 44 after SKT wolf played her supp in lcs ... if you know what i mean .. you will understand . i will not spill it for you .. do i need to ?!! i was rank 43 evelynn and when i stoped playing her for few games when i lost 3 ranks .. from 43 to +400 ... without playing her .. and then after geting closer to my rank my evelynn rank "without playing her " geting better ... stop going after websites that run on ads ... and misleading things . winrat is for youtupers to make videos " op gg say yasou is 60% winrat come lats find out " and that will be normal game with nothing . winrat mean nothing ... riot nerf champs cuz riot see that there skins sold good and no one is buying ... or for lcs . why they nerfed akali to a point where she is dead champ . cuz she sold good amount of skins and not many players left to buy . why they did not nerf {{champion:39}} yet and ... somethink that they nerfed her r by removing the cc from it ... but they give her damge in every thing she don't even need that cc she will kill you before you aa her 2 times .. if you are adc like {{champion:107}} and tank like {{champion:57}} .. why you don't cry abut her and all the op champs and stop crying abut a shit bag that riot is planing on reworking .. is crying over {{champion:77}} makes you special player . now i am done talking to you ... and abut this . not because there is nothing left to talk abut but because i don't like to give you more time than you need . and by that i mean" it was useless to talk to you "
Rioter Comments
: Moving shit with 5% playrate and 55-56% winrate LUL. And just on the sidenote 5% playrate is worlds beyond the Otp mark.
i looked at your games till 10 days .. and i did not see 1 udyr ... still don't understand why cry for it . and abut the winrate ... akali was op yet her winrate was -50% ... winrate mean nothing ... and now they killed her with nerfs . i don't think you know what you are saying
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Do you actually get worse players in your promos?
if you are new .. then learn this .... this game is more luck than skill ... deall with it .. and find a duo to make it 40% skill and 60% luck
Lari (EUNE)
: Sup item bug
good morning ... where are you when they nerfed supp .. and made them slaves not in a sexy way but in a shity way
Vertinhol (EUW)
: Yorick and Udyr Nerf
oki Yorick is kinda op .. but lol udyr is moving shit what nerf do you need on him XD
: delete yi please
rito pls delete yi .. rito pls delete teemo .. rito pls nerf soraka .. rito pls delete akali " they did tho after her skins sold " rito pls nerf iralia " never forget the - 5 ms ...then but buff all her damge and but cc from r " (i think her skins did not sell well yet ) teemo he will never be deleted yi will never be deleted ... no champ will be deleted as long as there is skins ...
AllBear (EUW)
: Whats the point
ya games like this are for you to loss ... call it 5 v 6 ... do you see it fear .. and mostly the smurf will play with a duo to clime faster ... so no riot will not do shit abut this shit
Mártir (EUW)
: Rox Bans 5 Supports, agaisnt female team Vaevictis, in Competitive
i call that game ... the humiliation defeat ... baning usalss ban and wining the game ... i don't know why but i believe there will be no girl team in this game ... or a team that got a girl in it will win ... cuz girl don't work at games more than boys ... i will not go for big names ... but pro players play +12 hrs a day and i did not see a girl play more than 2 or 3 hrs a day ... girls don't have the same hormone and the same brains as boys ... there is things they don't care abut that boys can't live without ... i am not vs girls playing games or becoming pro ..but that will never happen ... till the year +2100 when gays be more than straight peoples .. well when that happen the world will end .. so my point is you will never see a pro 100% girl and not some gay turned to a girl as a pro girl gamer ... even the ward gamer .. is a male ward ... if you wanna call a boy a gamer you just call him " gamer " if you wanna call a girl a gamer you wanna call her " girl gamer " fact tho ;p . it's not abut freedom or shit like that ... it's just something girls don't like .( most of the girls 90%) they call it ... look at that game when the girls were losing they were not thinking at all that they lost the game .. and when the boys won they did not act anything of a win ... ( ya oki boys good game ) that alone tells you my point .
Akorahil (EUW)
: Because there are allready plenty of Card Games on the Market.
there is too many mobas now .... sooo same shit .. and when the tiem come and the market be full of games like"popg" ...what next
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