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: nah im sorry i will still fight for my account while i can since im not the only one believing this was not ban worthy and until riot says something to me on my ticket i will try to get it back
i dont want to give you hope
: if that was supposed to trigger me it didnt rly work
It wasnt supposed to trigger you, I see you are hoping to be unbanned and get your account back, unfortunately that won't happen, your account is just gone, you wont be unbanned. Create new account.
: Opinion about a PermaBan
well bye bye to your 166 lvl season 4 account
: Define broken champ? A champ that win cause you dont know how to play against him?
{{champion:24}} w {{item:3161}} {{champion:58}} even broken w {{item:3161}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:67}} no counterplay {{champion:23}} this guy, this is literal nightmare in high elo even tf blade said yesterday that is the best champ to climb up you can literally be 0/10 and be so impactful {{champion:35}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}}
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Wow the quizz was hard, made me read lores and stuff.. WeAreBornFree [EUNE]
: EUNE apparently has more active players than EUW?
pls stay on euw, eune is getting clean, most of i wont say so my reply doesnt get deleted transfer on euw hhhhh
Luqiez (EUW)
: I %%%%ing DONT! I tried it a few times when it was released, and it's all the same every game!
So? you don't like the mode, bye, LITERALLY NO ONE **FORCES** YOU TO PLAY IT. Just like I don't like ARAM, and do I cry on boards how I don't like ARAM and etc? Nope I just don't play it.
Luqiez (EUW)
: URF f'ing SUCKS!
: Custom Skins/Skin Changers
everyone is using it, my friend also has been using it since he was under lvl 100 now he is at 300lvl lmao not doesn't ruin other peoplee game
: look .. no one forces you to play urf .. many ppl like it and many ppl dont like it .. now what? why should the mode not exist just because there are ppl not liking it ? i could understand your hate if riot replaced normals with urf .. but they didnt .. if you dont like urf then nothing changes for you, you can still play just as always .. and if you like urf .. then congrats .. now you can play urf and have fun that way .. i mean there are ppl playing it (lots of them) and there are ppl enjoying it .. this can also be noticed by the insanely short queue time to get into a game of urf so why take away their fun just because others dont have fun playing urf ? as already said .. noone forces you .. and all other modes are still available ..
" It's quite literally the worst gamemode ever, I'd rather play 3v3. " Did someone ask him for his opinion or am I missing something? Totally agree with you.
: More Skins for Akali and Yasuo
Well I love Akali and Yas so take my money
Drda (EUNE)
: I know right. I thiught it was just me and didnt want to post because whenever I post something bad about league all the fanboys come bashing at me and downvoting my post
first of all say whatever you want. you have freedom of speech, also downvotes are irrelevant. If you don't like and play urf, no need to talk about it, play your own game and bye.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Remind me, why did people want URF back?
Because that is the only mode im literally having fun playing? Like im having fun again playing league. No tryharding just having fun. Also no one makes you to play URF, so yeah, If you don't like it bye. EDIT: Readed whole post rn and URF is just made to be broken lmao, what do you expect a champions to be balanced with 80% cdr? do you even think before talking? Sorry that people don't tryhard in urf.
swtos2015 (EUNE)
: If you actually think Assasins should be Buffed anf Tanks nerfed then you are probably a hardstuck silver 4 who just lost to Sejuani while playing zed
He never said tanks he said tanky champions, for example graves is tanky without reason.
: ***
@tarzan true, my point.
Infernape (EUW)
: That would accomplish nothing aside from making squishies easier to oneshot as armour by default counters lethality. It's intended to. Tanks are designed to be a hard counter to lethality building assassins.
Tanks are, but building one or 2 {{item:1029}} ONLY as {{champion:131}} and oneshotting {{champion:238}} at level 6 while {{champion:238}} does 0 damage with {{item:3134}} and {{item:1036}} isnt fun
Sephior (EUNE)
: Garen and Master Yi? How often you could have garen and master in one team? One time per 1k games? BTW nunu is decent at urf.
Mate, if you like getting random champions you don't play not everyone does.
: And this is why URF is bad compared to ARURF. Same champions on and on.
Sephior (EUNE)
: The thing is Riot have 2 same gamemodes with different settings. Urf is shit comparing to ARURF.
yes better force players to play shit they never play or like, imagine getting nunu and be trapped in game for 30minutes while being tortured by enemy garen or master yi
Sephior (EUNE)
: GG Riot for URF insead of ARURF
no one is forcing you to play it, you don't like it? bye!
: Unpopular Opinion: I like ARURF more than URF
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: URF still not here
Cãitlyn (EUW)
: Tilt
watch voyboy
: Prestige Event Skins Rant
You shouldn't blame Riot because you couldn't get her while project event was going on and it wasn't a short period, I, myself, stashed over 2500 tokens WITHOUT PASS. Imagine if I had pass since the beginning. I bought orbs for all tokens :P
Shamose (EUW)
: His question was if there was another event where he gets 25 points. We just got 25 points for free. So how does my statement not make sense?
His question was if there was another event where he gets 25 points he never mentioned " free " yet you answer with " you won't get free prestige points", also, judging by his project pass icon, im sure he was thinking to buy pass and get em, he never mentioned " free " lemme show how your reply to his question looks like: Will we have another event to get 25 prestige points? -you won't get free prestige points What isn't clear?
: >I would have placed this discussion in "General discussion" board but for some reason i can't find it on my phone. that's because eu boards don't have that section for some reason
Shamose (EUW)
: You won't get free prestige points other than the 25 we got earlier this week. There will be a shop at the end of the season with thing for less than 100 prestige points.
1. He asked if there will be event so your reply " you wont get free " doesn't make sense at all. 2. He didn't ask about whether there will be a shop or not he just said he wanted prestige skin.
iBlue18 (EUNE)
: Will we have another event to get 25 Prestige Points?
: Legacy-Legendary skins should be reworked
Legendary skins: New voice, new animations, new lines, new effects then look at demonblade tryndamere, red baron corki, ice toboggan corki, etc.
Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WeAreBornFree,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9T6o89eg,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2019-10-27T10:36:19.467+0000) > > you were being negative and also report calling which is punishable so thats why you got restricted.. you are not allowed to say " rep tihs rep that " etc cuz its negative I cant tell people to report? Of course I can
You can but be ready for 14 day ban :P
Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WeAreBornFree,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9T6o89eg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-27T10:16:17.067+0000) > > give us logs so we can see you didnt insult anyone :P Game 1 Pre-Game SZN Kaze: bot SZN Kaze: fiora take smite SZN Kaze: ... In-Game SZN Kaze: not your lane SZN Kaze: nah SZN Kaze: STOP PUSHING SZN Kaze: Fiora SZN Kaze: you sleeping? SZN Kaze: you are straight up trolling SZN Kaze: lmao SZN Kaze: you mad? SZN Kaze: iron scrub SZN Kaze: we lose game because of your small brain SZN Kaze: thanks SZN Kaze: and you troll SZN Kaze: never understand why people troll SZN Kaze: hope your having a good sleep fiora SZN Kaze: toxic? SZN Kaze: and learn english SZN Kaze: no SZN Kaze: you angry? SZN Kaze: lmao SZN Kaze: true SZN Kaze: im being trolled hard SZN Kaze: at least I can speak english SZN Kaze: no SZN Kaze: I am intelligent SZN Kaze: 137 IQ SZN Kaze: I have won national maths and physics competitions SZN Kaze: unlike you 2 I at least achieve something SZN Kaze: not some scrub with a sub 40 winrate in silver SZN Kaze: LMAO SZN Kaze: and you flame me for playing bad SZN Kaze: I know SZN Kaze: I have those every game SZN Kaze: but I can still 1v1 SZN Kaze: Havnt been toxic to you either SZN Kaze: I havnt sworn once SZN Kaze: thanks kayle SZN Kaze: lmao SZN Kaze: im being trolled SZN Kaze: 38 % wr SZN Kaze: sure SZN Kaze: 1v1 if you want to SZN Kaze: you dont? SZN Kaze: because im being trolled SZN Kaze: cant read? SZN Kaze: fiora SZN Kaze: you didnt ult me SZN Kaze: good stats doesnt mean you dont troll lmao SZN Kaze: had all my spells u SZN Kaze: see SZN Kaze: troll SZN Kaze: 1v1 if you want to SZN Kaze: after game SZN Kaze: then you can talk shit SZN Kaze: not because of some twisted game SZN Kaze: Not true SZN Kaze: but ok SZN Kaze: come 1v1 SZN Kaze: prove me wrong SZN Kaze: you choose champion SZN Kaze: answer my question SZN Kaze: Report kayle toxic SZN Kaze: And me SZN Kaze: We both are SZN Kaze: no 1v1 SZN Kaze: you scared SZN Kaze: ? SZN Kaze: ? Post-Game SZN Kaze: accept inv kayle SZN Kaze: report kayle and me SZN Kaze: both toxic
you were being negative and also report calling which is punishable so thats why you got restricted.. you are not allowed to say " rep tihs rep that " etc cuz its negative
Zakir (EUW)
give us logs so we can see you didnt insult anyone :P
Hiropoof (EUW)
: Championship skins
: > [{quoted}](name=CampYourLane,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Up0qKupL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-26T15:55:13.271+0000) > > if you don't want nor like the skin then don't grind to gold for it. that simple. and even if you did want it you'd be having a hard time grinding from bronze 4 to gold 4 with a 47& winrate Oh man, i love when people take their take to check my rank and winrate (something i never did not even once since i'm on these board, in spite of having been in hundreds of arguments) just for the sake of being unnecessarily rude. And you didn't disappoint. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Dude stop making so big victim of yourself, ITS LITERALLY A DIVISION, A RANK IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS GAME! What is offensive about it? Why did Riot make it public for everyone to see if someone is Iron/Bronze/Silver etc and how much Winrate he has, then when someone brings that up he gets banned from boards, why? What is wrong with these mods and why you constantly keep making victim of yourself I just want explanation. Literally he just said your rank and you already feel offended, wow dude.
: if you don't want nor like the skin then don't grind to gold for it. that simple. and even if you did want it you'd be having a hard time grinding from bronze 4 to gold 4 with a 47& winrate
Well he probably reported your reply so expect notification it's removed for " being offensive towards other players " when you just said his division {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Feels unlucky man !
: If i drop to silver before season's end
but you are bronze 4 you won't get it anyways :P
: Okay, so if you have 0 stacks, go into ult, and push q before you jump, when you land, E, W, Q. If you have challenging smite, use that while in the jump animation. Items you should rush are Duskblade (or any lethality item you can afford) {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} , Ravenous Hydra {{item:3074}} , and for my personal favorite (most fun) way I play Rengar, I get Infinity Edge {{item:3031}} and Statik Shiv {{item:3087}} with Mobility Boots as my boots of choice {{item:3117}} . I build those two crit items because they both have on hit damage, crit and just work well with one shotting squishies. Hope this helps ya <3 {{champion:107}} has slain {{champion:22}} {{champion:107}} DOUBLE KILL {{champion:222}} {{champion:107}} TRIPLE KILL {{champion:136}} {{champion:107}} QUADRA KILL {{champion:56}} {{champion:107}} PENTA KILL {{champion:157}}
but how do you gank as rengar I usually do red buff then I go to krugs then wolves etc and I seem to be low hp so I use smite for hp regen
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: Account locked
Reasons why it maybe got locked: -you used cracked visa cards and tried to buy rp -used 3rd party programs -account sharing/getiting boosted you know what you did you just refuse to tell us.
: I need help
watch missions through opera, same thing happened to me yesterday. I watched in chrome and it was all fine, " rewards are currently set up for you account " everything works, then when I watch second vod it doesnt say anything so I watched through opera
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: Victorious Aatrox
: Can’t transfer servers from EUNE to EUW?!
I think riot disabled it because of honor level 0 and 1 people transfering to other servers so they get honor 2 there and get season rewards.
: No reward for the mission "Play games"
how do you have 3000xp mission?
CJXander (EUNE)
: Imagine having a good computer and a clean operating system.
Nah, its Riot's fault that client is bugging on their 512mb ram
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