: Yeah i know assasins are actually the biggest counterplay to adc's but yeah that's a comment that actually helps with my questions. What you think of {{item:3153}} against Mundo? Someone told me it's the best item to counter Mundo. And maybe i will change to kaisa as second main when caitlyn gets banned but i would need a alot of practice to play {{champion:145}} in ranked haha. Thank you for taking the time to create this comment. But To hook {{champion:238}} is really hard they mostly use {{item:3142}} to speed up then use all abilitys at once and i don't even see what happens and the support either :s. I think the best thing i can do against such players are to get a support partner because mostly i don't have a support that things about such things.
you should never try to cc zed before he uses his ult, if you miss it he is free to ult you, as I said, use CC after he ults that way he wont be able to output his damage on you. The only ADC I played was Kai'Sa, she is not hard to play, I just like her because of mobility, stealth etc that can escape assassins. I've never seen someone building blade of the ruined king on caitlyin dunno how that would work.
: Yeah sure but that's not always something i can decide in a game. Ofc i could get a support partner that mains one of them but idk it's not that easy to find a good partner :s.
{{champion:238}} : R's you {{champion:111}} : AA's him, gets rooted, hooks him, gets pulled, R's him, gets knocked up {{champion:89}} : Q's him, stunned, E's him, stunned, R's him, stunned {{champion:117}} she is good into Zed too, polymorph him, shield you {{champion:16}} is also very good but she needs to aim her E good, if zed ults you he will spawn behind you and if Soraka uses her E there, zed is silenced and can't use any ability and you're safe to go. + the silence area isn't that small at all. {{champion:12}} /{{champion:201}} /{{champion:53}} are also good into Zed but only if you're like next to them. {{champion:9}} is aids against zed, fear for how long, 2.5 seconds? Silence... {{champion:40}} can disengage her zed a bit with her R but not that good {{champion:43}} if builds full utility can shield you alot {{champion:497}} insta charm him, knockup good to save ADCs. {{champion:26}} can give you free {{item:3026}} Now, you say you play mainly {{champion:51}} The truth is, assassins are made to murder ADC's and there is nothing you can do ALONE against them. That is why there is support, exactly to save you from assassins. The only thing you can do as {{champion:51}} is to build a bit defensive like {{item:3047}} {{item:3046}} For {{champion:36}} you can build grievous wounds to reduce his ult healing {{item:3123}} into {{item:3033}} If you played {{champion:145}} that is a decent pick into {{champion:238}} since you can build both {{item:3026}} or {{item:3157}} + you have a movement speed boost + stealth, ult to dash away with shield.
: A few questions for high elo Adcs
what do you do if zed focuses you non stop? Heres what you do: have %%%%ing {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} as support by your side, as a zed main, those 2 literally wont let zed move and will keep you safe 100% but as an adc there is nothing you can do zed will just R E AA you and u are ded
Rioter Comments
: I have checked your match. The ward/ cs and kda are fine. Im really sad that you lost this. You should not lose this by the performance you did. As i mention in other threads: 1 person cannot win the game, but 1 can lose the game. That is the whole stupid thing in this game. You will not get rewarded by your performance and how good you play. Everything is depended how your teammates doing things. Only a few things you can do to win a game, but that is almost never the game changer. Check my smurf account: i cannot even get out of gold now https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Lonely%20Foxrider look at my match history and you will notice i have the same as you. (edit now) However, i see now 1 thing. why do you have 2 caps, that wont work. That 2nd cap should be this if you want dmg>{{item:3907}}, as i see you sold your boots that is possible but you need compensation for movemnt speed, so get that item for example. 10% movemntspeed + his effect of movement speed + 120AP Stupid that no one see this and tell this to you
because I was the most fed so I wanted the most damage in teamfights but yeah I just ragequitted one game where %%%%ing noobs int so much insane
: > [{quoted}](name=WeAreBornFree,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BqAINd8f,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-23T11:10:25.139+0000) > > So I could've done nothing to carry alone? I really don't think so. To carry alone you need the enemy team to be even worse than yours, and this was simply not the case.
> [{quoted}](name=Sarchiapon,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BqAINd8f,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-23T11:11:53.068+0000) > > I really don't think so. To carry alone you need the enemy team to be even worse than yours, and this was simply not the case. Time for new account I see
: Your team composition was s@@t, expecially because the {{champion:54}} decided for some reason to go full AP and left the game without a tank (even tho your team had two APCs already). And your botlane was nigh to useless, which is usually more than enough to get an ultrafast loss. You were just unlucky that the enemy team, arguably, wasn't able to close the game fast, or otherwise you would have saved 20+ minutes.
Amezzz (EUW)
: Kled and Dragon souls scaling
as hashinshin said, Kled gets more buffs just with bugfixing lmao guess it was true
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Infernape (EUW)
: Sabotage? You do realise your data has to travel over 8,000 miles each way? And you'd at the mercy of the routing between South Africa and Amsterdam. If there is a error between your PC and the League servers, there's nothing Riot can do about it. The same thing if your data takes an inefficient route.
HolyBen10 (EUNE)
: [Q] Perma after 1 report?
Since this senior emmisary mister didn't bother to answer your question at all and just kept answering in way to tilt you, let me answer you. You got banned for inting, not for being toxic. So if you flame or anything you will get 10 games chat restrict, if you flame again, 25 games chat restrict, if you flame agian you get 14 day ban. Bans for inting and flaming are separate. If you get 14 days ban for inting, the next time you intentionally feed is gonna result in perma ban. But since you got only 14 days ban for inting, and you weren't banned for flaming. You don't have to worry. Just don't intentionally feed and you are good. If you flame, you still have 3 chances, 2 chat restrictions and 14 day ban.
: Problem is that going 0-4 is not seen as intentional feeding even if the player is intentionally walking to die and give gold to opponents. The system is so bad that unless they go like 0-20 it will see every inter as having bad game and what's worse is that even the submitting a ticket won't do any good; it will be a bot response or some supporter writing that "oh, he just had bad game" comments. Your team played good to win 4v5 and even in cases where inters feed and rage quit, I know how difficult it is to win 4v5 game.
trust me entire team felt relieved after senna disconnected
: Ok... Congrats for winning your game , i guess? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
the point of the post was actually to see what kind of " 4fun " players are, they come into your ranked game, dont use chat at all, die repeatdly, and they won't stop. If you try to give them advice or tell them to play deff they reply "stfu Idc I play for fun" U should watch replay of this game, he dies, respawns, goes back to bot, dies, repeat. And that is not punishable.
Cemu97 (EUNE)
: i got banned but ..
271 level permabanned, damn.
Rioter Comments
: Pretty sure we have enough nukes to devastate the entire earth several times over. Also even if the explosions don't get you, the fall-out will.
LMFAO we have nukes to destroy entire earth 999 times
: perma ban?
dont worry world war 3 is on doors u will die soon probably
: Ain't nowhere to run when the nukes start raining down.
they wouldnt waste nukes on mountains 5Head
Shamose (EUW)
: Maybe not for getting drafted in serbia, but aren't you a tiny bit worried about what Russia would do to balkan states? You probably won't get into the military, but maybe you'll be seen as a healthy male for work in a labor camp.
I'd run away. Im not gonna be anyone's slave.
Shamose (EUW)
: Just break your own legs, then they can't draft you 5head
And there is no way im going to war because one blonde dipshit caused it, lol.
Shamose (EUW)
: Just break your own legs, then they can't draft you 5head
I mean, I am 18 years old but I live in Serbia so I don't give a %%%%
: Ima make me raspberry and apple flavored pancakes, all you need to do is blend some dried/dehydrated apples and raspberries into dust and then mix it in with the dry ingredients You can also do it with basically anything, it adds much more flavor than using fruit juice and it keeps the consistency too so you can use it even fore recipes that have little to no wet or dry ingredients
it just got up to my mind, imagine if u still need to go to school during ww3 lmao
Shamose (EUW)
: Probably just the same old. Eat, play some games, watch anime until the enternal slumber.
same, and watch those who stream on twitch if they are not drafted kekw
Rioter Comments
Gryndall (EUNE)
: Toxics are worse more worse then feeders. And make difference between feeders and bad players = enemy is better. It is possible to win game 3 v 5 with two feeders but it is not possible win game with someone who can't hold on fingers and keep write nosences. GJ riot keep going. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
So you are saying: Its possible to win game with 2 useless people than with 1 flamer that is actually playing?
I mean, everybody knows that trolls don't get banned and if u use chat u will be banned so yeah.
: And you are worst kind, both of them.
> [{quoted}](name=consensuaI clown,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=iVweHAsx,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2020-01-02T11:10:27.106+0000) > > And you are worst kind, both of them. so uncreative u cant even think of ur own name but steal it from toxic player lol.
Câstiél (EUW)
: > You're the one shittalking other players.
> [{quoted}](name=Câstiél,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zEvEfbec,comment-id=00020001000000000000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-02T09:55:52.792+0000) > > u started it
Câstiél (EUW)
: Well I guess you should join him, since all you do is complaining about people who are just like yourself.
I wold join him if I was bad so much at the game which I play for 7 years so yeah.
Câstiél (EUW)
: Your friend probably didn't waste 7 years. It's more likely that he played whe he had some free time and wanted some fun.
honestly he should just go and play minecraft or fortnite at this point, lol
Câstiél (EUW)
: I can't imagine how unsatisfied he has to be with his life lol
I cant imagine wasting 7 years and still being silver like my stupid friend 7 years and he still didnt learn anything about the game god damn
Câstiél (EUW)
: For everyone: That's my account :) To you, OP: In all honesty: Where is your problem?
: You have the highest winrate person in the team though, who has 60% winrate. Why does it matter if they have 3% higher winrate? That's a very small difference that's not game-deciding. It also doesn't explain why you're talking shit about other people that are slightly lower rank than you are.
So I am forbidden to even tell them a small thing but they are allowed to trashtalk person in higher elo than them? Seems fine by me. How would you feel, I see you are platinum and imagine a guy that has been silver for last 7 seasons [7 years in silver], just comes at you and starts trashtalking you, you are bad player etc, how would you deal with it?
: I genuinely feel bad for you if shittalking other people is what brings you happiness in life.
Think about it, I started discussion where you can clearly see I get teams with under 50% wr, Im under 50% wr myself, I get hardstuck people and enemy team gets like 52+ wr. Am I not supposed to get same MMR/WR people IN my team and ENEMY team? And they respond " you bad get better " "but you have 48% wr so I dont see point" Just what? just because I have 48% wr I should get dog shit team and enemy team gets full of 52% wr? How do you even argue with those people?
Rioter Comments
Câstiél (EUW)
: Dude, your whole behavior is damn toxic. It's not only toxic towards other people, it's even toxic towards yourself. Stop concentrating on other people, live your own life and let them be. You shouldn't be rude to Gold players, when you're stuck in there with a 48% winrate yourself.
Why you call me hardstuck when your stats are these: S3 Silver S4 Silver S5 Gold S6 Gold S7 Gold S8 Gold S9 Gold like wtf?
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Dw that's actually my account and because he got mad at my comments he wanted to go around the system to shame me {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Help me friend how do I get out of silver after wasting 7 years? Should I go play fortnite since I wasted 7 years of my life to be this bad at the game
Uraraka (EUNE)
: > > Ranked Solo > Gold 2 > 50 LP / 63W 69L > Win Ratio 48% > > Nice shit-posting xD.
> [{quoted}](name=Uraraka,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zEvEfbec,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-02T08:31:08.019+0000) > > Nice shit-posting xD. youre gold 4, im above you, hows it down there I havent been there in a long time ?
Uraraka (EUNE)
: > > Ranked Solo > Gold 2 > 50 LP / 63W 69L > Win Ratio 48% > > Nice shit-posting xD.
> [{quoted}](name=Uraraka,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zEvEfbec,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-02T08:31:08.019+0000) > > Nice shit-posting xD. Ranked Solo Gold 4 0 LP / 102W 107L Win Ratio 49%?
: If you told us the name of your other account or linked the op.gg, people here could probably give you some advices based on your op.gg. But just by seeing "Silver Gold Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver", it's like impossible to judge what you're doing wrong.
Câstiél (EUW)
: Post the account name and you're fine. EDIT: Actually, don't do that. Write a comment with that account.
Câstiél (EUW)
: No, you played 132 matches and lost more than you won. That's it. Matchmaking is fine, the enemy team just played better in that game.
Câstiél (EUW)
: So in your previous post you say that you get matched with hardstuck gold players, and now you say that you're hardstuck silver? What's up with you?
bro help me to get out of silver, I wasted 7 years on this game and still Im hardstuck silver, any tips?
Câstiél (EUW)
: Well.. You have the second lowest winrate of your team. Are you a hardstuck too? Calm down bro, all those winrates are around 50%, with the exception of the S1 60% in your team and the G4 58% in the enemy team. But yeah.. It's your teams fault, that you lost. You can argue about Irelia, but she tried. At least she got over 200 cs in a 30+ minute game.
This is exactly the game why my winrate is like that, what isnt clear?
Rioter Comments
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Soooo people played better than yourself and you're mad about it? That's a new one.
Omg. I will just say one thing and won't respond any further to your replies, the amount of [removed due to mods] is too much for me. I am so sorry irelia died 16 times to akali 1v1 and blamed jungler. I am so sorry olaf afk farmed entire game and didnt know what drakes are when I pinged 101021 times %%%%ing drake. This is my answer to this comment. I will ignore your every further reply, arguing with you is just waste of time. Feel free to spam/reply or whatever, you will just be ignored.
: > [{quoted}](name=WeAreBornFree,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=iVweHAsx,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-01T19:59:44.081+0000) > > https://imgur.com/JClBTm7.png > > Why I lost? > > Jax game > jungle was incompetent dogshit, missed every %%%%ing smite, kaisa stealed drake with her W, shaco again stealed with smite, master had smite up both times. Ashe didnt care about the game. > > Yasuo game > I said in champ select we are gonna lose the game because zed is gonna int and he wont know what to do, which was right, he inted his ass off, master yi {{item:3047}} , irelia {{item:3047}} , and he builds {{item:3814}} , I tell him to build armor penetration {{item:3036}} , he keeps responding " yasuo virgin talks " > > https://imgur.com/pjpa4Gs.png > > yOu aRe StUck BEcAuSe u aRe NoT GoOd eNoUgH iF yOu wErE GoOd yOu wOuLd CaRrY nyAAaAA Yasuo player's tears are my favorite
L9 fanboys wannabe are even better
Rioter Comments
: "they have armor" his job is to burst jinx... does jinx have armor? what is more effective vs jinx? edge of night.. zeds first target is always jinx. then any damage after that is a bonus. zed job is bursting the jinx. regardless of if he is failing or succeeding does not effect anything. so the zed is right in this mate... they could have {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:12}} doesnt change the fact his job is to burst the adc.
u realise jinx is useless right? she is 6 levels under me and inting 1/5 or some shit, no items, useless, zero damage
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