: There isn't a specific day that has less "trollers/boosted players" . Just play well and you'll climb, if you can't climb then you've just hit your skill level.
I just felt like there was unusually high number of these people there yesterday
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TTekkers (EUW)
: The system can tell you're smurfing primarily from click patterns and play patterns - there are things that genuine new players will do that no one with any League experience would ever do. So it matches you with other smurfs.
well thats nice to know. Got scared for a moment that player base is just regurgitating on itself
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iSneez (EUNE)
: If you play top and win lane and get feed and you are sure you can 1v1 anyone in enemy team with no problem then split pushing nonstop can make you win because enemy need to send at least 2 player to stop you and even if your team flame and pig instead of push bot or take drakes or other objects, in a natural way you keep messing enemy mind and theoretically you end up winning. But ward a lot deep enemy jungle and keep track of them to not collapse on you, also some time I push top like crazy and my team is of course mid since all they knwo is go mid go mid, so some time but is pushing by itself, so I push top and see enemy trying to collapse on me and when they come close I TP not at my team but bot and start push bot, and like that they are already top and they wil lost so much time to come bot, so my useless team flaming or something mid but still push not because they know they need to push ,they thin kills give wins not taking nexus, but they push because they farm, and I push bot.
thats my strategy but with starting mid. ill wait for laning pahase to be over and just go to the oposite of my team and enemies. if they are all spread out i go for the drake or ward.
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