: No, you only get punished if you do something wrong. 100 reports count for nothing if you aren't doing anything wrong. But do something wrong and 1 report could be the end of you. So my guess is that Sir Knight here doesn't know the difference between defending and retaliation, making him not a Knight but just a common asshat.
How do you respond to people telling their jungler to commit suicide? How about when people tell you or another one of your teammates, that their family should die a painful death? I am pretty thick skinned myself, but actual harassment is something ,attitude like yours, endorses.
: You don't get punished unless you're reported often. How often do you put on that shining armour, Sir Knight?
When the new season starts and golds get placed with plats, in 80% of my games one of the players has been harassed by one or more players. I despise the League community and only ask for respect for someone, who is having a shitty game/is not as skilled. I put it on every time I open the LoL client, because if the community is trash, someone has to try and talk some sense into it.
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: Enough Is Enough
How about they implement a permanent chat restriction? I mean, few days ago, a teammate in normals told me to go hang myself, that I should commit suicide. I mean, I reported them, posted all of that harassment in the log, but I know, that that person is not getting punished. Why would they? The report system is not working, as it allows a lot of reports against said person to pile up, before they issue a chat restriction. Not only that, I believe, that those reports have to pile up over a fairly short period of time, otherwise, the chat restriction is not applicable. Either lower the reports necessary or implement a new system, where you can post the exact harassment/access game logs and post it, and then, for instance, they look for key words, that would indicate, that the person really is toxic. I know, that this model is also flawed, but the current system is, well, let's be honest - it's shit.
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Drarder (EUNE)
: I really want to know how many people in same time play on EUNE im sure its not 100 000 people any info. about that?
it's a much larger number than that.
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