I And l (EUW)
: I can give you 1 tip. Try to improve in your gameplay and dont just focus on winning the game. Improving in LoL is why you should play, also that works for me. Hope that helps maybe.
You DO realise that there's nothing to improve if my games are lost by 10th minute max? I fucking can't stand this anymore... How come every enemy team is fucking NORMAL. All I have are 1-4 idiots feeding in every game. I'm so tilted at this bullsh!t and sick of it, that League has become unfun and just stupid. I ask few things from my teammates: - don't troll - don't int feed - don't go AFK - don't DC - don't play like an baboon - help teammates - PLAY THE GOD DAMN GAME! Those are basic aspects of an online team-based game, but I guess it's too hard to use your brain, so my teammates are just like brainless zombies. I had Ryze go 1-8 top lane vs Vayne, I asked him why didn't he just play safe under tower when he saw he was losing? He said because Vayne has a "stupid stun". How does Vayne's stun FORCE you to fight her over and over again? In the same game I had 0-6 mid lane Sion. My bottom lane came out pretty nice, but ADC went AFK.
: Match making in a nuthsell..
Right now I'm at 4 game lose streak, ONLY because my lanes feed harder than red cross globally.
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: Not really. He can be smashed in lane, go 0/7/0, farm a Shiv and IE adn suddelny he's on rampage. Coming back in the game is ok, but not tha easily.
because your teammates don't know what the bloody sh!t they're doing.
munraker (EUW)
: Way to balance yasuo
Problem with Yasuo is unskilled and people with no knowledge just feeding him free gold. Thing I would change about Yasuo would be that Q would be more equal to auto attack damage, right now it also has base damage, which acts as bonus damage basically.
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: It sucks having people call Syndra a noob champ because she used to be so much harder... I mained her because I enjoy playing her as well as the extremely high skillcap she had (and still somewhat has, to an extent) but now it's sad that Riot is going through with the -20 damage off her ult. Just revert the MYMU changes and we'll call it a day; Syndra will only be played by those experienced enough with the champ as well as beginners willing to dedicate time to picking her up.
I myself never found playing her hard, but that's just me. I also liked her a lot when I played few seasons ago.
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: hehe what kind of pasta
some stuff that is meant for salads etc... 100% identical to rice...
: Dude Pasta looks nothing like rice. Even when raw. /all GG REPORT MY NOOB TEAM But pasta with chicken ain't that bad :P just make a sauce
you wanna bet? This sh!t looked exactly like rice when it was raw...
: Disable 3/4 man premades in One for All
they should be disabled from every queue. Just last game I had 3 man premades in my team. I didn't give one of them jungle so he banned my champion and in first camp (red) pulled (Blitzcrank hook) buff out from my traps (Shaco boxes). So there I was, 3 dead boxes and soloing the red buff.
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: Rito tribunal peoples. Do me a favor and have a chat with this young man. Convince him to reform.
Meanwhile I ask my teammate why he's intentionally feeding and get chat restricted :D
: I don't think he is working for Riot. If the player has such an attitude, then Riot will not make him work for them. And he has no "Riot" infront of his name. Then this must be a smurf. So sad player be so salty... Anyway, cool that you stayed so polite and friendly m8 :) Thumbs up for you :D
Have you not seen the news? Few months ago Riot did research and found out quite a few of their workers are toxic online and some were fired, others given chance to change.
: Did you read what he wrote, actually? Sometimes the client crashes when you are in champ select. It doesn't notice you as gone, which means it will wait for your pick. Even if you log in again and the champ select is still running, you won't be able to reconnect to the champ select. Which means it will wait for your pick, which will never come, until the last second and then close the champ select. This happened to me some times. So why am I an asshole if the client crashes and I can't do anything against it because it happens randomly?
if your client is closed, the connection is broken and the champ selection is ended because somebody "left".
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zzerakku (EUW)
: Tank yasuo is still a problem
what's wrong with building defensive items? LOL. maybe don't feed him.
: Can we please do something against Rylais
only reason I often buy Rylais is because of the health and slow. The slow is just too broken.
: It's UNACCEPTABLE that Yasuo doesn't have this skin
: Lee Sin
Haven't seen a good Lee yet. Just last game my team had Lee @ top, his score was like 1-11-4 and was AFK after fed enemy Riven.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: As far as I know, when you dc (due to connection issues) during the Championselect, then the Championselct wont be interrupted. Also, some people really have to go in the last second or they didn't payed attention because they were not looking at it. You can't and shouldn't judge because you have no proof. On top of that, why are such people assholes? Yes, they might be some sort of trolls, but it's better than going AFK during the game, isn't it?
Did you even read what I wrote? > Just close client and relog. The outcome is same. Don't fkn sit there waiting for timer to run out.
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: These teams... *sigh*
Won two games in row, where my teammates were actually useful. The next game I get full AD Leona top lane, "Vayne MAIN" bottom lane (useless feeder). Leona refused to iniate a fight, Tahm Kench got caught, Vayne and Katarina tried to fight the front line meanwhile I went for backline (carries). The two died instantly and I ended up 1v5 (Leona ran just off after doing nothing). Then enemies took Baron. Since enemy Zac was pushing bot solo I killed him and pushed a tower. meanwhile my teammates tried to 3v4 at mid lane, all died. So enemies pushed inhibitor and ran off when I finally reached base (was recalling). Last fight, bottom lane just got caught (well, caught is saying enemies outplayed them, but they just fed themselves). Then Leona DC'ed and welp, GG. I was carrying this game so hard (I was almost full build Yi). I just needed my Leona, Kata, Tahm to engage together and I could've cleaned up with Vayne, but No, better not follow strategy that won us past 3-4 team fights.
LA Losty (EUW)
: ***
it's not scripting.
Player 00 (EUW)
: ADC kiting stuff ??
Just don't miss :) You can also use attack move, heck go watch Koreans on Kog'Maw... I'll link a video to you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBwrGdUxr90
: Hmmm said 7 seconds left, but I was thrown out of champ select
: Stuck at Calculating Differences 1 file scanned, after i exit my LoL to take a break
: Secondary role mid, getting it all the time -__-
even if I go jungle-support I go jungle most of the time :)
: Riot, fix your shit... thx (preseason always sucks)
KEK, Kata OP threads from feedors inc. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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JakiStow (EUW)
: Yes I wasn't aware of the ToS change. It's not proving myself wrong, it's acknowledging that I was.
It never was bannable. Every LCS player has like 5 smurfs and have had them for years.
: Call of Duty: Infinite warfare XP code
GLurch (EUW)
: 1 report = 9 reports My point is, it doesn't matter if the enemy team threatens to report someone unjustly. Their report value will drop at most. On the other hand, report calling is something you don't have to do either, because it simply doesn't matter. Also, report calling in itself is an offense, as it only throws more salt into the wound and serves no purpose.
Someone randomly reporting you means a) you're marked for system b) you might get banned when System finds even something mildly "toxic" like "noob" or "BG".
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: Do something about Aatrox
he's seriously strong when gets ahead and enemies' comp doesn't allow them to shut him down...
: Out of the last 10 normal games, only had 4 games with death total over 10 0.0 So yeh, you are totally right, I"m boosted :D
11 games with 10+ deaths. two games with 20+. Maybe you should look your profile up? Not to mention all the 0-5 etc games.
ikafdgod (EUNE)
: When do you receive key fragments after ban?
like 10-15 games of positive behavior.
: yes, i boosted my account for 3 years strait, darn me i must be a pro at boosting by now also, if you bothered to search stats, you would see me playing morg as a mid in s3 and s4, not so much in 5 and 6 as i tried different stuff. So, joke's on your head
you have 10-15 deaths in every game. Seems legit for a "platinum III" player.
: morgana is NOT a good support, she is a midlaner >.> tsk. As a support she's good as a counter to tanky with cc supports. That's the main reason she saw support play in the first place. And lux is entirely reliant on skill shots, even her shield. The reason you see tons of people in bronze play lux support is because she is a "support", aka: apc on bot lane that doesn't give a shit about the adc.
For someone who's boosted or bought their account, you sure seem to know a lot what to play or not to play...
: Ziggs's for a beginner? He also costs 6300ip. Change him for Katarina.
Applekami (EUW)
: Im being freaking toxic lately
drag chat box out from screen so you don't see it at all.
: Guess which server this is?
That's some next level blind.
: New player to LoL
FYI https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202083184-Promotional-Content-Free-Swag- You receive Tristana and free Tristana skin, Garen and Garen skin and for Alistar, just write a support ticket saying you subscribed to Riot's YouTube channel but didn't receive Unchained Alistar. You will also get Ashe practically for free from the purple hextech crafting chest.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Depends on what role you feel comfortable playing. Since you're new, completely avoid jungling for now. The following are fairly easy (in my opinion) champions to start with in each role: ADC: {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:15}} Support: {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} Mid: {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:115}} Top: {{champion:86}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:58}} Regarding Ashe specifically, she does fine as an ADC if you know how to use her well. The key thing to know with Ashe is how to kite, because the slow on her arrows gives her an advantage for doing so over other ADC's. Her autos, like with most ADC's, are her main source of damage, so this gives you further incentive to kite. Another key element to playing Ashe well is learning how to hit her ult (Crystal Arrow or whatever it's called.) This often involves predicting enemy movement in advance, and timing your shot accordingly. Additionally, you'll be rewarded with a longer stun for the further the arrow travels, giving you time to hunt down escaping opponents, or disengage if you are low. To iterate, Crystal Arrow is not designed to kill stuff; it is a utility spell first, and a finisher last. As it currently stands, there are probably stronger picks for botlane right now (Caitlyn has been contested since her use at worlds, and Lucian is just plain strong too), but Ashe is certainly a solid choice, and a great way to learn how to play any other ADC. If you want an alternative to begin with, I would strongly recommend Caitlyn. Caitlyn has some distinct benefits over Ashe for beginners. She gets an ult that cannot miss unless intercepted, her traps can be used to keep you safe from ganks, and her auto-range makes her very hard to trade with, and very reliable at farming under tower if you're struggling. She also has her E which can used to escape over walls, and to just put distance between yourself and an enemy when in trouble. Basically, I feel like Caitlyn is a safer pick than Ashe for beginners. But Ashe is still a fine pick in my opinion.
Sivir isn't good for newbs, to play her efficiently, you need to little knowledge. Every time I see a Sivir player I cringe. Probably easy marksmen like Caitlyn, Jinx, Ashe are simplest. For support role I would just go for some AP champion with a snare and shield like Morgana, Lux. Or something tanky like Leona.
: I'd remove Soraka from there. She is very difficult to play as it requires very good positioning. And replace her with Blitz or Janna.
I wouldn't put blitz in there... To play blitz you need to know who and when to pull, and to hit the hook.
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