: And you forgot to add "I did leave games befor this one"
Well I only got a 5x5 mins LeaverBuster so I may have left up to 2 or 3 games... (one of them was the one mentioned above)
: How you tell if somebody ragequitted or not? Not to mention if somebody do that a lot he will need to wait up to 20 min just to play a game.
Well let me tell you, on my previous account I was playing a BOT GAME URF (it was a long ago when you could pick your champ) and my rickety little computer was having some troubles so I logged out and after up to 5 minutes I logged back in and guess what, Rito gave me 5x5 mins of LeaverBuster. Even though it was only a bot game and I DID log back in.
: No one cares who started and why. That is not excuse to be toxic. You agree to that when you created your account.
Then I should stop being toxic and just leave the game due to "unexpected happenings"... Then I wouldn't be hated as much.
: > but what really pisses me off, is that they don't get ANY punishment for ruining a game by disconnecting You are not informed about other peoples punishments, especially not if it's for being afk. The Leaverbuster is not integraded in the report feedback system, so it's literally impossible to get any kind of info about other peoples Leaverbuster punishments. > If somebody leaves the game they only get a LeaverBuster Warning, where you only have to say "I Agree", and nothing happens to you That is not correct. That is just the FIRST warning. Afterward, you get low priority queue, which is such an annoying punishment that some people even ask for being banned for a while instead. > but if you dare to even attempt saying those 3 letters, (k,y & s) or even just being rude and hurting someone's fragile soul, you instantly get banned. But why? Because telling someone to kill himself is pretty much the most disgusting thing you can say to another human being and you are doing it fully intentional. > If someone's flaming you can just mute them with ONE SINGLE CLICK, but if someone leaves the game you cannot do anything If someone flames someone and he mutes him aftewards, the damage is already done. The mood is already ruined, he already knows he's playing with a jerk. In addition to that, the vast majority of leavers does not leave intentional while flamers ALWAYS flame intentionally and could always chose not to do it, but do it anyway. So the difference is basically the "evil" intention or lower motive.
I agree with most of your points, but "The damage is already done/The mood is already ruined." I don't know, but whenever somebody says something insulting about me I tend not to give a f*ck (unless it's a sort of ACTUAL criticism, and not just a "You suck")
: Cause there are countless reasons why somebody leave game. And there are not excuses for toxic behaviour.
But what about ragequitters?
: > [{quoted}](name=WiIdcard,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ulRtZw19,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-04T18:31:27.325+0000) > > And what if somebody is toxic because one is feeding intentionally? Spoiler : he's not. Stop trying to justify your toxicity.
I'm not trying to justify anything. You can clearly tell whether someone is feeding intentionally or just having a bad day.
: Cause there are countless reasons why somebody leave game. And there are not excuses for toxic behaviour.
And what if somebody is toxic because one is feeding intentionally?
: Punish Afk Rage Quitters harder please!!!!!!!!!!
I feel you, I just played a game with 3 AFKs. No kidding... Only my adc and I were left. But it wasn't so much of a tragic, because the enemies were kind and we actually managed to hold it for 35 minutes.
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: Why did you buy a rainbow icon?
I didn't realize you could buy it until now, so I headed to the store and purchased it right away. Fascinating story huh?


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