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: Maybe you should help that "asshole" because that increases your chances to win too? Its A fucking team game. If your mentality is to not help jungler because of your own shitty attitude of "hes not gonna help me in return" then i dont see any reason why you are complaining here. You dont lose anything by helping with couple of AAs and going back to lane. On the other hand it helps your jungler. Why do suddenly have to become to "favor for favor right now god damnit" -dude? Since If you do it correct it doesnt Make you lose anything, i really dont see why you shouldnt help. Does your ego really take such a hit If your jungler doesnt help you in return
I leashed him, he somehow screwed it up, it took too long, I got set behind in lane. I helped when he got invaded. That set me 2 levels behind the enemy laner. I helped when he got invaded again. Most of the game if he was clearing jungle, it was top side jungle. So he most of the time was close. And yet - 0 ganks. I clearly was losing in lane because I saved his ass. 0 ganks, 0 help. ONE time per whole game he found the top lane, that same just taking minions while I'm not there. I wrote for him to do a gank, I pinged. 0 reaction. Also - why mid didn't roam? Probably because he went afk at about 12min, quite lovely game I'd say. This being a team game works both ways. If I am not a part of team in junglers perspective, that asshole is not a part of team in my perspective.
: Here's my biggest problem about this post. You seem to be complaining that you are "losing a minion or 2" for helping your jungler to leash, but then you expect a jungler to gank for you? Meaning said jungler then loses that time s/he's ganked for you instead of getting another camp, or doing a little counter jungling, meaning the jungler then loses out on the farm you are complaining about losing because they attempted a gank with you and it didn't work out. If you are badly losing your lane, but another lane or the other 2 lanes are winning their lanes, then for me as a main jungler, I'm going to ignore your lane and help the other 2 lanes completely snowball the enemy team to a victory, instead of wasting my time to come and help you push your lane up again and get back onto par with the enemy. Why should I gank for you if you can't even hold your own weight in a 1v1 when I can use my time to help someone who is already beating the enemy in a 1v1 or a 2v2?
You completely miss the point. The problem isn't me being behind, the problem is that why the hell would I ever want to help a jungler who is going to pretend that I don't exist for the rest of the match? I'll just give the exact example of this shit. I'm Yasuo top, vs Fiora. My jungler is Yi, theirs is Irelia. I have no clue what the fuck Yi started, he definitely didn't use Q and didn't receive AD increase from E. So he took W lvl 1 or simply nothing. I leashed him till the blue was 450 hp and then went to my lane (that's how I usually do it). This time tho since he wasn't using anything it took [I guess] a few seconds longer, those 2 minions died slightly out of range for me to get exp. So that means I am 2 minions behind Fiora in exp. Since Fiora was just lasthitting the minions, I pushed them and hit lvl 2 right before she did meaning that at least I'm sort-of ok there. That's when the Irelia invaded, Yi was at the wolves. I immediately went to help him knowing that I will lose more exp, but as he sees I'm helping him he should be helping me too. Sadly enough Irelia below 50 hp got away. I got back to lane, till lvl 2, Fiora was lvl 4. Fast forward I'm lvl 5, Fiora is lvl 7, Irelia (lvl 4) ganks me, they both turretdive and Fioras massive advantage grants them the kill, Irelia survives, I get the Fiora. I TP back to lane, I am lvl 6, Fiora is lvl 8. Irelia ganks again, unsuccessful. Yi is taking Gromp, I see Irelia invading him again. I go to help once more, insetead of getting the Irelia Yi uses me as a distraction and runs away. Then he keeps happily ignoring top lane till the signle only time he arrives at top - I have died 2v1 again, it's about 18:30, he arrived to clear the minions. That is the only time in whole 25 or so min game he stepped into top lane. And this is just the last of such examples. And no, that's not Bronze. Not Silver. People who I play with generally were ranked Gold 3....Plat 5 last season. Like what the fuck. I simply don;t see the point to help out that asshole. Everyone is speaking of how impactful the junglers are. You know when was the last time I saw a jungler being the decisive point for the game? Probably it was still season 6. Pretty much every jungler I have seen has been ok-ish at best, most of them are borderline useless.
Solash (EUW)
: >Leashing him just means you potentially can lose a minion / minions and fall behind in exp in your lane since the very start of the game If you're still leashing by the time minions in your lane are dying then you're doing it wrong.
Generally if they die, those 1...2 minions die as you are on your way back to lane, almost there. Sometimes you are in exp range, sometimes you are not there just yet, slightly too far so to say.
Mas17 (EUW)
: Friendly reminder that every game is a fresh start and odds are you're not having the same jungler twice, so handicapping them won't help. Plus, the leash shouldn't make you lose exp, maybe 1 or 2 minions worth of gold at most, except midlaners who shouldn't be giving the pull anyways anymore.
And yet I see the exact same thing happenning again, and again, and again. New player, same role, same... actions? Dunno what to call it.
Doomley (EUW)
: Ok one thing i straight up notice here is that you do not actually know how to leash. You do not have to leash, but not leashing will give the enemy team jungler an advantage because his clear will be faster than your jungler's and your jungler will take more damage from the first camp. Now you also said that you might lose a minion or exp. This is the part which told me that you don't know how to leash. You are only supposed to leash so that you can still get to your lane before the first enemy minion dies. That is your fault if you don't stop leashing early enough. Not the jungler's. You don't need to stay there until the camp dies. Leash is just a helpful bonus for the jungler but your own lane is more important to you and your team. Also, mute button is a thing.
So if my jungler is rather slow at his 1st clear (Shen for an example), I'll have to stay for a longer time leashing than if it was, lets say - Hecarim. Staying longer kind of means that the chance of me losing a minion is drastically increased, doesn't it? Or should I leave the [insert slow earlygame clearer here] significantly earlier and make him go against a jungle monster with way more hp meaning that he'll need even more time to kill it? His raging doesn't really mean anything to me, if he gets annoying I'll mute him. The point is that he pretty much ignores me apart from suddenly realising I exist when I start losing lane and.. apart from maybe being salty about it still doesn't do anything (like a gank?). Even if I ask for him to help. Still nothing. What's the point then?
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: Can you give me the replay? I'm a bit doubtful about all that: I've played over 90% of my games in jungle last year, and I've had people try to "live in my jungle" less than 5 times (of which around 2 were successful).
Of course that doesn't happen often, even just serious counterjungling isn't that common (at least it feels like it's not). But when it happens I just don't see any way to deal with it apart from your team stepping up for you.. That's kinda why I asked in the 1st place
: > [{quoted}](name=Wilkatis LV,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zVb1XOwi,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-08T13:21:43.125+0000) > > Can't point to anything specific (slow clap)
I'm not going to go through all the rules just to point out to you that by doing this they are breaking point 162.87.9 and 163.908.5 or whatever But lets face it - this is an intentional troll behavior with the direct aim of making your teammate lose that is completely nonpunishable
: You don't have to ward to know where they are. You can figure out where they started by looking at which lane returns to lane a bit late (who leashed). After that you can think through the most likely routes he might take. When he shows up the first time (on a ward, to gank, etc.), you look at his cs and figure out which route he took. This in turn will help you understand what he's been doing, and what he'll most likely do (you know which of his camps are up, and by that you can figure out the routes he'll most likely take). If/when they decide to counterjungle you, don't contest the camps if you can't: instead go to his jungle and take his farm (you should know which of his camps are likely to be up). This will be worth it especially if enemy laners are helping with the counterjungling, as your laners will get free farm while their lane opponents are in your jungle.
> When he shows up the first time lvl 2 counterjungling, all I get to know from that is where he started which I already know from how early top / bot showed up in lane > what he's been doing, and what he'll most likely do he basically didn't even try to take his jungle, he lived in mine > don't contest the camps if you can't I can't and I don't even try to. If he / they get spotted I'm just trying to get away. Doesn't really help me tho > go to his jungle and take his farm Unlike my morons his team (especially his duo mid) are warding and paying attention, the second Iļl attempt this theyļl collapse on me and kill me. I can't even walk through my own jungle for long enough to get more than 2 camps, what invading from me are you talking about > especially if enemy laners are helping with the counterjungling the warding and map awareness part should already show you that my team is nothing to be relied on. Midlaner with all his romaing is still ahead, generally the 3rd to help was supp and their bot definitely wasn't losing And guess who they blamed for it? Ofc, the jungle. "Jungle low level" "jungle no cs" "jungle no ganks" - but when it comes to carrying at least their own asses - they are far from being at least that capable > free farm unless their laners push my laners out of the lane at 1st
: Know where the enemy jungler and team is. Being able to keep track of enemy jungler is a really important skill to have as a jungler.
Ok, I buy green smite / sightstone, ward enough to know where they are. Now I know where they are / when they are coming. My chances of survival are greatly increased, yet I still don't get anything from my jungle as there are constantly 1...3 people in my jungle taking it and pushing me out. I fail to see how vision and awareness alone helps me
: Which rules are even being abused here?
Can't point to anything specific, BUT if you are telling me that I as a jungler can just go to a lane at lvl 2...3, take 3...6 minions, then go die to enemy and refuse to gank for the rest of the game - and that is all ok within the rules -> we have a serious problem with the rules then
Allosen (EUW)
: Or you could place the Wards inthe Enemy / Neutral Jungle and know where the Enemy is.
Once fcking again - yes, that would help if I went ahead and warded before clearing this exact side of jungle, recalled, got more wards, warded the other side, cleared it and so on (assuming I would even have a chance to clear it before getting invaded). Still doesn't do a shit to help me deal with the fact that they are counterjungling, does it?
Allosen (EUW)
: Buy Sightstone
Sightstone or green smite would help the ward problem (assuming I ward my jungle before going to clear it). But that still doesn't help me to deal with counterjungling, the only thing that changes is that I have increased chance of survival by running away. I still get no gold, no exp, and basically am completely useless.
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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: He's "OK".
I see what you did there :D
GLurch (EUW)
: >Don't you just love it when your allied jungler comes to your lane at level 3, takes minions, exp, maybe even gives a kill ensuring that you are behind for the rest of the game and then refuses to gank you? If I gank you, we both fail and die, the enemy is either to skilled or just to fed. So I won't continue to gank you and feed the enemy further. I will try to get an advantage for other lanes, so they can take him down in late or farm a lot in jungle so I can take him down myself later on. There is nothing wrong with that and it should not be punished whatsoever.
That's if the enemy outplays you. I mean the situation where jungler dies like a retard without actually doing anything, just taking your minions. And to be fair I'm starting to lose the sight of the funny part of this. Today I have had this in 3 of my 4 games. Was Kind of funny the 1st time, rather irritating the 2nd. But 3rd? Oh pls. Like sereously, what's with junglers lately. Gank in their vision is "I arrive, take 3..5 minions, I leave" or "I arrive on 10% hp and now lets turretdive the enemy!". They come, steal farm & exp, die like complete retards, and then refuse to gank for the rest of the game. I'm srsly losing the sight on the "funny" part
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Magneset (EUW)
: Honestly. I have seen countless of people making a comeback from a thing like that. Or at the very least manage to just safely farm and then kick ass late game. So there is no reason to "retaliate" or anything of the sort. Just play your lane safe, farm and get to mid/late.
If you are a mele champion against someone ranged / with ranged poke they might freeze the lane denying you gold, all you get is exp in which you are already behind. Also noone said enemy jungler can't gank you, it's only your jungler who doesn't. Of course you can come back. Just saying, this is potential way to abuse rules without getting punished yourself
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: i play since late s4 early s5 (the icon i have is for beta testing new map) and i know hw long these ques were but personally i would like to wait 20-30 mins or even more to get the role i want and im prepared to play rather then to be forced to play a role i dont want at best. lastly i want to say you that calling other kids without even knowing what age they are is immaturity at its high point thats the way 13-15 years old boys with hormonal problems call others to try and show them how "adult" they are so stop making a joke outta yourself
1stly you missed my age by over 10 years 2ndly - that's because most of people who bitch about autofill are kids who don't have a clue how or why it is implemented
: autofill is just here to balance your wr. When i get like 5 wins in a row i get autofilled to support and normal lose. Last autofilled game we lost in 14 min all lanes and jg hard feeding
Wait, wait, I'll get my tinfoil hat. Ok, keep telling your theory, I'm ready for it now.
: They never should have added autofill in the game just to make queue times less. Why do I even play ranked if I get selected as support, while I never play it? Just so unfair, just give everyone their primary/secondary role, even if the queue times may be more, in the end the team will be overall more happy than a team where the support got autofilled.
Yeah, everyone was always so happy to get their role after waiting 30....50 minutes in queue. By the time you finish 2 games now you would be lucky to have finished one back when AF didn't exist. Everyone who's bitching about AF seems to think that it just pushes average wait time from 3 min to 5...7, maybe 10 min. Here is how it was without AF - if you were lucky at the most populated point of the day you might get a game in 12...15 min. Normally it would take 20...30 min. Or when servers aren't at their peak population - 30...50 min. Just go and learn to play support And that's not even the point of my post. My point clearly is that remake shouldn't remove the AF protection as it's a "game that never happened"
: yeah autofill in RANKED is the worst idea riot could go up with, it has its upsides but when you apply it to ranked well thats just stupid many youtubers like redmercy, jeremy gaming and many more also said that this was a bad idea. it forces ppl to play a role they arent familiar with, but when you apply it to normals i think its a great idea. riot should rethuink it
Where did I say that the autofill is a problem? It's not. Most of you kids crying about it probably didn't even play when autofill wasn't introduced so didn't get to enjoy the 30....50min queue times. The point here is that remake shouldn't remove the AF protection as it's a "game that never happened"
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: Anyone else rather wait 15mins for Que instead of Auto Fill?
15 min? Ahahaha. How about 40...45min? And that's at a good time
: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You most definitely didn't have enough wards. Get a Sightstone, use it, and use the god damn Control Wards. Also Sweeper (Red Trinket)
Adama (EUW)
: Why are you implying all girls must have a vagina? There are girls trapped in male bodies!!!1!!1! Kappa.
he's talking of the sex not gender. I don't care if you identify as male, female, helicopter or asjfhfhasdofgnoasf, that is your gender. There are just 2 sexes, go learn biology. And no, a "fuckup" regarded to as intersex is just a genetical fail not a new sex. If you were producing something and one thing came out completely wrong - that wouldn't be a new model, that would be just a reject.
: Which is the point. Also what type of retard? Calling something a retard without classifying the type of retard might be some hip insult but it makes no sense. Retard basically means held back. So in what regard is that 12 year old held back?
Text written in a broken language with a raging argument against 2 (or 3? You mentioned Yasuo too) points which are mixed together so in the way none of it makes any sense. This points to inability to formulate ideas in a basic sentence, which generally tends to be a mental issue
: Can you recomend me a light recording software that won't affect in game performance much?
I personally use OBS as it's free, but I'm not sure on the performance issue, it kind of eats frames
: Do you think it's better to have Flash in F or are you just kidding?
Just kidding. It's personal preference.
: I'd say mentioning riot having made bastion should have been a dead giveaway
Seeing the language with which it's written - it more looks like an average 12 year old retard has written it
: >To be fair I have no clue what the f are you talking about. At least try to use google translate, that might make more sense than your attempts to speak English Maybe you should learn to spot an obvious joke?
Point out the obvious part? All I see is random words that don't even make a sentence when put together.
: Becaus Rito no nerf bastion and he op das why less pepl play leuge cus op bestien
To be fair I have no clue what the f are you talking about. At least try to use google translate, that might make more sense than your attempts to speak English. Less people? Last time I heard there are more players than ever. Bastion? I'm pretty sure that's a character in Blizzards Overwatch not Riots League of Legends.
: Rude
What's rude there? You were the one who said you are going to uninstall Overwatch, to be fair I still don't see how that has any connection to League..
: tips to hit morgana Q ?
Press Q. The hitbox is so BS that it will hit anyway
: 3v3 tips?
My tip is go play 5v5
: 6.24 Jinx ult not visible in game
If it doesn't show up in replay try recreating & recording this in-game. Without evidence it's jut a case of one grandma told to another...
: Rito wtf nerf riven
> fix your shit or I uninstall ovrwtch Go ahead, uninstall your Overwatch, why would we care if you uninstall it or keep it on your computer?
: Rito suck, only broken shits.....
On the contrary, might just be the case that you suck! Both are possible
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Does that mean you can't do anything before you get to those 3..4 items?
So by your logic there should never be a Sivir doing well in lane, no Vayne who can go at least even in lane, no Nasus who is useful before 40...45min,no Warwick who can perform a gank without his ult, no Cho who can get something done without 6 R stacks, no Darius who can kill an enemy without scoring 5 passive stacks on him, no Garen who could kill an enemy without his passive on them, no Irelia who can do something without Triforce and so on? Ahahahaha, your Bronze logic is strong in this one. And yes, there clearly is a trend. You don't do a shit other than feeding for first 25...35 min every game and just then start playing if your team hasn't lost the 4v5 that you created by then. And if they lose you go on forums and bitch how horrible your teams are. It's not your teams who are trash, it's you with your idiotic decision that you can't do a shit until you hit some imaginary point in the game.
: Fellow Latvian? ^^ Is Lux a viable option for at least some carry?
aha :D Lux is viable as long as you build at least spellthief and and sightstone, you are supp after all
: Well in fairness there aren't many places where you can read that thresh is ranged and its understandably confusing as he does make physical contact with the target so you can't really say they didn't read... there isn't anything to read in game about this.
Ok, obviously not everyone checks places like games wiki. Fair enough. But since the difference between melee and ranged is the range of autoattacks I'd say that it's rather obvious as Thresh doesn't need to stand next to his target to attack. Animations come in all sorts of looks, that doesn't really matter
What does having or lacking a vagina has to do with flaming or not flaming? Fcking sexist moron
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is % Max Health True Damage a healthy part of the game?
True damage overall looks unhealthy for me. The only counter to true dmg is HP When you make the true dmg % current HP you take away most of the counterplays potential When you make true dmg % max HP you remove any counterplay form existing No counterplay = toxic mechanic
: Yasuo W stops riven ult texture, not the actual damage AoE.
There is a reason replay system exists. Use that to get the video
: I have queued up into a team that i only thought existed in legends
: Tank Yasuo
So this is another "I just got my ass handed to me by a more skilled player, lets run to cry in boards!" post, huh?
: Placement ranks
It is completely normal. Judging from this last season you were ranked Broze IV ... Bronze I, _maybe_ Silver V altho I doubt it. Completely normal
: Can you give me cool name for Vayne main??
An asshole? Seems fitting for how Vaynes tend to be
: the funny part is, even after all this meticulous scrutiny, you still dont realize I was playing Sivir, who has a power spike at 3/4 items lol... GG nice try
Does that mean you can't do anything before you get to those 3..4 items?
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