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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
none get my dilemma i wanna post screenshot but too afraid u will ddos me or something :P
Astagos (EUW)
: Hi there, Im not specialist so I cant help much but here we go, after you complete your Chat Restriction games, the honor you get in-game starts to count, how long will it take you to get back? I dont know, I believe thats up to you and how much Honor people give you. Try to be more patient, flame less, and be more sportsmanlike and Im sure you will see results. Wish you the best friend, and GL {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Thx.. but people just dont understand what im asking.. so i will just give up by now..
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Second post? This is your first post on the matter. --- However, it will go back to level 2 by you actually being a sportsmanlike player. There's no time limit. Never improve your behaviour, and you'll never get level 2. So how quickly you get to level 2 is up to you.
im not talking about getting honor 2 im talking about my honor not BEING LOCKED...
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: You can buy these two for BE at Preseason Shop. Probably you'll be able to get Emotes from Hextech Crafting and leveling.
Thx.. I want the taric one tho.. im probably gonna get some RP but i would rather get them for IP if they go on sale like Chromas do.. BUt they havents said anything about that??
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: how the hell do you farm?!?!?!
Which champ do u play? Do u use abilities to farm?
: Where can i report a support who refuse to come lane with Heal/Exhaust ?
Ur whats wrong with the lol community.. Adc´s think the supp is only in the game just for ur sake.. Get over urself.. Ur an adc i would just leave and go roam instead... Only chance of victory some times
: button to avoid playing with a person again
when i was placed in bronze in flex.. i legit found it IMPOSSIBLE to lose.. Even if we got sooo behind i knew i would win because the other didnt know how to close out a game.. And then they would %%% up.. I pinged baron and we won.. And that was as a supp.. So.. Just keep playing dude.. Dont focus on climbing just focus on learning ur champ.. And improving.. If people harrass u for ur rank just say u got a big %%%% or something to compensate.. :P The point is.. u will climb some day if u focus on improving.. See the big picture.. And /mute all.. ALWAYS!!!!
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: take this sh** out of my profile lol
If u cant leave b5 in like 5 mins people need to see it... Like a dog with a muzzle.. it says.. dont come close to me
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Febos (EUW)
: Being able to peel implies that he can prevent enemy champions from reaching your carries, usually by manouvering his opponents with some kind of CC. Saying that, he only has the stun on his E which is very easy to miss. In contrast, Janna has Q, W and R. Doesn't get much better than that. Tanks are not the best for that job, that's why they are Tanks: {{champion:89}} has a bunch of CC (muhc better than Taric) but if she engages with her E then your carries are vunerable {{champion:201}} has E which blocks basic attacks, Q for slow, passive for stun and R. Much better than Taric in that scenario. {{champion:111}} Q, W and E Those are the best Tanks for peel. Tanks like {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:223}} can't do that. ######But they can do other things. *** Just to make it clear, I'm not saying Taric is bad. He's just very niche. You'd only pick him in specific comps. That's why you don't see him in competitive play.
What tahm cant peel? ali cant peel or what are u saying?? leo cant peel? or are peel just to stupid to use her kit for peeling if necessary
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: How is shyvana
Kitable.. good against noobs sh it against people who can play as a team..
: In most cases she can. It depends on how skilled the Zyra is. But brand and Zyra are harder match ups for Sona that she needs to be more careful of. But it is still possible in gold to do that.
Its not viable to have a strat that depends on the other team to be %%%%%%s imo.. but if it works for u.. i just thinks its a shi t advice.. and it will waste alot of his time.. if people harrass sona back or ganks her shes %%%ced.. And WTF is that build.. Dude ur leading him to DISASTER.. i really need to say that this is bad advice.. I dont play sona ever but isnst she like a late game supp?? This strat is only working if the other team is EXTREMELY scared and doesnt fight back.. And imo u can go even in lane as Sona and outscale.. if u build a supp build that is.. This is also a really fakin hard build to play with.. U gotta be really good at positioning as her in teamfights..
: I just ping if i wanna engage of of a nado, although an indicator for allies wouldn't hurt.
If u can engage with janna q the other team has a serious problem...
: > I am a dedicated Sona player, although I do play Leona and Nami This right here. You cannot carry every game as every support, but you can carry more games with certain supports. If you want to get serious, throw out champions like Sona, Thresh and Nami. They're all arounders, utility kings and queens who do well when your team is doing well. But the problem is, when you're behind they have less ways to catch up than i.e. Zyra, Soraka, Janna. Easiest way to climb lower elo brackets as support is to simple hone your mechanics and win teamfights that way. Less thinking thinking required, use only a handfull (2-3) champions for this.
imo only nami is not a situational supp... Sona can abused early.. leo is often sh it in teamfights and ends up feeding and leading their team into disaster.. Nami is very versatile but hard to master
: Have you even tried to support a 0/10 team? Supports are like this: Your team does well, you can win. But if your adc and jungle do not know what their champion even does, you got no chance. And trust me, there are too many of them to say it's not like that.
Thats the same for all roles..
: Hey. You cant always carry a feeding team, if like every lane are losing and you are even. However. If you play sona in gold elo. I believe you can can carry most of your games with her. Simply because it is quite a low elo. You need to always put pressure to your lane, and draw attention from the enemy jungler to your lane if needed. As you play Sona. Make sure you win lane. Not going even. You have to win the lane by outharassing enemy. And as Sona, you have the potential to do so versus most matchups. I main Sona as well. I cannot really tell how you play her. But by looking at your stats and build. First you need to make sure to cut down the death numbers. Secondly, you can try it out by building Sona AP. See if that will work. What I usually do when I play her is: 1st items: {{item:3303}} {{item:2031}} or {{item:2009}} (if you have a hard lane) run {{summoner:14}} You harass the hell out of the enemy adc. Even if your adc is only farming, as Sona vs most supports you can almost 1v2 them. (But be careful if it is a Blitz or Leona) Once you hit lane, make sure to ward the 2nd bush to play offensive. You must not stay at the back and be idle. Tell your adc to ward to the small river bush when you push and take turns warding it, because it is very important. If enemy jungler ganks early. And if he is attacking you (running ahead of enemy adc and support) ignite him, attack with your adc and he should be dead before enemy adc+support reach you. Ofc it depends on what jungler it is. But early they are usually squishy. I've taken out junglers that way and turned ganks to kills for us. Once you hit lv 6. Try harass enemy low, to 2/3 at least. Ping your adc, you flash ignite enemy adc and ult them. Use your Q and Q powerchord. You should be able to burst them most of the time. You should be able to get a kill. 2nd back: If you can afford: {{item:3057}} right away. Otherwise. {{item:2049}} or {{item:3098}} . And get all these items first. Then buy {{item:3070}}. it is for mana sustain and you will pretty much never run oom. After that, get {{item:1001}} , upgrade {{item:3100}} asap. You should be able to deal tons of damage that way. And everytime your ult/ignite is up, be ready to look for a kill. Once you get bot turret. You can always tell top to go bot, you swap that way and take enemy top turret asap, then you rotate to mid. Keep dragon and herald warded whenever you can. And ward deeper into enemy jungle if possible. I usually go with this build at the end: {{item:3020}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3135}} get {{item:3504}} if you wanna be a team player. Otherwise: {{item:3102}} or {{item:3116}} or {{item:3165}} You will be able to deal tons of damage and carry noobs that way in low elo. :))))))) I play Sona very often, and even more in the past. That totally works until you reach higher plat and dia. xd Hope you find it useful, give it a try. Good luck!!
i stopped reading after u thought u could 1v2 as Sona... As a zyra main a DESTROY Sonas early on.. They always think they are gonna harrass until they die instantly lvl 3
: Top laner dying to lvl2 gank. "your red is gone"
How bout a jungler that focuses the objectives and makes a baron call once in a while.. so the supp doenst have to ALL the macro plays..
Phasks (EUW)
: Can/should I One-Trick Fiora?
Shes banned alot right now
: Is there any point learning an adc other than Ezreal or Xayah?
As a supp main dont fakin play ez.. Ez is useless.. Seriusly considering changing my name "NoNotEzPls" er something like that
Gocthor (EUW)
: Thorns In My Flesh, its the title of a song from Arch Enemy
Nice.. Too long tho.. But i like.. i listen to heavy too.. How bout theese? which is best? SeedBumYBabyCome ThornBrokeCondom PollenMyThighGap CuckedWithPollen ThornyBish
: Abort is probobly the only offensive none-fun thing you have listed. Condom, babies and jizz is natural. Abort is religeon hating quote.
Hvis name is then best and funniest? SeedBumYBabyCome ThornBrokeCondom PollenMyThighGap CuckedWithPollen ThornyBish
: Abort is probobly the only offensive none-fun thing you have listed. Condom, babies and jizz is natural. Abort is religeon hating quote.
: If you had an offensive name you will have your summernor name automatic changed to something else like "Summenor102047" or something like that. Ofc you may have it for 1-4 months or longer if it's less offensive. names like Nazi related often only gets remade in a few days. Edit: I had a friend who this happen to him.
K thx so the things i have listed often wont get changed i can understnad
: That's a fun name? I would rather consider "Its a bird that the cat ate" is a fun name. babies, condom and jizz is just disgusting and so not fun to read.
Ok.. Names too long and i still wanna know what the consequense for having an offensive name is?
: See.. i Want a fakin fun name..
Question is what happens if RIot finds it offensive? Whats the consequense?
: Victor's Emblem?
Damn thats boring..
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: Zyra otp needs new name
SeedTheBumNoBabies, ToxicVine, (insert clickbait - vine)
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JamenFar,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L8eHE7Ae,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-06-17T22:21:11.382+0000) > > I dont get it Daffodill is flower.
oohhh... In another language or a sort of flowerr?
: Zyra otp needs new name
Unseeded Supp, 1st seeded Plant, Ez is not my ADC, CS´ing plants, Plantie dit it, STFU, i take CS
migeronline (EUNE)
: No keyfragments
i have gotten 1 in like a month or so..
: Zyra otp needs new name
: Zyra otp needs new name
Thorn in my Trunks, 100kDmgZyra WhoNeedsADC, PlantsOnStage, Vinerate69%
Infernape (EUW)
: Hide on PlantBush.
: Photowinthesis Im so Thorny Don'tFeedPlantSeeds are a few I found online
PhotoWinThesis i like i lol..
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Daffeedill
: Zyra otp needs new name
Heres some good words to brainstorm: Embryo Blossom Endosperm :P Flora Ivy Petal Photosynthesis Seed Thorn Sprout Vine
: Zyra otp needs new name
Nice ones everyone.. I like it.. How bout Plants On Bush.. U know like hide on bush.. fakers name
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: I need a name with zed winner will get a mystery skin
ThatsWhatSheZed MomZedImCool CantQssMyUlt DestroyingADCsSince(your birth year) ITaughtBjergsenZed FakersZhed ThatsWhatUrMomZed ZedInducingAIDS ILikeCockCauseImZedMain
: When is next chroma ip sale?
How do i follow ttthis post??
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: new zekes
Top laners can use it too imo..i think it will see proplay... its damages alot.. only thing is that the mana isn that usefull for top laners often..
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