Brokenhz (EUW)
: where lel.Evry adc have less then 50% winrate..the only good winrate is {{champion:145}} .
cuz its pretty hard role. But if you have nice players there, he can do much more than other class
: They tested this with ekko when he was in development... the results wherent good, slowing projectiles felt kinda bad and doesn’t really accomplish much in a lot of cases.
his premiere was back in may 2015 or something like this. Enginering is much better nowadays. I remember them saying something about ultimate, that rewinded 5s of game, but not about this1
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Taari (EUW)
: Please fix death recap
will miss these {{summoner:4}} deaths
Sefiroz (EUW)
: I guess it's too difficult for you to process this small and simple thing. You're telling me that I'm ignoring all the facts, but you yourself is ignoring the basic fact that she objectively does not need a rework? The only reason I never brought my own "facts" into the main post in the first place is because I didn't need them; What I was saying was basically fact from start. And not only this, you're taking up age again? Like I said previously I don't see how this is relevant. On that point, for one, I'm obviously more mature than you having your constant need of bashing against the extremely simple above-mentioned fact, where said bashing serves absolutely no purpose other than for negativity's sake. Honestly I'm not sure why I feel compelled to enlighten you, but it seems it's ultimately pointless, so I will also go off here. And yes, I'm definitely gonna go cry. I obviously need to do this only because people can't open their minds to facts.
Eve didnt need rework - thats not a fact, thats opinion. Eve hate spike did 30 dmg - this is fact.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: 1. Not much of a difference in skillcurve according to both kits, and was previously also able to outplay/be outplayed. 2. Ult was not necessary at all to not blow up in teamfights if you knew how to build properly at all, and no I don't mean full tank. 3. She has never had a full rework before, only a minor one. And that one was needed, yes.
In last rework they reworked her ultimate, her passive, her invisibility. They changed they way hate spikes work. For me its pretty much full rework. Maybe not sion scale, but more of Ryze/galio lvl. What skillcurve. Old (medium) eve you jsut smash q, smash e whenever possible. You could even smash w and live with it. What you are talking about (should she go in, should she go bot or mid) isnt champ skill. Its just knowing game and it concern every champ. If you meant literally her spells, then i dont know where you see that skillcurve. Faster pressing that Q during gank? And what outplay you can make when she is spaming these Q/Es. Like, sidestep?
zixus (EUNE)
: The channel up flash is probably for junglers who just need a funky route to mess up the warding plan again, and the summoner spells switch is for many plauers whoo see some s s weak early and strong later and some strong early weak late, so it gives them the chance that they wouldn't have to sacrfice either
I cant prepare for twitch with igni/exhaust and after fast feed go for flash/heal Q_Q
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Evelynn is yet another champion with their identity taken away
Lets look at old kit: Q - a spammable, not targeted spell, that had its own behavior. You just either spam the shit out of Q or dont touch it at all cuz mana. W - spell, that most of the time you just pop for that speed boost. And thats all. E - point and click dmg spell. Thats it, some dmg in spell. R - only skillshot in kit. Need to hit at least 3 champs later in game in order to make her not explode in team fight from aoe spells. Rly, that doesnt seems that fun. You bassicly smash one kay all the time, use second spell (MOST OF THE TIME) to just speed up and escape/catch up, third spell that you jsut use on enemy to deal some dmg. All skill went to that ultimate, oh old ultimate The R was sooooo out of place. You were suppose to initiate with it. In order to had dealt dmg with it, you needed tons of ap and penetration. It only dealt % of current HP, so you couldnt execute enemys with it. It gives you shield to last longer, but that shield was as weak as Sona lvl 1, beacose you went full ap. If you decide to build some defensives, to made that shield better, it bassicly become long range aoe slow. The real Evelynn, that Im remembering, was a champion, that goes invi, pop from nowhere, stun you and execute in that stun (member, that eve is after 1 rework already). With new Eve you have much more tools to outplay enemy. You can do somethign with them, enemy need to think about what you can do and what you cant and dont jsut calculate items ,,will i kill her, or will she kill me faster". Your ultimate is now similiar to ekko (use it as defensive or dmg spell). Camouflage after 6 is to let enemys buy some items in order to try and counter you. No more lvl 2 ganks on bot from nowhere. When you see her mark you know, that you will get attacked soon, but you dont know when/from where. Eve have now some skill lvl curve, can beoutplayed/outplay enemy. Is more thematically succubus. Next time when you post something simmiliar, use some arguments. Dont just ,,she is bad now, change her".
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danteisop (EUW)
For me its most balanced champ after relase for a long time. Not UP, not OP, just fine.
Enzer0 (EUW)
: I do commend your attempt to cover the names and then forgetting them in chat! :D Brilliant.
I jsut find it out after posting xDDD
: Well, not quite. I think his W reduces on hit damage specifically, so the heal isn't being affected. I don't think this will be too much of an issue, but if the effect isn't unique and an Urgot gets two culls, we might have a problem.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. This isn't a bug, but an intended mechanic. You were in Flex queue, so I'm guessing you were in a full 5man premade? If that's the case, you can assign whatever roles you want, since the meta selection isn't required. If your team wants to sign up with two mid laners, that's perfectly fine.
exacly what we made. Thanks for fast response, should i delete topic?
Baka Red (EUNE)
: In addition to abuse potential that others have already been pointed out in the thread, it would also slow down finding a match for you. Imagine a player, who has added hundred players to his ban list for some reason or another. Now imagine that every player has such a list. Now try to find ten people, who don't have one of the others in his ban list. The match could probably be found at some point, but cross checking the lists would take time and many matches would not happen because of this selection process. The process would get even slower the longer the lists grew. I don't think anyone with best interests of League in mind wishes that. If someone does, please reconsider. :) Anyways, it won't happen thanks to the abuse scenario mentioned here. Praise Bob! PS: Overwatch (apparently) had such a system and one of the really great players found his name in the ban lists of so many other players, that his match making took a really long time. After this Blizzard removed the system. Sorry, I don't have a link to provide, but I believe the system is called "Avoid this player" or such. You might find info about it with that if you are interested.
thanks, I heard about that avoid player when i started overwatch. This have lot of sense.
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: No, for one simple reason: Top tier players ban players, who are too good for them. Or even above them, means they have to get matched with lowers, means they'll prob climb. What is not intended
This is true, but if you could ban player, who for example: 1. Was banned in the past for behavior 2. Was punished for behavior 3. OR simply have honor lvl1 or 0 then you wont get matched with him. If he climb to honor lvl 2, then he again can play with you.
: Singed - recent buffs and idea
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: > [{quoted}](name=Wisniaksiadz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=e9T1yhHu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-10T13:40:10.621+0000) > > to fight vs ori, you need to rly know her CD's as this is crucial. And dont let her aa you too much Well that is the problem for me. What exactly do you mean "dont let her aa you too much". That would mean that unless I'm Xerath or some other mage with a huge range, I'm just supposed to farm and not go in at all? Because after Orianna uses her spells then depending on the situation. She either backs off if she messed it up, or she just will keep aa-ing you which hurts a lot early into the game.
I mean, retreat and let her aa other target. Her's aa deal more dmg with each hit till 3rd hit. So let her move ball, go in for small skirmish, and after like 3s of fighting retreat and let her aa anything other. Then you can wait for her to use q and again go in for small skirmish
: has* ######yes, I am fun at parties
i good, simple correction is always apprecited :) Also i think they could implement something similiar to WoW stealth mechanic, if you are behind some1, they won't see you even if you stay pretty close to them
: Tips on laning against Orianna?
to fight vs ori, you need to rly know her CD's as this is crucial. And dont let her aa you too much
: I really dislike stealth in league
best stealth mechanic for me have twitch.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: so what do you think is good on the new urgot?
hard to say w/o single scaling ;)
: New Urgot's ult vs Anivia and her egg
Egg. They wrote somewhere, that ulti just deal like 100% true dmg. But still its just dmg, so everything from aatrox to guardian angel and zilean ulti will work just fine. :)
: Singed - recent buffs and idea
So, Riot decide, that his passive is just boring. They changed it, so there IS space to work around. New speed buff passive is okish i guess, but again, its boring as hell. And I can already see, how my jungler will save singed from death by giving him that little speedbuff. His adhesive is getting grounded effect - so it wouldn't be that broken.
: What do you actually hate about Yas?
The point is. No matter how skilled you are, if you are vs better yasuoo player, you will lose game. When you play for example Kata, Veigar, Liss what eva, you can communicate with team and kill her even if he/she is god tier on particular champion. Except if htis champion is yasuoo, then he can always outplay you. Always.
: Gap closing has never been a problem for me with Udyr. My only complaint is that he feels so slow clearing jungle and a little too squishy.
Its not about gap closing, but peeling. Udyr literally dont have any range spells. You just need to move face to face to enemy. In solo situation its not that hard thx to bear. But in TF you bassicly most of the time run towards targets instead of rly figting.
meroboth (EUNE)
: I like the idea but the potion should be permanent like go ult upgrades so make them a bit more expensive
we already have something like this in game. There is Viktor and Kha6 and GP. Also late in game you would have 1 potion most of the time anyway
: Sleeper OP champions and what causes them to awaken.
Nothing is unnoticed guys. This isn't like 2 guys talkin together ,,see that buff, maybe this will be strong now". Its now often whole group of tactics, trainers etc. behind team. Shifting meta happen most of the time becouse of changes. But it doesn't need to be big change. Often these are just some sort of bug fixes, which change the way champion is played a lot (for example Riven and canceling). Changes touch everything. If certain champion (zac) can be played, he introduces to game new tactics. You can build new teams around it. He wasnt played, becouse we was weak early. They buffed his dmg and BAM. You got top pick. When you can have tank in jungle, you can go for something like double adc, what you can now see on the LCS. Corki got picked up, becouse his AP/AD ratio on autoattack was tweaked a little. Back in time Viktor laser (E) was tweaked, becouse it rly often bugged and BAM, he got picked in LCS. Its all about strategies and what changed champions can give to game.
: And even if Xerath and Energ are living energy inside an armor set, they are very different champions both with unique abilities
different energies. Xerath is pure magic, while energ is more mister atom.
Holten (EUW)
: Something you might have missed
Im personally using YOLOmouse. Small program, that work in background and let you change your icon in 2 clicks.
: OP.GG doesn't have enough sample data for Udyr and Urgot
Well, in world where bassicly EVERY SINGLE NEW CHAMP have some sort of blink/dash/reposition tool Udyr is useless. Champs, that can be easly peeled are trash tier bassicly.
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Tanniboy (EUW)
: Yorick Rework Idea. Riot please read.
so, Yorick will be still that boring, max e spam e champion as he is on live?
Encrux (EUW)
but really, we dont have any champ with nuclear thematic, and: 1. With any suicide spell 2. Something interesting after death. Sion have nice and karthus too, but they are just like ,,hit anything after death"
: Champion Suggestion: Kazu, the underworlds portal.
I would only think about these portals, as in LoL steering system, that could be a little painful to program. And do something with passive. Its simple, but boring and if i remember right, karthus have/had something similiar. Otherwise, nice thoughts
Encrux (EUW)
: Xerath is literally energy inside of an armor.
damn man, you destroy whole point of this champ :'( i forgot about him
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: Jhin discussion - UP, OP or balanced
Is mentioned earlier, I dint play him. But I see his strongest part is early game, but the trouble is that even if he get ahead, if game continues for 30+ min, his power curve fall abruptly
: Nerf illoai?
I dont want to give you help, as I love Illaoi, but to counter her you need to: - kill her tentacles - fight with her, when she pull your soul - run away for that 3 or 4 sec, if she landed nice ulti - let ,,doomed" people destroy tentacles, so they will remove it
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: Maik, firebender
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Netavio (EUW)
: It was just to take into accout stuff like Kalista ult, knockbacks etc. Also reduced the fear on minions to 1 sec instead of 1.5 seconds
Fear part was ok, regeneration is big. People complain about darius heal, where you can restore 12% of missings on single wave
: Making Zil more time-themed, Idea
RavenBlack (EUNE)
: Mage Fortune!
its similiar to Gnar effect. He is very strong, but he need good team, that know how big ragebar you have, so they wont start tf just aas you change to small gnar. Also all MF give to team is just AoE dmg. Nothing more. If you dont want to be blamed, just pick similiar midlaner and then at last sec change to mf
: {{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:48}} [{{champion:3}}{{champion:33}} {{champion:98}} (against melee)] {{cha{{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:154}}{{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:57}}
: Champion with highest sustained single target damage
on single target w/o mana restricionts Im thinking betwen Cassio and Xin zhao. But I think, that with decent builds every champion deal similiar dmg in that amount of time
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