Plat IV, s7 diamond, s8 didnt played, main olaf.
Irarius (EUW)
: Why i personally dont want to play this game anymore... after almost 9 years
: Don’t need numbers that’s not where stat checking comes from He’s an auto attacker with a built in heal and no variation, combos, or skill required... that’s the same with both old aatrox and your idea... this means that he will just chuck himself into an opponent and either kill them or be killed depending entirely on who’s got more stats. That’s an unhealthy champion design and the reason for this rework to begin with.
Hahahahahaha read again my sugesstion and say what combo would you use, and with that kit you would go to attack speed??
: Firstly you messed the ult up. > During this time, The Darkin Blade resets the cooldown of blades of torment. Darkin blade is his current Q, you don’t have that in your kit. Secondly you’ve got the same problems old aatrox had so this would be a waste of resources to do. He’s still stat checky, still got an unhealthy relationship with stats, still would be near impossible to properly balance... it’s better than old aatrox but still not good enough. That’s why blood price/thirst got removed, there’s just no real way to make that ability healthy and satisfying.
Unhealthy, stat checky? Say why you think he is stat unhealthy? Why he is a stat checky? How can he be a stat chechy when i didnt make the numbers????
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: tbh man... I actually think they made a good job... They created a new "world" Vastaya... And the new champions will probably be from there... So expect more humanoid chickens, rabbits, whatever... What i think personally is that they were taken from a MMOPRG... They dont look like the other league champions... Wich is cool...
Sry i dont agree with you, i think that we dont need animal kingdom in league, they just showing lack of good ideas, they need to hire a fresh thoughs.
: XAYAH AND RAKAN Abilities are out guys, check them out if you didnt yet
Hahahaha this new champion make me laugh alot. It is a year of rooster, and they made a rooster and chicken in humanoid shape for a new champion, its so funny, im laughing on they lack of idea like no1.
Solash (EUW)
: So the Darkin/Weapons theory may have just been confirmed
Maybe we will learn more about darkin when kayle and morgana rework comes up, it will be this year right?
: Skin
deep sea illaoi
aca1212 (EUNE)
: Skin Idea for taliyah
Obsidian taliyah, similar to malphite skin
: More skin ideas
What do you think about darkforge leona, dragonslayer olaf, barbarian king tryndamere, elderwood trundle, shapeshifter udyr
Wolferk (EUNE)
: Why NERF AATROX 7.5???
I main Aatrox in jungle, Iam plat IV and i agree that this looks like nerf, if he is behind he will be much worse than he was before but if he is ahead he is a little bit stronger than he was before, his stats are bad for a 3 years now and i think that is a first problem of his weakness, but maybe we need to find some build to play it right, i think i find something, try to play grasp of undaying and tenacity ( u need to attack to stack so tenacity is inevitably ) ur priority is HP and stacks, to build stack u need as and cdr, CORE ITEMS BLACK CLEAVER, SKIRMISHERS BLOODRAZOR, NINJA TABI, if ahead go offensive TITANIC HYDRA, if behind or need defensive go spirit visage, try it and comment.
pmmf PT (EUW)
: What are your funniest champs to play?
Its rly fun to play with Aatrox, dying all around the summeners rift its alot of fun, just try it, u will laugh to him so hard
: The diffrence is, I adjusted my playstyle and my build after looking at the changes. Meanwhile all the Aatrox mains fail and everyone opens his own little topic to express how much the rework sucks. Which at this point is just blaming Riot for lost games. It's kinda sad how this pattern returns with every rework and how many players decide to take the easy approach and just agree that the champion sucks instead of trying to improve. I think its nice to have a topic now and then that focuses on what a reworked champion CAN DO as opposed to what doesn't work anymore. xD
You didnt even try to play new aatrox, and still you come to boards to discuss about it, and telling every1 that they arent right exept you, only you can see his new potential, go play him, try him and one time in ur childish life be honest and say truth
: Aatrox patch 7.5 WTF!!!
: Aatrox nerf rly?
ahhahahahahaahahahhaahahahahah im so happy that so many ppl are attacking riot, this one is a hardcore one im not supporting this kind of verbal attack but still its a true
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: There are quite a few Champions with wings. Why I wanted it for Aatrox is because of his current "Dark Flight" being rather underwhelming, but they decided to make it for Galio (and give him that dumb gimmick). I guess I'm just a tad disappointed to not see it on the champion that I wished to see it on.
we are all disappointed about this mini rework aa :)
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House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Witcher Kain,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=T4ojO4yL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-08T12:23:42.589+0000) > > go and try more then 1 game than comment how good is he now xDDDDDDDD im just laughing hard at this tread What's wrong with this thread ? If you have nothing proper to say just don't speak up.
Rly nothing just go play aa more than once than come back to discuss it
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House x33 (EUW)
: I really can't wait to try him out !
go and try more then 1 game than comment how good is he now xDDDDDDDD im just laughing hard at this tread
TheLemoon (EUW)
: aatrox
hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha so much bad comments, agree 100%
: The only part of his posts that are meant to convince anyone are him mentioning how he is challenger level and hardcore Aatrox main (which we can't even verify since he is using a diffrent account) and thats not a good substitute for arguments even if it was true. I ignored this because it's meaningless and doesn't deserve attention.
ok try me, im 100% agree with this guy, PLAT IV, 100 games with AA 65% WIN RATE, this is a nerf a hard one so stfu
: Aatrox Rework
hahahahahahhahah i feel u man, this is a nerf and we all know, hate this stupid game
Strexius (EUNE)
: Aatrox, and his not that much of a rework?
hello everyone, im aa main and i played 5 games with mini reworked aa, so i can say that he is more weaker than he was, i meen in jngl, didnt play top, his sustain is a bit lower in jngl but thats not a prob, its a same shit it was, items needed champ to be i would say good but im going to say solid, early is weaker than it was, and if u mistake just once u cant back in a game, all same shit, i just remebering what some guy from rito said last year i think when aa was on topic, HE IS A MOST BROKEN CHAMP IN A GAME, PPL JUST DONT REALIZE THAT, IF U GIVE HIM A PRROPER BUFF, HE WILL BECOME MOST OP CHAMP IN A GAME, so he need a real rework not this camouflage buffs so rito stop screwing around wer not so stupid like u think we are, and one more thing WITH THAT FIZZ BUFF, WTF IS THAT RANGE OF HIS ULT, WHATS GOING ON WITH THIS GAME????? HIRE SOME IQ MORE THAN 100 PPL IN BALANCING TEAM!!!
: Riot never said that he wasnt a gargoyle anymore. He is still a gargoyle, its HIS theme. He is still made of stone. His wings just look different.
Is he look like gargoyle to you now, or he looks like some egyptian false god?
: [GALIO REWORK COMING SOON!!!] The Hour of Need
im so sad that he lost gargoyle theme, i dont like this, look at that wings, i want gargoyle galio :((((((((
Fawksea (EUW)
: So Rito has ideas for aatrox
I main aatrox, im so happy, cant wait for this, im gonna rip my opponents with aa, it will be my masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
: My boyfriend never sticks up for me
I understand him, he is just wiser and more mature than that flamers, and uv get emmotionally hurted from flamers bcz ur a woman, woman all things takes to much bcz they are to emotionaly sensitive thats so diffrent from man, so your problem is that you dont undrestand man.
: I read the boards almost every day since it was released and this might just be among the best ideas I've ever seen. The real lore is a nice match with olafs theme and such. I'd insta-buy.
Im rly glad to hear that :)
: No. Firstly introducing mana is a bad idea. He already is using his resource bar for his shield so he doesn't have room for mana. Plus giving him health costs helps balance out his perma shields... removing the health costs means he can't afford to have the shield any more. Secondly he can't have the slow nor the taunt. That's a big thing about his identity which can't change, he is the only champion in the game without mobility or cc... this is because his identity is that he is a slow lumbering threat who can't stop you from running but you can't stop him from chasing creating an almost horror film experience. Cc ruins this. On that note your idea doesn't support this identity at all... he sort of becomes a stunless Annie not a hulking armoured behemoth that will just walk over everyone. Thirdly you can't remove his current ult... the ability to turn a fight into a 4v6 is a big part of his kit and the appeal of it, it's what resonates the best within the morde community... removing it does them a disservice. Maybe not the same point and click DoT as it currently is but the ghost part is a must, morde just ain't morde without it. And finally > he show his true form, looks like green ghost from shadow isle Firstly that really does take away from the whole armoured behemoth feel. And secondly... green??? Morde is a shade and even in his lore it states that he is pitch black (remember morde isn't the same calibre of shadow isles ghost that the rest are... he was resurrected by black magic millennias before the shadow isles was created, he doesn't draw any magic from the black mist, it's more a symbiotic relationship... So it would make sense that his true form is visually distinct from the rest of the undead in the roster). EDIT: sorry for being negative but it's the hard truth...
there is no need to apologizing, i didnt look this at that way, and i can tell, u got a point here, so i wana ask what do you think, whats the problem than with morde? we all kow he need VGU, but he also need skill rework from my opinion
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XL Devil (EUW)
: Riots terrible skin splash art and money grab
i would agree that they need to update all skin splash to same art lvl, in my opinon now some splashes looks like its from 17 century and some from today and thats bad for the game, doesnt feel orginal and i think he is talking about that, and thats a problem with some champs like cho-gath ( he doesnt look ), base pantheon ( wtf with that lags ), nunu ( cho and urgot had love affair in past and here is nunu ) and so on...
Perilum (EUW)
: Yeah just put Garen on Hecarim and we're good to go!
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Nitao (EUNE)
: Darkin race
what if teemo is a creator of darkins??? haaa what do u think of that?
: Hi, i want to join a danish guild
sry i understand i want a joint, a danish joint
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Mega Noob (EUNE)
: Aatrox is in a really bad spot, i fairy believe its already time for...
agree they said it maybe will be a diver rework after galio project but lcs %%%%ed up and they chosed tanks instead, so his rework coming maybe at the end of the year, anyway im aatrox main jungler and have 70% win rate in 50 games but he is weakiest champ in game and he need some soon work tottaly agree and ONE MORE TIME TO SAY THIS: THANK YOU RITO FOR CHOSING TANKS INSTEAD OF DIVERS TY ALOT FOR AATROX TO BE A DEAD CHAMP TY ALOT
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Or...just take ire and stun him when he goes in.
but again he got enourmous life steal and he can escape with E, he is just to mobile thats a source of his power
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: Could Jarvan use some buffs?
i agree that he needs buff, udyr and jarvan was always jungle picks, now u cant see them at all
Orodril (EUW)
: Ideas for Udyr rework
idea is bad sry me8, udyr is good like this, he just need litlle love VGU, buff or small rework, for example puting some bonuses on stats or something when chaning stance to stance, or combinating stances ( changing passive i meen ) for example: change from turtle to bear or bear to turtle heals u, or maybe tiger to bear bonus attack dmg or something like that
Nitao (EUNE)
: Darkin race
hmmm thats a very nice thinking, maybe, maybe
Rioter Comments
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CoopA826 (EUW)
: No he is not. On my smurf im 25-5 in 30 games with him. And I played tiger stance almost every game. Udyr is absolutely fine as he is right now.
And one more thing sry, i main aatrox jungle and in 50 games i have 70% wins and thats doesnt meen he is in a good shape
CoopA826 (EUW)
: No he is not. On my smurf im 25-5 in 30 games with him. And I played tiger stance almost every game. Udyr is absolutely fine as he is right now.
Uv got good dmg dealt with him, whats ur build?
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E9_qx-OMa4 Just look at the sick mechanics mate. Not everybody can do this...
I know but he is to low right now thats a fact
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