Marexey2 (EUW)
: Yes plz i dont like the new voice i miss the old voice if you could change it it would be better
Dude, the new voice is in for the event. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong but after this bilgewater event is over we'll get the old one back.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Well you can adjust the size of the huds, people in this game are really ungrateful. it's so sad to see. They worked hard on the hud,map,voice over and yet people bitch like spoiled 12 year olds... this is league for you ! Wish i never found league with these types of people in it. You may down vote me now.
People are hipsters man. Do you remember that there were people saying that the old SR map was better? Like for real guys, NO IT WASN'T. Hell no. And this HUD is more compact and improves gameplay. That's what it should do right? But no, let's all be hipsters, #itwasbetterbefore. Honestly in a few months people will forget the old one. Change is good, get over it. Let it rain with downvotes now.
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: THAT IS THE PROBLEM! You either choose if you get a lot of runes or a lot of champions. A lot of runes makes no champs to use them, and a lot of champs means no runes for them. You can't balance that. There is 100% no tier 3 runepage which is viable and costs less than 10k ip in total + not to mention you only get 2 runepages for free. Basically a new runepage + full runes can make it 20k+ ip.
I can confirm this. I actually started another account a while ago, I'm lvl 20 on it, and I only have 5 champions on it, no more IP. So from 150+ games, 20 levels, I spend all the IP I get on 5 champions, and that's all. (2 of them 450 and 3 of them are 6300). I have some cheap tier 2 runes but that's all, tier 3 runes are something I'm not even dreaming of right now.
mestizò (EUW)
: To be honest I find your argument weak. First most people that are playing ranked games want to climb the ladder. To be able to climb the ladder you need to win games, what increases your chance on winning your game? 1. be lvl 30 2. have enough champs (16) 3. Full T3 Rune page there are more but this makes my point. If one wants to play for fun and earn ip to buy champs, instead of winning, you could just choose to play a normal game. I think its nice of you to be able to pick champs for other pp, but why dont do it in draft mode instead of ranked. I do agree that runes and pages are expensive, but that balances the game. Even if people bought the cheapest runes to fill out a T3 page it would still be better than a half page or T2 page. That's knowledge that most lower elo players lack.
Let me tell you one thing though. I started an account a while ago and I am now level 20, with no boosts. Just a casual player who doesn't spend RP. So far I've bought Ashe, Sivir, Elise and Diana. Aaan that's pretty much it. 20 levels, with over 150 games, and I can only afford 4 champions. I'm not even thinking at runes now, imagine that I have a lot of champions to unlock that I like. So, that requirment would be silly and his argument is not weak. There are people who don't spend real money to get boosts or purchase champions with RP, and with an average of like 2-3 games per day I only get little amouns of IP in let's say a week.
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XIC Wolf (EUW)
: ay lel I hope you do, then at least we get some diversity.
Like we have too many AP junglers. All you see in the jungle these days is tanks or AD bruisers. Elise either needs a buff or a rework to her kit to make her viable. Right now she has an unreliable single target engage, compared to the likes of Sejuani, Gragas or other popular junglers, and doesn't have enough damage to assassiante nor enough tankiness to ... tank.
: What is an assist? An indication -and reward- that you helped your team kill the oponent. Is soaking dmg for your carrys helping them kill the enemy? Yes. I know we are in a tank meta, but I see a flaw in the game design when doing my job (take dmg) isn't rewarded.
I doubt that will happen and there's no real good reason for it to happen. What kind of tank are you playing that has no interaction with the enemy whatsoever? All tank supports, and tanks in general have crowd control that you DO have to use to enable the kill. Are you just staying idle in from of your opponent and expect an assist for absorbing some damage? Tanks absorb damage thanks to their ability to make targets focus them. And in order for them to have a reason to focus you have to do something right? Buy Thornmail if you want to get assists by idling. (does if even count? guess so). Or if you're referring to getting chased at low health while your ally is focusing the target hitting you: that still can't count. You throw a stun, a slow, some damage, something to get an assist. If you just run it means you haven't touched your target. You do not get the assist.
Pendulum (EUNE)
: Elise Buff
Yeah, she does lack what the meta requires right now, and that's tankiness and a good teamfight potential. She can build tanky but she will never be as tanky as the other popular junglers right now, and she will have no damage. On the other hand her assassin build is kinda risky since she has to dive the enemy team in spider form to finish her target/use her spider E offensively to stick to her target. And even so with the peel these tanks provide she may not be able to kill a single squishy target before she dies. And the hybrid build is fine, and the only somewhat viable build on Elise right now. She can make some picks with her human form E but that implies being in the lead and having the required vision. And she has a small window in which she can be effective ganking at levels 3/4, but then she is outshone by the other junglers being used at the moment. And it's a shame, I really love Elise. I want her to be viable in this meta and while she's not particularly underpowered, she does deserve some boosts. If she gets to strong they can always nerf her afterwards, I just want some positive changes. Like the buff to her speed in spider form is really not enough. Pls Rito, buff her more.
Endimeion (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Chocobo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=hGOyjXMg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-05T13:27:56.946+0000) > > Not happening to anyone else, you need to sort things out on your end. Are you for real? Go read the millions of posts with the same problem here before you talk out of your ass. Either that or you are a troll! @Sectumsepmra this is not a problem at your end of the connection! This is a problem with Riot's new network! It overloads with traffic and you lose connection to the servers. Nothing you can do at your end! All you can do is stop playing till they fix their network!
I see. Well I guess that's the only thing I can do then. @A Chocobo Well I guess you're lucky. But my net is fine, everything works except sometimes when I'm in-game. If you can't understand that then don't comment. Some people do have problems and it's not always their fault.
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Endimeion (EUNE)
: Nothing to do with your connection, its Riot's new network! Its crap, they know it and do nothing about it! Just stop playing till they fix it!
Well yeah, it does seem like it. And the last game I played was even worse, I had to simply exit because it was ridiculously laggy. Might get warned/reported for it but it's not my fault. They should fix it already. Whatever it is. Remove URF if that's causing all the lag, I don't care about it, shitty game mode.
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: what if urf was perma?
I'm already bored of it, seeing as there are always the same bans and the sam champions you're up agaist. I tried to pick Lucian, Janna but they simply can't compete with the burst/range of most of the spammed champions (unless you actually get a lead first which seldom happens). Plus it creates such lagg...I'd rather have it gone. I like the idea of URF on paper. But in-game it's just chaos and I got bored of it. I'd rather have a more strategic, slower-paced game.
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