Finalfire (EUW)
: After five years of fun, I got permabanned :(
You are not going to play this game anymore and you have to accept that. ( I mean on this acccount, because riot will allow you to make another one, and eventually waste your money again on the same skins, I think that's the trick ). Those permabans for toxicity are not ok, I mean they are but RIOT should give a full Refund if they permaban someone, or they can ban chat for 1000-2000 games ( this is like a season long ) but not perma ban. You are toxic, I can say that based on my experience you deserve permaban. I experienced that too with a lower level of toxicity and I think I deserved that long time ago ( ofc under these Terms and Conditions because i explained my opinion about perma ban ) All permabans are made by an automatic system, a very good one I can say because I managed to get an account banned on EUW like i said, without writing a single INSULT but I was creating a bad atmosphere in my team instead of shut my mouth and keep playing. Sorry for you bra, start play other game or make another account.
dawawen (EUNE)
: do i get banned?
Man if you see the "yellow warning notification" there are massive problems with the log in. When you are banned you can Log In, actually, and you see a pop up showing the reason for the ban. And actually, you can not get ban from being afk, chill out. I had remake from bug client had to restart my laptop, then another remake, then another remake i just remained at 5 20 min ban leaver buster i mean.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: Perfect response. thank you!
Was working better the client will connect in real time, but in game i had some moments like 10 seconds of "pause" from the packetloos and then everything that was happening in that 10 seconds was runing like in 1-2 seconds with 15000000x speed and ofc i couldn't react or something that was in a ranked game. On EUW it was the same everytime. Country : Romania, i will play 1-2 games today to see what's the problem. ISP: vodafone mobile 4g
ShadowM0r (EUW)
: Permanently banned
You deserve this perma ban, i went to something similar and i dit less things than you did few years ago and I think i deserved that, it helped me to become a better playar and to focus of my game. Start a fresh account, it's not against the rules but make sure you will just be a different person, we don't need players like you.
: I got banned
I talk from my experience. If you get 14 days ban you deserve it more or less. This will occur after 2 chat restricts, a 5 game on and a 25 game one. If you are "clean" for 2-3 months you wil get again 5 game restriction after that 25 games wich was 2-3 months ago, if you get reports in the very next week or month after ethat 25 chat restrict, you wil get 14 days ban. BE SURE THAT U WILL GET PERMA BAN if you will have more reports. I sugges you to use " mute all " after this ban, mute all all of your life or at least have a mute all for 3 months to make sure that next punishnet will ge 5 ban chat not perma ban :D I had a 5 games chat ban after few months in the past and that was my last one, I really learned my lesson and now i get plenty of honors i don't even have to mute all anymore :D I am intouchable.
Arrow Mark (EUNE)
: I am actually from Romania
Mate, just quit this game, if not forever quit it like for a few months, probably it will get better. You can not do anything and just keep playing other games. Spor bro :))
Darkcho0o2 (EUNE)
: Unplayable for Balkan country EU servers
It is dead, quit lol and start play DOTA 2 or something else.
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Wise Alien (EUNE)
: Matchmaking, MMR and the stuff it does
Had that problems too but i lost from the ping, played suddenly wieth 70 ms more and i lost and got temoted from g3 to s3 and i got back with a +10 lp per win mmr, now i get +22 . You are where you deserve to be, you can talk about deserving more whan you play only 20-30 games and you can be unlucky but when you hvae more than 300-400 ranked matches you are just wehere you belong to.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Client and game unstable. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME IN RANKED
I have the same problem, in game the ping seems to be normal but when i use my irelia Q it goes to that direction after one second... it's crappy and unplayable at this level. I am on a 4g connection but it worked good until yesterday.
NecoArc (EUW)
: +1 Also this > [fullscreen problem]( {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I just went afk from my ranked game i was not playing for a week i installed the game clean again and i tried to play a Flex. It's impossible besides my ping it's 40+ more than on CS GO without any reason, i have one second 120 fps, one second 60, one second 90, if it's 60 everytime i can play but it's dropping every second and if i donn't cap the fps at min 1-2-3 it will be like 200+ but after that it goes at 100-110 and most of the time goes under 100, it's unplayable I won't play league anymore, I feel bad that i used money in this game. There is no solution i have more fps on Rise of Tomb Rider than on this game.
: bugged to hell
THERE IS A problem with the server I think :D
: Easiest way to increase the quality of ranked games
From my experience Anything under 70 ping it's the same, I mean you play the same with 65 as with 30. Personally atm I play on my mobile hotspot and it's around 57-65, fi it goes to 75-80 i can not last hit properly but some players can :D
: New Gameplay System is Horrible!! Read and see why
I feel you mate. It's very hard to win games on your own in 2016 and in 2017 it's even worse. The game it's a bit more balanced and I think it's made more for DUO carry not solo carry. Anyway you probably will get to Diamond again but after much much much work than before. I am in your situation and i was placed Bronze 5 with 7 wins and 3 defeats...
: Eune draft pick!!
Personally I want to move to EUW because I am sure the community it's better but my friends play on EUNE and I won't have any friend on EUW to play with. Normal Draft is good to play with friend, but now we have Flex Ranked wich is not important we can go there and play a bit more relaxed. I feel bad for you guys which used to play Normal Drafts everytime but for me is not a problem at all, that "2016 review" showed me playing only like 10 blinds all season and 5-6 drafts xD Ranked is life ! haha


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