: i rl dont know what u ppl like from old aatrox?he was just a thin guy with banners as wings,u could barely hear his voice and he had a sword shaped like a %%%%.at least now he has a personality that fits a proper darkin,he's obsessed with war and death and he has a weird sense of humor its almost perfect.
Those banner wings were %%%%ing badass, i mean that's a clever nod to his obsession with war. His voice was normally heard, his sword was the most unique sword in the game while cool looking, and now he has a personality fitting a darkin? He was obsessed with war to begin with and masscre. Weird sense of humour? Dude imagine they reworked jhin (for whatever reason) and he was now like shaco, just imagine that. This rework isn't Aatrox. Aatrox is a calm collected psycho, who finds art in bloodshed and massacre, that's who he is, not KILL KILL EDGE EDGE, VENGENANCE RAWR I'M SO ANGRY. Like what they just made of him right now.
Loud Poro (EUW)
: You say: 1.Voiceactor doesnt fit, 2.Blade looks too basic 1: In my opinion the old Aatrox sounded like a 40 year old chain-smoker who found a sword and started murdering people. I dont say i hated his Voice, but still i like the new one better, because first of all: You can understand it even if you dont really listen to it. Second: Aatrox would not be showing off his old Voice in the fashion he is with the current one. The old one was dark and would fit to a masculin figure like Braum or Illaoi ( if male ) but you have to see, the VOICE belongs to the BLADE, since he is a Darkin and his Heart is clearly in his Blade. You can see that in the trailer, ingame and so on. The Voice fits Aatrox the caracter, because he is a very destruction focussed Fighter. He has this maniac and strong theme going for him and does not have his old "i am the leader of an army i trained for the war" voice. His old Voice was more of a leader where the new one is more of a fighter. Best thing to draw parallels is Swain and Darius. Swains voice, for he is older and is more expierienced, is low and dark sounding. The old Voice of Aatrox was kind of similar, but the new Voice reminds me of Darius. This AGGRESSIVE, BURSTING Voice you would hear easily in Battle and where you would think "he is the center of attention once he starts going berserk". I hope you understand his voice now a bit better. 2: The Blade is supposed to be Basic. Its a Broadsword, wielded by two hands or kept on his back. The Blade in the Classic skin, since its the default look makes sense to have a basic look. The other blades have a more unique look and show that they are reminisent of a specific style of design. The problem with the "basic" design is, Aatrox new blade is supposed to cut clean through enemys with BOTH sides. If you look at the old Aatrox and his weapons, they were more focussed on attacking either with one side or were a "round" type like his basic skin with the three blades. His old weapon was to draw blood from his opponents, and not to kill them fast and clean. You can see for example that Pyke, the new Champion, has a Knife that looks similar to the Bilgewater Aatrox skins old Blade, because it was used to let the enemy bleed out instead of him instantly beeing dead. The new Blade should be seen as a fast way to cut through a lot of enemys, therefore the thin design but yet the MASSIVE handle. I got to see every skin ingame so far and exapt that i think that Mecha Aatrox's head looks too small, they all fit the new style of beeing focussed on killing but yet, ready to be used as great force to be slammed into the enemy ( as seen in his trailer / last Q ) That is my opinion on things for Aatrox. I have to note that Aatrox the Champ itself has a sentimental value for me ( played him as a OTP for 2 seasons until he was just getting weaker and weaker and i was tired of losing 2/3 of the games ) and i still have him as my secon highest Champion even tho i only played him for about 1/2 a season with the point system. The new Aatrox rewok fits the place he was supposed to fill more and fits in with the Lore and the general theme of beeing a darkin. I hope i could help you to understand what Riot was thinking when they made ( IN MY OPINION ) the biggest and greatest Rework so far for a Champion that was really needing one, since his playstyle was so outdated. Have a nice day, Poro OUT!{{summoner:31}}
The comment about the blade was mostly secondary, cause like i said to the model design i could get used to over the time. But i still stand by my point, the voice does not fit. The old sure wasn't perfect, nothing is that's obvious it did need a change, but this is too far. I don't know much about understanding anything i can hear every single word in the old voice loud and clear, so no idea where you're getting there. I don't care if it belongs to the blade or his toe, it's HIS voice, something that defines Aatrox. You say he is a destructive fighter, and? Jhin is a destructive force too, yet he is a calm collected guy. Just like Aatrox is. Just because he is the "I am the leader of an army i trained for the war" that is more the reason for him to be lot more calmer, since leaders do need to keep their heads cool and focus on the strategy, that's what makes them leaders. But still you're wrong, he is not a leader per se, he is an artist, much like Jhin, again. He sees war as his canvas and massacre his work of art, he says it in his champion pick line "This battle, will be my masterpiece" he could cares less about the people he "saved" in the war he eeves dropped in, he is there to massacre people. Sure that is chaotic, so a chaotic voice for a chaotic guy right? Well should Jhin shout? At this point honestly, i'm only waiting when they will make Nasus shout and be angry all the time. And does every darkin have to be the same? Rhaast is the exact same thing as new Aatrox is, Varus the same %%%%ing thing. Why are they so angry or why do they kill people? Because edgy and RAWR I'M ANGRY, that's why. Bottom line, Aatrox became a cartoon villain.
: Well, so for some players around here one of the most intimidating looking champ in whole league, a freaking ~~devilman ripoff~~ demon with a giant sword...was supposed to sound like a calm and cool-headed gentleman that somehow STILL thrives into bloodshed and massacre. Ok. Now, the same character is a spiteful and brutish murderer with lines that really invoke a lust for fight and war, as it actually challenge everyone he see around into fighting him...and well, it does not "fit the theme". Whatever... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
His lines are fine, but his voice is not someone who is brutish, that's Doofenshmirtz for crying out loud. Old Aatrox is calm and collected cause... dude calm and collected brutal characters are one of the most intimidating cause those who are calm clearly know what they are doing and impose that they are immovable, he is an artist, much like Jhin.
: Aatrox was created before darkins where really a thing, as riot developed darkins to be their own thing aatrox started to contradict them,., therefore he did need to undergo sever changes to his lore in order to fit into the world. Also remember we don’t know his lore yet, we know roughly where he fits in... need to be patient. Your right riot break a champion down into their basic components... in game wise the components where auto attack based, high sustain, a revive, a steroid ult for when fights really kicked off, strong split pushing and 1v1 potential... besides auto attacking everything has been preserved > Now the new Aatrox... i don't see anything in there You say that like his old self was in there to begin with... one of the major issues is that in game aatrox was nothing like in lore aatrox... and as in game identity is more important it’s better to scrap the old lore... old aatrox swung major battles and inspired allies, in game he is a top lane split pusher who wasn’t good in team fights are barely interacted with his team... > i have to say i'm not a fan of the new blade design, it looks very VERY basic, what was wrong with the old one? It looked so much apart from the other ones, now it looks like nightmare tryndamere got an HD update and gave the sword to Aatrox. I disagree... I think that’s the best change here. His sword still looks unique, and it actually looks alive with a beating heart and blood vessels... the old one just looks weird and it’s animations made no sense... aatrox used it more as a club that a sword and frankly it looked more like a pike. It was a stabbing weapon aatrox used to club people to death with... and his crit animation where it turns into a whip was the litteral worst and I’m very glad we never brought crit on him. By having a more simplistic design they can convey what it is more (had to tell it was alive until it starts doing the whole whip thing) and allows it to have more impact on his animations and abilities by being clearer on what it’s trying to be and not being a weird Swiss Army knife. ___ As for the voice I kinda like it... old aatrox sounded calm and collected all the time... new aatrox sounds emotional and vengeful... considering his story and the fact that everyone he could ever call family was killed or imprisoned it doesn’t make sense for him to be calm... and I don’t know the Russian accent kinda works imo, it definitely portrays the emotion and weight of the lines and frankly works better than most other aspects could have. So I kinda like it... and the interactions are so far my favourite ones in league...
Let's not beat around the bush his in game kit and his role in the game doesn't fit what he is supposed to be, that is nothing new, like i said, i'm not gonna talk about his new kit, since that is the only part that i like about it (even if it's a riven 2.0). What Aatrox certainly had was the design and again the voice, for which i'm gonna stand by. I agree his lore needs to be changed in order to fit the new lore, nothing wrong there. But that doesn't mean they have to flip him on the head. For his weapon design, i'm not argue that since it's a matter of taste. But his new voice, he does sound vengeful, his lines indeed convey that very well, again i'm saying that the written voice lines are perfect, i love them, i almost see where the voice actor is going when he is reading the more serious lines, it just almost ALMOST works, but just doesn't, it comes of as goofy and not really serious. Now i¨m not saying he is supposed to be serious and can't be funny and has to be all emo edgy, NO! Don't get me wrong there, but he is just all time goofy and laughs, maybe if it was broken up by a laugh that is more of an angry laugh/psycho laugh, if they wanna go that way. Emotional? Yes the voice actor is very passionate and i like that but... just because it's emotional doesn't mean it's good, cause it depends what emotion it depicts, or at least it's trying to.
: Whatever u do to aatrox, but dont make this his voice...
Agree, Doofenshmirtz doesn't fit Aatrox at all
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolf with laces,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=woyYz4Eu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-25T09:28:16.902+0000) > > I wonder why you can't use them, tech limitation? Yes. Skype, Discord, Curse Voice, etc, all those consume too much RAM for what they do. I can't play League with any of those. Even funnier, while ingame, I have less lag using Discord through the browser than the client (ie Discord client consumes more RAM than google chrome). Still, my fps drop to 20 if I have it up through the browser. The only thing I can use in combination with League is Teamspeak. That said, League Voice is a "lifesaver" for me. I can now finally talk with my friends while we play. *** > [{quoted}](name=Wolf with laces,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=woyYz4Eu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-25T09:28:16.902+0000) > > And just because it was up for just one week doesn't mean it can't be critized, it's exactly this, riot needs. One thing is critique, another is just complaining. The way you framed your opinion is the latter: > [{quoted}](name=Wolf with laces,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=woyYz4Eu,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-24T09:43:43.163+0000) > > This voice chat that only a premade team can use, noone sees the problem with this? Why is this a problem? You should have started your discussion with this: > [{quoted}](name=Wolf with laces,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=woyYz4Eu,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-24T09:43:43.163+0000) > > If at least would be aviliable to the random players too This is critique/feedback. Everything else is complaining.
Good points mate, it's true i needed to get it out of my system, but at the same time i thought i should shed some light on it, to jumpstart the discussion. The problem i have with it being only for premades it why i can't talk to the randoms i just join in game. I wouldn't put it in champ select, that WOULD be chaotic, but in the game itself, it would be much better. I keep using this example, but in Overwatch it's really a great thing, people are automatically joined, but can easily with a hold of a button and a click simply disconnect. And i know riot has problem with toxicity, but in reality, it's much more difficult to yell at someone rather than to type at someone, especially if the one who's being toxic has a weird voice and is aware of it, and even worse when the one who's getting the blame would have a deeper voice. Of course this can also go the other way around but, you can always just leave and mute, it's that easy.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolf with laces,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=woyYz4Eu,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-24T09:43:43.163+0000) > > We've got discord and skype, why would anyone use this, aside from really specific and isolated reasons, overall it's a useless asset. Ever crossed your mind that maybe some people don't like to use those tools? Maybe some people **can't** use those tools (hint: me). Besides, League Voice is the **first step**. It still has plenty of room for improvement, so it's kinda early to call it "useless". This system hasn't been live for 1 week and you are already complaining. Did you pay for it? Is it taking resources away from you? If not, then what's the problem? I know what the problem is. Complaining for the sake of complanining. #FirstWorldProblems
I wonder why you can't use them, tech limitation? And just because it was up for just one week doesn't mean it can't be critized, it's exactly this, riot needs. And if you wanna call it complaining that's your problem, but in the end it's just critizing.
DutchPro (EUW)
: 1: I used to use teamspeak or discord when playing with some good friends, but I got bored of the programms, too lazy to open it up so often we didn't talk. With the new voice chat we can talk again with 0 effort. 2: I had a lot of random people in my friendlist, but now we can actually talk and it feels like you are actually playing with someone from your friendlist, instead of a random. 4: When playing, I noticed with myself, I was tempted to tilt and show negative attitude in game. With social pressure of voice chat I am never really mad. You can be judged a lot harder if you get angry in voice, so it actually helps me with tilt. 5: Riot has adressed this many times. They will never introduce voice chat for non-premades because of 1 simple reason. TOXICITY. I have seen so many people on this forum talk about the toxicity that ruins the game for them, eventhough there is a mute option. Voice chat only amplifies toxicity and spoken words feel a lot realer than written words. And just like chat eventhough its mute-able, it still has an influence on many players. Also can we just thank riot for very good voice chat? I mean the quality, voice activation and lagless is impressive. Just my opinion, since everyone on the boards is always AGAINST something. (I remember people complaining so much about the old honor system, and now the only posts I see is about how they think the old system was so much better)
1. You got bored... you were too lazy to open a program... well that's a new level of lazy, but alright, convenience.. of getting rid of couple of clicks, but whatever. 2. Honestly that i can get behind, that is one use, getting faster to communication without searching for that guys tag on skype or discord or teamspeak or mumble or whatever 3. oops my bad, you missed a third point 4. I'm gonna get to this one in the fifth one 5. Hmm toxicity is a problem, i agree, but have you played overwatch? That game, or any teambased pvp game is toxic as %%%%, same with Overwatch, but so far? Everyone toxic stuck to the chat, if not the guy was talking in a different language or talked into a potatoe, otherwise everyone was chill and was fun to talk to. If you think about it, being toxic in voice is much more... complicated? I dunno can't think of a word. Because you need to yell at that person instead of smashing the keyboard angrily, when you know they hear your voice and then you hear theirs, it's bit different than just typing.
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: If you talk bs, you receive bs. That's how the world works mate. I am not going to compliment you when you and me both know you are pathetic.
dude, you just have no idea how league works, and face it, you're a moron. 1v1 means SHIT in this game, this is NOT call of duty or some shit, this is league, or are we playing the same game?
: How about voicing champ lore ?
One word, necrit. Go on youtube and search him, you're gonna be blown away.
Elstir (EUW)
: How do you deal with flamers?
Lol i just mute them or i laugh my ass off cause they are just hillarious XD
: Goodbye league, we had some good times but im breaking up with you.
I just returned after three weeks, had to play few games before i got my mojo back. And tbh it's all i needed, just that break and now i'm back, who knows maybe one day i will quite league too, but so far i like even if people hate the changes and all that, saying that riot is killing league i think otherwise and like it so far. (except for the dynamic q)
: Nightmare Bots
I would love to play against doombots once again.
: So a buddy made a thing of Ziggs splashart
That reminds me when we were waiting in a loading screen and enemy ziggs had the frost skin and my friend was like: "damn ziggs looks like from a commercial for colgate."
Sanji2014 (EUNE)
: Kindred Legendary Skin?
That's actually an interesting idea.
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: "I'd prefer a battle of wits, but you're unarmed!" {{champion:74}}
"Weapons are for the weak" {{champion:77}}
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:81}} he has many ways to approach his gameplay. You have this great poke and even better when you are going him AP mid and you can go balls deep agressive and dominate your lane and continue to snowball your dmg and win the game. Or you can go bit safe if you are getting countered, ganked or outplayed alot, then you can just sit under tower and safely last hit with you Q. Not even mentioning his versatility with his ulty and his E being the best ability in the game. {{champion:38}} maybe it's just me and also the reason i bought him recently, but he has great potentional not many players can utilize. Though having lots of counters and in this mobility meta, he seems like a bad pick and when it comes to assassin's he can get pawned easily. But when you are against good kass player or if you have slightest chance of being ahead you can snowball easily. The burst is very nice and can kill squishy targets and with his ulty you can escape or chase very easily, or you can use it for additinal burst. {{champion:238}} i think some of you expected this, and i wasn't sure it to chose yasuo or him. Now, we know all the saltiness they get and all that, but that is the reason why him and yasuo are great picks. Low or high elo, his kit gives him great dmg, poke and do what he is best at. His kit revolves around his W and if you are very skilled with it, combined with the shadow from his ulty you can get pretty nice outplays.
: Jungle buff drop
It doesn't work that way, it's only like that for herald, if you want to give mid blue or red, he has to have the killing blow. You will get half the experience and if it will work out, you will still have those two stones.
: if you are unable to think clearly in such heat then you don't belong here. pretty much like the thread owner, he doesn't know what did he do wrong, so obviously he insists on his innocence. given the previous suspensions permanent ban is clearly correct and accurate. if you don't know how to behave in this game then you obviously don't deserve to be allowed to play it. end of story
Yeah because everyone is perfect and everyone should be happy and smiling in this game. Smile, smile keep smiling or you'll get reported. Like really, i get your point i really do and i understand what you say but i don't see that this is the way. Like i mostly say nothing in the chat cause that's for the best but man, one stupid arguement and boom you're toxic, i call bullshit.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Well, since the number of reports you get from one game is meaningless, one valid report from one game has the same weight as nine valid reports from one game, and since the enemy doesn't see whats going on in the chat so they cant judge who, if anyone, is the bad guy, report calling has NO beneficial effect whatsoever. The negative effects are that, if we assume that your team is already tilting because 2 or more people are flaming each other, your team is already tilting, but seeing someone asking for reports can make the enemy team go "great these idiots are arguing, they'll surrender soon, another wasted 20 minutes". And those are assuming if asking for reports even have a valid reasoning, if not, like for example when someone is having a bad game and goes 0/3 in lane and someone asks for them being reported for feeding, it only makes people tilt harder and harder. I personally always though of report calling as needlessly being a dick to someone. I mean, come on, it doesn't matter if the guy was a dick to you first, two wrongs don't make a right.
yeah true dat, but soon, people will be banned just for defending themselves or their buddy, maybe it's already happening. Chat isn't a safe place.
: why does this game get me so mad?
it's not the game, it's the people. Because this is like the most popular ftp game ever, then there will be majority of the human race and people are assholes, you just gotta get used to that :/
: When you feed with your main
and then team goes like: "ugh, first time?" only if they would know T_T
Castiel (EUW)
: Banned for nothing after 1 game.
I don't know what to say. Like i don't know what you did to get banned for 2 weeks and i understand that this might have pushed it for perma. I can't judge what you wrote during the whole game since i can see only a chunk of the whole chat log and i find it sad that people here are even moking you for your ban. Yeah i understand their reasoning, but if the real reason is report calling, then i call BS cause yeah i understand that violence breeds violence and it's nothing good either, but compare report calling to wishing someone cancer. I hope his teammates got banned too. But i feel you man. I do not report call daily it's really on rare occasions when the team is a real pain in the ass. Like that one time i was forced into jungle, team started blaming each other and suddenly they all went on me. So i just wrote in all chat to report them... now that i write this and think about it, yeah it was a poor decision, but come on, who thinks clearly when in such heat?
: I dont really think its an evil creature though. Due to the fact that Lamb is a nice being while Wolf is a misunderstood being? The way I see Lamb and Wolf interact in this video is just like Beauty and the Beast. - Lamb is Beauty, she seems like she can see the light in the darkest of times and guides Wolf when ever the possibility may come. - Wolf is the beast, some one who needs company, compassion, a friend. Like in the start of the video, Wolf asks Lamb to tell a story, from what I geet, Wolf is bored and needs to be entertained in some fashion. The story also adds that it was a man who took an axe and cut himself in two (Lamb & Wolf). Out of those two, Wolf is the male, therefore, Wolf was the man of the story. Wolf felt lonely and he cut hinself in two so that he would never be.
i love how you said that the wolf is misunderstood being since it really is, but really i like where this is going, this weekend i'm buying rp for me and my friend i just hope i will have enough rp left to buy him/her/it. I would buy it with IP but i'm already saving for zyra and i wasn't around when the weekend bonuses were here so i have to grind as much as i can.
: I'm here to say sorry.
*hugs* welcome back to the light, it always makes me smile when someone relizes what they are doing and tries to improve that, way to go champ :)
Nukeman20 (EUW)
: Fun is gone...
Well there's nothing bad in trying hard or trying to be really good, as lot of people said already, those are either preparing for rankeds, testing new champ etc. As long as they are having fun, like they are in an "anime" mood so even if they lose they have fun (my case mostly) then it's ok, but nothing i repeat NOTHING excuses toxic behavior, rage in front of your computer, maybe you had a bad day, your co-worker pissed you off so you wanted to blow some steam and rage at the computer and yell your lungs out, but keep it to yourself, noone cares about that in chat, and if you need to blow steam like that, play some singleplayer game. So yeah.
: Trust me, support can be just as bad. I'm main support and the adc can sometimes be the most annoying, rude, selfish and toxic player on the team. Some are really nice and fun to support and some are every support's nightmare- the ones that blame you for their death or the ones that play so aggressive and die and blame you for not supporting in time and enough. I'm main Sona and sometimes Janna, and I just keep hearing the- OMG SONA NOOB WHY NO HEAL. Because apparently my mana regen is 1 second =)
Yeah but at least you are dealing with one hater. You reminded me of Sky williams video: supporting ain't easy. Quote: "If an ezreal says that shit to me imma straight up tell him: "listen bitch, you need a map and wards because you lost your mind *snap* imma go to top lane with rengar now he treats me reaaal guuud." XD anyway here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8N5yTdGhIU but seriously though when it's just one person and unless the rest of the team agrees with him, you can get a backup from the rest of the team to shut his mouth.
Bombardox (EUW)
: mentally sick people in every match.
This is the bottom of the league community i rarely see it but most of the time those are little kids who just learn some words and think they are cool. Anyway hang in there bra :) we always need summoners like you who are calm about the situation.
: Well, you did go 0/7. I'm not saying it's right (it's not), but I do feel like anyone who goes 0/7 is likely to get flamed regardless of their role. You probably don't often feed that hard in mid lane because you're more experienced there, but I bet if you did your team would flame you there too. Jungle feeding is worse though, because it's hard enough to win your lane without a teammate coming in and feeding your opponent.
Not only in mid, i would sooo rather go support, because you can focus on yourself, but in jungle you're this big momma of spoiled kids. And i have a third dejavu, like THIS IS FOR THE THIRD TIME I SAW COMMENT LIKE THIS O_O and even the reply i'm writing right now.
: Just mute anyone who tries to start an argument or irritate you.
I do, but then i feel like i'm missing on something.
Xêm (EUW)
: I main jungle and it's so annoying when you get asked for ganks by everyone, and they start raging because they don't get ganks. I just gank whenever I feel like it, and btw they should keep their lane. If they don't keep their lane, it's not the jungler's fault, it's just that they are playing bad then.
Thanks man, i needed that. I wanna learn jungle someday, it really is fun when it's played properly but because of the toxicity, it's almost immpossible to try anything.
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: "Flesh vs Steel"
really awesome man, you must've put alot effort into this. I really liked it :)
Rioter Comments
: I did play Xerath for a period, and I still do sometimes - as much I would like to have this skin I do not think it's time for a new Void skin aswell as new Feldjord skin. We really need a new theme for skins that have awesome potential :)
Or a shurima skin :/ my friend said to me: "Why won't they rename it to "League of shurima"" but yeah it kind of needs a new theme.
: I'm not too big on a void skin unless they make it a legendary and really put some effort into it. I'm a Xerath main and I'd love a nice skin but not just another different colored skin + colored effects.
Yeah, most of his skins are like that but then again, you can't do much, of course you can you just need imagination. But i wonder how ultimate skin would look like.
: You are not the only1 who thought about a Void theme for Xerath :3 http://artsed.deviantart.com/art/Void-Xerath-338151737 http://artsed.deviantart.com/art/Voidborn-Xerath-485682175 I like really much the name you came out with :D
Oh my god this is so awesome, i knew it's not original but i just needed to make a post.
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