Zeus36 (EUNE)
: thank you sir for caring, and by the way the game might just disconnect at any random loading% could be even 100% and if the game begins we get that attempting to reconnect and get stuck at base. its for EUW and EUNE players i've even tried to go to Turkish server with the same results.
thats what happens to me exactly.
Elyviere (EUW)
: Hey Dark Legand. Whenever I have this issue, it's an issue I have only until the game starts (normally about 2 minutes). I'd suggest just keeping up trying to reconnect if this happens to you in the future. However, you wouldn't have got banned for missing a single game, so I'm guessing this is also something that happens pretty frequently. Unfortunately, there is generally nothing that can be done about bans, so you'll just have to wait that one out (hopefully not so long if it's your first ban). First of all, to avoid getting a longer ban once the current ban has ended, completely avoid queues until you're confident you've fixed this issue. Here are a few suggestions you can try: 1. Try to start a few custom games, see if the bug reappears. Perhaps ask a friend to join just to ensure the game starts and see if you can reproduce the bug that way. If you find that my earlier suggestion works, reconnecting after game start, then you can go back to normal queues while awaiting a fix from riot support. 2. Follow the suggestions in [this reddit thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/370o2s/anyone_got_a_fix_for_the_reconnectfirewall_bug/) 3. Contact [Riot Games support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) and see if they can help you resolve your reconnection issue. Hope that helps!
thanks a lot i'll try that.
noobIord (EUW)
: Egypt?
unfortunately yes
: Game keeps crashing on loading screen!
i have the exact same problem
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