Jasbot (EUW)
: There was a video of a pro NA player who explained the trick shown in the video (forgot who it was tho, the video is over a year old) but it wasn't "fixed" since then so I guess it's intended?
Yeah you are referring to probably this clip from Xpecial and apparently it's still in the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAQqpj5K8s4
Rismosch (EUW)
: W
W doesn't knock-UP it knocks-BACK... except if you land the Q alongside with it... and here is where the "bug"-interactions comes into play
Rismosch (EUW)
: You aren't looking correctly. Alistar never lands Q on Morgana.
Then how did Morgana get Knocked-up?
Rismosch (EUW)
: No of course not. Why should it be a bug?
With the same exact logic Yasuo would be able to bayblade and Knockup both targets, the initial and the flash one... This can be said with many more champions that have a same AOE-instant knockup. On the clip above Alistar's Pulverize affects both areas at the same time (where Morgana is and also where MF is) which shouldn't happen?
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Xandour (EUNE)
: Bug with Herald -> Double Sweeper!
Just wondering if these bugs actually get acknowledged by the Rito team. Would be nice to just have them acknowledged / closed.
: I got an emote and didn't get it
Happens all the time.... For some reason you have to close the client and open it again to see the new emote.... Annoying AF...
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SyKo0o0o (EUNE)
: Experience are bugged
Well ScriptarinaFX is wrong on what he told you. Champions get experience from being around lane creeps when they die. Also kills and assists give exp (50% of the experience required to reach the slain champion's next level) . On top of that you gain exp from destroying Turrets and Inhibitors (except Nexus Turrets and Nexus building). Ezreal could easily have taken exp from other lanes with his ulty or stayed in lane more time solo (this way he was taking the exp 100% by himself instead of sharing it with his support - you only take 65.2% when sharing with someone else). Hope this helps.
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