: If you AFK for 2 minutes, Just don't bother coming back !
-How we can call punishment for game bugs? -Immortal classic! [(drum beat for old jokes)]
ioamine1 (EUW)
: bugsplat
I get low priority at the third time because of Bug-splats...
: Bugsplats
Same problem. And yeah i've got low priority, because bugsplat appeared when i was picking champion.
: Translate
Shite kudasai=please, or something like that. And yeah you can try to use some translate-stuff like google, you know?)
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Holy Riot, that Irelia rework
Actualy, Irelia can defeat almost all champs in top, if is ruled by skilled player. And she don't looks weird. RIOT rework her. Nunu can't beat nobody, have minimal game input and very weird look. Its ok, wait another year-2.
DrZizu (EUW)
: Main CHamp and Lane
Its not a good question. Every single people is special and have different preferences, so nobody will tell you what YOU must play. Just play this game a lot and find some champs, that you like. But I can say to you, that always there are some "weak" and "strong" champs, so probably main {{champion:20}} in current META it's bad idea.
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emyu (EUW)
: Got no mastery 7 token after ranked solo game on SR even though I got an S
To get a **7 rank** token, you must play to **S+ only**.
ClockTime (EUNE)
: >Kleptomancy lets you auto attack champions and get gold and potentially consumables. However, since we balance gold and disable consumables in Ascension, we’ve disabled this rune as well. You'll be getting Glacial Augment, which gives your auto attacks a slow effect on champions. If you slow them with an active item, it’ll freeze the ground around them for five seconds. [Source](https://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-722-notes#patch-rotating-game-mode)
Thanks, i didn't seen this.
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