Salamura89 (EUNE)
: Suck in game after game finished. DEFEAT LOOP MY LIFE IS OVER?
I have the same issue I already sent my bug report. I had a pretty good win streak going on too. I also just got out of Bronze....
: FPS lags since 8.12
I would recommend a driver update. If it isn't working delete the driver and install driver again.
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Háchiman (EUNE)
: Dual sword darkin
I don't think it will happen. Darkins are the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. Aatrox is War, Rhast is Death, Varus is also a form of Darkin and he might be Strife/Conquest. Famine might be eighter Jax or She (or he) may be just an upcoming update. The more major problem is that Darkins are heavily based on Darksiders Horsemen if we don't count how Varus's Pallas but he is more suited to fit in the Biblical 4 horsemen. My theory is that Morgana or Kayle is actually Darkin... or at least kin to Aatrox and the others. Kayle is justice just like Famine in biblical tapestry. Morgana is the other side of the balance. I think Morgana and Kayle will have an update in the future that shakes things up or clears things. At the same time, your wish is possible but I don't think it will be made with swords. We also know very little about the origin of the darkin but we can make an assumption based on character movement and spells.
: I know, I know the big kitty role is already taken hehe :3
By the way is that your drawing style? Just because I love it.
: Silly champion design concept
Yeah, it is actually cool! But it ain't as anime as Kayne {{champion:141}} Also, it could be done extremely well but we have Rengar so no big kitten will appear anytime soon.
: God this is so accurate... When I play tahm when I save an ally a ton no one bats an eye... I mess up and get my adc killed once and he flames me the rest of the game, calls me a troll, and blames me for everything despite it being me that's keeping him alive most of the time. It's times like those that I really wish I was petty... it would be so easy and so deserved to let them die and see what losing their support actually feels like.
An there are times when you just know what you are doing but the tham grabs you and carries you away...
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Just another day at the office for a Support main. :)
It is also a great feeling to play with mega tanks like Leona and Braum but getting no benefit out of them. Some support who are supposed to play ballsy, do not know how to play ballsy. The stick have 2 freaking end. Both of them is painful when it hits your pinky.
: I know there is a lot of 3v3 players out there. They just don't show up. Here is something for you!
I miss old days when 3v3 match was found in seconds... I may go back to play it. it is a cool and not as exhaustingly long as 5v5 can be.
: Design-a-champion
Horizon zero dawn [Aloy] passive- enemy can't see you in the bush and you can shot your bow for 10% bonus damage. If you use your basic attack or take damage you are reveealed Q - You shot your bow. Skill shot, taht deals AA damage. Projectile is really fast. CD: 6 sec W - Lunges with spear for heavy damage. If the target is near a bush that you are in then you pull them in the bush instead of the lunge. CD: 10 sec E - places two arrows that are binded with a rope. Enemyes who pass the rope get stunned. CD: 12 sec R - Aloy calls a machine companion to ride on. She gains movement speed and she isn't interrupted in the movement while she uses her bow to attack. CD:60 sec lasts for: 8sec
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Sidnas (EUNE)
: > No but what you have to realise is in Diamond 5, you get people who are insanely hard stuck and because of that it leaves them perma tilted since they can't climb, Same shit different division > Diamond 5, is literally the worst. I don't know about that. Have you tried high silver and low gold? The place where new players are playing their placement games , arrogant smurfs and "smurfs" who just don't give a damn and hard stuck dudes that like to blame the team all the time. Anyway maybe you should take a day or two off league and chill. If not then maybe try switching the times that you play , for example avoiding the time when kids get out of school or when adults get home from work and after having a bad day let their frustration out in league. Now lets see what happens {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
yup! I would recommend changing scheduled times too. I also rolled the dice badly so I'm now Bronze III. Some times I had a great ADC but he disconnected for technical reasons probably. Some times I had a great game and PC randomly shut down because my PSU had a random hick up. Some times I just got tilted ppl. I won't blame the team in the random disconnects that is a variable that you have to calculate but never choose a time to play when you know the people in your regin are eighter near sleep or just got home. And yeah there are times when you just have to accept the L on games. sorry fully that is the nature of this cancer called "solo Q".
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Latest leak. New champ, Eve and Urgot rework and new skins. What do you think?
If this leeak have anything to do with reality then Riot is a literal %%%%ing inde who will never gorw up. The evelyn leak i actuly sensible but the Urgot bullshit is actually infuriating. Urgot get a cool grab ability while Skarner is still in the dirt playing with clay after his god knows how many mini rework. I also doubt the super defense since anything that have ranged properties will be able to %%%% his shit up. If he is slow, Darius and Illaoi or even Irelia will have a few words to him. Right now as he is, he is more capable to be a useful maniac then he will be with this description. In the other hand if he will have enough defense to just stand and fight he will be an unbalanced pice of junk.
: I do not think Ahri's change is a good direction
Riot is an indie dev and want to create a "so coooooool" factor with each move. Gunblade and Protobelt is both fall into that category. Unlike their unwanted and usually overlooked sibling GLP-800. If Gunblade could loose the passive or the slow, GLP could be a good item in comparison when you need If Protobelt could loose the AoE aspect, glp would be a good item. They created GLP-800 in the same time as Protobelt ever since GLP is kind of a neath item but nobody really cares about it. As always the problem isn't just in the champion itself. The f*** items are also the cause of the problem.
: Bots taking over Co-op vs AI?
Here is the problem with Riot. I tried to unjustify them for being a big company with loads of money but I've recently made a comparion to friend comparing Diablo3 and Path of Exile. Both games are briliant. D3 is a gem if you just want to click around and PoE is a freaking big game too. The difference comes down to the relative size of the company. Blizzard have money.. A HELLA LOT OF MONEY! They can have research and development teams as big as the whole dev team of PoE. Riot even if they are big in money, they are freaking indies. They will never have the capacity to do this kind of research. In the end of the day Hi-Rez and Blizzard are still big companies whoo can overwhelm indies like Riot and DotA team. Even if lol worth a few thousand million dollars, it isn't possible for Riot to pay a reasaerch team to dig their code and mess the game up, while a similary sized fixing team is reaparing the game. If Riot does not step up its game then you have to deal with this. To be honest, I would do the same I would stay in this weird and crapy conservation of money and reasources for a long run.
: Warwick is the 9th most played champion in the jungle and exhaust is the most frequent summoner spell for a support. This isn't an uncommon scenario it's actually very common. Also kepp in mind that i chose a champ whose crits do up to 3k dmg which is the highest in the game
But the question is: Would you do it? I mean even WW damage reduction and challenging smite is more then over kill if you have a support by your side. Jhin with his 2-2.1k health can be grinded down if he is in range and feared. The unbalance comes from the nature of the active effect. It isn't just one stat that gets the reduction. If you remove the slow and make the item to deal even more damage to you then it is a good item. increasing every number but the duration is kinda logical on a way or an other. Build path and combine cost. {{item:3105}} + {{item:1011}} +1000 gold It is more sensible making the total cost to 3100 Since item is more like the tank version of BotRK with negatives. Base stat on combination can be increased on the final item to 35armor 35MR and 400 health minimum The effect could be better and more balanced if it would look more like this: Mark target enemy champion, reducing their damage dealt by 15% while dealing 25% more damage towards you for 2 seconds. An item like this would take ages for riot to figure out what numbers would work. In the other hand, I think there are enought Tank Support items in the pool to make the whole concept flip. If you really want you can shield {{item:3401}} , reduce damage on {{item:3109}} your alli.
: I feel like this would fit better in [Champions and gameplay](
And if it is diamond 3 I am impressed how bad dat lee was
: Your own photo on LoL
Still a bad idea. I would say it is kinda OK if we could have two step authentication but the current way is actually protects your privacy.
: lol way too late, mate, sivHD did that like 4 years ago.
Siv did it like any other player would do it. I have the resources but not the knowledge to create 2 virtual machines and use only 1 set of peripheries. I just need some research if I ever get serious. I wanna be a baller but do it the right way.
: You made me smile XD
When I wrote it I was actually pretty sad afterward :( It really reflects how codependent the ADC and Support is on lane.
: I like the idea, but you mentioned how she would get benefits from staying in melee range, but I couldnt find that back in her kit
It is present in E - Righteous Fury Let me clear my own ramble there an take an example. The Pulse is around Kayle! Kayle have Reckoning on CD and Righteous Fury active. She attacks to ranged target. She apply one stack of defense reduction and redces her CD by 1 unit. Kayle have Reckoning on CD and Righteous Fury active. She attacks to melee target. The pulse hits the target. She apply 2 stack of defense reduction and redces her CD by 2 unit. Because both AA and Pulse hits the target
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Lets talk about toxicity
You know there is a masterful way to deal with this. Reward players for being normal or even nice. Giving out random ward skin and icon box for normal players and give 1-2 extra boxes with a random skin for those who are effective and sportsmen like every 3 month. Riot have the resources to research this kind of stuff if they really care about their game. positive reinforcement is a great way to show people in general how to do things. Fear isn't a way to control the dull nor the fearless.
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: Flamers who're above all
I heard rumors about vocie chat. For me it will be an instant turn off. LoL is a frustrating game. Voice chat will be none but curse for all...
: Two-faced Ezreal
Hmmm... now I'm interested in a way to play bot alone.... IT WOULD GLORIOUS!!! THE PERFECT SYNERGY!!!
Walltr (EUW)
: Permanently banned, let this be a warning
In my personal opinion a relatively "good" player can be punished harder than a literal D who win games. I had some messed up team mates lately who had bigger mouth then Rakan and Kled combined. I had leaver bustered hard when my PC crashed for 3-4 times in row because of a bad component in my Power Supply. You get a one up to show people how little can get you banned but how many doesn't get the punishment....
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: Support is already one of the most fun roles. The only thing holding it back is what you guys think about it. "Supports cant carry" FALSE "Supports are less important than other roles" FALSE "You dont need to be good to play support, just pick janna and press E" FALSE (have you seen those game winning thresh plays?) Just give it a try and you might like it ;)
First of, I play a lot of support and support can't single handely carry a team of unskilled pigheaded bastards! mid laners like Fizz, Ekko, and similar assasins who can rase the moral by murdering and shuting down enemys. It is a "support"/carry mentaly and by the gameplay perspective. You are depended on your ADC and your ADC is depended on you. It is an unhealthy codependent role. Otherwise support is role that pay out fairly well in the end of the day. The only problem that I see is the forced build pathes that gives you little to no benifit to any of your Summoner spells. Junglers are "Supportive" presence in the game. if all the 3 lane loses they thend to fall with them (like most support supports) but they have Smite and its upgrades. It might be personal opinion after playing a shit load of Leona but I would love to somekind of empowered exhaust and heal. Just to give you an example: a form of empowered exhaust could be a spell that mimcs Red Smite but it deals % of current health on spells and attacks and does not reduce the damage of the enemy. The major problem is balance. Unless the whole item system is changed, it can't happen. before you tell me yes I know the active effects but the buld path sucks donkeys ass in some situations.
Kandarsz (EUNE)
: My main
On top you eighter want to outlast or outmatch the oppenent. I see you mainly ADC focus so a Kayle can be effective in your hands if you doN't get your A handed to you by something stupid. I see some atempts of Talon and Kassadin. For top an Ekko can be a good midle road since most toplaners are not very resiliant against AP damage (exception is Galio). Maybe in some cases a Teemo could be a good idea too (but I don't recommend him) Illaoi can be a good soulution for your problems too. She is resiliant and can farm feirly well from range. If you are looking for something agressive and easy assasin like champion Panthon can back you up. These aren't coming from a Gold I - Plat III player. I'm currently in bronze III but I played a lot of top and had fairly high succes rate in normal games. I've played a crapload of normal drafts and just started to play ranked so... yeah... The best advis that I can give is to find something that feels good to play check it out in normal (play at least 5 match) than decide if it sticks or stinks.
: Can you nerf fizz?
New found Fizz player here! As far as I'm concerned, Mele assassins like Talon and Ekko can give Fizz hard time but avoiding death is something that you should do too. My GF who picked up him for a few matches and have a relatively broad understanding how champions work and what bugs they have can't play him effectively. I think Fizz needs the mindset of a fighter type champion while you have the HP pool of an assassin and the Cooldowns of one. If you really hate him that much, you can also play champions with targeted abilities or you can always play Kayle or some stupid shit like that against him.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: I agree with you they ruined it.If people say its not truth they just bots with low brain and dont want to accept reality.Or maybe they just dont play them and dont understand those champs.
I won't be that harsh on them. I used to play Maokai as my Ap tanky duder but I felt the need for change. My post actually brings up the good stuff that they made because they did good stuff with the basic abilities. They didn't goofed the concept but they just did their self. In my opinion, the execution of the rework is Aatrox lvl bad. it will work for some but a lot of people will abandon the champion as it is.
Floaterz (EUW)
: What I understand about true dmg, is that, it can't be influenced by anything, so Armor/MR/dmgReduction don't affect it. But because the way Chos Ult works (With his %MaxHealth) + The new item that boosts your HP to 100% and reduces your dmg output by 60% (Excluding true dmg because reasons) you get this absolute monstrosity that shouldn't exist in this game.
I think this boosted DMG is a bug or a super stupid exploit that was excluded from testing. We can only hope for a fix.
Floaterz (EUW)
: I edited the post and added a nice video evidence for you. Go check the link in the post. Tell me again that HP > true dmg when cho is doing 2k true dmg on squishies xD
I'll just paste it there... TRUE DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS: 300 / 475 / 650 (+ 50% AP) (+ 10% bonus health) This is from LoL Wiki. It is feast's damage calculationand It is Fing hilarious how Riot trys to kill out tanks but they give them more and more power. I quote the SGargoyle Stoneplates unique too UNIQUE – METALLICIZE: Increases maximum health by 40% and increases champion size, but reduces the damage you deal by 60% for 4 seconds. If STONE SKIN is active, instead increases maximum health by 100% (90 second cooldown). because of Cho'Gat (and his similar friends) the damage should be lowered even further to 80% when the item is active, just to make this item serve its true pupose. It is a sourvival item for tanks not a damage boost. Riot doesn't do or doesn't want to do math...
Shacownz (EUW)
: You guys still haven't understood new Maokai R, its not about being fast, its about strategical play. Maokai new R does fit a whole lane, on a sieging composition Maokai press R and everybody on the opposing team will leave the turret because if they get rooted they'll get deleted by enemy team. Its a very fearsome ultimate, also lets you do amazing ganks by the flank where you press R and they have to retreat to find the roots coming to them with no scape available, its a very fearsome ultimate, you just need to be creative and anticipate the enemy play in order to execute a very powerfull ultimate than can just turn around the whole fight.
That's exactly what I've meant about the phenomenal concept. Still I'm waiting for someone who can actually execute anything with this ult. I've seen great attempt but nearly all of them was ruined by enemy vision
Zed genius (EUNE)
: being the worst champion since i started playing league,well i can't help it
Did you see the brand new maokai? it is a worse joke.
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Infernape (EUW)
: >There's no real counter play for this ( Not that I know of ) Not being in Cho'Gath's laughable range?
If not Cho is the only CC or Cho has a friend called Blitz then you are cramped.
Shacownz (EUW)
: Its not me who said it, Riot said it in the past many times, counter to true damage is building health items like warmog's. In the other hand, I don't understand "free dmg to anyone with max health dmg". I guess you mean you are more vulnerable to BOTRK and such items but then lets see, For easy nuymbers, let's say every hit from botrk takes 5% of your max health away This means they need to fire on you 20 hits to kill. What's the difference having 1500hp or 3000hp? it will still take 20 hits to take you down. And I'm not counting the base damage you do per hit before applying the 5%, which means the more health the more it will take you to die to those users, and obviously the more you will take in numbers but not in percentage because its still the same 5% (idk what's the real percent on BOTRK, I just said 5% for an example but hope you get how it works)
First allow me a little correction. BotRK deal Current health dmg and it makes the item relatively balanced. Lets do math with this Fer here -> {{champion:67}} Her W deals 6% of your health at Rank 1 No mather what happens, you lose 6% Max HP + 3*AD Lets say that wayne is lvl4 and have around 85 Ad for some reason (imperfect masteryies and runes). With 1500 Hp you loose 345 HP after every 3rd attack It takes 5 cycle (15 AA) to finish you even with mitigation from armor. With 3000 Hp you loose 435 HP after every 3rd attack It takes 7 cycle (21 AA) to finish you even with mitigation from armor. If we count her basic attack speed @ lvl 4. she have around 0.66 AS so the total time she needs to power thru your health is less then 30sec if you have 1500 and less then 38sec if you have 3000 HP. So even with 100% more health you last only 20% longer. But lets say that is bad example. Vayne does %Max HP as True Damage. Lets start from the basics. Armor is effective HP. So if you have a pool of health, lets say 1000. You also have 25 armor withch is 20% damage reduction. Poppy deals 14% of your Max HP as Physical DMG. if Both Q dmg elements hit you. BUT it is mitigated damage. So... Poppy have a Rank2 Q with 30 bonus AD. It means [140+2*(55*30)] * 0,8 = 248 damage. If she can only use her Q to damage you it takes 4 Q to surely kill you. It is 32 seconds. IF the same scenario happens but you have 3000 health. The math is the following -> [420+2*(55*30)] * 0,8 = 448 damage It takes 7 to surely kill you. it is 3 times the health and you only last ~100% longer. If you have more armor in still the same scenario you lover the mutiplyer. let say you got 100 armor (50% damage mitigation) with 1000 HP [140+2*(55*30)] * 0,5 = 155 Qs needed: 7 to surely kill you. While HP is expensive as hack Armor items like Randuin and Thornmail are way cheaper and offer enviormental protection. In conclusion. Buying Warmogs Just because there is true damage source is BS. Buying raw health as Squishy won't solve most of your problems in the mayority of the times.
Shacownz (EUW)
: True damage counter = buy health items.
Then your health basically free dmg to anyone with max health dmg. Just no... True dmg is meant to be 100% penetrative. No health, no armor, nor MR can protect you. Most true damage surce is actually comes from basic attacks. Yi, Irelia, Vayne usually deal true damage "overtime" so Life Steal and similar effect can counter act these surces of damage while don't allow the %HP daamge to stack up against you. Executioners like Darius and ChoCho have to have an interruptable ultimate. If you reward someone for damage, you can also reward the men who times the interruption of the execution. If Tristana can be interrupted mid jump by blitz hook then darius MUST be interrupted by Vayne-E-Condempt knock the F back.
Rioter Comments
: dont complain about kog maw imploding on first sight. look at his range dmg and how busted he still currently is. its insane, yes ppl can oneshot someone but then again they cant do it 5 times in 1.5 seconds, kog maw has the potential to 2v5 with a good support and not give a damn about anything in the world just standing still...
IT isn't just Kog. It is Sivir, Ashe and basically most of the ADC that doesn't have an insane range or some stupid high values or "free gold" built into them. I would actually more than happy to see ADC having lowered damage, a focus on spells like this man -> {{champion:236}} Vayne also stupidly strong because she can shred HP on anything, she has bonus ad with ult and stealth. She actually has more survival then Sivir who have basically nothing. Riot doesn't give a damn about her but it is another problem. Of course, survival costs damage but low CD ults (Like Akaly, Katarina,) can simply flop ADCs. Yes with counterplay BUT those champions are not the only factor on the table. Tanks and fighters who try to kill your ADC or your mid have to be dealt with. Zed like "cherry pickers" have an ult cooldown around 60-70 sec. Rebalancing/reconsidering the relation of Lifesteal and raw HP is at this point cold be vital to Riot to keep the game "fresh and alive"
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: Champion - Redirect ultimate projectiles
First of, Hard to code it! Secondly, hard to balance. Finally, just nope. It ain't happenin' son!
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Note for smurfs
2 step authentication is key security feature for both Riot and the Users. If you have to bound your phone number or an App to your account you are probably gonna choose an account that must be there forever more. It also helps to filter hack attacks or unauthorized authentications by sending a secondary code. The problem is we are now forced into a BETA client with bugs. What could happen if they apply the 2 step method? Literal catastrophy? Riot isn't a "grown up" company. They have these ideas about security and development but it sometimes feels like they didn't do maths about what they just made. A champion CAN BE profiled in beta and CAN BE damage calculated in single target and multi target situations. Nowadays they actually seem like they are doing some spot on 50-52% win rates and that is cool but champions like Yasuo who have 52% win rate and about 48% ban rate is just bullony. A security feature can flop the whole numbers game in popularity but you would actually see the real numbers behind your game! I also understand the "I want to ranked with my friends" guys and the "I don't want ranked Q time" guys but this is the same problem that WoW had with Arena Rates. If you are good and the system that you are in is strict and flawed, it is the developer's failure if they can't fix their spaghetti. If you want to play with friends play outside of ranked. LoLs Ranking system is actually made to have an INDIVIDUAL or DUO score. If you can't understand that, you should eighter play a normal game or leave ranked all togeather. I say it with an unranked _main and only_ account. Because I can't stand what the "big ranked" game mode is. I more likely to have a little chat with somebody from my team after a lose in normals. <- THIS is a golden feeling if you just talk for a few sentence about the game or about some salt that must be poured out about something. I don't say boycott would be even a slightly good idea but using the features of the game accordingly to Riot wouldn't be a "bad" idea actually?
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AstralDream (EUNE)
: Forget it, they wont nerf him, he is perfectly BALANCED, going 1 vs 5 in late game and getting penta kill and staying alive is perfectly balanced. Laning aganst him is also perfectly balanced, not like he can dash and farm 24/7 without any problems. If you manage to land a skillshot on him or take away a bit of his HP he will recover a minute later thanks to Warrior Bloodlust and some lifesteal items, he has no mana, low cooldowns and can dash 24/7 perfectly balanced. Tried different champions on mid against him and there is really no way to deny him farm, and killing him without help, but thats perfectly balanced again. Another of those ultra balanced toxic shit champions that can do whatever they want, I tried so many different champs against him and the best I can do is just to stay alive and dont give him kills, but he still has more farm than me or just the same amount of farm as me, but usually more, but thats balanced, he goes mid and don't even buys MR item against AP champions,cause his stupid shield is just BROKEN, and if you want to get close to do AA to take shield away then good luck with that as that shit just dashes away and you go in the middle of his minion wave, not safe at all. BROKEN SHIT as always, but some RIOTERS main him so no nerfs anytime soon if at all. Did I mention CRITS? Double crits, so he will deal more dmg with 2 AA than you with 2 spells, cause crits are fun. BROKEN AND TOXIC SHIT.
I need only answer to these 2 question from Riot: Why does he have a Shield? Why does he have 100% more Crit instead of 50% more. The first makes him stupid annoying. I'm dealing with him playing Annie but I literally terrified on lane. Annie is also a bit lame but she is nearly the only midlaner I can play. The second is just straight up bullshit. While champions like Nunu and Malphite gets nerfed because they are value champions, Rengar and yasuo (and most of the new assassins) have these terrificly rewarding passives AND in the case of yasuo, it just leads to stupid DPS Tank builds. In my personal opinion the following champions need a deeper look then "he is skill based he is fine". {{champion:157}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:107}} Have fun... The weather is stormy on the Bridge...
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Honestly I don't dislike Tank Ekko, it's a fascinating play style that perfectly fits his kit. The problem is that Riot flows against it, so whatever Tank build that comes out is not intended. They should just adjust his numbers in a way that Tank Ekko has to give up on most of his damage, while Assassin Ekko can still benefit from full AP buils. One easy way to do this would be adding a passive that increases Ekko's damage per every spell by 5/10/30% at 200/400/600 AP, as you see, the 1st level (which can be reached with a Tank/Hybrid build) won't benefit from it, while going full AP will get his damage rolling. Numbers have to be adjusted but you get the point. He either goes full tank, and gets low damage, or full ap.
That is impossible. At least for the current Riot Balance guide lines. They want Champions to be specialised. It is a great solution and I respect that but that also brings up the question. What happens before lvl6 or before 200AP? it brings up the problem of base damage. They have to adjust all of his abilities.
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xeoron,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cJmOOs6I,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-20T21:54:57.753+0000) > > 1) > > ([Base Healing]+[x% AP])*(y*[missing health %]) > > Use a base healing that is added to a % of Ability Power then multiply it with a number that is multiplied by the missing health&amp;#039;s % value. > > > 2) > FLAT HEALING! IT IS THAT DEAD SIMPLE. IF YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH SUPER SCALING TAKE IT AWAY AND FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET. You should consider finding a solution that does not ditch his ult's time rewinding identity.
Then there is the solution number one. You can still stuck it to a timer. you can still heal based on damage suffered. The problem of thier formula is the **_HP_** based recovery. IF there is no **_HP_** in the formula, Tank Ekko becomes an invalid build.
: Riot made tank items twice as powerful as the others Its not even about ekko...
It is also about Ekko. His healing is bullshit to start of and in my personal opinion that makes him a fucking sponge that can dry itself for no cost. I agree on the item imbalance but this is reaching pathetic point...
Rioter Comments
: I remember someone (Could have been a riot statement or not) that said that riot intentionally keep him weak because he is in such a difficult spot to balance, he is either weak or broken as hell due to his kit.
Isn't it the deffinition a disrupted and unbalanced kit? I think in lol there is no place for statements like that. Mostly because Aatrox is a pretty expensive champion.
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