Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Because indivual performance is hard to measure, it's just not reliable, it's hard to tell what stats matter for the victory. This also poses the threat of people only playing for those stats and not for the victory.
But we have a mastery system that is incredibly accurate at counting individual performance. It takes into account eveyrthing, from how viable your build was to your KDA, even to how u performed on this champ vs the champs average. Its a rly accurate system
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Medhany (EUW)
: Same goes for plats in gold, diamonds in plats, challengers in diamonds etc. You have to change your playstyle. Be more selfish and look only at yourself. What kind of mistakes do these players make? How can I take the most advantage of this? You can break your own misconceptions and even climb higher than you were since you learn a different aspect of the game. The things you learn will still work at higher divisions.
Yeah but people in gold+ atleast seem to be able to do the basics. In bronze the mentality is so fucked up its beyond explanation. U can be splitpushing on a fed Nasus and force the enemy team to send 4 ppl to kill u and your team will come after u died and engage 4v5 instead of pushing mid. Its unreal. I mean i dont claim to be perfect or even a great player but for gods sake if u are in a situation where you literally cant help those people u are screwed.
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