Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Haven't seen anybody banning Soraka for a while :)
To be honest if i don;t plan to play her i ask for a ban, My top 3 bans atm are janna/twitch/soraka.And 2 of them are champions which i know how to play and i feel pretty bad for banning them
UchihaBlood (EUNE)
: Riot could you nerf Soraka to the ground? (A Soraka otp)
Well i agree with you.I main nami/janna and soraka but i am not playing her a lot from my main.All problems began with the {{item:3301}} buffs.She used to be a bit "hard early" paper/mana issues which you had to find a way to solve.Now you have endless mana and heal so yeah. Nerfing soraka will do nothing.They done it back at season 3 with their awesome idea if you remember of the "rework" at 3.14 and became a top laner .Better remove {{item:3301}} imo.
: Tant supports....
Because you play them with the wrong way.It's the same story which i argue sometimes with other nami mains : "We use our utility to go in or to out play the all in?" If you are playing leona against zed's obvious that zed will go all to your adc.If you had started that teamfight your adc is helpless.You can save your adc from zed with leona (stick with him and stun him with your q). The only disadvantage is that you can't rush redemptions/ardent (only locket).So yes this is a problem.A good buff would to be able to buy either redemption or locket because as nami i always rush these items so i am having more utility .
: So what? You have plat2, a silver and 3 high golds. They have a plat3, a plat5, a high gold and 2 silvers. You can't make criteria too tight, or games will never be found.
Try to play support and having a mid laner acting like silver and carry him when he flashing in 5 to throw a red and then die. It doesnt matter if overall the 2 teams had same mmr . The fact ahri and tahm where 1 tier above nasus and tf made both of them lose their lanes. Also they played like silvers refuse to communicate (follow pings etc) going solo etc.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: How can you play with Silvers if you are 2 divisions more than them? You are platinum and they are Silver. For example I'm gold and if i try to play with my bronze friend i get error where it says that I'm bigger division. Is that working?
If i knew .i wouldnt make that post. My mmr is plat 2-3 based the last 3 games i played .
Kian987 (EUW)
: They were probably fresh new Gold 5. I noticed that always fails to report you the current ELO. Say that you won the promo to Platinum. It still sees you as Gold 1 and probably they were smurfs (very bad or trolling). Very recently I started a new smurf and I went from Silver 4 to Platinum 4 just playing Shen support (60% win rate / 5.03 KDA) and when I was Gold 3 I had the MMR of a Platinum 3. Sometimes in champ selection I had some high-ELO players complaining about my pick (Shen support is out of meta) and matchmaking because I was a low Gold playing with Platinum / ex-Diamonds but in the end they were happy :P That said, I agree with you for two reasons: * I don't care how OP they are, I don't want low golds in my promo for high platinum! Instead of "drugging" and "overclocking" my MMR so that I can play with high plats as a low gold, let me fucking jump division more often! With my main account I did 3 jump division but with this smurf, on which I played extremely better, I got nothing! Not to mention that you can't jump from G2/G3/G4/G5 directly to platinum even if you belong to high platinum. * Promotions game. Why shit happens in promotion? Why!!! When you play regular ranked games it's all right with all players involved having similar MMR (e.g. all around 1800) but when you are in promotion matchmaking puts you with the craziest teams ever (e.g. 2x players 2000 3x players 1500). I always thought that RIOT deliberately wants to make your life a pain in promotion so that you must keep grinding.
Thats what i first thought. But no both of them where silver 1 (i checked their accounts from lol search also). Only thing i know is that tf and lee sin where premaders.
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