: Disappointing Victorious Skin
I think it's actually brilliant idea! You got tokens you can exchange for any skin from Victorious branch. So if you are gold every year from season 1 you got every one skin from that collection. But if you are new player you still have a chance to get that Victorious Morgana or whatever skin you like. That would actually motivate people to play more and also make people ok with every (even not played a lot) champion getting Victorious skin. Win-win situation. You just made account on lol and you love Aatrox? You would still have chance for getting his skin and chromas next year. Brilliant!
Azylin (EUW)
: Soraka and Annie 3D Animation - Poor Soraka Can't Take a Nap.
Awwww, so cute! Really really great work! oωo I especially like that it's not only visually good. I like the piece of Soraka's personality showed there, she is so motherly, awww. {{sticker:sg-lux}} If you look for inspiration for a next work, you can picture sweet little Soraka playing with stars and hearing howl of Ww calling her from the depth of despeir or Soraka with some skin you like for example sparkly Star Guardian one during her transformation or dark and grim Reaper one doing her stuff, but also taking pity on someone and healing him with her life instead of killing. There is so many possibilies. You already have Soraka model, so you can use it in whatever way you wish. The same about Annie. Also, there are in the depth of internet already prepared models from LoL. Rigged with working mouth and eyeballs. Already in fbx format or prepared for MMD. Some extracted directly from LoL, some remade using TDA's or other models. You don't have to do everything from the scratch. It can be a bit easier. (I like your remake of Soraka a lot though!) If you want some real challenge, you can make another song of KDA or some "behind scenes" of them. Those models are very popular and you can even find exact beautiful Ahri's tail with great physics and shaders for it. Also because of popularity more people could look into it.
lerwi (EUNE)
: spaghetti monster vel'koz
This concept was on boards many many times. But it's just so good I will vote it up every time it will appear.
: "Let the games begin" Mission cant be complete?
I ecountered the same problem only at the very beginning during making "Let's the mission begin". I tried to watch VODs from different regions and only ones from my region counted (Europe). People on LoL discord had the same issue, but they reported that Europe didn't work for them but some different regions. So you can try watching different VODs and once it starts counting countinue watching VODS from that region. Also I'm not very sure about it, but you can try to choose VODs from this week (week 7). It can be that only "fresh" VODs count so people wouldn't make missions from playing week 1 VODs over and over but actually watching new ones. I had only issues with that very first mission. Every next mission works fine. The First Mission works, but you have to experiment a bit with this. P.S. Also remember to log in properly and close adblock to have a white checkmark on the bottom saying everything was correctly set for your account.
Dodo Papa (EUW)
: We need Aurelion Sol disabled and fixed
Are there some other particles not working too? Do other spells work just fine?
: almost finished urf missions before urf is even released
What missions? Did you recievie any Urf missions? I didn't get any. :(
: why? cuz elo boosting exists and there are animals who pay for it...?
I'm only afraid that it's now popular to accuse people of elo busting the same way as everyone now is accusing others of scripting - only if they don't miss their skills often and are better than you. I saw similar topics all over boards. Now everyone playing rankeds is troll or elo buster. Now everyone is cheating and everyone is asking Riot to do something with it and I'm afraid of what Riot would actually do. I'm afraid of possibility of losing my account out of blue without any explanation, only because I would decide to swap my skills, change my playstyle or role, or I would buy some new champ and I would be good at it from the beginning, or I would have some bad days and play worse or something. I don't want to be false flag in any battle, I just want to play and have fun, that's all. Well, you showed some proofs and it should be enough for Riot to take care of the guy you mentioned. It should be some place to report this kind of issues if you need to check it after a game and don't have time to do it immediatly. I agree it's not fair to other players who want to climb in ranked to boost your lp (and I seriously don't know what anyone could gain with it) and then destroy fun of even matches for other players. I'm just afraid of next weird algorithm banning people who are unable to prove they are innocent (there were already such cases).
: looks like u're commenting with no clue whatsoever gold is sht elo, bronze, silver, gold, plat, all of those are a walk in a park, can be skipped easy, d5 -> masters is a different story and when someone changes all the champs he plays, the summoner spells on different hotkeys, the ROLE itself, the type of game he plays, the obvious winrate change in that, and all of that changes the last day of the season end ;D you caught a fkin boosted person the twitch kid, he played like a bronze animal, not doing anything right, and then you see him with attack speed steroids and his perfect movement and kiting, and his perfect moving + autoattack in that, + while kiting jungle camps, it's just super obvious of u're not a noob while looking at it
Ok, I see your point. I have Diamond friends and they spent thousands and thousands hours playing LoL to get there. Nearly every day of playing - LoL was literally huge part of their life. I guess if it's like you described then that person can be cheating. It's weird to be super duper good out of nowhere. I agree. I can't understand it though. This kind of cheating is weird. Why would you like to pay for some rank which give you nothing positive, which you will lose with great frustration of being outplayed over and over and being hated (and often flamed and reported) by everyone who play with you and lose lp because of you. I don't play rankeds only because I can't handle aggresive behaviour aimed in anyone and there is plenty of it during ranked games. I just don't get why anyone would want it and more - pay for it. It just doesn't make any sense.
: Why you should't flame anyone who is "inting" in your eyes
In my opinion flaming is usless at all. Why are you shouting at your ally, waste your time of a game by typing on keyboard only to make somebody feel bad? I just don't get it. If the guy is feeding and trolling indeed, flaming him is doing what he wants - showing that he pissed you off. If the guy is not feeding, but just have a bad game, he will lose a motivation to win or even play beside you. It's lose - lose situation. So, instead of flaming, try to motivate your ally, help him. If you can see that he doesn't know something, explain him, he will be thankful and he will play better.
: ***
My friend played a lot of rankeds since preseason started, because as he said, he wanted to fully use overbusted runes, before it would be nerfed. He changed his main, because the old one was not cooping so good with new runes. He got from Bronze to Gold in two-three weeks. Should Riot ban him for it? I don't get why going from diamond to masters in a month is not allowed. Maybe he just changed his playstyle? Why are you so sure he was cheating?
: listen buddy, u're permabronze, if u'd have some bucks and paid for some boosting, and maybe got in my team, I'd not be happy
Why would anyone pay to get from bronze to diamond (or something)? Games would be not interesting for this person, since he would have too difficult opponents to handle for himself.
Astagos (EUW)
: Shen Legacy Skins
I don't get it. Frozen Shen is legacy, right? But they changed this skin recently. :( It doesn't look like Sub Zero anymore. The most of charm of this skin is gone. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
EloctPT (EUW)
: Earning IP (Blue Essence) requires luck now?
Exactly! I'm level 44 and I recieved for every single level exactly 810 BE, only once I got more. Only once. Every level is the same. Bunch of Nunus, some Sivir and some BE. I can't believe anymore it's possible to gain more than 810 BE per level (if a level isn't a milestone). I lost hope for it long ago. But Riot in its articles is publicing some medians which are a lot higher than 810 BE per level. I just don't understand it, since to get any shard for more than 810 BE has to be super low probability. Why it has to be pure RNG? It's not fair that some people have much much greater rewards than others.
: If you have no hands and/or other limbs that can press q then yeah it is weak. Otherwise, no. He's insanse and has no counterplay.
I haven't seen him for ages in the jungle (I mostly see Kha'zix in jungle now). My friend jungler main said that Ragnar is super weak right now and many other junglers destroy him easly. That's why I asked.
Rëngár (EUW)
: as a banned rengar main i can say to you that the only thing against a good rengar = exhaust or flash/escape (trist/ez)
Isn't Regnar very weak right now?
Budsbam (EUNE)
: Let's be honest: {NEW RUNES]
I agree it's a problem to see that chamipon is nerfed only because of runes. I's the case not only for Ezreal, but many other champs. I'm not sure if it's the way it should be. New runes made huge inbalance in the game, especially since those runes are making op some champs while to others it's not that huge boost. This is also why people seek recepies made by experienced youtubers. Because your own runes for your playstyle can make you actually not that strong like other runes. It's because of inbalance in runes itself.
Deshiba (EUW)
: I know right! Bugs suck. Still, fear of mistakes (bugs) shouldn't stop features from being implemented or used. Mistakes can be fixed trough bug-reports and support-queries, which is better then not having the feature at all. Just like new champions and runes for example. I'd rather have the champs and runes come out broken at first and fixed over time, then not to have them at all.
I agree. You are right. I think your proposition is very good. I hope Riot will think about it.
: Chests. Don't receive anymore chests since BE update
It's probably because it's hard to get S those days. I main support and before preseason I had S nearly every second game. It was a lot of easier to protect your adc and to escape from difficult situations, support help with teamfights was really noticable. Now it's different. I feel more squishy now (because of dmg recieved) and I don't feel like my shields and heals have the same input as before (compared to dmg recieved). Adc and junglers seem to be much powerful. Every single shot from them really hurts, it's harder to harass now while your adc is concentrating on farming and gank on low levels can kill you even by jungler diving under the turret. When you die on first levels you lose a turret with it and you can be sure that jungler will be still focusing bot or sitting on bot all the time not to allow your adc to farm. With runes strategies of the games changed too. Now everything is about bot. I've seen many games with bot 3 vs 2 during the line phase and keeping jungler on the bot all the time was worth it. I've seen rising and rising amout of games with support which is adc or mage which is not even buying wardstones. The game is too quick to make it really worth it probably. So, the things are harder now for support. If you are in the losing team, forget about chanses for S. If you are in the winning team, the game will be so quick, your input in the game will not be that strong. Your warding won't be so crucial anymore. Your potential will be not that big since it's all about the damage now. Even keeping your adc alive is harder now, it depends less from you now. If adc is playing wisely, make damage to the enemy and don't recieve it, then he will be ok, in other hand, when he will be not that cautios, you aren't able to help him that much as before, rescue him that hard as before. Even if you decide to play adc or mage as a support you can forget about S, since you will have only assists. Also there is not much teamfights as before and many supports show their full strenght during 5 vs 5 teamfights. Since preseason I recieved S on support only twice and it wasn't because I showed some skills, but because the game was good for us and adc with jungler were carring bot hard. Also on ARAM I don't see that many S'es as before. I mean at all, when I look who from my teammates recieved an S, it's much less now. I lastly played Brand with stats about 12/2/18 and had only B for it and nobody had S. I had second dmg because 90% time of a game I wasn't dead even once and I had only starting items and we had very strong team. It's just hard to believe that nothing changed. I would like to see some statistics how many people recieved S before and now.
WõOxer (EUW)
: 4 Wins? Did you fell from the moon or what? I need around ~10 wins to get a level lol, and EXP cap increases every certain level hit.
I was talking about first wins of the day.
The Topic (EUW)
: How to be? Lower skill makes lowest skill
"Because you are trying too hard. The eye can see the best if it's not TRYING to see. Just relax a bit, let yourself for some fun. Practice, practice, practice, experience and experiments is what makes a good player. :D" ~ Yoda
Apostasis (EUW)
: All good, it was my bad, also I think you did well questioning me, might save others the doubt :)
Ahh. Did you misread "guy" as "gay"? :D Geez, I'm so slow. I didn't notice it can be misread like that.
Apostasis (EUW)
: Urgh. I think my comment was a bit confusing, sorry for that. Of course he is biologically male, I thought that edit I made was enough to clear what I said up lel.
I just didn't understand what you meant (even after edit). Sorry, maybe I should drop the subject.
: >I would rather ask Riot if it would be possible in the future to hear your team during a game and don't need to use discord for it. If this is a feature that I can't instantly mute, I would litereally play with the sound from league of legends off in my system sound level settings. I'd rather play with 4 man premades for the rest of my life than having to hear any player from league. That might be a huge tell on me, or it might be a huge tell of what league as a community has done to me. Besides, in normals I kind of expect trolls, premades and the "Riff raff" =X
>If this is a feature that I can't instantly mute, I would litereally play with the sound from league of legends off in my system sound level settings. It couldn't be a feature that you can't mute. First of all you have right not to be heard by people you don't want to, and second, there are a lot of people you don't want to hear (especially some toxic trolls). If there whould be an option like that, any player should decide if others can hear him and if he wants to hear others or some others. It would be a problem in other case.
Apostasis (EUW)
: Taric doesn't need to sexually identify himself as anything (edit: he would still be male ofc, but seeing the recent Varus drama better to be precise xP), he is just outrageously fabulous. And I love it. I wish I had the money to buy that (and that Meowkai) I really wanted that Final Boss Veigar but we know how that went *PTSD intensifies*
>Taric doesn't need to sexually identify himself as anything What? What do you mean? Is being a man sexual identification?
: I did the math and I included it in my post. I was taking in account old IP values (few patches before preseason ip gains were a bit higher than usual) and still I would get more IP and buy the champ I want already in the old system. Charts are fake for players who play more than just few games. And why should I be punished for playing a lot then?
If you already did the math, show it to us. Compare old system with new one (take 810 BE per level, since it's probably what most of us get).
: Look what handsome delivery man brought me!
He is gorgeous! Do they have him also with emerald skin where he looks like Thranduil - the king of the Elves?
Saibbo (EUW)
: She's so cute
It's not she, it's he - Taric. He is the most handsome guy in the game.
: Premades are ruining this game... Solo Q Normal pls...
I'm sure most time players don't even know when they play with premades. Premades are unnoticable very often and Riot is already trying to make premades to play against premades. Also, if someone doesn't ping while jungling it doesn't mean he is a premade, it just means he doesn't ping. While I'm a support and see jungler coming to us and not pinging, I sometimes ping for him to make adc focus the enemy and look at map. I don't know why people hate premades so much. While there are some toxic ones, there is not more of them than solo toxic and trolling playes. I'm sure if they would remove premades from queues, experience from the game wouldn't be any better for any player. There would be the same trolls and instalockers as before. Now if they happen to be premades that itself makes people believe thet all premades are bad. But it's not an issue. Instead of asking for removing premades I would rather ask Riot if it would be possible in the future to hear your team during a game and don't need to use discord for it. Also most premades play with friends, not with people they can only win. This is the best thing in this game. To play with friends. To play with family. Spend time together. Not only to win at all costs. Also it's not possible to make only Solo Queue, because most premades play in two-person team. There would be a problem to find enough of people playing in three-persons teams for them. Also four-persons teams would be impossible to make. Also if there would be two queues for premades and not, premades would have wait forever to form a team, because solo people could be afraid to get premade bot or premade jungler-top, so they would choose a Solo Queue. If premades are people who scares you or make a game impossible for you, then it's your chance to learn how to play better.
MamFârta (EUNE)
: Tournament 5vs5 - Saturday 6:00 PM CET - 27$ and 65 000 RP in the prize pool!
"PULA NAGRÓD" is in Polish :D It should be probably "Prize pool".
: vayne always had a stupid kit, something that was meant to be SUPER broken late game (invisibility+true damage+damage %) I hate champs like that, with the same, stupid counter: "don't let her/him get to late game"
It's even worse when you play Lulu and supposed to make your adc invictible. But when you play against Vayne, by putting ulti on your adc, you make things actually worse. ;(
: Just enjoy the game? Why does everyone demand instant gratification is beyond me!
I think it's important how people feel. I also don't think that playing with aim of recieving some champ you want to master is that bad (or I misunderstood you).
Deshiba (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting: Forge ALL
Yes. I think it would be nice to have that funcionality, but for now I would be too afraid to use it. My experiences with LoL tell that you can never know if some bug appears and you will use all tokens but gain only one item instead of 52. Especially now, when there is a lot of still unsolved bugs. (If there will be no answer for your proposition (I hope it will be), try to post it again after some time, like month or two. I guess they can be very busy now).
Rioter Comments
: Blue Essence is complete failure
Are you sure it's harder now? Can you do some math? Check how much you gained then and now? I remember that in LoL gaining IP was always a lot of struggle. I play LoL for years (as a casual player) and I have only very few characters. Well, I sometimes made a half year break since I was a bit bored to play with only two characters over and over, but there was a time when I was playing every day also (mostly at Dominion, making some missions for LoLKing, I never won anything from LoLKing though). I remember how dissapointed I felt when I wanted to earn IP for some character and after 45-50 min game of Summoners Rift if it was defeat I gained only about 70 IP. I wondered how much should I play to have those 6300 IP and it felt like disaster (70 * 90 = 6300, and that game is nearly an hour from your life). When you won, you gained more, like 40 or 50 IP more, I don't remember precisely. Now it's different. After some games we gain a level capsule, which is for me 810 BE (I got more only once if I remember correctly). I'm not sure if it's better or not. 810 would be about 4 first wins. Are 4 first wins enough to gain a level? How much exp do you gain now for non first win game? If you try to stop earning BE for champ, it should FEEL a bit quicker. If you play intense and every single day, and every day gain a bit more than half a level, then probably two weeks should be enough to gain 6300 BE. If you want to discuss the issue of BE with Riot, you probably have to present them math and proofs. I'm afraid that if you don't they can ignore you and send you again to the article. I get your frustration though. I've been there many times during playing LoL (and I'm not sure if new system changed much).
: My LoL Name is my real name
Are you one of the tweens from "Austin Powers" - %%% You and %%% Me?
Mada (EUW)
: Wouldn't make sense on raka. She's not a ninja!
: Can we not buy OE with real life money?
Just as I said many times, I'm sure many people would want it. Probably some people would even buy skins from every shard they got. I think it would be huge investment for Riot. I guess the real aim could be merging RP and Orange Essence. Why? If OE would be possible to buy for RP then as well it can be merged with the same result. There would be also nice symmetry about content of the game. IP = BE, RP = OE, shards, stones etc. Like in some RPG game or some other. I only hoped that people will ask about it after Riot would propose some solution to a bit broken OE system. I don't quite get it, I've seen many, many people writing about this issue, and no answer from Rito. Not even: "No guys, we disscused it in the company with our team and good psychologist and we decided to stay as it is" or something. :(
: > [{quoted}](name=YHWH Adonai,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=oEEU43ig,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-12-03T11:35:51.024+0000) > > Calm down. Most people are just making fun of it. Some others are from countries where there is a political corectness issue, and they are problably sick of any things like gender, sexuality or religion. It's a pity, since I would love to see some heroes or skins inspired by religion strories or some gender benders skins. "Please delete this shit" (taken directly from OP's post to portray a solid example as to which comments are being thrown around this debated topic) isn't making fun of it, it is insulting to both the player-base it concerns and Riot themselves. There is no excuse to act like this, no matter what is going on in their country. This isn't a political thing (even though many players come with accusations like this, two people loving each other is called love), and being PC isn't relevant to being gay, this is only laying it on top of radical people who use the term "feminism" loosely, which doesn't even define what they're fighting for. If they are so sick about hearing it that they leave nasty remarks on social media for the world to display their homophobia, maybe they shouldn't be on the internet in the first place? Or learn how to act properly? While I do believe in equality for genders and religion too etc., that's not what this is about. This is only about sexuality and dragging different things into the picture will only distort and twist around your arguments and the main point itself, slowly but surely taking us off topic.
Well, I agree with you. All what people see in this movie is only pair of gays and that movie wasn't supposed to be about it. I mean if they were pair of hetero lovers no one would ever think about their sexuality, but about other staff in the movie like for example: what is this purple essence of Darkin or if that ruby on Varus forehead is like Sandman ruby - I don't know, probably something like this. In my country all that stuff with social wariorrs is still not a big thing. From our point of view it's even weird to think about this stuff, because it doesn't matter. I'm sure that gays don't have their rights for marriages only because they are needed like this - to be shouting and protesting all the time, to be shown in media like clowns in very emotional way instead of urgent matters about the country, about it's economy and stuff. But in other countries people are vomiting with topic gay, feminist and religion related - like it was only what was going on the world so very often they hate anything what could be related to the topic. If they see gays in the game they like they feel unconfortable, they just don't want it and it's not about gays specificly. I was proposing gender bender skins for some characters and reactions for it was very similar. People thought I had some agenda, that I wanted to force Riot to make something gender related, so a lot of people couldn't even think about it freely, just hated it, not because it was bad idea, but because it had that hated 'gender' word in it.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >That's not the point. that's the point.. riot gives us LOL for free.. the only revenue they get are the sponsors for e-sport but mainly from the RP sales (skins).. so it hurt them to give the for free that more frequently, as they said (in a thread on the NA forum i read) now that they lost the revenue from the runes change or something like that, also you'd get skins not only from the old hextech chest system but also from events and other new stuff they implemented. So be happy to get that 1/2 skin for free at all honestly..
I'm not sure if it's good way of thinking. I would like to see if they earn less money that before time of loots and I doubt it. Giving skins has many good points. Firstly there is a high probability of drawing very old skins, some of them legacy. People gain and use skins, which problably they would never buy. So it's no harm for Riot in it. People who are looting skins and seeing them everywhere in every game are starting to be more interested in skins at all. They start to want some skins, think albout buying it at all. There also appear skin collectors. It's obvious than if you see that everyone is gaining some skins, you want also personalize your games too. If you never bought skins and get some of them, then you learn to use it, your brain learn how is it to have skins. In that case making new skins and chromas would be even more profitable for Riot, since more people would think about buying it. In my opinion if they would merge OE and RP or at least allow to buy OE for RP, they would earn even more money since there would be people who would buy every skin shard they get. I remember times when it was something big to have one skin at all in a game. Some people were calling person with a skin a rich kid and noob, since they believed that he bought many things instead of achieving it. People was writing that skin was not going to win a game for him. When he only did some mistake they were writing that he only wanted to show off and didn't know how to play that character. Those times are gone. Now nobody thinks like that anymore. Today people even complement you for having nice skin they like. Also I think it's much easier to earn money for Riot. It's important what is happen inside their heads.
: Yea - Riot - you gave us free skins, better make them more free...
That's not the point. Many people wrote about it already, so I don't know if I should second them. It's more about the issue, that Orange Essence system is not working now. It's not worth to buy chests anymore, it's not that interesting to gain skins now, since you can have max two skins a year from events (if there would be an event every month). The most important thing in free skins is that you can achieve them, make them from loot with shards. You make missions, earn some chests and capsules. You can feel excitement by revealing what is inside. Maybe some super Lux Elementalist skin? Maybe Legendary Udyr skin? Maybe Zombie Brand you always wanted? Or maybe something else? You can think which one you want, collect some legacy skins which are available only from chests now, you can enjoy making one of those skins and play with it in games etc. Now this system seems to be rather dead. You have to dissenchant million of skins to recieve one. Now people will be just collecting shards, waiting maybe for some better times, doing nothing with it. I have one skin made from loot. It's not expensive one, but I like it very much. I appreciate that I had a chance to get it. I'm not that greedy, saying that I should have more. It's not what really matter here.
Maluber (EUW)
: You can now get your regions allstars icon for 10 BE in shop
: I'm shocked over how many ignorant people there are on this forum! The lore of Varus has turned into something interesting and good, and they literally rework his story and the thing that bothers you is his sexuality? You need to grow up and stop being so ignorant. Hiding it behind mere excuses to cover up your homophobic remarks is a stupid way to go about things. Learn to accept new differences and move on. It's still the same character with the same intentions. His abilities are the same.
Calm down. Most people are just making fun of it. Some others are from countries where there is a political corectness issue, and they are problably sick of any things like gender, sexuality or religion. It's a pity, since I would love to see some heroes or skins inspired by religion strories or some gender benders skins.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: I'm personally not opposed to gay characters, believe me. I just find all of these things forced though because of political correctness and all of that stuff. I also don't see why we need characters to be changed instead of applying this "agenda" to new characters. There would be no problem there.
I personally don't think there had to be any agenda in it. If there would be... then it would mean that (as every political correctness problem) it's a smokescreen. Then from what would it discract people? It should be important issues like... Orange Essence problem or... wait a sec. Why is there still no answer from Riot to Orange Essence issue? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Varus gay - Please NO!!
I think there is the reason for Kai and Valmar being gays. I mean, Varus body supposed to be mix of ther body and since we knew that Varus isn't feminine at all, they probably decided for two guys and made story with it. It could be two brothers, but as lovers the story probably seemed to be even more emotional by showing their bond and dedication. But I think it was a huge risk at the same time. You have to make relationship inside Varus interesting and make his character carefully since it can become ridiculous. I mean, Riot will remake Varus character. Visual is one thing but there is also audio etc. If they make Varus say stuff like in the comic, it will be weird: "I will kill him", "Nooo!", "Yes and you want it", "No! Feel the love", "Don't do it Kai", "I can't Val", "Then think about dinner". On the other side if it would be echoes or vispers it can also became too creepy to the point of the worst nightmare of schizophrenic. It's a huge challenge to make sound for Varus now, to make it awesome. I can't wait to know how Riot will make it.
: Varus new lore
I love Sandman-like atmosphere in this lore (I was always huge fan of Sandman). An endless being merging together with mortals to have form, wandering through the world driven by desire to restore his kind. I like it.
: ***
Yeah. :) Sorry for questioning if you understand, I'm just not that good at english, and I wasn't sure if I was understandable. You seem to be very nice person. I just showed the movie to my friend. He was confused and he didn't understand what was going on. He only said: "So, Varus is two gays merged together. Does it make him GIGAGAY?". What is gigagay? :D
: ***
Taric would be my option just because he seems to match stereotypes and would be a caricature. Nothing more or less. Exactly just like Braum would be perfect as caricature of somebody from Siberia. About Varus is exactly like you said. I agree with you 100%. If Varus would be a gay from the very beginning (it isn't said he is a gay now, but anyway) nobody would be feeling awkward about it. It's similar situlation like you would have some favorite character from lol and then after some time Riot would reveal a story where this very character happen to be Jew or Mormon. There is nothing wrong with Jews and Mormones and you know it. But it still feels unconnected, like some ideology was behind it. Why wasn't he shown as Jew from the beginning? Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
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I know. I'm just goofing around a bit in this topic. I know that many gays are not possible to distinguish from heteros (at least for people who doesn't have "gay radar"). I know there is not much difference beetwen "straight" and "gay". I know and I'm sure most people know. Also I know there are a lot of caricatures and stereotypes which aren't actually true, but are often shown in games and cartoons (and not to offend anybody!). Like stereotype of big, broad-shouldered Russian person with huge moustache, and broken english - just like Braum. Like French - elegant aristocrate with binocle and moustche, head raised high and mighty face like he was above everyone - like Archduke Nasus. Like a sailor - tough guy who lives drinking grog, has very specific hat, possibly one wooden leg, huge beard, eyepatch and old pistol like Gangplank, Bilgewater Katarina or Waterloo Miss Fortune. Also like gay - very masculine guy with low voice and square head who is at the same time very beautiful, dreamy, subtle and sublime and also is a prince of sparkling crystals - like Taric. What I wanted to say is that if you show to people Taric as a picture of gay nobody would think that all gays look like him and are like him. Also nobody should feel offended in my opinion. Why people are freaking that much about it? It's just weird. Are Russian guys offended because not all of them have moustache and speak in a weird way? Why gay has to look exactly like any other character? Why is there no freedom in it, because somebody always feel offended. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ... you mean the Darkin Varus consumed two supposedly gay Ionian hunters. Varus is not even human nor mortal. He has no sexuality.
Shush. It's a secret. Nobody is supposed to know. :D
: > Like why not Taric or Ezreal. They have been called and accepted as gay for years. Nor Taric or Ezreal has ever been confirmed as gay. Ezreal has, on the contrary, a relationship with Lux. Varus is not gay, I'm sorry your little brain stopped and got excited seeing two men sharing a relationship, but Varus, as the ancient Darkin with a bow for weapon, chooses to come to life into the real world using two "recipients" (KappaPride) which are the gay men you see in the video: they 3 merge as a one. So he's not gay, he's a Darkin who took their bodies to come alive.
Your very true message is destroying the party. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} (Sorry, I'm probably enjoying it too much)
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