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Łµx (EUW)
: to be honest didnt read the text cuz it was too long , btw one of my friends ( Soraka main ) reach from s5 to g4 , he support his adc in first after 15 min he keep buying ad items {{champion:16}} +{{item:3085}} +{{item:3031}} +{{item:3047}} +{{item:3078}} +{{item:3142}} +{{item:3072}} idk but this meta always working for him
Well, I've lost a ranked game where one of the enemy players was afk from the beginning and their top laner Soraka built the same way as you wrote(Same decision making issues)... Btw I don't know what makes AD Soraka strong. All of her healing and damage comes from AP. Once I decided to main her because it's really easy to carry with her, it helped me to get back to silver 2 while my losing streak was on, but then I started losing with her too, eventually got back to s3 where I am. Maining a carry champ might be a solution anyways, but I don't want to be the guy who can play only 2 champs on one role. It's pretty boring after a long time anyways
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