: Game unplayable due to settings bug
Same here, can't play. Also small hint for Rito: Have any of you tried issuing pings while holding shift? Cmon, who TF designed your version of ACM MB! binding?
: RIOT please fix settings saving
Keybindings (or everything, I'm not sure) settings reset every time I restart client.
: game setting reset?
Reset for me, keybindings reset to default every time I restart the client.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yavimawa,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=pZbKBg3y,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-05-25T12:37:49.847+0000) > > Lol, Riot already implemented gambling with boxes and eraning them with S grades which addicted me so... :D Actually the loot boxes, whilst in a grey area, are technically not so much gambling. Getting one from an S grade is a reward, you don't pay anything to get that. Purchasing them is where it gets grey. It could be considered gambling because you don't know what you're getting. However, comparing this to other industries - lets say for example the travel industry because thats the one I work in, this would be considered a "guarantee" purchase, not a gamble. Like when I sell someone a guarantee cabin on a cruise. I have no idea where they will end up, but they are guaranteed to get what they purchased, or better. With Riot openly saying what the worst you can get from a chest is, it changes it to this sort of scenario, where it's a "guarantee" purchase, as much as it is a gamble. It's very grey, where as what you're suggesting is just flat out gambling.
In my case it works like that: Loot boxes from mastery are strong incentive to play for me (I love skins and I need shards for champs I don't own yet, I bought lootbox maybe once or twice with spare RP) When I'm at box cap I feel very strong urge to farm the box in order not to waste them (silly IK, but I got hooked with the system) I play ARAM like 99% of the time. S in ARAM is a game of chance (if you have good teamcomp and you play it right you can get S- easily) So I find myself in situations where I can't normally function because I feel so strong urge to play lol to acquire chests. And I'm 27 yr old.... :| I guess kids have it worse then? EDIT: I need help, I tried to quit LoL. 2 months is my record so far and I had a break because I ot bored with the game :|
: So maths time right? ok. People have a near 50% win-rate, meaning that there's an equal chance to win or lose the bet, depending on what team you bet on. If you bet 200BE 10 times (2000) You will win 400BE 5 times and lose 200BE 5 times. Congratulations, you just made 0BE. **** Now imagine this. You can bet 200 on the enemy team, in a normal game, and throw it. 2K invested 2+2K profit every 10 games that you trolled. You level up anyway, why not abuse the system. **** Gambling is almost always a loss, for the gambler, we don't need riot's system polluted with CS-GO type shit, making addiction in children. We also don't need a system that can be played for fast profits. OH I need 600BE for the new champ? lemme troll 3 games really quick. brb. No thanks.
Lol, Riot already implemented gambling with boxes and eraning them with S grades which addicted me so... :D
: Changes in ARAM
Also - permanently ban champions like Soraka, Ziggs, Lux, Veigar from ARAM. Their kits are OP on ARAM, especially veigar stun which is up for most of the time blocking 70% of the map and Teemo and Shacko
: Randomly Low ingame fps, Client laggy
: Extremely slow client and laggy game
Xhaiden (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ìxeas,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=4FH3F85q,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-25T23:36:05.563+0000) > > Just a random question, how were you getting 340 fps with those specs? Maybe he managed to overclock his CPU at 9 Ghz (using Liquid Nitrogen for cooling).
LoL is extremly well optimized game, 300+ FPS is nothing special for any decent GPU (even the cheaper ones)
: Patch 8.6 Still Fps Drops - Unplayable
The new air client (the one with shop) consumes a lot of CPU power, kill it and your in game FPS will be back to normal. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007595768-Troubleshooting-Lag-or-Low-FPS-in-the-Updated-Client
Yavimawa (EUNE)
: i5-6400 8GB RAM, until patch 8.6 client was running PERFECTLY. Now it consumes whole CPU resources.
As a workaround kill the air client, FPS in game will return to normal (and overall PC performance)
: Randomly Low ingame fps, Client laggy
i5-6400 8GB RAM, until patch 8.6 client was running PERFECTLY. Now it consumes whole CPU resources. Edit: As a workaround kill the client (not the game client, the air client)
: Extremely slow client and laggy game
i5-6400 8GB RAM, until patch 8.6 client was running PERFECTLY. Now it consumes whole CPU resources.
Alashkaa (EUW)
: High CPU usage because of outside client?
i5-6400 here, 8 GB RAM. Since patch 8.6 the client (not the game) steals A LOT of CPU power, it's almost impossible to use PC with the client runnig. In game FPS drops from 90+ to less than 10 with the client runnig in the background.
Alashkaa (EUW)
: You didn't need to be such a %%%%, thanks for the help.
Don't listen to his BS, I have similar system (i5-6400) and until patch 8.6 LoL client run perfectly! In game (as long as I kill the client which is using waaaaaaaay too much CPU) I have 90+ FPS so it's not 'trashy system' it's broken client.
LilyPichu (EUW)
: ARAMs? :3
Message me in game, I founded a club (ARAMBE) for this purpose, so we can always have a friend :D
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elin990 (EUW)
: i don't quite understand the hatred towards yasuo. i'm not a good lol player but i usually dont have trouble fighting against him. i dont feel like he's really strong or whatever
It's because Yasuo either sucks and is a useless piece of trash or is impossible-to-kill-1-v-5-pentakill-machine you can't do sh1t about. So everything people remember about their games with Yasuo is either their Yasuo feeding the enemy team and being useless (and often toxic) or enemy Yasuo completely destroying their team solo, making them feel angry and miserable. In other words, people associate Yasuo mostly with negative memories. For most Yasuo is not fun to play with or against. PS. ofc I have beaten the 'weak Yasuo' players multiple times, but people tend to remember the events which were related to strong emotions. That's why opinion about Yasuo and his kind is so biased. I for example resent Shaco and Fizz as they are complete conuters to champions I play most.
elin990 (EUW)
: Whats your most hated enemy champion?
what shaco needs is to be removed from the game, fookin cancerous trash champion
: That's actually kinda rude... I do have therapists though, but for treating my anti-social behaviour.
Whatever suits you, but if you are a male and you feel no sexual tension and you have no need to unload it then believe me something is not right. And better hear it from me than from your would be wife who discovers that she will have no sexual life (unless she leaves you). Unless it's something else, but better say few 'rude' words to make someones life better than hold them and let someone live a lower quality life.
: Hmm... It is? Never really felt a need for it.
Then go to a doctor cause you most likely need medical attention ;) Edit: Unless you are 9 yo kid then that would be normal.
: Flex is actually normal draft in disguise bro.
Yeah, if I want to play draft normal before 12 am I go for ranked flex (and it's terrible experience since machmaking there is crap). I can't comprehend why Rito keeps bling pick 24/h and normal draft (which is default league experience) only half the time.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am not shaming anyone. It's just that bronze players are always the ones who cry about KS and such. I've seen not a single player that is above bronze whining about how an ally stole a kill from someone. Thus this is a bronze thread.
There are even platinum players who complain about that. >It's just that stupid idiot players are always the ones who cry about KS and such. here I fixed it for you.
: I recived a 14 Day ban for an insult out of context
Well, you didn't get banned for THAT particular thing, you got banned because this thing was just too much for the system to accept. You probably didn't bother with reading 'your behaviour is toxic' alerts in client either, right? I NEVER got banned for 14 days (one 24h and chat restriction few years ago) and believe me, I loose my temper quite a lot and I'm very vulgar when I loose my sh1t and start flaming people. YET IT WASN'T ENOUGH to get me a ban. So WHAT DAFUQ DID YOU DO to get 14 days ban?
Mobo Kill (EUW)
: To Riot about the Project event.
Gamemode is super fun, missions are cool (I like doing them, they do not demand me to do anything too crazy ;) at least for now), rewards are great. What can I say? I like it :D
mohmyo (EUW)
: Get an S- with a level 5 champ but recived no lvl 6 tokens how is that even be possible ??
Doomley (EUW)
: You are thinking about sudden impact...
Ohhh, right, MB :|
: lethal tempo is trash
How? It activates on dashes, blinks etc. and also leaving stealth
: Remember when supports built sightstone? I remember.
Midlaners have strong base damage on skills and now when rito removed defencec from runes/masteries they have big big dmg on squishy defenceless ad carries, so they carry instead
Eveninn (EUW)
: But skins (and thus their splashes) aren't canon! \*throws tantrum*
But splash arts IMO are best part of LoL :D If I buy skin I buy it because splash art is super awesome. I often show LoL splash arts to my friends telling 'Look at this man! Mssterpiece!' then they have to look for half an hour on lol splashes as I show them my favorites (which are all the new splashes!) and then they get bored and I'm not even half way there ... ehhh, they are beautiful
: The point of the green tree is that almost everything you can see is lategame stuff, so Overgrowth, for example, it's patethic at start, but the moment you got extra hp...it becomes more relevant.
Yes I know it, but in current state of the game with so much dmg accesible very early in the game, not having any devend defensive option early makes it painful for champions without built in defenses.
Perilum (EUW)
: Before you make a propose think about the balance.
I guess that Riot hires balance specialists better than you or me, so, if there was a possibility that mechanics suggested by me were implemented, they would get them balanced. Seriously, believe me, they wouldn't copy paste it of forums. ;)
Perilum (EUW)
: Tanks have enough tankyness at the moment and enough choices to pick from.
These runes are "turn my tankiness into some damage/utility please" And runes I proposed are "I want to be immortal rock you can't cratch, also fck dmg"
: You are just saying that because you play with optimum runes abusing their imbalance against people who don't know yet/haven't bothered or against people who try things out. When everyone understands what is OP and makes it standard you will regret making this post.
First of all - it's preseason and it's for banalcing the runes out. Second of all - It took me dozen of games to get used to the new runes and how the game plays now - those games were all stompy loses. Then I cought up with the game and started playing with same confidence I had before changes. Now I'm bold enough to go and try different things that I think MIGHT work. But to make them work you need to try few times, simply switching to runes "which are OP" gives nothing if you don't know how to utilize them. I played Twitch adc recently, took me 2 games to get used to the champ, I'm bad ADC. I played lethal tempo. After I learned that, now I want to try and see if Press the Attack would be better? Also I wanna try Twitch with predaror. I learned Dark Harvest Nocturne, now I wanna check out if tanky Nocturne could work. I'd love there were more possible configurations to try out.
: no, new runes are step back , less options, less specialization , TRASH, its just easier to set them cuz its so simple now , so yey you need to think less , clap*clap, downgrade
Actually there's more room for specialisation and new system has great potential for expansion soooo.... I hope there will be more and more universal choices :)
: are you a riot employee ? sounds like riot dmg control.
Unfortunately not ;) I am league player who found new changes fun and exciting. No when I go through runes I often think "hmm.. I'd love to try out champion X with these runes"
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: Suggestion: Make chat disappear if enough QWER spammed
Disable chat completely, best solution for this game TBH :D
: I don't understand how people don't realize they have chat open though. You either have to move your left hand an uncomfortable amount of distance away from the left side of the keyboard to press enter, or move your hand from your mouse. Usually while typing, I don't even have my hand on the mouse (writing with both hands), so it's pretty obvious. I just think this is a skill you'll have to learn, and I don't think Riot is obligated to make a system to counter it. Just make sure that when you're typing, you have reflexes to hit ESC the moment you get into trouble, while your right hand is moving towards the mouse.
Yup, after few such 'accidents' I developed a habit to press 'ESC' anytime I sense there's action coming and I think I MIGHT have chat opened. I don't even check for it. Menu appears then I quickly hit ESC again and I'm sure
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Yavimawa (EUNE)
: Level/reward icon borders in login screen https://imgur.com/a/jaRAH
Another cool (because round) place for new icon border would be scoreboard in game :DDD champion portraits are circle and the change wouldn't have any impact on game clarity
: No, just no.... Imagine people yelling 'OMG U ARE lv xxx and you still play shit' or 'OMG U ARE lv xxx and you're still bronze' that kind of stuff...no ty.
Also, what information would be displayed isn't a topic of a discussion, it's about idea of displaying icons in borders, because IMO there borders are nice and fancy and I'd like to see them more. Also I assume that with suh feature we could be able to obtain other borders from special events or buy them with RP, it's nice cosmetic item ;)
Rioter Comments
: today is the 3.11. 13.11 will be in 10 days.
MB, it says it's from 3rd* not from 13th
Rioter Comments
: Illaoi
http://www.strawpoll.me/14275068/r from reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/79po0x/strawpoll_which_illaoi_skin_do_you_vote_for/ deep space is leading, I also voted deep space
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