d00mface (EUW)
: Never One Contest Entry: "Back-and-Forth"
Hi there! This story is quite high quality, I really like your depiction of the characters. Do you have a writer blog or something I could check out?
Zaffron (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Final 16 Announced: Vote Now for the Winner!
Sorry for the late response! My choice would be the Lunar Wraith Sylas skin and the Everything Is Okay emote. I would have a question however: I assume some of us have some platform where we share other stories we wrote (a twitter account, tumblr blog, whatever else people use). If there are enough of us, would it be possible that in the final conclusion post every finalist has a link to their own platform? It would be good exposure and possibly quite the reward. Congratulations to all the other finalists! I plan on reading into every story on this list!
: Never One Contest Entry: Light
I love the attention you put into describing what she goes through! (Typos, as you asked for: You write "save" instead of "safe" in the whole story. I think I saw one more thing but somehow I can't find it anymore.)
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Masantha (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Never One, Without the Other…
> OR one League of Legends champion with a companion Important question: If I write one where I deeply delve into how Kai'sa and her Void Suit live/work together, even though that thing isn't sentient nor is it a pet, will that be a valid entry? It is, after all, her closest "companion" in a sense.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yordleassault,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=9uJ0ZlEK,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-05-26T14:33:55.993+0000) > > I just feel like people would tolerate ARURF more if it was on the ARAM map. But that would make melee champions completely unplayable. And poke comps would dominate way too much.
You can work around that in a night-unlimited number of ways: -introduce ARAMURF-only items that target those very issues ---items that reduce poke damage specifically ---melee items that help you get in and smash people ---perhaps even an item with a unique passive that works only if your max HP is more/less than (X + Y*level) so it's a squishy/tanky-only item, depending on which problem you wanna fix -overall buffs/nerfs targeting champion types, like idk +X armor/mr to melee champs, increased healing received by melee champs, stuff like that -perhaps don't bring it specifically to the aram map, but make instead a very similar map with fixing these specific problems in mind (~~and maybe an objective on the side of the bridge~~) -get creative, anything goes! don't just stop at addressing the problems, step 2 is brainstorming up your solutions :) -and remember, URF only needs "relative balance", not "true balance", an op champ in URF is okay so long as it's not win-the-game-OP, and thus you can exercise much more freedom in balance-fixing these problems, plus if the game lasts like 10 minutes or so then a "we got 5 support champs and they got 5 poke gods" kind of loose isn't even as bad as a regular version of that very same "they won at champ select" scenario from real ARAM, which, let's face it, WILL happen in any random champ game mode (~~Kinda unrelated, but I'd actually love to see a map that is shorter than Howling Abyss and has Instant Respawn or something similar turned on with majorly reduced kill gold/exp, just for the heck of it you know, a berserk arena, this is just an idea i wanted to share~~)
Strigina (EUNE)
: Normal aram usually takes about 15 minutes. ARURF aram (aramurf?) would be like 5 minutes game :-D
Perhaps, but you see the Project mode was average of 7 minutes for me and I liked it, while the Dark Star Singularity mode was idk how short and it is to this day the absolute most enjoyable gamemode in my personal opinion. Just get it right and it'll be lovely I say! :)
Eambo (EUW)
: ARURF Enabled for the Remainder of the Weekend
I just feel like people would tolerate ARURF more if it was on the ARAM map. Gives an entirely different feel of what they are signing up for and just generally would be a much different experience. I for one would probably like the game mode that way, but SR ARURF is like... I'm not even sad about not having time this weekend to queue up for that game mode. I'm sorry to say this but SR ARURF had gave me a "why am I wasting my time on this, why did I even expect it to be fun this time?" feel in almost every game, the exception being the 1 in 10 case of "oh, this is actually fun!" An ARAM-URF would be an entirely different experience though that I would probably love, even when rolling a champ that to me personally is unknown, boring or just unappealing. So please consider it! And have a nice day!
: Many of my games are not even stomps but rather clown fiestas. Even tho we may be winning objective-wise at first, my teammates always play like crazies, dying uselessly, making crazy engages, going 2 vs 3-4-5 and the like. Then there are the guys that suddenly tilt for a kill steal or for other stupid reasons and decide they are going to AFKtop, or start deluging the chat with flames, or go like "my mom is calling sorry" and go AFK. Or, very often, the enemy team begin to group while for some reason our team can't, and they win like this, because they are fight in 5 while we can't group for f@@k. One simply does never knows if a stomp is really a stomp or not. There's always the game that gets suddenly turned for one of more or these reasons. To a degree, that makes every game tense to the most (and kinda fun too, because after all getting lots of crazy action is fun, regardless of who is on the bad side of it), which is the reason i NEVER relax during a game or take it easy when it appears we are winning...until i'm getting that last inch of life of the enemy nexus.
Oh, you might have misunderstood me a bit, i was talking about 3-4-5 lane stomps where 5-10 minutes into the game one team had double or triple or even more the kills of the other, when at least 3 lanes of one team are feeding simultaneously from the beginning and teamfights start with a steady 1-2 level difference in the average team levels, when in the first team fight a top laner can already be 3 levels above his opponent support for example. I'm not talking about throws or midgame AFKs, i'm talking about _pure stomps_.
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: Why no one likes to play support?
It's strange how most of the comments here say it's likely because as supp you can't get the kills, yet that has nothing to do with it (for me at least). The problem is that supp generally doesn't make me feel like I have an impact on the game. Sure, I can CC 4 people in a teamfight, but whether that makes a difference or not is not up to me, but to my teammates. If they didn't go in, i just suicided, if they did, we may have won the teamfight. As a support, doing whatever you can doesn't mean you removed an enemy, took a dragon, destroyed a tower, etc... it means you helped your team do it, and they may or may not have did it. For most traditional support champs it feels like playing a butler, handing over kills to the adc, who may or may not take them, healing and buffing the adc so that they can win the lane for you. It's like you're not the one doing the work, and you can't do the work alone, so instead you just help the others do the work for you. I play 3 champions in support, Veigar, Rakan and Zoe, and with these 3, it's a fun role, simply because even if my ADC is a potato, I can feel like I make a difference. Veigar because - obviously - I have a great CC tool but I can still do enough damage to win lane if my adc can't. Zoe because with careful play I can keep the enemy adc on low hp, thus basically winning any trades ahead and making my adc win lane, and even if that doesn't happen, I can still be dangerous to the enemy on my own. And Rakan because no matter what happens my teamfight contribution is serious (CC the entire enemy team, shield and ardent censer 2 allies, CC the enemy again) and because he's literally the only traditional support champ that feels satisfying to play (high adrenaline, quick decision making, high reward, visible contribution instead of ambient contribution). The problem isn't that you can't get on a killing streak. The problem is that you want to do serious contribution, but you can't do it alone, so your success isn't dependent on you, but on the teammates who you must help. (As a mid laner, outplaying your enemy will win you the lane, but as a support, outplaying your enemy allows your adc to win the lane, which they may or may not do. As a top laner, you can 1v1 an enemy to remove them from the game till they respawn, but as a support, you will be removed till you respawn. As a jungler, you can take neutral objectives and win your teammates' lanes with good ganks, but as a support, you're just your adc's assigned babysitter.)
: Is there a way I can chat restrict myself?
If it really is that hard to just not type, then here's a constructive idea. I'm positive you can already do this with a bit of creativity, though I never tested it. - Make a new account, and befriend it with your main. Use an easily quick-typeable summoner name. - While flaming ingame, start each message with the /whisper command (maybe this isn't the name for it, but i think it can be used with /W too) and send your things to that new account instead of the team or all chat. - (if it isn't the command, I believe there is a /help that shows you every possible chat command, thus you can find it)
DZerk (EUNE)
: Please don't disable draft at late hours [EUNE]
Yepp! No draft means I'm either forced to play ranked or RGM or won't play at all. (ARAM is nice, but I won't play it _instead_ of SR) This is a problem especially for us, night owls! What If I just want to try out a new champ? Why must I wait until next day for it?
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Little issue with the new ability "style"
I personally love the self-handicap thing and I think it should be applied to some already existing champions as well (example: Darius Q could apply a small self slow to give a bit more counter play). I hope they'll continue it. On one hand, it makes skill mandatory to land a powerful ability, since you're handicapped in some way while trying it, and on the other hand, it gives counter play, so you can actually deal with said powerful ability (or just the champion in general).
: do you even joke mate?
I've seen more ridiculous things asked fully seriously here, so sorry for not getting it this time. I had a reason to think someone _can_ be so... 'differently thinking' as to ask for this thing.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: Honor boost in shop? When?
Honor boost for money? Hopefully never. Honor isn't _that_ kinda thing...
: Rerolling in Urf is broken
I never saw that, i only get my client turned 50-80% black every now and then. But anyway, you can have 2 rerolls at maximum.
Aurlec (EUW)
: Can i play teemo without getting banned ?
Teemo main here! So long as you sacrifice 5 top laners each day to feed them to your demonic servants, or a paint a pentagram from an entire enemy team's spilled blood each month, you gain an unholly ban-immunity from Riot. Cheers! {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
Doomley (EUW)
: Just deal with the fact that clear majority of the community wants to keep the system like it is now. The system you suggested is just too flawed. One example: Imagine your system being used, a champion like yasuo would almost never be banned even though most people want him to be banned. The reason for that is both teams often have a yasuo main since maining him no longer is pointless because his ban rate is down because of your system. both teams have a yasuo main and both hover it so neither of the teams can ban him even though they want to. People are entitled to ban what they want to ban. Especially in the yasuo case, he is banned because people don't want to see him in either team. You play teemo and low elo players think of it as a troll pick i get it. I main him too and got to diamond this season with him on main account. There is an easy way to avoid him being banned and that is: Don't hover it. Don't tell your team you are going to pick teemo. Once you get to gold, people tend to check your stats before they ban it so if your stats are fine, they won't ban it. If your stats are bad, maybe they should ban it? you don't seem to have bad stats now so i dont think you have to worry. Just dont hover a pick your team can think is troll. Especially since teemo is not a common ban normally.
Yeah, I see your argument there. It makes sense. I just kinda feel terrible because it really happens like every five games when I tell them, and I seem to be unlucky enough that they ban him when I don't tell them. Thanks for the reply though, and the hope that from gold, people will probably be less trolly about it. Maybe I should just grind through the elo and finally get decent teammates in this regard in nearly every game. (I was silver last season but got placed into bronze at the beginning of this one. That elo was actually worse, people purposefully banned whatever I picked if I told them it's my promos. I'm climbing pretty steadily though, so yeah, thanks for the hope again.)
: No, and here is the very simple explanation why: #If you get to have a say in what I can and cannot ban #Then I deserve a say in what you can and cannot pick You don't get to have your cake and eat it too. Since I think we can both agree that would be stupid as hell, your proposal will never be implemented, period.
Point taken. I can accept that argument, even if I don't necessarily think it would be a great idea. Just please, is it really so hard to type in the chat before banning, or to accept that someone mains and now wants to play a champion you don't like? Is it?
RageFuel (EUW)
: Okay, so what if someone on your team get's autofilled, and wants to play Teemo support with ghost and cleanse? Additionally, not all players own all champions, so it's mildly unlikely that you would get to swap champions.
Yes, that is true, but at least writing in the chat first would be appreciated. You may actually get a swap, or the certain teammate may actually understand your worries and not get tilted from you banning his champ. About that Teemo support, well, I mean, yeah it is quite the unfortunate situation but look, if you ban his champ, he'll either pick another, equally bad non-support champ (he can still lock Kled or Aatrox instead for example), or will choose a support champ he never ever played in his life (I've even saw people who literally had no support champions in their pool), and will start reading the abilities on the summoning platform. With that Teemo support, at least there is a _slight chance_ he picked it because he wants to win, and not because he wants to troll. If he has a brain, he'll max Q and nullify the enemy ADC's auto attack damage in every single trade, shroom the bushes and every gank entrance, and actually try his best to contribute and be a real pain in the enemy's ass. I'm not saying it is guaranteed, but it is a possibility. (I'm actually saying this as a LV7 support Veigar who _does_ contribute to his lane's victory. It is a very much off-meta pick, but it's still more healthy for the game than if I picked an actual support and then performed worse than a dead turtle in tree climbing. You can't expect everyone to be good with the meta supports, just as you can't expect everyone to have that Yasuo for a swap.) I see why you'd worry when seeing that ghost-cleanse Teemo support, I would instantly type for him to please not do that if possible, but if he's there to win, he at least knows what champion he's playing, and if he's there to troll, then banning his Teemo certainly won't stop him.
SiffLort (EUNE)
: This topic is so wrong on so many levels. Making people unable to ban certain champions leaves many opportunities for trolling, and we have already enough of that. Somebody wants to take yasuo, so you can't ban it. Sadly, enemy team picks it first. The same situation with zac, or any other op champ right now. Rinse and repeat. Don't even get started on picking it early for someone, since you can't except everyone to have every champ available. And if I don't like a champ, I can ban it, simple as that. Rito gave us 'ten' bans for a reason there, 1 ban per person. If I ban your 'main', then perhaps it is time to learn to play more than one champion, or is it impossible in your silver 5?
> Making people unable to ban certain champions leaves many opportunities for trolling, and we have already enough of that. Still not as many opportunities as letting them ban their own teammates' champs. > Somebody wants to take yasuo, so you can't ban it. Sadly, enemy team picks it first. The same situation with zac, or any other op champ right now. Rinse and repeat. Don't even get started on picking it early for someone, since you can't except everyone to have every champ available. You can at least communicate and ask them if they can. If they can't, well, it happens, if the enemy picks Yasuo, it happens, you still have about 40% chance that he'll feed his ass off. BTW, the enemy team picking someone first can happen to anyone, just as it can happen that you get a hard counter, if the enemy takes your main, at least you know his champ enough to play around his weaknesses and win the lane regardless. (Or so I would assume.) > And if I don't like a champ, I can ban it, simple as that. Rito gave us 'ten' bans for a reason there, 1 ban per person. If I ban your 'main', then perhaps it is time to learn to play more than one champion Yes, 1 ban per person, but it isn't meant for ruining your teammate's game and lane on purpose, that is called trolling, and you having the means to do so doesn't automatically justify you actually doing it. > perhaps it is time to learn to play more than one champion, or is it impossible in your silver 5? Insulting me doesn't make your points more valid, sorry. And just so you know, I can play other champs, I just don't want my main being troll-banned (not banned by the enemy, troll-banned by my own team, there is a significant difference) every 5 games just because the champion I mastered has a bad reputation. I actually wanna see your reaction to someone banning your main in your promos.
RageFuel (EUW)
: No, because if your fifth pick wants to play Yasuo, and so does their first pick, who's going to get Yasuo? Not your fifth pick. That's why bans are there.
It's your first pick who will get him and then switch him with your last pick. If you're not lucky, then it happened, so what? Stuff like that is bound to happen every once in a while. You got counterpicked, there's an enemy Shaco god in the jungle, the 13/1 Draven just came up from bot lane and twoshot you. _It happens._ Doesn't mean you have to ruin the game for your own teammate. Or, doesn't mean you can't at least communicate with them. Actually, you'll still have a 30% chance that it's a Yasuo top who feeds his ass off and wins the game for you.
: Even if your team doesn't ban, you completely forgot about the enemy team unless they see the intended picks in which case they can work around the intended picks and have the advantage... Even if they don't, they can still ban the intended champion like Yasuo/Riven/Lee Sin and so on.
Nope. My problem is not "my main is banned so I need to play something else". My problem is "a trolling teammate banned my main on purpose and is now laughing in the chat with caps lock on like it's the joke of the century" happening every 5 games or so. The problem isn't the enemy team acting against me, that is their job. The problem is _my own team_ constantly acting against me and feeling justified for it. The enemy actually bans my main about 10 times more _rarely_ than my own team, and I'm not even over-exaggerating here.
: But then we have a new problem. Instead of troll banning we'd have troll ban-blocking, like so: Jerk announces {{champion:157}} You can't ban {{champion:157}} Jerk picks different champ You get destroyed in mid due to poor matchup
In my opinion, that is still better than having my main banned every five games by a troll. Besides, not being able to ban {{champion:157}} doesn't guarantee that you'll get a {{champion:157}} in the enemy team who will ruin your game, however, having your champ banned and then being laughed at with caps lock _does_ guarantee to ruin your game experience. (Or so it does for me.) Yes, your point is valid, but I personally see it as the lesser or two horrible situations, especially so that people who "ban to win" (as they claim) won't do the same kind of trolling, so the frequency and efficiency of this type of trolling can both expected to be much lower, imo. EDIT: Plus if someone just wants to ruin your day, he will find a way to exploit any kind of system. Trolls will flame you in chat or feed if they can't ruin your game in the champ select when they really want to, or if they are chatbanned, they may even report you. As long there is a way, they will find it, I just want to have less ways for them to do so with a guaranteed success...
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: this isn't trolling.... they might be banning x champion because its way 2 strong and doesn't want the enemy picking it first..
It is trolling if you do it without any communication whatsoever, AKA, purposefully taking away the champ from your own teammate without even thinking of another solution, for example, the first player picking should get the champ and then they switch.
: Okay you are wrong.People ban your champion for a reason,if you want to pick teemo i would ban teemo.If you want to pick a useless champion i would ban him cuz i dont want to lose.Im sorry but you cant even report me because the game didnt even start,so you really cant do anything about it.They dont want to ruin your day,they just want to win.if u in bronze and they see you wanna play azir or zed they are gona say ''fk no'' cuz they know u not skilled and that you will 99% chance u lose lane.This aint changing.Deal with it.Its their ban,Its their choice.
It's their choice to troll, nice one. Have you considered how it feels to go into a game, pick your main - with whom you can even get through a hard counter lane - and then some asshole just bans it on purpose and laughs with caps lock on? Because 1) you're making your teammate's job harder, 2) you're making your enemy's job easier, 3) you're being not only unsportsmanlike, but also harmful to your own team, 4) you potentially make your teammate flame you (and he will actually be in his full right to do so), 5) you're making their day worse, no matter the outcome of the game, and 6) you might even loose the lane for them (let's say it's a one trick pony and you just destroyed his lane in one click). If you do't want to ruin your teammate's day, just want to win, maybe use the chat and tell them that you don't want them to play that champ if possible because reasons 1,2 and 3 instead of ruining their day, ruining their game, and potentially ruining your own game before it even starts???
Rismosch (EUW)
: You could have 200 CS by that time easily. On average you hit 100 CS on minute 13, if you are good even earlier. High CS is not that hard to get...
I mean, yeah, you're right about that, but it isn't exactly my point. My point is that this is the absolute least important thing as long as you can keep up with the level and gold without it. I took a bunch of objectives, a bunch of kills, i was too busy destroying my lane opponent, being in teamfights or taking towers/inhibitors, and yet, the game doesn't seem to care as much as it should compared to farm. Also, the same can happen vice versa, having a poor actual performance but getting lots of farm will grant you a better score than what you deserve (as far as I know).
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: Ok so first win of the day streak but you have to do it each day for a week, that's probably better. And key fragments get given to you each month anyway and most people tend to have more key fragments than they do chests (I know I do). Maybe a chest as a reward instead with 1000 IP. (I need my IP man come on D: )
I thought most people have more chests. Like, I usually have 2-3 chests for each key _fragment_. What about getting what you have less of instead?
: You need to research items better instead of calling it a bug because you don't check properly. Draven had {{item:3185}} which throws a mist over an area revealing traps and champions.
Hmm, in the match history, he has it, it seems like i didn't notice it then. But then the wierd part is that the trap detection is a passive on this item but he only saw my shrooms once.
: Did he had oracles? I think they made it possible to be used in all gamemodes with swapped trinkets.
Nope, there was lo effect on him, neighter on the ground.
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Master Scar (EUNE)
: just stand a bit closer to him and he won't be going anywhere
Thing is, if I'm slightly, but inside his circle, I tend to tink that I'm close enough. But apparently, this isn't always the case. :D
: You just have to get close to him and he can't, remember if he gets close t an enemy champion he dashes to them so as long as you close the gap before he uses the ult or you have someone in his path he will dash towards you instead of running.
That's not the problem. The problem is when somebody is already slightly, but **inside** his targeting circle. That's what I'm talking about here.
: It does target enemies straight away, ive tried using it as an escape twice and failed.
I've seen it working, and i've used it successfully, although, yes, i myself usually tried to make it so that they are in the outer side of my targetcircle. Maybe the actual targeting circle is a little bit smaller then the indicated one?
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Not xPeke (EUW)
: What do you mean KSing? I don't understand what you mean. I probably didn't word my post correctly and caused some confusion, what I meant is: I got all 5 kills, but the announcer said triple kill, and then a double kill, instead of saying triple kill --> quadra kill ---> penta kill. There was no KSing involved. After seeing the timeframe I realise I must have taken more than 10 seconds between my third kill and my would-be-quadra. I do get your point on the game not caring and the last hitter getting the kill, yeah it's true.
Oh, okay, I misunderstood it then. I thougth you're talking about some general situation of someone deserving the penta but someone else stealing 2 kill from it. Nevermind.
: i once took 52 true dmg from flash u know what they say u live and u learn
Scrinnid (EUNE)
To disappoint us? Dude, I know it's bugged. Even the good old "damage taken from [not the source of the damage (autoattack,spell,etc) but eighter my or his summoner name] [with no icon but a black nothingness to it]" bug is still around. I think it's been half a year or so since I first noticed that one. Nooooo sir, I'm not dissapointed, in fact, I'm not even surprised, save for the sheer ridicolusness of this bug :D However, I still think this might actually be a gameplay bug, reather than just another deathrecap bug. And if that is the case, well then this is a MAJOR issue.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Can Riot confirm exactly how a PentaKill is acquired?
I see the timeframe is answered, but here's another thing. The guy who last hits the enemies will get the kill, thus the "Pentakill being denied and changed to a triple + double Kill" thing that you said here is actually KS-ing the pentakill from teammates. Like dealing the last 10 points of damage to an enemy that someone else just burted down from 3000HP, the game doesn't care and the lasthiter will get the kill.
: Sivir can see Teemo shrooms without oracles elixir.
It happened to me too, I guess it way maybe about a mounth ago(?). I was Teemo, and the enemy team Lux overdosed herself with oracle's, and then suddenly, she got to see all my shrooms for the rest of the game. It was a custom match on Howling abyss, 3V4 (or 4V5?), she was in the stronger team.
xtimigui (EUW)
: I will experiment dat bug now :D {{champion:17}} {{summoner:14}} {{champion:17}}
You'd be surprised how quick furr ignites . . .
RocketRo11 (EUNE)
: {{champion:119}} is **Number-2** after {{champion:245}} to get an bone braking nerf once and for all. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Yeah, I mean, I know he's REALLY strong, but the point is, he shouldn't even be able to deal true damage at all. And that 1020 is more than 0 true damage, I think. :D
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