Lodžo (EUNE)
: Can we discuss this restriction?
Passive-aggressive behavior - and what i know riot punish this as well (which i think is wrong) Report this guy, is kind of toxic I guess its not a toxic restriction but a negative attitude one, bcs you were **very** negative this game, but its hard to say without seeing chat of others too On the other hand i Like that early game part about fiora bikini, seems pretty friendly to me (and kind of a pervert too)
: Franken-champion
Morde Passive Nasus Q Zilean W Tryndamere E Nautilus R Basicly tanky easy to stack version of nasus with heavy CC
FlashDogg (EUW)
: Team balance?
there is a risk with gaging loosing lane, if enemy jungler shows up and its 2vs2 you lose very hard, in top lane lot champions can easily 1vs2 if ahead When someone gangs me at top, i just use to type to our jungler to take his bot side jungle or take a dragon so the enemy jungler getting pusnihed for ganging your lane
: -an open letter to riot games- "Why I decided to quit playing League of Ledgends"
nice decision, you got banned {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: How to deal with tilt?
After the game ends go and do something else (dont start another game) go and do some exercise or watch some series/movie, give yourself a 20min break, otherwise you will be tilted at start of the next game, and you will most likely play poorly and loose
Swarmer (EUNE)
: but since games arent long enough for adc to get 400 farm and to be viable, adc does not exist.
Not in LCS, but in SoloQ game are long enough, Ezreal Kaisa Lucian MF Kog, all are strong enough with just 2 items, and are viable picks, only Crit ADC are much weaker early - mid, but are strongest late.
: Got ban because system thought I asked someone to kill himself
Dam, yesterday i told our sion to kill himself and steal red. So goodbye guys JK, this is ridiculous
: WTF Has This Game Become?
Since season 1, everything was changing, but botlane (ziggs adc meta exception), bot was all the time just support and carry, and most of the games was just about which team got better carry. Now you have a choice you can still play ADC, they are viable, you just need more time to scale (which make sense to me since they should be lategame monsters). What's wrong with fighting over scutle ? If is impossible to solo carry the game, how is possible to solo throw a game ? In that LCS part you are totally wrong, did you saw the last LCK? finaly its not a farm fest until 40min and wait for a one with a stronger carry to win. Who is the troll? can you define troll ? What is trolling? bcs in my point of view Troll is anybody who dont play like I want, which is everybody in the game (premades exception).
Ökami (EUNE)
: It was only for the MSI event.
is there any was how to get it back ? it was so cool, game feels more live to me with that
Rioter Comments
SoShady (EUNE)
: Champion Sexualization
{{champion:1}} {{champion:142}} are the best
Happee (EUW)
: I dont understand how the ranked system works
flex and solo got different mmr (you can be soloq diamond and flexq silver) , and when you are checking your game (lets say op.gg) site showing players SOLOQ elo, not flex
: > don't let her harass you How?
dont stay near minions and shove your vawe - she will have 2 possibilities, harassing you or farming
it happends everygame or just one game? sometimes you need just to restart game/computer
: pls fix this
you dont get chat restriction for a one game
looonster (EUW)
: Play until your on the side without int feeders/trolls.
lets asume you are a midlaner and you have control around midlane: so there is a 50% chance of having and 50% of having winning botlane So there is 25% chance having both lanes wining 50% chance at least one lane is wining and 25% chance both lanes are loosing so there is 75% having atleast one feeder in your game Thats why you feel like there is a feeder in every game
: My opinion on tanks and how I feel they should be nerfed.
Guide how to beat tanks (toplane only): 1: rush {{item:3077}} 2: shove the lane 3: roam mid/jungle 4: ???? 5: profit
: Permanently ban
if they are trolling/inting they will get punish aswell, Why you care about other people ? you cant change them (well you can dodge) You were toxic which is against the rules and thats why you get punished, nobody care why you do that, or that he was breaking rules too Its like saying i killed that person because he was speeding -> both are illegal Not every game is winnable, you need to accept it, and not flaming teammates
: Attempt to reconnect every ~2-5min
If you are using WiFi, that can cause the trouble, got the same problem with old router QoS on, so when my brother start skype i got lags for short time period
: rework atrox
Champion is fine, i checked your match history, your build is awful, full attack speed sux Try this {{item:3078}} (if against tank start {{item:3077}} first) {{item:3053}} than finish tiamat, boots mostly tabi (you got tenacity from steraks) rest is up to you I preffer tanky stuff Also {{item:3026}} is terrible, you dont need it, just learn how to manage your passive EDIT: runes conqueror most of the time, hard matchups grasp or fleet dodge riven games
: i just dont see this how you see it, where in game 1 am i actually flaming teamates? i pointed out their mistakes yes, this does not mean the same thing as flaming??? me saying to the enemy team that our jungler is farming jungle while they take our base is not being toxic towards any of my teamates here in any way.... (thats the only part of game 1 text that i thought you might be referring too idk?) same applies for game 2 and 3 in all honesty.
Brookerras: ff it, we dont have a jungler Brookerras: ive died 3 times Brookerras: twice bc of you Brookerras: im not blaming the jungler - I laughts here xD In chat communication spamming with caps eqals yelling its annoying to do that
: Skarner /// need some advice
LCS is not a soloq, looking at some challengers jungler R>E>W>Q Rushing triforce (even before jungle item) than go full tank Runes: Predator/spellbook/aftershock
: got banned, what do you guys think
As I see it: Game one: very negative and flaming teammates Game two: kind of negative, but not for a ban until the last sentence that was flaming teammates Game three: practicly same as game 2 Queastion for you: Is this your first punishment, any warning or something? Did you get actually banned or just a chat restriction?
Joroz (EUW)
: Getting penalized just for saying that you will report someone
if what you saying is true, you were punished for another game where you were probably toxic like hell, your punishment just came later
cooltra (EUW)
: Kassadin mini rework idea
after lvl 16 he is instawin (or was before manaflow rework), his early game sux, but overall he is in good spot and his silence cancel channeling effects, for example malz R :-)
Saijuki (EUW)
: ELO Hell
its simple, win more games than lose
: Is it possible to demote from gold to silver in S7?
Got demoted once, you need like a 10-15 lose streak
Rioter Comments
nemes10 (EUW)
: bronze ....
because you left a game
stiv bukris (EUNE)
: patch 7.8 error 004
got the same issue, i just reinstall the game
Q Ren (EUW)
: Xayah
Agree, kind of, I think main problem is her ultimate, it last too long, she is very hard to shutdown, and with the feathers mechanic, it feels like trying to kill syndra with 5balls on the ground and zhonyas up
Yurodivi (EUNE)
: Fidlesticks "An early game swan and late game black duck"
AoE ultimate, bouncing silence, he is for Teamfighting no for 1vs1
Four Star (EUW)
: Let's talk LP loss for dodging a game
You lose LP, but you dont loose MMR (You are loosing a useless number you see, but usefull number which is hidden stay the same) You only pay for dodge with dodgeQ timer, or loosing a promo
Four Star (EUW)
: How to escape bronze
> [{quoted}](name=WildSide,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IqfUyV3t,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-20T04:29:05.776+0000) > 1. You are bronze, you are not good at the game or the champions you play first admit this to youself. Apply to everyone (except masters+) if you think you are good enough you will stop climbing > (Top) stop always wasting tp to get to lane, save it for a flank on bot, ward use, deny cs, if your jgl wont help and your losing lane,accept defeat, dont give him a bunch of kills when you know he out pressures you. If your champion is not good at gangs, you dont need to pick teleport at all, just go ignite and kill your opponent, also when you winning your lane but you cant dive him yet, you can clear wave fast and visit enemy jungle/mid, or you can freeze the lane and stan between your opponent farm and him and just last hit ADC: Your part of a fight is to do a constant dmg, thats mean you attack first SAVE target, even if it is a tank, your job is to Shoot at them and DONT DIE, not to kill most priority target (their carry) > (Jgl) > > Dont pick late game champion or hard to play champions, you are bronze, you arnt ready for that, take easy and earlyvhampions to play, champions like yi, gragas, Vi, simple junglers. > Strongly disagree with this one!!!! Pick lategame powerhorses, games in bronze took like forever, there are mistakes at both sides, nobody know how to use thier advantage properly, and end game early > You gank a lane with wave pushed up and leave? Bad, get some damage, buy wards to keep laners safe, take scuttle to protect laners from roams. > > Counter jgl, in bronze if younpick ivern, you will 100% tilt their jgl as he will have no idea what to do, and like i said take early game champs for pressure. I will just add: Learn JUNGLE PATHS !!!! Try to take tower after succesfull gang, push the lane with your laner (even if he disagree/farms stealing etc), then if you both have enough HP you can go and gang another lane (example I go mid we kill they midlaner, push the wave, but we see tower is full, so we cant kill it, we see enemy botlane pushing so we go there for a 4man gang party) If you see enemy jungler ganking one of your lane, and you cant be there in time, go make a pressure on other side of a map, if you cant, go in his jungle and piss him off by taking some creeps > (Mid) > > Most mid laners think they are gods, as if the game revolves around them, but you are bronze, you aint good so pay attention. > > > Don't pick crazy zed, talon picks , take champions like vel koz, anivia, theae types of champions people find it hard to play against so you have the advantage, also roam bot and top when you are mid and have pushed the wave in. Pick a Control mage with a good waveclear basicly . > > As for build types Supports: SIghstone + {{item:3364}} + 1 free slots for {{item:2055}} , and {{item:3107}} is still OP ADC: {{item:3153}} is very strong right now, after your first 2 core dmg items, you should get {{item:3035}} (you dont need to upgrade it until lategame) Mid : Faker SoloQ tactic (90% of the time) , his first item is Defensive item vs his lane opponent, -> {{item:3001}} {{item:3191}} {{item:3155}} then he go regular stuff Top: Same as in midlane, your first item should be something defensive vs your lane opponent (doesnt apply to a crucial core items for example {{champion:39}} +{{item:3078}} ) Another advice what I can give,(what I think is the easiest way to climb) is Unusuall one trick pony: Everyone know how to play vs zed yasuo ...., they are in every game, But how many time you met Tank Akali, Warwick Top? Karthus mid? full AD jarvan jungle? Not much, so your enemy, so they will have a little to none experience how to play against them, while you will have a lot of experience playing vs thier meta champion
: Wouldn't you feel embarrassed though, being a high ranking (meaning you put effort into) the game with the most negative reputation in all the gaming communities. People are generally like "Ugh, League is so toxic and horrible". Loads of people I've mentioned playing to have said that. Its like admitting that you are a supporter of UKIP (An Anti-Immigration Party within the UK). It just has such a negative reputation outside its own community, what's the point?
And who the f*** cares what other people outside of comunity thinks about it ? Its still most (maybe not idk) played game in the world. I am not going to speak with somebody who dont play League about League (logical huh) I enjoy the game, or better said I enjoy winning games, crushing my opponents, and it feels much better when you destroy Diamond player then silver one
: Do you have any ideas for a Garen player username ?
: speaking to a guy who dont know any shlt about camille is pointless and wasting time so goodbye dude u dont know anything about camille and u dont know how important was that heal for her
Heal is still there so what exactly are you talking about? Its just little harder to heal when you fcked up your lane early, or you are facing a lane bully
: Is tryndamere flat out BROKEN or people just let him beat them in lane because they're bad?
{{item:1054}} +{{item:3047}} + StormRaider and he cant touch you
: trading
Do WE (players) think it's a good idea? Yes of course , its a skins for free Do Riot think it's a good idea ? NO -> Free skins for players, so who will buy RP ? (which i think is thier main source of income)
pdX Lye (EUW)
: Build order for Jayce?
If your laner is squishy {{item:3142}}then {{item:3071}} If your laner is tanky go for {{item:3071}} If your laner is mage go for {{item:3155}} {{item:3071}}
Garison (EUNE)
: Is there a site that detaily explains laning and counters ?
When i am going to play matchup i am not familiar with i check mobafire guides for Enemy so i Know what i should expect from them
N1bbl3 (EUW)
: Malzahar voidlings not procing spellthiefs but count as an autoattack
If they count as an autoatack is thier dmg increased with fervor? (could be oP ?)
: Players banning champions others want (from your team)
Yasuo secret passive (not that secret actualy) If Yasuo is in your team he is useless If Yasuo is in your opponent team he is better then [Mata](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhuI-2M4jXs)
: Which champions can beat Panth in lane(or be even at least)
{{champion:92}} take first skill E and eat his mana bar {{champion:8}} Sustain + poke + pool {{champion:85}}{{champion:126}} if played right Basicly dont fight him pre6 he is extremly strong early but he falls of mid/lategame After6 you get your combat ultimate while his is useless in fights (just for engage)
Possible (EUW)
: Unique passives with the same name don't stack and unique passive(without name) don't stack if you buy multiple of the same item.
I checked it ingame, you are right, my bad
Finalbleed (EUNE)
: Nerfs
Syndra was fine, [Kappa](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYgCXwM_0fc)
: Question about bonus heal and shield
Unique passive dont stack : you will have 20%
TTekkers (EUW)
: 10 CS per minute is less than both full waves, so has space to miss waves to roams and stuff if you are perfectly CS-ing. Also, if you are managing the waves correctly you won't miss that many on roams and stuff anyway. And then once turrets start to drop, not only do more cannons spawn later increasing the potential CS per minute, but you also have a larger window to get from farm -> team or vice versa. Ten per minute is definitely a feasible target.
[This guy ](http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=Longzhu%20비디디) is a rank 2 Challenger player atm 1172LP (first one is jungler) i count his CS/minute for last 10 wining games and the average is 7,13 CS/minute with the best score 9,2 And you are trying to convince me that you can do 10/minute if you are good enough?
: Champion Mastery Icons
: Flex Q
Atm at EUNE FlexQ = NormalDraft (ppl trying new champs here)
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