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Degmond (EUNE)
: Anything > League of Tanks
Colossus is getting nerfed next patch
M4ndrake (EUW)
: Can we bloody nerf Yasou
Yasuo isnt op, hes so squishy and dies very quickly
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: Are Riot feeling threatened by Overwatch?
I dont think theyre that afraid, League is way more popular than OW
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: Failed reworks and more
GP rework wa sgreat but he was super OP after it though
Çhaòs (EUW)
: How to play Taliyah.
:Dd yeah she seems pretty shitty
qtpie (EUNE)
: U know that his play rate is the highest of every mid champs? But i agree with u that the nerfs are too hard.
Thats bullshit... statistics please?
: Well they are removing the DMG dealing W to towers. But in my opinion this isnt such a big change as you mainly used the soldier dmg on towers for fast push with team when you know that you dont need soldiers to fight/poke the enemy away. What really hits him hard is the reduction on R duration to flat 3 seconds from 5/6/7 with the 20% move speed buff i you walk throught the wall which also got removed.
Yeah the R duration reduction is the worst
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: Patch 6.10 Velkoz buff
the aurelion nerfs? riot really hates that guy....
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Clewless (EUW)
: Am I the only one who thinks Azir is OP as fuck??
Tbh i think hes only strong in competetive
Fawkz (EUW)
: But QSS doesn't cleanse his ult anymore, does it?
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Malzahar (Warning: Salty)
His q, e and ult dmg were nerfed to the ground.... only the passive is op imo
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Malz's new passive is unfair considering his point and click ult
rucci (EUW)
: only assasins can cry cause they are now countered , and malz shild without hes squishy as hell, and solo abron sry but with lvl 13 a ww can solo baron too,, and only ad malz can solo baron but hes useless
Shows me lvl 13 ww soloing baron
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AHP2Rxmz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-04T13:54:50.320+0000) > > {{champion:90}} Zed? > > Oh hi. >:3 They will nerf this passive:) We will talk next patch...
: I agree, they did seem to nerf him very quickly. He got a bit more play when he was free champ of the week. Since then...nothing. Maybe people just found him too hard to play well? I have seen some very good AS players and he can be devastating in the right hands.
They still spam Yasuo even though hes one of the hardest champs
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: Honest Q, do riot even care about boosted accounts?
Boosting will never stop as long as stupid people pay for it.. nothing riot can do about it
Tracer Here (EUNE)
: Platinum A LOT of boosted and toxic people
Welcome to the real elo hell..
: ELO Hell!
Ur probably just rly bad, git gud
: New Gnar Build?
Normals dont mean shit play it in ranked
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Nice one man wp. So what are some match ups that are hard / easy top?? I really enjoy GP and would be great to take him top lane
Well tanks are usually easy since they dont have the dmg to kill you so you can just farm. Hard matchups are lane bullies like pantheon and rene, so u gotta just farm vs them. You can beat things like riven and fiora but only if youre experienced or they suck so generally id avoid fighting them.
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: I've played a lot of GP (mid lane, lvl 4 mastery) kind of find him difficult top lane, is it just relearning match ups or is he stronger mid?
Mid lane has generally better match ups but there are better mids than him. I got like 160k mastery and this season 61.5% win rate on him at mostly top in like 120 games
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Top laner wanting to pick up new champ?!?
: What ever happened to Shen?
Hes pretty good i still play him
: It's not bug, cooldown was changed little bit for some balance.
Balance? have you seen fizz? permanently untargetable
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Ulriah (EUW)
: There is no real reason to have Solo Q so yeah it most likely won't happen.
Except that all high elo players who are the core of this game hate dynamic
: Did we give up on soloQ?
Maybe stop buying RP? If no money flows in they will give what we want
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Apatosaurus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rtlPaJxA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-22T05:59:17.041+0000) > > The thing is though, for game health, Malzahar could never be a staple jungler in the form he was. > Having fast clears where he'd take no damage because his voidlings took all the damage, is unacceptable, especially since he had strong dragon control from as early as level three, and ganks with almost no counterplay post 6. Funny how Warwick doesn't take damage in the jungle as he outsustains it entirely, has insane dragon control in the early game and has a far stronger, almost no-counterplay gank post 6. And he isn't seeing much play.
Hes trash because his ult is easy to counter and his w and e are basicly garbage
: The Malzahar 4/21 PBE nerf
Rip malzahar, i bet they saw pants are dragons video where he easily solos baron with voidlings
Franstein07 (EUNE)
: patch 6.8 jhin attack speed didnt increse when i buy attack speed items
Read his passive... Attack speed increases his ad but he doesnt attack faster
: Vladimir unbalanced now?? nerfed? A bit look to new vladimir.......
Pants are Dragon said its a huge buff and hes challenger so i trust it
Sffc (EUW)
: You know a champion is crap when they are reduced to being items
: {{champion:157}} / asking for knock up supp and top temates and than feeds his ass in lane so his ult is uselles / every damn time ! :D
Yeah yasuo feeds 99% of the time
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: I don't get this teemo hate tbh. I main him on my smurf and he's a ton of fun. I love when you pick him -> OMG TEEMO! NOOOOOOOeS, We lost boyz. You get first blood -> ??? You are 5-0 and get a tower -> !!!!! You did 72K damage with your Liandri's and shrooms , team be like, wut?!
Id love to get a challenger teemo on my team but 90% of teemos you see in soloque are useless
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: Only until he gets a kill. Then he snowballs so hard it takes no skill to stay ahead.
Lol even if he gets fed he cant do much if the enemy top gets fed, a strong fed bruiser will dumpster a fed zed
: Dynamic Q isn't flawless but it is would be way worse if soloQ existed : - waiting time will increase as players will be divided in two Q - 4 premades will have a very hard time to find a fifth player What's sure is that releasing soloQ would destroy DynamicQ yet Riot has worked hard on it to solve its pb (most of them are solved now btw), it would be such a waste. For most of the players (except for high elo, which is a minority) DQ is way better than what Ranked used to be and so Riot decided they cannot move back to a worse DQ so they decided to keep improving it instead of destroying it. Sounds fair doesn't it ? I believe they'll keep improving it until even soloQ's partisans are satisfied with it (assuming they will be honest and will recognize SoloQ isn't needed anymore)
Dynaic que dies if soloq get released
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Here is a list with the Pros and Cons of Dynamic Queue: **Pros:** - ~~Champion Select is more engaging. Player's cannot fall asleep during this stage of the game and have to actively communicate their Role, Champion and Champion Ban (if they are given the option). I do not have to fear any last second changes or mess-ups, and any silent characters can now be understood through this stage.~~ - ~~Role Selection. Player's have the option to choose their desired role/s and usually get them (took a week or 2 with the slow-minded to figure out that choosing Mid as the Second Option would usually give you the First Option, but what can you do). Occasionally, there are some people that ask for role swapping, but the conversation is more mature and engaging (due to previous point). I have yet to see an argument regarding this topic to appear in Champion Select.~~ - ~~Champion Banning. Allowing 3 separate players to ban a champion each is a nice touch. Just needs a few changes and this system would be great (5 bans per team would be the best situation). [It's a pro since it's better than the old system].~~ - ~~Role Encouragement. It's not ideally situated, but underplayed roles like Support and Top are now being actively learned due to the new system. This helps with role recognition (yes, some Players still think Support is useless), and helps to slightly regulate the system when it comes to over-competed roles.~~ - Friends can play Ranked together. Players who are social enough to have friends but don't wish to be part of a full team, can join this Queue with whatever friends are available at the time. The convenience of this enables these types of Players to be more relaxed during Ranked matches. - Promotion. To the player, this isn't a directly beneficial feature. However, promoting Players to actively get friends to join them on the fields of justice creates more potential customers. More customers means more money, and more of the money can be used to enhance the game (hire more staff). Enhanced game means enhanced gaming experience for the Players. **Cons:** - ~~Role Selection. Specialists did get the short end of the stick in terms of having to choose another role. They have been forced to generalize or suffer potential loses in competitive playing (seems a bit unfair). I personally didn't suffer due to Support not being overly competitive, but many Carry oriented Players have been suffering due to this.~~ - ~~Queue Times. As a Support Main I do not suffer long queue times. But baring witness to players who have experienced 20+ minute long queue times due to over-competed roles or underpopulated high ranks, you do have to slightly question the system.~~ - Playing against Pre-made Teams. This puts the Solo Player (the companies initial target market) at such a disadvantage. Some players underestimate the value of communication, but that simple thing can win so many games. If you need evidence, go to YouTube and watch some of the commentators (who usually plays with pre-mades) who play of League of Legends. You will notice some of them are particularly bad but get away with their mistakes and unorthodox plays due to communication. Some might say that all Solo Players have equal opportunity to be placed with / against a Pre-made Team, but what about a Solo Player vs. Pre-made Player. The Pre-made Player is guaranteed to be in a Pre-made Team, and if they have 5 players the only thing they need to fear is another Pre-made Team of 5 Players (or a full team of Solo Players roughly 2 Ranks higher). The Solo Player has to suffer through chance Matchmaking, and that's just poor. - Playing with Pre-made Teams. This usually has 2 outcomes and I will go over each briefly. The first is winning a match with little effort. Some Players will take this as a good thing, but it's actively boosting Players to Divisions / Ranks they don't deserve (think Smurf). Players are sometimes thrown out of the depth in terms of future match-making, and some Players want to prove that they can carry themselves (and not by a 3+ Pre-made Team). The second is losing a match. Most of the matches I have experienced (whilst grouped with a Pre-made Team) have come out sour. Any advice I provide is ignored or slagged off as bad, any mistakes I make (even if it's a single mistake) I am constantly reminded of, and when the match reaches the point where it's obvious we cannot win, I am the person who is blamed. Communication is to a bare minimum but if there is a rather chatty player, 90% of the comments are about you being bad. I **DO NOT** like being harassed by a group of players who see no fault in their own plays yet have the nerve to orient the whole loss of the game onto me. Whenever I experience this, I have to leave the game and wait until I have calmed down the next day (and I'm generally a lax person). - 'Make Friends or Suffer'. Connecting to the last 2 points, Dynamic Queue seems to orient of the concept that if you don't have friends to make a Pre-made Team, you don't deserve to achieve a High Rank. I can understand what Riot was trying to achieve, but it has kicked down everyone by roughly 2 or more divisions simply to make space for the climbing Pre-made Teams. This system has come out horribly, and the Solo Player has had to suffer for it. Those with few friends, an anti-social lifestyle, or preference to prove their own skill (not team skill) have all had to suffer through this new system.
Dont u realize the same champ select would be in soloque?
Ibn La Ahad (EUNE)
: As a Malzahar main I don't like these changes at all
He might be a jungler now since he can spam voidlings more
Magatas (EUW)
: I saw his kit, it is broken per definition. Why did it had to be this strong? Soon there will be 12 mages changed. Will it be as unbalanced as the juggernauts?
At least mages can die unlike the juggernauts, they were cancer
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Riot, this new ... Taric is just...
Does he still stack armor?
Andy Ten (EUW)
: If this happens to QSS nerf Zed ult.
Wait I dont see any change?
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