: https://gyazo.com/747f19624a60df4fe66726daed3f2f87 Just gonna leave this screenshot here.
Yeah I heard him talk about it in his videos. To be honest you hear this from a lot of people in Pro scene for the past year. It's kinda sad that even at that high elo people adopted a passive-agressive mentality and sometimes simply abuse the system that allows this kind of behavior.
: "In every match, you are almost certain ti be held hostage by a troll, or someone who got mad because of first blood and is inting, or someone who wants to derank, or someone trying a new champ in ranked" You act like every match is toxic but it's not, it is just the exception and you are exaggerating. If you've been permanently banned then you need to take a good hard look at yourself because you're being told you're part of the problem. If you reflect positivity your team are more likely to reflect it back at you. Good luck summoner
No I don't act in any way. This is the truth, among 10 players in this game there is a huge possibility one of them will be upset and straight up screw the match one way or another. You just hope it's the enemy team and not yours. Having a good sportsmanlike match in Silver/Gold or even low Plat is really rare. You end up feeling you play some sort of roulette when you queue up. So no don't act like its an exception, it's not. Not when that happens in the majority of the matches. I'm not part of "the problem", I stated that I flame these trolls but I never give up or int and that's "the problem" this discussion is about, not flaming. And no I definitely not regret doing so. Being passive against people that abuse you and waste the most precious thing you have in life (time) is a bad way of living. I don't tolerate it from people in real life, and certainly won't tolerate it from people in a competitive game. Not sure which game you've been playing. Reflecting positivity rarely works out when the other player decided to ruin the match. I never talked about flaming people that are feeding or having a bad game.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: And this is why people even quit the game.Beside balance that is awful there are people that get triggered by nothing..and ruin games. I triggered an ex chalenger player and the guy start shaming me on boards with another account xD.I mean immagine getting that guy in your games.. But in the end id prefer someone toxic that tries to win games then getting triggered and just say "ff" and afk until the game ends..
Exactly, I've been in numerous games where someone is just angry and trash-talks to let off steam. I just mute them and we all keep playing and trying to win. People tend to get all oversensitive and snowflake over the chat. The solution is just one button away, you can even turn it off completely if you want. But the people who keep you hostage in a game they lose on purpose go unpunished, you can do absolutely nothing to stop them. It's ridiculous! Take the 2 cases below: 1: "He was just having a bad game and gave up." 2: "He was having a bad game, didn't give up but got pissed and flamed." For some reason number 1 is totally fine, people are even defending this kind of behavior. Personally i think it's much more toxic and abusive to everyone else in that match than just flaming.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: People that flame the most are the people that also troll and do this "hostage thing" To get banned it means you crossed a very big line. I play the game 9 years (+4 more than you) and i only ever got 2 chat restrictions which were well deserved. I flame too occasionally but you apparently took to another level Also, see you in 1 week after you buy an unranked smurf account. Have fun
That is usually the case. But personally I never gave up a game, I don't even surrender with trolls in team and try to win. If I feel I would play badly I wouldn't join ranked. I had 1 chat restriction 2 years ago. And also I never use any hard insults. Not sure about what line I crossed, people say the stuff I say all the time. The game is filled with passive-agressive people anyway, which is way worse than flamers. They will try to make you feel bad while avoiding anything that would make you be able to report them. Nah I'm not getting any accounts, I hate smurfs they are as bad as trolls and ruin other players experience. Never had a smurf account and never will. The game is not fun and I'm not coming back. Have fun though, if you actually are. :)
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