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: But arcade already makes him mechanical thus making mecha skin redundant
I also questioned that but since Annie have hextech and super galaxy skins that looks almost the same i thought hecarim wouldn't hurt too, also they would not be similiar looking arcade is slick like let's say a Mac, but mecha will be more edgy (not in the emo style :P) going further with the comparison he would be a PC xD
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: the graves could be sandcastles and the ghouls crabs or jellyfish anything dangerous on a beach will do lol but i am not to keen on seeing this 300 years old corse run around in a speedo lmao
what about lady of the mist? ghouls could be only crabs and maybe she would be a giant floating jellyfish or even better an octopus.
Sea Salt (EUW)
: Next Victorious skin?....
I think it will be Talon or Yasuo Simple checklist: we have 6 skins Elise Janna Jarvan Morgana Sivir Maokai Which dmg output are they doing AP AP AD AP AD AP So the next champ should have AD right? Roles now: Jungle Support Jungle/Top Support/Mid ADC Jungle/Top Mid and ADC got mentioned only once BUT Mid is being linked with Support and we had an ADC recently so it's most probably Mid. now let's look then for pure AD Midlaner. We've got basically 3 of them that are both AD and can go Mid: Zed, Talon, Yasuo. Zed? Nah he has similar skin (Championship Zed). Talon? Can be but he already has 6 skins and one has blue accents (SSW Talon). Yasuo? Least amount of skins from these three? Check. AD? Check. Mid? Check but he's played Top aswell which is why he isn't a guaranteed pick. Also he's getting a new skin in the near future. Conclusion? According to a process of elimination it'll be either Talon or Yasuo.
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Steritex (EUNE)
: Permanently banned. Its redicilous.
There is a thing called "mute button" if you don't want to get triggered by people just use it when they start flaming you. Works 100% of the time.
Juksemaker (EUNE)
: How the hell! (mastery score)
From what I remember it works by comparing your score with score of other people playing the same champion on the same position in similiar games. So it's not about "worse karthus got S and I didn't" it's "how I compare to other ADC Lucian players in 50 minutes games"
: Vi and counterplay
While charging Vi is immune to CC so no matter what your team would do to her she won't get stunned, snared, silenced and so on. Mercurial scimitar and qss were changed and they remove CC ONLY (zed,vlad and vi ulti is no longer removed) so they would help with the second part of her ulti when she knocks you up (notice that you are still being damaged). Vi's ult is a lock-on ability not a skillshot so flash does nothing. Janna's e and heal just increases your hp so they are not relevant. That's all for your team actions you described. Actually countering Vi is easy. Just become untargetable as soon as she ults you. Zhonya's is a go to unless you have Tahm Kench in your team, then just let him Devour you.
: Champion Concept: Kadarin, the Reconstruct
Seems good but isn't it the concept of a champion that guy from the make-a-wish foundation made? Or is it just the name?
Wheeks (EUW)
: I wrote some lore for a champion that doesn't exist - but I'd appreciate your feedback anyway!
WOW! Man! I guess if Jhin wasn't released so short ago it definitely could be a lore for the next sniper ADC. Hope Riot use it in future.
Athem (EUNE)
: Gem Knight Sion - Cause we still need a Gem Knight!
I would prefer giving him star guardian skin xD Kawaii Sion FTW
: champion concept Moloch the corruptor
He could have also his own skin based off of Guts from "Berserk". Name could be Black Swordsman Moloch (Here's how Guts looks like: )
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