: If you get offended easily, you can stop reading right here! So here's my story: I'm a 21 y/o computer science student and programmer, a couple of months ago I decided to try my chances for one of these freelance software companies called People Per Hour (Good luck finding a job in Iran by the way) , and they banned my account and gave me an email basically saying "Sorry but we have no choice in the matter" Which was nice of them. now that is understandable to some extend as PPH is a company made for freelance jobs and it has to do a lot with money transactions and that might come back to haunt them later on. Now here's Riot, a company with no ties to any Banks in Iran, as it's impossible to send/receive money via Iranian banks to foreign entities (FATF and all that good stuff). So here are my thoughts on the reality of the situation, first off there were no announcements, you can at least say "Hey we're sorry but we have to block your entire IP Range" before flipping us off. Second, there's no fund transfer between Iran's banks and Riot (or any other foreign entity as mentioned above) and they still decide to ban the people (What about the people who buy your stuff with hardly obtained credit/debit cards? with min wage being $80 here!) . Third (Sorry if it's getting political here), Our own horrible "government" is raining fire down on the civilians and the youth of Iran, and companies just decide to ban/block the civilians of Iran. So, thanks for limiting the joy of my joyless life even more than it has been Riot (Yes, you are to blame to some extend). P.S: trends.google.com still has Iran as a country in the search result, gmail still supports +98 for mobile numbers and it's a company that was born in the heart of US, so yeah, that's all I have to say. Best regards Edit: Made it more politically correct in regards to Iran's regime (Don't wanna lose my head yet!)
Well said bro... Well said
: BAN in Iran and Syria
No. They do not care about us
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