: How many seasons?
I joined somewhere around Udyr's release. I'd say a little bit before him, but my memories might be wrong. I know i was playing before Nidalee got released, because she was annoying to me at first: the only champion i couldn't just stomp on solo mid with Ashe.
: > The standard escalation of punishments goes like this 10 match chat restriction, 7 days ban, 14 days ban and the fourth punishment is perma ban Nope. There is no 7 day ban. The second punishment is a 25 match chat restriction. And it's also very important to know that, depending on how toxic you are, you can skip punishment levels at any time. And extreme toxicity (racism, homopbobia, death threats etc.) skips the restrictions in general and starts directly with a 14 day ban. So does the punishment for intentionally feeding. > From what i've read, depending on their behavior, getting back to honor 2 after a punishment can take anywhere between 1-3 months. For many people it's much longer than that. It depends on what punishment you had and, as you correctly said, on your behavior, but it's also perfectly possible that you are on "probation" for a year or even more than that.
Thanks for the correction. As a quick question: was there never a 7 day ban and i just remember incorrectly or was it changed at some point?
: Attack speed slows shouldn't exist for the same reason dodge mechanic was removed
I think you got your info a bit wrong there: dodge has been removed for it's random nature, not because how hard it countered AA based champions. Especially the dodge runes. Everyone would have at least one of those for the 1% chance and a completely random roll saving people from dying is not a good mechanic for an aspiring e-sport. Also, if AS slows would be removed as you suggest, then probably every AS item or AA based champion would have to get nerfed too.
GeoNemessis (EUNE)
: I need your help!
The standard escalation of punishments goes like this 10 match chat restriction, 7 days ban, 14 days ban and the fourth punishment is perma ban. You can deescalate your punishment level if you are positive for a long period of time tho. If your chat restriction ends you can start increasing your honor level again but you will start from lvl0 instead of lvl2. The main difference is that on lvl2+ it's enough for you to just stay silent and move on with your games to increase your honor standing, but between lvl0 and lvl2 you need to be actively positive if you want to go up. Please note that mild toxicity that would not otherwise cause punishment on it's own like saying "easy" at the end of the match or report calling will still stop you from increasing your honor level. From what i've read, depending on their behavior, getting back to honor 2 after a punishment can take anywhere between 1-3 months.
: >Because it's a crowd control but it isn't a debuff that has been placed on you. Actually it is a debuff. If you have a banshee's veil when nocturne uses ult, you can still see but the veil goes on cd, which makes it a debuff. Even malzahar's passive blocks noc r.
You are right. It probably could be explained in a very roundabout way, but at this point i'm giving it for the spaghetti code.
: dude u said it gets punished and i said why ? that's not answer a question with a question
Quirks of USA and international laws. In the ToS you'll see that technically Riot owns every account, we are just given access to them until we do something that results in a punishment. Especially because of the USA this is how every big company sets up it's user accounts and you can easily look up detailed videos about their legal system on youtube. The short version is: Riot owns every account and not the players, so we obviously can't sell or buy things that were not owned by us. Traded or shared accounts will be banned, often after a few matches.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zanador,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rWsAZdXP,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2019-06-14T08:04:49.853+0000) > > But as i said in my post, it does restrict the possible targets you can choose from. While in the arena, you can't smite a dragon, you can't kill a support, etc. Even past that, you can't properly see the positions of other players if i'm not mistaken and you can't run out of the arena, even if it's not as small as Jarvan's or Camille's. > > Similarly Nocturne's ultimate doesn't restrict what actions you can take, but it severely limits the information you have and the possible targets you can choose from. Exactly so why cant i qss nocturne ulti?
Because it's a crowd control but it isn't a debuff that has been placed on you. It just turns off the light around you. Just how you can't cleanse the slowing AOE from Kogmaw and Singed.
King Lego (EUNE)
: The toxic "kills! kills! kills!" mindset
Players above a certain skill level know that there is no such thing as kill stealing. An assist is far better than an enemy barely surviving and even in pro matches there were examples of one side living to back away with no more than 50 hp a couple of times before the fights became so one sided that the enemy simply couldn't respond anymore and now they were not running away with 50 hp, but rather just slaughter the other side. It's annoying to have these kinds of players in your team, but i find comfort in the thought that they will never reach their full potential until they change the way they are thinking.
: There's another one here: https://i.gyazo.com/74cf6da06b6b002dcd676161c1416d33.jpg
Ιsaac (EUW)
: dosent matter, its a debuff his ult, and you can qss all debuffs except knock ups, its simple if you think about it for a few moments :D
Except QSS only works on CC debuffs. You can't cleanse Zed's or Fiora's ult, neither can you remove Malzahar's E or just destroy the spirit created by Illaoi's E (you can only QSS the slow effect afterwards). That's why it's an important distinction that Morde's ulti is a CC debuff.
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rWsAZdXP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-14T07:24:20.482+0000) > > It’s hard cc, a new type called banish (you are being transported to another dimension and it does restrict your ability to attack and move so fits the bill) therefore it’s QSSable. > It doesn't restrict your ability to attack or move. You can still attack and move while inside that zone > And think about it without QSS it doesn’t exactly have any counter play besides hoping you can last... it definitely needed this interaction to be healthy I
>It doesn't restrict your ability to attack or move. You can still attack and move while inside that zone But as i said in my post, it does restrict the possible targets you can choose from. While in the arena, you can't smite a dragon, you can't kill a support, etc. Even past that, you can't properly see the positions of other players if i'm not mistaken and you can't run out of the arena, even if it's not as small as Jarvan's or Camille's. Similarly Nocturne's ultimate doesn't restrict what actions you can take, but it severely limits the information you have and the possible targets you can choose from.
FixxeS (EUW)
: no, but let me tell you this: did the Portuguese had the right to turn Brazilians into slaves? and yet, they did it. freedom is an interesting word, it's never contemplated in anything apart from the declaration of the human rights, where it says "you are free to do what you want to do, as long as your freedom doesn't interfere with someone else's freedom"... interesting words.
What exactly is your position here that you are trying to argue for? "if the buyer has a brain, because the biggest exploit to rules like this one is a human fundamental right: freedom." plus "no, but let me tell you this: did the Portuguese had the right to turn Brazilians into slaves? and yet, they did it." So freedom as a basic human right can be used as a loophole to break rules like the TOU we signed or the ban against slavery. Thus either you are saying that freedom as a fundamental human right causes slavery or that pragmatically speaking both slavery and fraud should only be illegal if the perpetrator is not smart enough... These might not be what you meant, but they are what you said so far.
Azazel131 (EUNE)
: Why can QSS cleane mord ult
It is a CC. Morde chooses the only player you can AA he chooses the only target you can hit with spells and as an added bonus, even some of your abilities can be effectively nullified by his ultimate (for example Fiora or Malzahar using ult on anyone else). Still, this is a very good case of a scenario where the gameplay and common sense are fighting each other. From a gameplay perspective it is a CC, so it should be cleansed by effects that remove those but from a common sense point of view if you get sent to the afterlife you should need more than a sash or an orange to get out of there instantly. This is our new version of the old League meme of why swords, axes and scythes are perfect items for archers and gunmen while almost every gun (except rfc) is only for mages.
: i am not sure how i can get a higher ammount of wins compared to loses anymore
Well, first of all, destroying the enemy nexus more often than letting yours get destroyed is probably the best way to have a positive win ratio. But if for some inexplicable reason this information didn't help you out, then there are a few other things you could try: 1. Give us a replay. 2. Tell us about your style or what kind of player you think you are. 3. Give us a reason to help you. For example politeness works wonders and some words like "please" are quite magical.
: > She very much steps over the line when she mocks shurimans for giving their lives in an effort to save the universe. Her people hid when that happned, as far as their history is concerned shurima where idiots for that and ixtal made the right choice letting them live on... she was likely taught their version of the fall of shurima and it likely painted ixtal in a much better light than cowards, plus she has a nasty case of nationalism... it makes sense for her to dis shurima, also makes her hated.
You are right, but that still leaves us with a snobbish, immature, narcissistic, nationalist psychopath with violent tendencies who has consistently shown that she has no regard to anyone but herself. Any two of this list would have been enough to set her up as a definite villain but it seems like the creative team wanted to make absolutely sure. There are similar characters in fiction, Joffrey and Kefka (FFVI) comes to my mind first, but in any example i can recall, the only satisfying story with these characters were when they finally got destroyed. Considering that this would be the first canon death in LoL we are unlikely to get it from the newest champion. But from another point of view, was this personality necessary? We already have arrogant characters (Fiora, Draven), psychopaths (jihn, Shaco) and ruthless rulers (Swain, Morde, Sejuani). Plus, Shurima just started rebuilding itself from centuries of ruin, Ionia is being invaded, Noxus is in it's natural state of almost being torn apart from the inside, Demacia and Freljord are in a civil war, the Shadow Isles generally just want everything to die, after his rework Morde thinks that the Shadow Isles is just a bit too soft, the gods of Mount Targon seem to be in a feud with each other and of course the Void is trying to destroy the whole universe. Wasn't there enough conflict without a new would-be-world-conqueror in the newest faction? I don't know, maybe i'll see this all in a new light by tomorrow, but Qiyana to me seems unnecessary at best and a potentially massive problem in the lore at worst.
: Riot, the players don't like Qiyana
I'm with the youtuber Necrit on this one. The best thing Riot could do now is to make an event like the Burning Tides was very soon, crush Qiyana in that event and and either make her an official monster or beat some sense into her. She very much steps over the line when she mocks shurimans for giving their lives in an effort to save the universe.
: Riot, Arrogance and trying to insult everything isn`t an attractive charachter Trait.
I am just listening to her special interactions, but one of them already takes the cake for me: Qiyana to a Shuriman: "We have the great city of Ixaocan. What does your Shurima have? Sand and ghosts." I think it's official: the league lore has a new villain that should be killed off as soon as possible. Why? Let's just consider what we know for already about this kingdom and how it changes the story: It's older than Shurima, it's very advanced and has stronger magic than even Ionia or the Blessed Isles and it is right to the north of Icathia, the first city that got consumed by the Viod. So Shurima fought a desperate war with everything they had to stop the end of the world, and now Ixaocan's queen is mocking the dead who fought for the whole universe. p.s: I'm sorry Draven, i thought you were an a&&hole for so long, but i got to give you props for not being Qiyana.
: Jinx's hair colour is natural
Do Ashe and Sejuani agree with this?
: Dear Riot, please consider a "Mini Skins" collection to accompany the Mini Icons!
No, please no. My eyes still hurt when i'm reminded of the Draven event on april fools' day.
: The fact you said yasuo is op instantly makes your whole point invalid
And the fact that you said Leona was OP renders your point invalid in return if that's the way we are doing it.
: We let an inter feed for one hour to get him banned
: Stop matching me with these idiots
What you wrote simply means that you are a good solo player, probably with higher than average micro control for your rating, but you are weak in the macro game and you don't share your power with your teammates efficiently. Improve in those areas and your win rate and rank will most likely go up rapidly.
: How do you explain champions who's average win rates drop with more games played ?
In two words: situational picks. Basically anyone can use simpler champions like Maokai, Annie or Malphite to their full potential right away, at least experienced players do, even if they don't main these champions. And situational picks are just that: great in some matches and really bad choice in some others. If you only pick Maokai once or twice to counter a team with lots of AP mages, you will probably win. But if you try to main him, you'll often find yourself up against Darius for example and you'll lose a lot more often than a player who only picks him in certain situations. In your example Taliyah is a champion with a steeper than average learning curve: the average player can't properly utilize her full power in their first few matches. Yet she is also very versatile: she can be used mid, jungle and bot too and she fits most team compositions, while her hard counters don't render her completely useless either. If someone learns to use her well, they will be able to be successful in nearly any situation. The second step is Annie: she is a lot easier to use than Taliyah and her basic tactics is a lot more straight forward, so learning her isn't as difficult. Because of this, players who just pick her up are performing well right away, yet she still benefits a bit prom practice. Knowing her power spikes, using her passive well, etc. are not difficult, but important. But in the end she is still an immobile mage and not even the strongest one among them, so if she is picked too often into the wrong matches, she will be beaten and her win rate goes back to the starting average.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You say you never play bad?Espeically when you play a champ that you dont know….I said hashinshin didnt int Simple.You can believe riot idc. I already said that teemo inted and it was easy to figure out when you just see his summoners speels.Easy af.And you punish hashishin playng a bad game...but dont punish teemo that hardly inted he even typed that...and doesnt get punished.The system dont WORK.You dont even have to review an entire game.How dumb you must be to see a teemo with {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:11}} not being troll.. Like how mutch brain you need for that. Hiring people to do 1 min job is not big deal.You probably didnt understand me. If you int smart you dont get punished.Thats the big problem.I can int 100000 games.If i do it smart i wont get punished. Did you saw the video with master yi i gave you?There are plenty like those guys.But riot says "bad game to that" and ban hashishin for a real bad game..Oh well. Riot focus more on toxicity..when toxicity is not even close a real problem.Mute button is op. Int smart and youre fine.Instead of riot focus on skins should focus on their game what you think.
Of course i have bad games from time to time. And there are some hard-to-master champions like Aurelion Sol that will cause huge losing streaks to players who just picked them up. But there is a huge difference between not knowing your champion and not knowing how to play League at all. The first few deaths of hashinshin were completely understandable. New champion + getting camped. But later on there were lots of situations where he knew he could just back away and survive and he also knew that if he attacked he will die. He always chose attacking and dying, and that is intention. Also, please stop for a moment and read what i wrote: i would have punished that teemo you mentioned if it was up to me. My point is that you wouldn't have punished hashinshin for example, and that is a clear mistake. This shows very well that Riot can't just hire anyone, me included to be a judge and expect them to perfectly solve cases after a one minute glance like you have said here. Plus, yes, i saw that video you linked. Twice now, since i also watch that particular youtuber's channel and saw it there before you linked it. And if you watch it too, you'll hear that the Yi and his friend has been banned after Riot noticed them. >Riot focus more on toxicity..when toxicity is not even close a real problem.Mute button is op. The mute button is actually only useful if you yourself tend to get upset by what people write. I don't get upset, but my teammates do, and they often start to flame too or just refuse to work together after someone started flaming. Toxic chat absolutely loses matches just like feeding does and muting is only useful for those who would write in the that otherwise. >Int smart and youre fine.Instead of riot focus on skins should focus on their game what you think. As i've said: "smart inting" is a known problem for 8 years now and all you do with calling it "smart" and posting it on the boards is to teach trolls how to get away with ruining matches. And yes, Riots systems needs improvements. There is nothing that couldn't be improved. But skins are done by artists and designers and i don't want them to work on the punishment system or game balance, thank you very much. They are people, working for wages, Riot can't just fire and rehire them from time to time, so they can't save money by not making skins. An added bonus is the fact that a significant amount of Riot's income comes from selling skins, so if they lowered the rate at witch they create new skins, they would have less money for improving the punishment system too, so your suggestion completely backfires as it is.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ckqjq7EA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-07T19:43:13.394+0000) > > He displayed a negative attitude, the report was valid and if that report was enough to take him over a punishment threshold then yes, some people seem to think you have to do something super bad to get a perma, when you just have to show a consistent toxic attitude Honestly, i don't even know who shaclone is, but after watching that video i can only see him getting banned for a pretty normal conversation with someone that trolled him. I don't know his past behaviour, but if you're banned for carrying a conversation while questioning stuff without flaming or calling names, is that something banworthy? Also, i don't know why so many people post this video, do you guys feel like in the same sittuation? because most of you are toxic and banned for good reason.
Shaclone has over a dozen accounts perma banned for anything from extreme flaming to feeding and trolling hard. He has a well recorded history of breaking the rules by an absurd amount and then creating videos where he tries to make himself look innocent. I've yet to check this video, but if he was punished incorrectly, then that would definitely be a first time for him.
Corvin0716 (EUNE)
: I don't know what you are talking about. Jax and Jayce (Urgot) were the most broken toplaners for years and they are still very good. Now Aatrox and Tahm Kench are dominating toplane. Yasuo was and always will be the most broken champion in the game. Alistar was the best support for a very long time, now Taric seems to be op with a mage adc. Best adc-s are females now yes, after Lucian and jhin were op for a long time.
This one right here. Adding to that, Karthus has been an ace jungler for months, Sylas is destroying whole teams even in pro matches. Ornn was one of the most popular top laner in pro matches and Renekton is regarded as insanely strong in solo queue by some of the best analysts. I just can't see any evidence for a correlation between a champion's gender and their power level.
: not main champions, main roles.
You are right, my mistake. Still, i'd prefer something a bit more targeted. Champions change roles surprisingly often and that could create a mess if the system is not designed very carefully. Also, some roles might benefit from this a bit more than others. For example there are only 18 bot lane ADC champions in the game now (21 marksmen if we include graves, corki and kindred.. arguments could be made for kennen as +1), but top has somewhere between 50-60 champion options. An ADC player is almost 3 times more likely to find the champion they are looking for than a top laner.
: Everyone's point so far has been the fact that permanent chat ban was issued and people expressed their rage in different ways, such as inting and trolling the game. WELL THEN BAN THEM? I don't understand what the hell is the problem with that, some people can find it hard to not express what they have to say in chat, yes, it is a real thing. Not EVERYONE will just go get their account banned once they were issued a chatban permanently, if some do then simply banish them for actually committing a bannable offense? I mean what the hell is happening with the game, I don't mean to come off as if I'm ranting but this is just absurd. You've got - The ability to mute someone's chat - The ability to mute pings - the ability to mute taunts - reporting system that actually works when it comes to inting/trolling the game, and tickets work too. I really do not see why would take action and entitle chat related issued, that are easily curved with your own personal commands such as muting in game, a bannable offense. Once again, you guys are being way too extra with the people who can be toxic, toxicity is a feature in every single game and will always be, the reason you're making league more toxic is you oppresing someone from being toxic, that's not going to make it stop, it'll make them worse, you are fully aware your game is addicting and that is your main purpose, to get the player addicted, oppressing an addicted toxic player, will not make them stop, it will make them do worse, people have dedication and effort that they place it stuff they are addicted to. {{champion:238}}
I keep saying this in similar threads, but i'll write it again: **Muting is useless for me.** I do not get upset by flamers. I've been playing this game almost since EU has a server and flamers could never get under my skin. But they upset my teammates who will then either start flaming themselves, because they are like you described, unable to hold themselves back, or they just refuse to work together. Either way i'm way more likely to lose a match where flaming started. Unless me muting a flamer makes the flame invisible for my teammate to begin with, i don't benefit from the mute option at all. And this is partially true to everyone. Regardless of whether a flamer can upset you or not, if you lose teammates or cooperation afterwards, then your chances of winning drop hard. You also talk about how flamers should just get permanent chat restriction and get banned when they start trolling/feeding. But again, there is a problem with this idea: Until they get banned, they can feed/troll at the very least somewhere between 1 and 5 games. _Simply because they can't be banned for feeding before they feed and ruin a game._ **So your suggestion will create more trolls and feeders.** Is that the result you want?
: Blue Essence
While you want to help, i don't think your suggestion is good as it is right now, or at least it needs some tweaking. Just think about the different champions people can main. If an ADC player mains Kaisa, he will get shards that are worth 1260 BE, while another ADC who mans Tristana will get 90 BE shards. That being said i would support some kind of system in which newer players can get a few targeted shards of their choice, so they can build up their champion pool more efficiently early on.
: Do normals take MMR into account?
Every player has different MMR in each different queue, with one exception: as far as we know, Blind pick and Normal Draft shares MMR. So your rating in a queue is completely irrelevant once you queue up for another game mode. You can be diamond in Solo/Duo, Bronze in Flex and Plat in Normal at the same time. So if you want to have matches that are appropriate for your skill level in any queue, your only option is to play enough there to get to your true rating.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Buddy….there are tons of players this season that climbed the ladder with luck.I saw ex bronze palyers into plat and diamond. Why do you think people were complain about the ladder?At the begin of the season you could get 30 lp and lose 15 even if you ad 5 wins 10 loses.Simple riot %%%%ed up. And like hashinshin as you said...he didnt int.He got deleted and played a champ that is not familiar with. The same happens in many ranked games today..that most get the elo they dont deserve bcs shitty starting season and riot did nothing...and then they feed the %%%% out of them and lose the game.Then if hashinshin got ban for that...they should too. If you want a solution...How about you put "people to work"and not let the system do all of it.I saw a lot of people in games and forum "complaining that this "guy"inted their game and even puted his name there or his op gg". All riot was doing"this is not a place for that bla bla bla"Send a ticket.Sure cuz if you send a ticket they will change evrything.I saw in player behaviour cuz i was curious and find sooooooo many times peopel that int and their op gg there and yet..Nothing happens. I mean if you need 300+games to find out that someone is inting...You dont need to be a Genius to find out someone lost the game on porpuse. I give you another example that happened to me.I had a teemo..that he didnt pick top so he inted the game..He took {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:11}} and start stealing our jgl camps. That guy...most of people on forum said "is bad game"for real.What stupid people.He is stil playng btw.He ints 1 game a week bcs he wants tho.And he doesnt get ban.He told evryone that… So hard to catch him….Neh...i can watch ppl op gg all day and i can find them easily.
From everything that i said you took the conclusion that hashinshin didn'T feed intentionally? So you either argue that he is a bronze level player or that it is impossible to int in LoL, because those are the only options in which that match was not about intentional feeding. Due to his track record of getting to high elo consistently, i don't think the first option stands, and due to the end of your post, i assume you do think that inting is possible. Either way, your post is a good example of one of my points: Here you are, arguing that hashinshin didn't feed when i'm absolutely sure he did, and there you were convinced that this Teemo inted and trolled while people argued for "a bad game". **Even when people watch the same match we can have very different opinions about it.** So which one of us should Riot hire to judge cases? I would punish both hash and he teemo, you would pardon hash and punish the teemo, and i'd bet good money on us being able to find people on the boards who would punish hash and pardon the teemo and others who would pardon both. And Riot wouldn't just need a couple of dozen people to judge replays. Millions of matches are played each day and even if only 1 in 100 games has a player reported for feeding/trolling, Riot would need to review tens of thousands of matches each day. With an average of 20-30 minute / match we are still looking at 3000-5000 work hours / day minimum. With a 10 hour work day Riot, a company with 2500 current employees would need to get 300-500 new people just to judge replays and we didn't even cover weekends or the backlog yet. Also each match is only reviewed by one judge so far in this rough estimate. This one has been brought up for at least 8 years, ever since Riot stopped reviewing matches internally on their own and created the Tribunal. Then again they had to create both the Tribunal and later the IFS exactly because no matter how rich they get, they can't hire enough people with the right qualifications for the job. So where is your solution?
: Why are my minions pushing?
Look up freezing and lane control, but here is the short answer. There are two ways this can happen: 1. The minions battle on your side of the map. In this case your minions get reinforcement from the next wave just a bit earlier than the enemy minions, so their DPS is a bit higher so they will slowly push. 2. A slow push already started in your wave. If you have 4 or more full hp range minions, then your wave will continue to push until it reaches the enemy tower. If the enemy player carefully last hits, then your wave can keep pushing endlessly. This is called freezing the wave / lane. You have two options if you can't 1v1 your opponent: ask your jungle to come top and force the enemy back to the tower, or you can force your opponent to break his own freeze by engaging him while you stand inside your wave. Bait him into using AOE skills, so he kills/injures too many minions and the wave will turn back to you shortly after that.
: If you could have one champion reverted (if more than one state which version) which would you pick?
{{champion:104}} He used to be the most durable bot lane ADC, a perfect fit for high damage matches. He would be incredibly useful in the current meta.
Zaeano (EUNE)
: You change Katarina ... How about master yi ???
At this point i think that Yi's main job is to teach the new players the importance of bans. That being said, each time a truly broken funneling or duo-boosting strategy pops up Yi is in the middle of it, so he could probably use some kind of tweaking to prevent that from happening again.
iaapvp (EUW)
: 10 game chat restriction for this??
Well, i can confidently say that i don't agree with the punishment in this case. It should have been at least 7 days ban.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: If you search into the player behaviour you will see many cases like that.Even some of my friends say the same.You didnt saw links from players in low elo even silver gold that they said they get ban for "feeding"even tho they just perform poorly? You even watched Hashinshin when he played top Viktor...and he didnt int HE DIDNT.But he got deleted that game so badly yet he got banned…. The system bans you.If i int and i die 4 5 times and lose the game nothin happens to me.If you play poorly and die soo many times yet you just performed bad you will get punished by the system. Toxicity is punished by the system not riot.You can get ban for spamming even tho you didnt say no bad words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ5LXCMwZP0 Check this.Is 1 of many to show you that system is full of crap.Int smart and you fine forever.
I looked up that [thread](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/rYl68UZk-proof-that-riots-inttroll-system-is-beyond-useless-and-that-riot-are-hypocritsinting-sion?) about hasninshin's viktor vs riven, and i stand by everything i've said there 7 months ago: Hashinshin was either feeding intentionally or he is in fact a bronze/iron lever player. Several times it is clearly shown that he knows he is going to die unless he starts running and in each and every single one of them he decides to engage and die. He also knew that his team would not get anything out of this, since none of his teammates were in position for a countergank or to take objectives in several of these cases, so it can't be a self sacrifice either. So he decided to give kills to the enemy. In other words, intentionally fed the enemy. There is only two way to argue that this match was just bad play on hasninshin's part and not intentional feeding: One, if you say that he couldn't have known that he would die. In which case he is a worse player than anyone watching that video. Two, even tho he knew he would die, it's not intentionally feeding, it's just bad decision making and so it's bad play. The problem with the first one is obvious: hashinshin is a stronger than average player to say the least, so the only way that he is still worse than anyone watching that video is if all of us are pros. That's quite an impossible answer. And the second argument basically says that trolling and intentionally feeding is simply impossible. I don't think that you are on that position either. Hashinshin was feeding there, this Lux player was feeding here and i've not seen a single counter argument against either of these facts yet. ----------------------- Moving on to the system: In the same thread i made my point on this one clear too, so you can read the long version there. So Riot's system is bad at detecting soft inting? Congratulations to all of you, you found out a fact that has been known for 9 years. It has been absolutely obvious from the first day in all 3 stages: First Riot manually handled all cases while we had less than 1 million players, but they didn't have the manpower for it back then, so trolls and feeders often got away. Second we had the Tribunal, but it didn't have replays, so if someone just fed 1-2 kills in key moments we didn't have a way to know. Third, the automated system is what it says: a computer program and they are absolutely useless if you want to detect intention for both feeding and trolling. This is not news, it was old 9 years ago. My problem? It's became very popular to tell everyone that "soft inting is undetectable". You say it, hundreds of people on the boards say it, reddit says it, youtubers say it, twitchers say it, and as an _absolute surprise_ people started to do it more often. That's what all this attention got us: more soft inters that ruin matches who are an absolute pain to catch or find in your game. My complaint to you is the same as to anyone else in the last 9 years: what is your solution? We know there is a problem, it is obvious. But none of us, me included could come up with a solution so i don't have the high ground there either naturally. But people promoting the idea that if you just soft int or troll smartly you will be able to ruin hundreds of matches without detection has driven us into a situation which is worse than what we would have if all of you could just stay still and send report tickets to the support.
: What 5 champions would you play poker with?
Brand: just watching him trying to not burn the cards would be worth it all. Ekko: i would probably just ignore the cards and behind his back place bets with the others on how many times he had to use his time machine that night. LeBlanc: she will cheat without doubt. but at this point i'm more curious about how than the bets. Nasus: thousands of years old and one of the smartest characters in the lore? Let's see how some old fashioned card counting fairs against the rest of the group. Swain: something tells me he would have a plan and he could also probably explain LB's tricks too.
: Improve matchmaking
There is always room for improvement. My problem with most of these topics is that they can be sorted into two groups: the first one just has bad suggestions. "match me by KDA" "match us by mastery points" and so on. These ideas are bad, but in the last 9 years we could see them hundreds of times and they aren't going away apparently. The second type is where they misidentify the problem. A good example are the topics about how each one of their matches are stomps one way or another or the ones that say that matches are coin flips because one side will have a feeder and that decides the game. These problems are real, but they are not rooted in matchmaking, but rather the current game balance. I can and i did write walls of texts about this already, so i should hold myself back from that here.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You realise there were people complain on forum that they got perma ban without inting??? There was a lux player who died more then 19 times and got ban.The guy didnt int yet he played poorly.The system banned him.That what happens when you get so many deaths per minute.Its the system. So no if you int smartly trust me you good.
If you mean that 1/20 Lux that made is post 14 days ago, then sorry, that was plainly intentional feeding and his case was obvious after watching the replay. After spawning he walked out to the tower, stood still for one or two jokes/idle animations, then after casting a spell walked out and died in a second or two. This was repeated 15 times in 16 minutes. Either that is intentional feeding or a very poorly scripted bot, which also deserves a ban. A third possible explanation would be that he gave his account to a complete beginner to play, but that is still punishable by an instant ban. But if you mean a different Lux player, then could you please link the replay?
: old forum
Because by now some of us wouldn't be senior members but rather senior citizens if we kept count. :/
: Ironic flaming?
As an added note, it is mostly about control. Riot both wants to-, and can be legally required to have control over the content that is available in their game. A good example is Graves and his cigar. When laws and regulations required Riot to remove the cigar, they could and they did do just that. Later on, due to community memes and a shift in regulations, Riot gave the cigar back when it was legally allowed. Similarly if the law made them do it, then they could remove any "suggestive" quote from every champion within days, and possibly add them back once they sufficiently defended the use of said quotes. But since their game game has an age restriction of 12+, Riot is constantly required by law to uphold some form of control over any form of content on their platform, even over player generated ones like comments, chat and art posted on the boards. If you think that Evelynn's voice lines are too much, then you are free to appeal to the respective authority in your area. That is your right.
Ghost9000 (EUW)
: What is the Hardest Champ for One Tricking ?
Mechanically? Probably {{champion:268}} {{champion:92}} or some other micro-focused champions. But overall? {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} . These champions are not that hard to "play", but if the average player wants to consistently win or climb with them, then they are better be prepared to sink in a hundred lost matches before they figure out how to really make these guys work.
: Why did you buy a rainbow icon?
Gotta catch em all. I've tried to get as many of the icons without RP requirement as possible since the beginning.
Naturally (EUNE)
: Punishment
The chat restriction is the warning. Btw how do you know that the other guy didn't get a chat restriction of his own?
WiIdcard (EUNE)
: I agree with most of your points, but "The damage is already done/The mood is already ruined." I don't know, but whenever somebody says something insulting about me I tend not to give a f*ck (unless it's a sort of ACTUAL criticism, and not just a "You suck")
My problem with flaming and the "just mute them" option is quite simple: flaming can't upset me, i simply don't care about it. So muting them is almost completely pointless for me. However my teammates get angry quite often and either join in the flame war or they simply refuse to work together afterwards and that leads to a loss for me. What i would need against flamers is a mute option that makes the flame invisible for my teammates, not for me. And an option like this could obviously be abused by trolls, so i prefer no flaming at all in the end.
: Is this guide legit or a joke?
"Best guide on mobafire" used to be a joke told about people who build AP on Garen. So trust mobafire guides as much as you trust your average Yasuo to be a challenger smurf.
: Question about cs
Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Not even 100, 80 or even 60 CS at 30 minute.
: supports ???
As the others have said, this is why the secondary roles of champions are important. Tahm is top as a tank, Morgana is mid as a mage and Pyke is top/jng as an assassin.
: i agree but at least 2 of them are junglers so u can get away witht he match up most of the time and second they are kinda unique so u dont really have other champs that do what they do and better so its actully unfair to say these are the worst champions in leauge yes they are bad and yes they need changes to help them but i think there are worse champion like voli in top and voli in jg xd but ya i agree on ur points
I actually like Voli top a lot. He is a really strong counter against Aatrox and he works quite well against Irelia too and this alone gives him a strong position in my top lane roster now. He just stays undetected because people usually don't try to counter two of the top pro meta champions with a generally low-tier off meta pick.
iaapvp (EUW)
: (20% win rate for like 50 games) Can someone explain to me this matchmaking?
Can't you just go back to your main account instead of spamming these topics with your smurf every few days?
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