Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Doesnt really fit the meme. Saitama is someone who beats his opponents with a single punch and ryze has to spam his abilitys. Veigar or nasus would be a better fit, veigar especially.
But Ryze is bald and Veigar is shit .-.
Skilleton (EUNE)
: with new players like zed and yasuo at that time, september 2014, teemo become hard to play... I like it verry much and tried in last 2 month to replay him. wukong has great combos but all the time is second or third in damage of team, believe me. look an example, best stats but not best damage: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1300152276/26055567?tab=overview good one : pink wards... i will consider this seriuosly. kata took after me, i never troll, never lie. keep me with notice , it help me a lot.
Well, Yasuo/Zed arent played that much on top, especially the second guy, no one gonna blind pick Teemo so welp. My bf maines Wukong for quite time, even when he go tank he still manage to deal most of dmg in team. Its all about build and combos, especially with buff on att speed. Just try to place them where they wont find out soon xD But in match history you can see the order you were placed in champ select, so Kata wa above you as a second pick.
Skilleton (EUNE)
: if u want to advise me, please read what I wrote.. I played a lot teemo last season, 4. we are in 5. wukong is low in damage, he kills with combos only, it seems u dont know too much about wukong. in a game with snowball at the end where they did more 11 kills being in 5 , all took 10 assists more then us, am I right? 11/7 wards is not a big deal. he used them more at the begining of game desperate I killed him. More 2 games in this evening: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1298821050/26055567?tab=overview ( shaco and popy after win inhibitor went for 5-10 min to farm and they had time to farm and win) http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1298919830/26055567?tab=overview kata without care about pickorder, took second mid.. see here bad stats, i couldnt farm, ashe solo lost lane, we lost mid, bg.
Yeah, you played him last season so? That means your skill in Teemo dissapeared? I highly doubt that m8. "Wukong is low in damage" Yeah, you sure dont know much about Wukong then xD I have no idea wtf you just wrote, rewrite it so i will understan what you mean lel. If they get kills that mean they were better as team comp lel. One more time i have no idea what do you mean with this Shaco and Poppy, do you even english :s Le'ts see, first game -> with Lux. TERRIBLE cs'ing. This Azir wrecked you in the most important thing in the game ( and trust me, csing with Azir is so difficult compared to Lux ). One more time you're beihnd in wards. I assume you dont even consider gettin pinks aswell. **SAME MISTAKES**. About the second one -> I wont ask why you always buy the same thing... im done with arguemtns like "'cause build said thta". You said pick order, but Kata was picking before you, so you're the one who troll there and took second mid. Even if you pick together she should be one to decide first. But hey, nice lies there. So Ashe fcked because of you, duh. Ashe had solo lane and still did more dmg, not to mention Kata. You wasnt going tank so argument "i didnt had dmg" is a lie. So, as you see, you have nothing to actually show that you played better than others, duh.
: Well the statue still covers the "A New Dawn" look. Cuz there wont be changes to her body , ONLY to her face and yeah the makeup etc is a bit fcked up. But the fact that the face is looking weird doesnt mean that the "A New Dawn" look is bad , it just means that they FAILED to succesfully make it look like the "A new dawn" ahri. I dont think that they will change her design again , since her new lore doesnt present her as seductive foxlady anymore. Now she is just a wild,violent fox girl that reaps her enemies` souls
They can go with A New Dawn but i hope they will actually think about her body, she's not freaking 15 years old grill, she should represent a grow up woman, This make up was so terrible it would fit halloween. A New Dawn outfit is great, the rest is really low in my opinion, just rito pls :x Still she's Gumiho, she act like one and she was born from this idea, they cant make her "violent fox girl" from fcking nowhere and if they do... well, i will be off with my Asta gumiho-kinds.
MiIan (EUW)
: Would you like to answer some questions? :)
**Gender**: Female **Age**: 19 **Hours per day do you play LoL**: Depends, about 3 or more if i have a free time. **Which music do you like**: Any kind. But the one i like most would be probably Rock/J-rock. **Which division are you**: Currently Plat I **Do you think eSports will replace sports in the future**: I highly doubt that, esports indeed is known and have a lot of fans but the **real** sport wont be forgotten - the amount of events is so damn high, aswell as the amount of money. Not to mention that even more people thinks about healthy way of living, i believe esports wont grow much in future, even our generation will "grow up" and wont be into computer-stuff anymore.
: you are very unique , none ever plays those champs, for real though, those three guys along with riven and lee sin are the most played champs in euw silver- bronze.
: Yeah thats what im talking bout A new dawn ahri + statue make her look like a teen, but well if thats the direction they wanna go with her than they should atleast make art+model display that correctly :)
They said they wont release statue yet since they ACTUALLY saw they kinda, well, excuse me but, fcked up badly ;^ I hope they will make her look like seductive fox lady as she should be so i will be happy with wasting my money :^ I really hate hair on the original model doe, i cant stand them :c
Skilleton (EUNE)
: I dont realy understand what are u talking about?!?! I played teemo the most top, wining my lane, protect dragon and baron and have 53% win rate, better then top 30 Teemo NE. Playing Wukong I have np with talon or zed or yasuo midlane, did u ever have in your games a wukong mid? Try me:)) The problem is not how to win a lane or how to ward. The problem is like in this game: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1298793770/26055567?tab=overview we started with 5/0 in first six minutes, but we had annie noob mid, ( 1/12 at the end of game). Also lee trades many kills feeding them more. We lost, even I won my lane and helped the other a lot. What should i do in this game? This example is in 5 from my every 10 games, in other 3 we have afks. I only wait this wave of unluck to finish and to restart 10 games with wins to get back, lets say, in silver 3. Luck not skill.
First of all 53% win rate is really poor score. Let me even fix it for you -> you played 29 games with Teemo, you have 48% win rate with him, and really poor KDA -> 6/6/8 and cs below average Teemo (srsly 120 is really low). Now watching by "best" Teemo players. They have 53~70% win rate WITH 300~1000+ games with him. So still they're better in overall performance. You could won lane but tell me how Gnar participate in 23 kills (which mean almost **50%** of it) while you in 12 ( which is **1/3 **of your team). This game inst about **winning only lane**, its about helping as well when your teammates are behind. Their Master was actually as Terrible as Annie. Next thing -> dmg dealt to champions, its like the most precious ones stat you need to take care of -> you had **15k**, Gnar had **20k**. He wrecked his own build and still did more than you. Do you see it now? Kills, KDA are nothing if you cant wreck opponent after being ahead. You said you won lane, how many times you killed him solo? How many times did you roam since you were ahead? Btw, Gnar used more wards. See, there's a lot of thing to improve, you just seem to not find your weak points :s
Eveninn (EUW)
: Well, the % Chance for every Skin would be 100 / [amount of Skins you could get]. ;)
Yeah but i mean it in this way -> some games impose % for the drop depends on rarity. Mystery Skins dont have that kind of mechanics xD
: Buying Mystery skins
Actually, its full random so its all about "luck". Of course the less champions you have the chances are higher since you have smaller pool of skins. But theres no % chance for any skins.
Swittz (EUW)
: it's not a rule. I'm the jungler I decide if you get blue buff or not . Would you stop people? instead of crying when we actually need blue buff you can steal it off your enemy , or kill someone with it , or build some items what help with mana problems . I agree that Swain and Anivia are stronger with blue buff, but the rest of the champions can verywell survive without a bluebuff if they build some cdr and mana regen first instead of rusihing fucking rabadon's . It doesn't HAVE to happen it SHOULD happen, but then again it's the jungler's choice
If you're jungler that decide to not lend blue buff to midlaner then we're going into this crazy circle -> "who you gonna balme? Noob jungler!" Sincerely, i dont think jungler need blue buff after finishing their jungle item, so they actually should gave it to other lanes. Steal it? And die because they can have wards? If enemy laner gets a buff yours should aswell. Mana items wont provide you as much as buff, especially in early game.
: Ahri´s design changes
I admit we need a new model, not because it looks kinda old, but because it dont match the new splash art. Seriously Riot, why you changing splash while model dont even look like that one :^ I like the ourfit of the New Dawn Ahri but i dont feel like blue eyes fit her. The golden one are just perfect for her wild nature, dont you even dare to change that. Kinda dissapointed with statue here, it feels like she lost those woman-ish body, she's just **simple**, not even single expression... and the "make-up" thing is terrible. Those tails feel dead as hell, she's fox after all, gave her some emotions at least :S
Skilleton (EUNE)
: Last season I played a lot teemo. It is every game frustrating when all from team rage on me: No teemo , retard idiot bla bla. And was so funny with, a lot of kills and vision. secured baron and dragon only for us. Same was with wukong mid: no wu mid noob. But it seems u dont know, Wukong is better then zed or talon or yasuo mid. is mega bad for kata and is hard even for leblanc. I invented wukong mid to have roaming bot and top more .. push gank, back push, back gank. but when team are allready 1/5 and in the end of game ins 3/13 or afk, what should I do... and this is hapening as I said 8/10 games. lok my stats comparing with team stats and see. what should i do?
Well Teemo is kinda squishy, most of Teemo mid lose hard, thats why he's damn evil for toplaners. Not to mention players dont like Teemo because of "reasons" - and i quess its called their own stupidity :^ Because Wukong mid works only with full ad, but in the end he need to get somehow tanky, the mage/assasin role is really important in team composition. Yasuo and Talon are really strong actually, i just quess you didint play vs good ones yet. I dont look for stats, i look for gameplay. I quess best thing we can do there to just let someone spectate your ranked game and then give you advice. About your gameplays and your teammates aswell.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: If they don't care then it's their problem :P
exactly, so there's no solution :v
: I didn't say that you should play ARAM instead, I was merely pointing out that people don't want to play on the same map all year long. They want a map for an "event". If you read properly, you'll notice that I'm on your side. If anything, you should reply to the first guy with that and not to me.
Your answer was rather sarcastic. Making us, players, looks like greedy bastuds. I believe we dont care about "event", its that gameplay isnt the same, im okay with snow-theme SR for whole year, i dont mind. But they wont even consider making something like this without ocasion, sad fact.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Without wards you can still see which champions are visible on lanes. This is a lot of valuable information already :P
Yeah, on lanes, but if you dont track their movement speed its hard to tell how fast they will come to your lane so people most of tiem dont care xD
Skilleton (EUNE)
: MMR is based on wins and losts not on my stats, this means I have MMR is lower than the average that players have in this division . Nomatter how I play, carin to dont die, to help team, to take towers or dragon/baron to win fights is in vane. in 8 to 10 games lost was a feeder, a leaver, a troll support, only in two of lost games it was good balance, enemy playing better. I play main wukong mid , and if mid is not for me, i play jungler only for be on all fights and help them. what more should I do?
Well yeah, im just saying that stats dont mean you're good, its simple numbers. Actually that kind of people are in every division, expecially in Dia V lel. First of all i dont think Wukong mid is best idea, especially if you go full ad while you get some mage. From what i know the easiest carry on mid is Annie, she dont need much skill and she can kinda burst everything. You should think about "what is powerfull at this time" and try to play the same thing if you want to get out of division you think you dont belong to. Try pinging a lot while playing or typing, most of time being positive makes other people play better.
Agnaktorr (EUW)
: New Veigar Skin!
Please, we dont need more skins for the damn Veigar. And we dont need more hype for the damn SW. ~~Vader is too cool for this lil cancer~~
Faiffer (EUNE)
: Can I buy RP while my account is suspended?
If your account is suspended you should not be able to log in in the first place :^ And that means you wont be able to buy/rp/skins/do anything on your account. I think if you can actually log in that measn you're free to buy something, and if you cant you dont have to worry, you should get an information about it while trying to do anything.
: Too bad people don't want the Howling Abyss. They don't want something they can play all year long, they want something with Christmas trees and whatnot. An "event".
No, its called wanting to play simple 5v5 on the damn snowy map. Normal and ARAM isnt the same, there are people who dont want to play random, learn it already :s Not to mention there are people who have FPS drops ONLY on aram.
Bombardox (EUW)
: DO i take ignite or tp as top laner ?
The problem with ignite is that you have pretty much 70% chance to kill your enemy laner early BUT if he's better than you anyway he will punish you by killing you at least 2 times before your ignite will be up. Teleport is always good since it can help you get more farm/secure dragon/ help teammates. Those "tp" nerfs that people cry about are just stupid. Teleport just works as he was in the first place, before buff, so he's still playable. Someone said to take ignite for champions that have heal (mundo for example). As i said, it will work about 1,2 times. Then most of times you get punished for it. But hey, it all depends on your skill, you can try it and ask yourself if you feel better with ignite or tp.
Strynox (EUW)
: Voice Chat
Yeah, Voice chat would be fun, we would share toxicity by words which means we would have to change report system. AGAIN. There are those programs that help you communicate with people you play but not many people use them, and well, im not suprised lel.
: I cannot seem to lose with Ahri right now but....
I played Ahri in every role so i can say that mid/top Ahri feels actually the same. The thing is that if you get typical tank on top you're better early game while he can carry mid/late. Not to mention she's a champion that feels great when roaming, from top it would be rather hard, not to mention you would need it since killing "typical tank top" would be hard for you. On normals you can go but if you play rankeds -> it can be rather dangerous(especially in plat+) If you "struggle" to carry you should main jungle then. (No, not with Ahri, it takes forever :^)
: Play ahri top if you want :) a champion is not Forced into a specific lane you know ;)
People on rankeds wouldnt agree with you :^
Skilleton (EUNE)
: Riot Matching teams is unfair
Sincerely, if you're stuck in silver fro 3 years now that means you dont progress at all. Matching system cant tell if the people you will get are bad or good since they have same mmr as you. First of all you should consider maining some lane/champion. I know that a lot of people have problems with getting higher just because they wiriting "fill" and they have average skill in every lane. First of all try taking lane you feel good with/you can carry with. Remember aswell that KDA means nothing, those are just stats, better not think about them when you play, its all about win, not stats. I can suck as hell and still manage to get good stats so those are just numbers.
: Soul Reaver Talon
I really like the idea of it, we need some lively one for him with nice visual effects ;-; Still im hoping for Demonblade Talon </3
: Animations on the loading screen
As much as i like the idea i can even imagine how much time would it take to load for toasters :s Not to mention we would need to make animated splashes for older champions.
: Dear Bronze
I quess your 1/7 Tristana wasnt watching map aswell :^ Map is useless without wards anyway, bronze dont ward, solution - find noone :^
LightTrack (EUNE)
: What ops? What? Some spec ops thing or sth? Um... It's pretty obvious the Elders had never dealt with something like that so i wouldn't be surprised. They would still have tried to kill Diana, i don't care about "Plz plz don't kill me!" as they would have seemed like judgmental assholes to me if i was her. Besides, neither of them have gotten enough character development to judge upon anyway. What family? The Solari are not Leona's family, just some natives who took her in.
Well, by op i meant overpowered. I think they could have, in my opinion theye were more scared than mad, but welp, being scared can makeyou into madness aswell. Well thats the part of forgiveness xD I would just take the blade and without showing it, i would run away far away making "Moonari" on my own xD It would be better than starting conflict with Solari doe. Yeah, they took her in, so it is "family". Soldiers on wars can ba named "family" just like adopted kids and stuff like this. I just used symbolism there.
: Send them a ticket. Ask how many artists they have. Pretty sure they can't have too many since they'll get different art styles that don't match. If you do that and tell me they have over 20 artists working full-time I'll bow in the dust and admit defeat. :)
https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2j7e14/list_of_riot_games_artists_with_links/ You have there list of artists, theres only 30 of them in this list but as we all know-> Riot always getting more poeple, and that means they have for sure 30+.
: Send them a ticket. Ask how many artists they have. Pretty sure they can't have too many since they'll get different art styles that don't match. If you do that and tell me they have over 20 artists working full-time I'll bow in the dust and admit defeat. :)
You can research them on dA or wiki, they have kind lots of them. The idea can take a while but making splash not as much. You should watch some yt about making of splash, then say its " a lot of work" :^
: Making any art isn't done in the blink of an eye. The best fanmade maps took hours to make, and usually was created over a course of several days. I'm something of an artist myself, and I know how much time goes into this. I've spent 17 hours on a single piece, and that's little compared to the pros. As I said, if they pay the artist it'd be fine. However, in most cases Riot likes doing it their way. You have to remember the extensive process of making reworks as well, there's also the updates to old splasharts (for skins as well) to make them match the current art style. If you think we have many skins, imagine the task of reworking half of the splasharts or those because the quality is subpar. A single piece like that can probably take over a week for a single artist to make with normal workhours, and we have A LOT of old splasharts. Now you want then to work overtime to make a new map "skin" when they have this much work to do? Riot has been implementing more skillshot reliant abilities to all of their champions, both the reworked ones and the newer ones. Essentially they're doing this to relieve people of the stress they feel with the point-click abilities. Sone remain, but I know a few of them will be reworked soon. We have 4 maps, and Riot releases new modes like URF and nemesis draft, I think it's fair to say they care about keeping us entertained. To spare their artists they ask the programmers to make new modes, which doesn't require more work for artists. Making a new map is hard work, since it has to be enjoyable and have a point to it. If you think you can make these things faster than them I suggest you make your own company and game. Maybe you'll realize the work behind it then.
In the blink of an eye? Show me at least one person that didnt make the piece in 4 years, i dare you. I know that rework might take some time but we didnt had that much of reworks, not to mention those reworks are freaking joke when it comes to choosing champions in order. Splash arts? Half of "changed" ones are jst Chinese, you know that? Not to mention they choosing wrong splash arts, changing ones that are k and leaving behind the ones that looks like graphics from the playstation 1 lol. So sincerely, the need is model, not splash. One more thing, people who makes splash arts arent the one that works on map, so there no "but". Yeah, especially with Annie and her "skillshots". Once more -> order op. We have maps, yeah, but tell me how many people play Twisted Treeline or just Dominion? Especially dominion. They make a map that we dont even need, more pople wuld love to see snow on SR rather than dominion map lel. They stoped releasing modes, we get now Poro King which is low mode and we get URF that is actually fun but as you see -> nothing new. So modes wont make it there aswell. Give me money so i will try, no problem. If i would have that kind of game i would listen to users, not trying to "suprise people" or tell them i will make a new map for christmas and then act like nothing happend for 3 years. Yeah i should always praise them for making work right? I cant have some of "but?". Such sad :^
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Are you serious? THE ELDERS. Do you know what an Elder is usually assotiated with? They would never stop because she is considered a traitor and try to kill her, for denying something that is literally the core of their beliefs. I doubt this was a scenario where she could have just ran away anyway as the Elders are literally the ones with most power in their....tribe so they would have used spells to catch her anyway. It was obviously do or die because if it wasn't anyone would run but be chased down anyway. "Diana resolved to destroy all those who would deny the power of the moon" It's most likely a bad figure of speech as i doubt she goes around killing people randomly. After all, she's the opposite of the Solari. We only know Leona didn't kill some guy she was supposted to so she was also to be executed but the power of the Sun came down at the last second and the Solari "tribe" took her in. I'm pretty sure Leona out of everyone, would hate Diana either the most or find understanding in herself. I hope the latter. Anyway Riot said next lore piece after Bilgewater is Mt.Targon, so we'll see.
Yeah, THE ELDERS, in most of games/movies they're some kind of bullshiet ops that actually arent that powerfull. In this scenario is the same thing -> if they were so powerfull why Diana could rekt them all alone since i wont believe in some shit like "power of the moon". It only means she was more powerfull than them so she didint have to kill all of them. We dont know that, i feel like if i would tell her "moon sucks" she would be pissed as hell. Yeah, "took her", so she wouldnt be really interested in Diana moon stuff, she think of her 'cause she "kinda" killed her "family". Yeah, we will see, but i doubt we will know much about it anyway.
: > They wont satisfy us with original aswell. Did you not mean to use the "original" old map? If so I must've misunderstood while I tried to decode your writing. They cannot use a fanmade mode, because that's not THEIRS. Heck, I'd lose all respect for them as a company if they decided to pick up a fanmade mode and use that (with the exception being if they hired the guy to make the map properly). They don't know if it's perfectly coordinated with the map surroundings. Every year, people also want new champions. New skins. Art for Worlds, art for reworks, new splasharts, and whatnot. They might be a huge company, but they can't use too many artists or the drawing style will be too varied. You don't know if you don't ask. Too bad. It's great for learning how to dodge skillshots, as that's basically what goes in ARAM.
By original i mean our base SR map, the one that exist now. They dont have to use it, i mean that they CAN manage to do their own since people that dont work in any company can make a good looking map in not really big amount of time. But taking the fanmade wouldnt be bad thing, they could use the idea of Void Fizz skin but they cant think about crediting someones job with map? Do we? We have a lot champions now, they making TOO MANY skins and TOO MANY icons. What we need is map that they promised us long ago and more bans on rankeds. Especially when in enemy team you dont have skillshot-based champions :^
: Ok, so to the first thing, {{item:3165}} is quite cool especially for long sieges since Azir gets mana problems when you are starting a late mid game siege with 4 or 5 Items. You can stay for about 2 - 4 Minutes but then your out of mana (and in my experience always when you just start getting an advantage), so I normally build {{item:3165}} as 4rth Item since you can also deny the sustain of their ADC and Top laner. To the second, I think {{item:3116}} as second / third (just about how much gold I have I get {{item:3116}} or {{item:3020}}) is really valuable since Azir isn't made to burst the enemy down but just to get so much damage over time. It just gives you the health to survive the assasination burst of most enemies, so while their spells are on cd, you can just get them down really fast (if you are good enough with positioning the soldiers). By the way thats the main reason why I can't play ADC: the positioning, I stand behind my ADC as Azir, so I have the complete team to block assasination damage and then take down the enemies. So just to put it to a final, I'm really sad there isn't really a sustain Item for pure AP Champions what is quite unfair since there are sustain Items for every other kind of champion. I also tried building him with {{item:3152}}, but the sustain of this Item is just quite nullified by the fact you're dealing AOE damage with your soldiers, so it's not valuable at all. See you soon in the Rift, HuntingFighter {{champion:421}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:60}}
I think {{item:3165}} should be one of the first items, i dont like this item since everyone building it -> i prefer {{item:3174}} since we have Last Whisper with the same effect like Morello. Actually i think burst would be nice there, its easy to get out of range from soldiers so you want to kill squishy target in w>w>q, or with double q. Slow from Rylai is nice but there's not much skills you can trigger it, so i think starting with {{item:3115}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3089}} // {{item:3115}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3174}} /{{item:3165}} and then Rylai is better, but welp, everyone plays like they prefer Well i feel like positioning is the hardest thing in this game, so almost everyone can have problem with it, even pro ones. Yeah {{item:3152}} is actually really weak. I dont find anyone building it except Vlad players, so item for one champion is rather funny thing. I builded it few times in season 3 i think, it was, well, so-so, now i dont even think about it existance. I dont really think we need that kind of items, i would like just more with CDR.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Have you even read the lore? Diana was the one trying to prove that the moon is powerful too. She found that Lunar weapon staff thing she has and showed her elders. So she was accused of heresy and they tried to kill her for it. So she killed them and pretty much became an enemy to the entire Solari. Leona is a mean bitch if you ask me.
Well its not like she had right to kill anyone in the first place, she could run away and stuff like this, she didnt had to kill all the elders, im pretty sure they were beggin for their lives in their last seconds. Not to mentions this line "Diana resolved to destroy all those who would deny the power of the moon" <- she became people she hated the most, not really clever lol. More - we dont know about Leona in this story, I doubt she would agree to kill anyone. In my opinion she didnt even know about the fact they wanted to kill Diana for praising Moon, she's realetd to her as enemy because she killed elders so i quess she dont even know about the truth. I like both characters, sincerely, but we cant say Leo did something bad.
: I did not understand what you were trying to express, but the old map is outdated. They won't use the map they used before, because it doesn't match the current one in terms of which areas are covered and not. Implementing a mode into their game won't work either, as there's a copyright on everything. Also, be careful with what 3rd party programs you use since it could potentially lead to a permaban if it has features that alters gameplay in any way. There's no need to ask them either, I already gave you the answer I predict they'd give you. My point is; if you want to hear their reason you should send them a ticket. Copy-paste or not, you get an answer. Too bad, Howling Abyss is currently the only mode featuring a snowy environment, and Riot won't launch a snowy Summoner's Rift this year, I'm 100% sure.
Where did i ever said they could use the old map? Do you even read what i said? Were you even searching for a fanmade SR with snow and know what im talking about? If some people can do it - they can aswell. Every year we asking for the same thing. You wont tell me 3 years isnt long time. At this point i dont really care, let them ban me for taking snowich map that they cant afford :s I will get an answer but no the true one. Its obvious they wont tell us the real reason is because they have money to make (skins,wards,freaking icons). I doubt they will aswell. Still im sorry but for me aram is literally shiet.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: By lore, Leona is the one considering Diana a heretic not the other way around so it's her and her people's fault for not accepting Diana for who she is.
And by lore we can still say that Diana is bad one, killing all those people for the damn moon :^ Leo is cute sun, i cant imagine her saying bad thing xD
: That's your opinion. Plus, I'm sure that the mode are a lot more simple than what Riot would have to make to satisfy their players, and it would thus take more time. If you it's a huge problem for you, contact Riot directly through support. I'm pretty sure you'll get what you've already been told, though. Play ARAM if you need the wintery feel. :)
It might be simple but why cant be a thing? They wont satisfy us with original aswell. Try sleigh on the grass, i dare you :^ Support? Please, to get copy-paste answer? No, ty xD I would if there would be bans/picks and 2 other lanes :^
: cmon pls for what do you need {{item:3158}}, just take first {{item:3115}}, then {{item:3020}} and {{item:3116}}, then you are (quite) unbeatable if you didn't die too much in early, but vs some champions it is quite impossible to come back with him (even if I'm playing him - like I normally do - as powerfarm champion) because you are just squishy as fuck and you have to play full utility when you get too far behind. By the way, Azir has huge problems in top lane when you don't get a blue buff, even with double {{item:1056}}. It isn't hard to get in line with Azir, but it's really hard to master him (like with Yasuo and Lee Sin too).
To get 40% cdr? {{item:3158}} are great since they even give you 10% for summonner spells. Honestly cdr in runes inst worth for me since you starting with less ap after masteries rework. You can take {{item:3165}} ofc but i never had mana problems on Azir and passives from it is kinda... idk, not needed since you have this damn low that eat people alive. And Rylai? As second item? Not saying its bad but burst matter more, after all you know, positioning, then you wont get yourself killed. Sincerely, Azir dont have mana problems, if you spam skills and deal no dmg/dont hit thats most of player problem. I know that a lot of people farm with those skills aswell but nah. No to mnetion Azir is midlaner, you cant expect tanks to work bad against him :^
: But "once" is a long time ago. Now the map is new, and they'll need to make a new design to fit the current map and style better. They can't just swap out the map with the old one, it was improved in more than just graphics. I wish people would understand the work that goes into making graphics at this scale. It's not done in a day, and they have to make skins and champions and reworks and all other art too, it's a lot of work. Best you can hope for is that they prioritize updating for seasonal events next year. It's highly unlikely they'll be able to pull off something at this scale in a week.
I would agree if there wouldnt be so much mods for Winter Summoners Rift. They had base, recoloring isnt that hard thing to do. The only reason they didnt want to make it was because people couldnt see some spells. Kinda stupid argument since aram works the same way. I wish people would understand that we prefer some new map instead of thousand skins because we're greedy for money. They had a lot of time to prepare it, skins and champions might wait, but hey, its money, they cant. Why week? That kind of event most of time are planned half year before, those are excuses for a small company.
Hairyloco (EUW)
: If you take a new champion and die 30 times in normals, then yeah... you should go play co op. Meanwhile players who know the concept of playing safe will die a lot less. At least it'll give you a more realistic idea of the damage you would do at what point of the game. If you're 30/0/X in co op mode, you're one shotting champions. Nice. If you're 0/5/X in normals, you play safe under your tower or take gromp/krugs or something. At least that teaches you how to play from behind, which is also an important skill not many people bother to learn.
A game in co-op teach you the mechanics of the champion, base skills, you can try various of "combo" and stuff like this. So when you play normal you kinda know what you're doing, the only thing you need then is just to master it and learn range/cast time. Basics always stays the same. So yeah, if someone trying to learn something i expect from him playing while thinking, not going into full rambo mode xD
: skins must be 3 months old, which means that NO ONE will get the 2015 snowdown skins in their personalized shop.
Ah, you dont get what i mean. I know Snowdown skins wont be included in this shop. The thing is that when, for example like me, living with someone, we like to buy more RP but charge it on one account (the higher deal, the more you get as extra rp), then send skins like snow day as a gift to the other person. But you cant gift skins from this shop to someone. Even if i were about to purchase RP, i dont know how much will i need. I can purchase enough for just Syndra but i will be sad if in the shop will be some other skins i would like to get. So i would have to purchase it twice which is not worth :s Thats why im pretty sad that they do it in purpose.
: How can a support steal a kill? At least while laning, kills are usually 80% enabled by supportplays. Just fair if he gets the reward for it.
Support helps making a kill but that doesnt mean he cant prevent himself from getting it. As a support player i feel rather bad if i get any kill in early game/lane phase. Lets say you wont deal dmg with those kills, they're better in adc hands.
: I know these problems too. When I first started playing {{champion:268}} in normals, I already played him some games in 1 vs 5 Intermediate Bots, just to find out how this champion works. When I started playing normal, I sucked really hard in the first games and I didn't expect anything different because Azir is one of the most difficult champions in the game. But what does my team do? They flame me all time, just because I play a champion I hadn't mastered yet. It was just horrible the first games and I just stopped playing Azir in normals because I didn't have fun getting flamed all time, trained him when I played pre5 and even there, my enemies flamed me for being bad with him ... . So just a question to those who do this: HOW should you learn a champion without playing him in normal. Bots are weak, you can easy 1 vs 5 the intermediates. You have to play any new champion in normal, so why do all these guys think: "When you play a normal you defenetly mastered the champion". I just played some games with my mates in pre5 and we all played our mains, the result was that we won every game even without tryharding, so why does everybody expect us to have a champion mastered when you play them, especially if I play Draft and I am forced to play ADC when Kalista is take away. I am completely useless as an ADC anyway, but if I can't play Kalista then, I am just feeding all game through because I just have no idea how to play most ADCs. By the way at the time I am writing this, I am good enough with Azir to have carry potential in nearly every game. See you soon in the Rift, HuntingFighter {{champion:421}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:60}}
As i said many times, learning champion doesnt mean you have to feed. While playing a new champ just act like you playing your main, skills are different but everything else works same. Die once/twice? Full def. Doing fine? You can try being more aggresive. The best way to avoid hate from randoms in normal is just writing that you're learning. Most of them wont be harsh then. Ps. Azir isnt that hard, cmon, you're monster after getting {{item:3115}} {{item:3158}} ;v;
Hairyloco (EUW)
: Yeah because being 30/0/X at 15 minutes is a GREAT way to learn a champion.
So being 0/30/X at 15 minutes will help you learn a champion? Since i doubt your teammates would agree with you on that. If you want learn champion by feeding you can aswell try some customs with people. There are 4 other people in this game, they dont want to deal with your fed lane, have this in mind for once. Or just get 5 premade and feed whoever you want.
: You're not allowed to learn new champs in a normal
You know, if you're in Diamond it means you have overall experience in game, you should show some kind of lvl of playing. Its not really about the fact you playing not your role or you playing champion you dont main - its about acting properly to situation. Lets say you main top and you trying to learn adc - no one expect you to be god, but when i see some Diamond players that have harsh time with reacting to pings/positioning/playing passive/knowing the definition of teamwork im getting a headache. Normals are for fun, i dont deny this fact, but please think about others aswell, there are people who would like to win, they dont want to play with minion. And thats why gettin premade 5 is the only advice we can give you in this situation.
: Matchmaking and what's fair?
It was said so many times -> normals and rankeds have different "mmr". You could have lower lvl than them but might be on the same skill lvl when it comes to normals {%wins to entire games played}. And well, i can quess that someone was premade with Teemo, who is level 10, and that is making the Normal mmr lower = matchmaking might seem unfair. There are people that plays only rankeds after hitting lvl 30, so its possible. #Ritomechanics
: Please DO NOT touch Sona!
Honestly, i dont really care about Sona kit and stuff but i feel like if she had at least one more skillshot she would be funnier to play, yeah spamming q might be interesting for some people but you know, changes might be good. Passive is okay as it is doe.
: Yeah...it's just like Nami/Soraka mid though. They have high base damages and can cheese you at level 3..I main Diana, so whenever I see someone trying Sona/Nami/Soraka mid it's pretty much a free win.
Actually good Sona can eat Diana on midlane. Q have enough dmg to poke you to death, making you unable to farm and can stop your burst with nicely heal and ult. The other 2 falls behind since you know, skillshots might be missed, heal wont work and stuff :^
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