Tenjiin (EUW)
: Punished as a leaver?
Well game is not connected to your update or pc crash issue, so it get as leaver buster ...
: troll ?
: Project Vayne HUD
Why ? Its not ultimate skin
{{champion:2}} doesnt aprove this
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FrozenDawn (EUNE)
**IF** this mode become permanent, but i think that it wont , then this idea can come to mind. Now when is temporary mode, nothing will be changed.
Tuhma Sieni (EUNE)
: Can't sign in to support because "unverified e-mail" even though it's verified
stupid question, did you check correct server while logging in ?
: you mentioned mecha malphite, slayer jinx and dj sona, all riots ideas and concepts. star guardian mode was their idea. you say they made lunar empress lux look like elementalist lux, but elementalist lux was their idea. half of your examples are riots own ideas then you say they steal and plagiarise. that's what im pointing out
i didnt say that skins are not their idea, skins are copy/paste from old skins, read i said "making same again".That way they made 2 almost same (some sfx or effects different) skins and making 2x more money on same idea of skins. Imagine having these "old" skins i mention and these "new" in collection... For me its useless having "same" 2 skins for same champ. Stolen ideas was meant to be for "Odyssey" video on Youtube that is so alike as Wildstar game video 5 years ago, and "Guardians of Galaxy" theme is so like RIOT idea,yeah right. We witnessed and before "their" ideas of ,example: {{champion:163}} and {{champion:164}} that are from cartoon Avatar or Attack on Titan ... Even in "Odyssey" video they made Yasuo laughing like pervert while read book , and they stole it from Kakashi in Naruto anime... So tell me after all these "masking our eyes" , is Riot making original ideas or they like to steal from TV shows and other games ideas? Again, i saw more original ideas here by people suggestions for skins, lores and modes that got +30 votes and been in Hot boards for weeks, but RIOT didnt want to listen them and its easier to steal some ideas than listen to players suggestion. That pisses me off, that peoples words are (almost) never listened here. And even if they listen, never do nothing about that, no matter how much patient we all are.
: > dont steal and make plagiarism you mean, don't steal their own ideas? that's not how it works
So "Guardians Of Galaxy" is their idea ??? and that video (not talking about game because Wildstar is more like WoW than LoL) is their idea too ??? Riot walks on thin ice, like they walked with "Striker Lucian" skin that copy famous football player Davids from Netherland. He sued them and got % of every purchase of that skin. Correct me if im wrong...
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Dσn (EUW)
: All of the new odyssey skins in game + new game mode
im hype to see mode, stages like "Star Guardian mode" . But skins are "meh" , saw better ideas here on boards than this. For skins: 3/10
: Skin notifications
good idea, make notifications more useful .
RogueDek (EUW)
: No, it's not. Just because it's space themed doesn't mean it's a rip-off.
how its not ? combination of "Guardians of Galaxy" and "Wildstar" video from 5 years ago , i dont know how u can not see similarities between all of that.
JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: Sad thing is they are stealing at the moment wildstar is literally dying. It is going to be shut down soon as NC soft pulled the plug. They could have at least waited till the gmae dies before going full vulture.
agree, they have no more own ideas, "so lets steal others"
RogueDek (EUW)
: Wrong board, but seems pretty neat. I'll take a look at the game. Also by wrong board I mean you should've put this under "Off-topic".
check new League skins video on youtube. This is right place to post. Riot made plagiarism video.
JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: Welcome aboard
-Saw new skins on youtube of Jinx, Yasuo,Malphite, Velkoz and Kayn (and maybe new champ teaser) -Came here to see what others comments about that -my opinion : Riot stole video concept for new skins from this new game (see it for yoyr self) , but this game took a lot from Riot too. So maybe they made some compensation. Is that some kind of synergy between these 2 companies or what? **EDIT** Its officially stolen video idea , yup. RIOT have no more imagination to make something for their own. Not to tell its like "Guardians of Galaxy" concept, but now they took it from video that was made 5years ago. I'm glad you found this one and showed us +1
: Idea for esports
That section was always linked in client, even notification was sent to all people
: what you would like to see? :)
Anybody else, just not yasuo. If yasuo get it , there will be more and more yasuo mains.
GuillemVS (EUW)
: Low Priority Queue
If that happened after some patch wait for Riot to fix. To put under 600 or You wanted to say to put guys in low queue if someone have above 600ping?
: Help!!!
If your friend verificated email on his account, just change password via email and login. If he didnt ,then contact support via ticket.
: but there is nothing popping up :\ i'll check the antivirus but i don't understand how it affects league but not overwatch EDIT: i just checked my antivirus and league is listed under the "do not disturb" apps, so it won't show any noification when the game is in fullscreen
It doesnt have to be antivirus, it can be any other program as Torrent, Skype, etc. that start working on turning on PC and work behind your back but doesnt show on screen , they can be seen in End Task/Process or next to clock down-right. Try to free PC of unnecesery things like that.
d1etpuss (EUW)
: New Project and Program skin ideas!
Im for Diana to get or some other AP champ, they can have beautifull efects with Project skins. But for other suggested champs im sceptic , there are already 2 ADC with this theme, i still think its time for some Mage other than Kata to get that roleplay. Or maybe some Yordle (except Teemo) like Kled (which didnt got skin for years)
MacDeath (EUW)
: To buy or not to buy
If you play him often , buy skin , dont regret. If you dont play him , then forget and wait next Your shop offers. Its useless if you dont play him at all and waste money on skin just to collect.
: cant refund champion
My advice is, even if you have refund chances , not to waste it on champions . You might regret wasting refund chance on something you can easily earn, instead waste it on bought skins that you thought is good but you dont like it after. I waste it foolishly on Karthus, but after sometime i got him again , so refund was waste for me.
Escalan (EUW)
: A queastion.
That under % is punishable, all other words are like walking on thin ice.
KinGedd (EUW)
: Custom keybindings/settings
It can be confusing because : -it take time to custom it, more then runes and masteries -if you make mistake , you come again in Esc and change on its own messing with that profile you already pick -we already messing up with runes if we forget to change them, not to mention details for each rune -its already easy to change AA on left click with just enable it in Esc , and you have 1:40 till laning and farming to change it. So to sum it, more options can be more mess. Sorry.
: an update on the "minimized window" issue
About that issue of minimizing it self while you are in game, it must be some program behind your back working it self. Like antivirus or something else bypass and activate on its own. My advice is to check in End Task screen what is useless to End it , and to stop activating on its own again deactivating programs in startup after booting Windows.
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Jodveuk (EUW)
: Played duo and lost all my skill
Call it a bad day... tommorow will be better 😉
: Do you not learn English in Serbia? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} I can respect if you are trying but I can't respect the people who use their own language in chat to talk about the game and only use english to flame. I've seen that a few times. lol
>but its not flamable to tell me all that after misspoken some words in chat that even a todler can understand. Who said about learning English, i said about triggering flames in chat after misspoken some words.
Boomerang (EUNE)
: Oh! I'm not educated enough {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} anyway, thanks for the information!
There is also reference of Sions mask around his mouth that its one of previous Jarvans crown.
: Nah, if I had bad behaviour I would've received an email. Also I never got a chat restriction, I think this would come first. I didn't share my account, I guess they blocked it because I played in vacation with my laptop from my girlfriend with denmark IP... But how can riot just block an account, because it's "suspicious". If you look my history it's definitly not a booster or something, just me playing from somewhere else :D
My advice is to contact support or wait some emisary to tell you here what to do. I dont know do you receive mail for bad behaviour, cause i never was, but if its all true they will fix you fast. Dont worry then.
Boomerang (EUNE)
: What are the next "Legendary vs" skins?
Uhm im sure J4 and Sion are rivals, am i wrong?
: Back with a poem.
Is it about {{champion:17}} ?
: Account locked
Maybe you had bad behaviour before vacation. If you didnt use your acc during it , contact support, but sharing account is not good for your behalf if you did that too before.
Mr BOSS 112 (EUNE)
: Emile Verification Required
So verificate your e-mail and message wont bother you any more.
: The problem with remake
It happened all the time to me too. I figure out that only solution for this when they are "logged in" game but still not moving from base, riot make possibility for /remake if they have pop up message of inactivity too, not just disconnected players. It happen all the time that after inactivity message takes few minutes more to disconnect player, and team have no chance to remake.
: I remember now... why I only stick to bots (Rant)
Im glad you found some get away from all stress. When i play a lot of games with bots, after in pvp i lose my mind because its not same, i have baaad score as well. So i figure it out that bot games are soooo relaxing that relax me in pvp on bad way. I would like that bot games are more harder so they can prepare new players on pvp.
lalolalic (EUNE)
: Deadpool Shen
I would like that, but Marvel rights... They dont want to risk as with Lucian football skin when legendary Davids football player from Netherland sue Riot for making skin by his look. He won and now some % of every purchase goes to him.
gogoninjata (EUNE)
: Honoring
Its just temporary. It wont solve general problem why they dont do it, because they will focus more on mission than on **point** of honoring others. We cant change players behaviour if he dont want to honor. Maybe you didnt get any, but noone knows who else they did or did not honor back. So you cant tell they never honor.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: League of Legends Titles Idea
I would like these titles to be off game, in profile highlighted so others can see when enter. When we cant see others honor at least we see this. Im one of people that turn off name in game, so its better off game to put it as well.
Misa Dantes (EUNE)
: Друже, као лингвиста који говори пуно језика, као професор енглеског језика, ти кажем, никада немој такве опаске да примаш к срцу. То ти махом кажу они који једино тај један језик и знају и вероватно су неспособни или незаинтересовани (због своје затуцаности) да науче други... Поента језика је комуникација. Ако си ти њему и на оном "Тарзан" енглеском објаснио нешто, и он схватио шта си ти поручио, онда је комуникација 100% успела. А један савет ван језика, труди се да своје писање у ЛОЛу сведеш на минимум, никада се ништа позитивно, конструктивно и сврсисходно није рекло у ЛОЛ чету. :D
U pravu si, mutiram ja njih ako su naporni, ali posto je ovo na neki nacin i taboo tema , bio bi red da se spomene. Hvala na savetu 😉
Febos (EUW)
: For someone to win, someone else has to lose. I used up all our luck buddy. The other day this happened: - Opened a Hextech Chest and got: Hextech Chest, Hextech Key and Jurassic Kog'Maw - Opened the extra Hextech Chest and got: Hextech Chest, Hextech Key and Night Hunter Rengar - Opened the 2nd extra Hextech Chest and got: Lancer Stratus Wukong From 1 single chest I got 3 skins. So you see, for me to win someone else had to lose. You were chosen as the worthy sacrifice. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Yup heppened to me to , 2 extra boxes and keys = 3skin shards , they were low cost and after reroll got Kayns only skin , luckyyy. 😊
: Popping Balloons is funnier than this BS
How can you be so evil , popping baloons... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: ARAM popularity
Dont worry about population and servers, yours is to play and enjoy let that issue for higher ground. And ARAM is always popular even before events and you can see it in queue time. Time for Normal game is 2-3min waiting. Time for Ranked game is 3-4min waiting. Time for ARAM game is 1-2min waiting. Time for coop vs Al (5 men only) 30sec-1min waiting. So as you can see , aram is popular as coop vs Al , 2x waiting but for 10 players. -Thats for average bronze,silver,gold,and low plat queue. And you can see it for your self.
Madam (EUW)
: Not getting key fragments
Time of getting keys depend how much you play on that one account. If you play just few games its not enough. Example: im lvl4 and 2checkpoints, now i get every 3-4 days fragments because i play 7-10 games (arams) per day, giving honors after every game even if i dont get honors in some (i dont mind). Your account is not bugged, either you get rewards and improve or not playing and not getting anything, or third is you had bad behavior and honor is locked from penalty (such is not in this issue).
: Can we add a new gamemode?
How 5? 2v2 and 1 referee or with 1 substitute?
: remakes gives a penelty of 20LP´s
How Riot can know is your PC shutted down or you rage quit?
: Incorrect username and pass
See if you accidentally switched keyboard language, caps lock , good summoner name ... if nothing help try to change password via mail.
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