Kurotsu (EUW)
: When I first started playing I thought all I'd press is QWER
Or play {{champion:23}} and just have right click 😉
: Preferred lane test
Looking to train some other than your main lane?
xXGad7Xx (EUW)
: does i can change my name in the game?
Go in Store and little icon up-right corner for Account , it will open page for transfering account to other regions and rename champ.
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Main =/= OTP, i can main something, but still play whatever i want.
Try Nautilus and then Blitz in that order, for hook training
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: I am thinking about Braum... Is he fun to play? Or are Tahm and Nautilius fun to play? And are they worth to main?
For me who was easiest to main : Alistar - 3 cc skills and great sustain ult, great for early and late game, great combo for teamfight and starter for same. Blitz - with him is little harder because of hooks (if you miss ,all blame you, so must learn to live with those flames) , need to predict enemy movement as with Tresh, but i tried so hard and now he is my best main. His ult is on 10sec in 16lvl, usefull. Braum - best duo with Lucian (or fast attack speed champs) because of their passives sync, good poke and his passive is usefull in late too, great sustain and he protec Nautilus - i just bought him and he is currently fun for me and easier to main than Blitz , good sustain and good cc, easy win for early games if u play little agressive. Tahm is little complicate for combining passive and skills but have great E passive and sustain , good for early but im not happy for late (or is it just my bad plays) Its all how i feel about them, but try them and maybe you get better with some than my choices. Those Supps are easy even if not in meta, just have good palls with you (just!) , and you are good.
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Most fun to play tank supports?
{{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}}
: Huh... might just be immune to slows then... I’m certain he is immune to something during the W
Immune to minions while he push balls only
: Chroma skins
In February next year will be released i think
: My opinion about new mode
Yup, people like something new in game, not just new champs and skins but something hype and interesting like bew game mode. +1
bo6ar8a97 (EUNE)
: Help.
Well there was discussion when guy took Singed with smite on supp lane and got ban with reason that he didnt respect others meta lanes. Internet was blown that day, youtubers made discussion about him for days. So maybe its possible if you spam/troll a lot of games no matter win or loss. They just count how many reports you got for same thing.
Ian San (EUW)
: How about Dominion ?
Nexus blitz is experimental for some period, if it doesnt show good results it will be removed and made new mode. Maybe they bring back Dominion experimentally too , but maybe who knows. There are new players every day maybe they like it or maybe not.
Lixan (EUNE)
: An idea for movement speed items.
That + {{item:3742}} = top is unstoppable
: stop bullying me NOW
Bullying ??? Oh boy you dont know what is waiting for you in game then if this is bullying!
: Both are unstoppable during the channel but nunu w will hit first... so nunu would hot sion with the snowball damaging him but not knocking up, sion would then continue into nunu damaging him, and knockhim up (nunu stoped his W so it would remove the unstoppable)... and as sion got the cc and more damage I’d say sion would win this
I think Nunu is stoppable , after stop he let his ball. Try with Morgana or Lux Q while he charge his W , he is rooted and ball goes away few distances more. Sion noone cant stop except wall or champions body.
: it's called trying to dodge
Question is "what would happen if Sion ult and Nunu W go head to head?" . That means without dodge, smash.
: Dumb things you done
Letting enemy Nexus on 10HP and cost me game for having fun behind it.
: Skins for Champs
Finally Au sol got skin, but champs as {{champion:240}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:516}} deserve now new skins. I dont like neither to see how some champs get more skins, like i sometimes dont see difference between elementalist Lux and lunar Lux, why made almost same 2 skins???
Try with active items to buy as supp, it helped me with other champs when i couldnt get S and had good KDA Edit : try with {{item:3056}} between build, i think its key for S
Kamille W (EUW)
: Someone just told me that I am bad because I am a girl
There are 2 types of men, those who think girls are not place in game and those who run after or support girls . I like to be that second type
IcyDo02 (EUNE)
: Nuno can just drop the ball early. I am not sure
Still Sion cant be stuned and slowed under ult with Nunu ball no matter how big it is
Kurotsu (EUW)
: This happened to me - Want your opinions
There is post little under this one "How to deal with flame bait" , it says all 😉
: Refund
What refund for?
MegasM3 (EUNE)
: Permantly ban
: New Weather Champion?
Isnt there Janna weather caster skin ? Or what ever skin calls.
: d3dx9_39.dll is missing from your computer
Try to download from .dll site that specific one and manually put in right folder.
Proppa (EUW)
: I have 195k blue essence and nothing to spend it on. I'd much rather have Orange Essence!
It could be good conversion BE for OE on some big scales?
: One normal capsule (post lvl30) is worth at least 810BE. Not sure about gloriuos capsules (every 10) but for me the are ~1.5-2k. And IP gain per game was ~100/game iirc (50% wr; varying depending on average game length). Still you usually get more BE unless you play more than 8-10 games every day - then it is slightly less. Additionally you don't have to buy runes anymore - I spent a few 100k on those...
I never saw 10k BE on my account before , i dont need to own all champs and spend it, but its beautiful feeling to have that much and wait for next champ release . Or maybe i get to know some old who knows. But point is , when there was IP i was spending all till 0 IP, now i dont mind waiting 2-3 levels to collect for 6300 champ, before i couldnt wait.
Bleach204 (EUNE)
: Does Mobile Payment Work for You?
Better wait for them to reply , it will be in few hours. Dont try again so you dont finish paying twice same thing. Yesterday everybody had problem with shopping. Dont worry , they will solve you , Your shop last till 31.08.
IcyDo02 (EUNE)
: New Nunu W and Sion Ult
If you build AP Nunu then he can have high dmg, but risk is he can be stopped, Sion is unstoppable and have fear among players when u press R (SFX) , everybody go crazy and run away .
: Has anyone tested what would happen if a Nunu W and a Sion ult go head to head yet? Which one takes priority, the knock-up from nunu or the stun from sion?
Sion, he is unstoppable under ult.
: Marissa, The Pulse Of The Forest.
Seems {{champion:497}} is going to have mistress .
: Why BE is so hard to get ??
Low and high levels dont have much differences in EXP cap and gaining same. If average gaining of exp by game win/lose is 150exp x 10 games + 400exp daily = around 2000exp per day , so if you left some exp last day , you get Level up every day. So after that capsule gain around 2000BE , enough for around 3x low cost champs . To get back in time , before BE with IP u gained around 150-180IP per game , so its more profitable with BE now than before.
: win get 16lp loose take 21 lp
I look it as "bounty" of your account. If you have more wins you get less LP , and if you get less wins more LP. Maybe i dont know what im talking , but it seems logic to me. More wins = more - ## LP if you lose More losts = more + ## LP if you win I dont say to lose to get more LP after, its just some "balance" Because if you win more less chances are to lose and LP is rised to lose. And if you lose more games , they reward you with more LP if you win and get you back on track.
NocaNoha (EUNE)
: Skaarl is a coward! That's why there's no Kled & Skaarl.. Kled is the owner of gazillion acres of property, he ain't sharing it with Skaarl. No sir. Otherwise, we would have to rename some other champs too.. Lemme think.. {{champion:22}} Sejuani and a pig! [Which one is the pig](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/5/58/Ashe.tauntSejuani03.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20130505140817)
I dont mind rename and others too as Quin ,Annie and others. If they let Willump showed name then let others have their too.
M3o (EUNE)
: but how it can be wrong? i am in it right now i checked it a thousand times
Maybe you write wrong e-mail to register, better to contact support via ticket , they can fix you.
M3o (EUNE)
: yeap it doesnt work.
Then mail is wrong, i just tried same and got mail for code to get in.
: Skin bug
Wait some time for them to fix store and then check / buy anything.
M3o (EUNE)
: e-mail verification
You get auto mail if press on Settings here in boards, tried?
: Quinn & Valor? Lulu & Pix? Annie & Tibbers? Sejuani & Bristle? ~~…Graves & Cigar…?~~
Yup i dont mind to write them too. Im pet friendly 😊
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Real Justice would be giving Kled and Skaarl a skin after 2 years of nothing new... Skaarl wants to dress up too
Yup , im always for giving skins to "forgoten" champs. Aurelion sol got his skin after loooong time finally . Hope these champs get time to shine again.
Febos (EUW)
: Kled is a different case. The champion doesn't focus on the interaction between Kled and Skaarl. When you think about it, his passive even let's him fight **without** Skaarl. Skaarl is just his mount, even though it is still his only friend. Quinn and Valor, on the other hand, should be renamed to Quinn & Valor. They are a tag team, much like Nunu & Willump. Even better, they actually started and "Quinn and Valor" but it was changed due to [text and name lengths](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/18ys5s/quinn_and_valor_ama/c8jvue5/?st=jksmf5sr&sh=6d7466c2). Now it might be time to have them back as "Quinn & Valor". While on the topic of Kled though. Would you change Sejuani's name to be "Sejuani & Bristle"? Changing names because a champion has a mount sets a problematic precedent. We are already seeing it because of "Nunu & Willump", even though Willump is more than "just a mount" to Nunu.
Skaarl saved Kleds butt so many times in game when he had low HP , dismounted he cant use R and W , and movement is slow af, even passive is charging to mount again , so he is basically nothing without Skaarl. EDIT: Thats about Kled, but i dont mind and others too as "Quinn & Valor" , and their name lenght is shorter than "Nunu & Willump" ( 13 < 14 with space between)
: Im being bullied again
Oh poor you, naming your self after massacred and genocided population in most dangerous time and search for mercy ? Dude u have problem.
Rioter Comments
: there are people who suicide over this game. go read the comment section under videogamedunkeys final league vid, to see how people are actually getting %%%%ed over by this game lol i can change the name for free :)
I give up arguing... this aint good at all... Good luck on your ban , until you figure it out your self.
: Jews were bullied all the time. I get bullied to by all the flamers in the game
Bullying them because racial culture and here in game is not the same , they were running for their lives and you sit behind pc safe! You are even born 60-70 years after all that, you cant feel like them because you didnt born then and dont know nothing except stories and movies about them. Better get those 13.500BE and change it if you dont want ban for name.
Miaunelll (EUNE)
: Skin
Restart client ? And have u see in history of purshase in store have u buy it?
ArcticBlow (EUNE)
: Permanent banned .
Downvote is on fire
Hansiman (EUW)
: The offer ended this month. Those skins are no longer available.
https://imgur.com/wI1bOCG Why is there still request section ?
: The numbers o_o
69% ? maybe its true. Its just "GG <3" honor, other 2 honors are 31% of your giving honors to others.
: So how does it feel to "make" champions?
Creating is like making manga and anime: -first need idea what role and kind of champ is next to make -then fast sketch of champ, hand made for start -while one team is making it beautiful in animation, another is making ideas of his skills -there is team of SFX -after all of that mixing it up together and woala there is champ. And the feeling is profitable $$$
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