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: Should refunds be regenerated every year?
Yes,it would be nice.I remember when i was lvl 15 and i did not know to play lol as good as i play it now.In that time i spend 260 rp to buy lux .Many players spend their refunds for some not important things.I think this is a reason that your idea be real. :D
Looks like u guys do not understand what i want to say. I do not think ks is bad, i just said than i hate when someone cry about kills.Something like u steal kill and someone say "OMG, KS , REPORT, I WILL FEED, BYE AFK..." .Read a post again before u reply it . No need to be angry :P
: > [{quoted}](name=ZeKaPRO SRB,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vFWNHyRY,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-09T13:18:38.897+0000) > > The question that we did not get the answer a long time ago. Actually, yes we did. It's legal because League is not about getting the highest number of kills. It's about working together to take down the opposing team's defenses and nexus. If you refuse to understand that, then maybe a game like League isn't for you.
Bro u probably do not understand what i want to say.Its true what u said and i agree with u but this is something what a lot of players do not understand.I hate when someone says "ks report,i am afk now...". I said than would be awesome if riot can say to all players what u said to me. ;)
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