: > no gold after item completion. You still get 1000 gold with the item, before it completes. All the upgrades are for free. So let's look at relic shield. The upgrade costs were 450+950=1400. Sp you will only have less money than before the patch, if you got more than 2400 gold with relic shield. The other money items are similar to this. How often did you get 2400 gold with one support item? I don't think that it happened so often. And as you won't have to spend early money on your support item, you can spend your money on something else and get other items earlier.
Why would they encourage passive play over active playing? 1 gold per 10 seconds means 270 gold over 45 minutes. That's nothing. Losing active gold gain means you're stuck on 3-item build at endgame while everyone else finishes their build. Because all gold gain is passive, you're reliant on **other players** in your team to be successful and hoping to get assist credit somewhere. Isn't the one thing everyone hates about support role being everyone's b**ch? This patch only reinforces that idea. Take away mana regen for support item _and_ ocean drake means mana-hungry supports like Sona are nerfed into oblivion. Have fun going back to base just to refill your mana bar. You won't get to buy anything because your gold income at 30 minutes is about 500 starter + 1000 gold active + 4070 gold passive = 5570 without assists. My typical build costs about 14k.
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: You still lose LP 3 and then 10 per dodge. Ill be honest i never really saw the point of punishing dodging because if all 10 players dont feel confident they are going to win then its not an equal match. Might as well introduce a wager system where you stake LP based on the draft, so if you know you are going to win slap 100 LP down and if the opponent wants to call it with 100 LP because he knows something you dont or if he feels its not looking good offers 20 LP in case he performs an upset etc. The point being everyone should feel confident before a game begins.
I'm only talking about normal draft pick. It's 15 seconds for intention, 35 seconds for banning phase, then 30 seconds * 6 for champion pick and finally 30 seconds for setup. That totals 4 minutes 20 seconds and if someone dodges at last second it starts over from beginning. Just recently I've had 8 of that kind of dodges. Getting a game started can take over 15 minutes and that's with me playing the least popular role of support. Something has to be done.
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: *quickly tries to make up some weekly goals*
Wish you wouldn't give so many "goals" in missions. Games are taking long time because overpowered enemies are reluctant to finish the game. No, need to farm those 15 assists or whatever. We just aced their team, why are you going to clear jungle instead of sieging inhibitor turret? - because got 20k gold quest. League is getting worse.


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