TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Can't Connect to Game
same, upvote plz
Zeus36 (EUNE)
: RADs Error (couldn't connect to HTTP..)
alright it just worked after i posted this haha, mark as solved please.
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Zeus36 (EUNE)
: yes i do get a white screen, i will try installing hotspotshield.
ive tried to install cyber ghost and i got an error while installing saying that it failed to login smth like that so anyway i restored my PC to a point where i didnt have this issue and its working perfectly now. thanks for your help
Declined (EUNE)
: Well I still need the info I requested in my first message, since there's not really anything for me to go on without information.
yes i do get a white screen, i will try installing hotspotshield.
Declined (EUNE)
: It could already be resolved, from what I can gather and learn by reading between the lines there's currently a minor issue on EUNE already being addressed, so it may be nothing at all. In any case let me know how it turns out ^_^
i copied the game on my computer and still cant log in ;/
Elthision (EUW)
: Here some simple questions or maybe things you want to try: Have you tried to repair the client? Have you tried to reboot the computer? Have you tried to restart your router? Are you able to log into Steam or another application similar to league? Can you switch to LAN/WLAN/DLAN and try it again?
yes ive tried all of that and by the way its working on my laptop so theres something wrong with my computer i will copy the game from my laptop to my computer and see how things will go. thanks for your help.
Declined (EUNE)
: Hello again Zeus36 I would like to test if you have access to the log in queue in the first place. Go to the following links in your default browser and tell us what you see: * A white screen would be the normal thing to see, if it is an error, then please post the error you got. *** I would like to ask you to try using a VPN such as HotSpotShield, or CyberGhost to reroute your traffic, it should allow you to by pass the problems. * Download & Install [Cyberghost]( * Run it and let it update. * Try to launch the LoL-Patcher as an admin. * Let me know how that went :) Using a VPN you risk increasing your ping significantly, therefore I recommend only using it to test your connection and related problems. Once it has served it's purpose or you no longer need it, I recommend uninstalling it again, sorry for the inconvenience.
hey declined thanks for your early reply as usual, unfortunately the game is working fine on my laptop so i think its something up with my computer, i will give it a copy-paste and see if it will work fine on my computer once again.
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Stiggy331 (EUW)
: Unusually high pings from south africa
yes, me2 try to use WTFast works like a charm but even tho im running it i've a different issue right now
Shadòw (EUW)
: "we are not favorizing NA"
well amazon is a USA company so riot has nothing to do with this, canadians and mexicans cant get these stuff because again Amazon is a USA site/company so they made this for USA players not the whole NA server which proves that Riot has nothing to do with it.
: All Egypt Down ? ( EUW )
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings, you have 3 refunds on your Account available. If you have already used them up, there is unfortunately nothing you can do im afraid :/ If you have not used them up, go to your purchase history, and it should let you refund the purchase easily :)
hello, i was curious about something do you get 3 refunds every new season or its just 3 times lifetime?
: dota works , hots works fine , all online games works fine . what are you talking about? Even if you looged on Na server it works fine . the problem is only with eu . this is what im talking about. and by the way we are actually benefiting from releasing new champ select on NA/TR first cuz if u went to NA forum you will see that they are facing many bugs so they are testing the new changes on them if you wanna try the new system you can simply create an account on TR server because it sounds really stupid to release an update on 5 different servers then you realize your new update has so many bugs and you have to reupdate 5 times so instead they did it on 2 servers, fix any bugs then release the new patch on all servers and by the way they will release the new patch on 20th of january so its not really a big deal.
: Frist of all that can't be true cuz Tedata don't supports ipv6 , all egypt working on ipv4 .... that's not the frist time this problem happens . it always happen when you reaslise a new patch . but this time you guys don't even care about it .. you even started considering the problem after 48 hours of frist post while we spammed your boards with the problem . your reaction is too slow to our problem that you guys don't even care. The problem is from ur side i'm sure 100% cuz that's not the frist time it happens that's like the 20th time it happens cuz of ur patch . The problem can be solved if you cared enough to consider it at all . Cuz All online games works just fine , even ur Na server works just fine ... we had already ping problems we had like 90-130 ping on euw , eune servers but now we have to use Vpn too? so ping rises to 160 -180 ? ... and we have to pay for it ? Your company is of the biggest companys all over the world ? Your game is of the msot famous games all over the world? and now Eu is the biggest server you have , it's even bigger than na now ? so how you guys are so careless about Eu's problems? Why i'm so harsh in my msg Cuz: 1-you guys responded to our problem like after 48 hours of spamming . 2- you realised champ select on Na/Tr but Eu is garbage. 3-All what you just said and did proves that you guys didn't even start working on solving it ...
man just calm down people are reporting that theres issues with other online games too, im sure Riot staff are looking for a solution even tho it may not be their fault. lets just cooperate with them, they asked for netlog files and stuff give it to them and let them do their job.
: All Egypt Down ? ( EUW )
i've just played an aram game successfully with no interruptions/dcs
: Attempt to reconnect, or Game crash!
no need to spam my friend check the other thread.
modo1036 (EUNE)
: i've just talked to tedata and told them to switch the IPV they told me that we dont support this and we dont support online games. But we are playing online games (lol, ...etc) all the time i think i spoke with the wrong person :D but the problem started just after i downloaded the new update "and my other online game (BF3) is working well " so i thought that the problem is from lol itself so i uninstall it then i download it again and the problem is still up
if you played the game before the new update you would still get the same issue because it happened to me i was playing league on wednesday at around 6~8 PM (Egypt time GMT +2) and this whole thing started couldnt play a single game since then and the update was on Thursday 3 AM,
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Can someone please upload your recent network logs via tool? You can find them in Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Network Logs folder.
do i have to join a public game with people or custom games with bots works too? because the last network log i have is empty and i have to wait 20 mins for LPQ if i have to join a game with others
Riot tmx (EUW)
: We spoke to TE Data on their Live Chat and described the problem. At this point we believe they deliver internet to your homes using IPv6, while they should do it on IPv4. ISPs can switch you from IPv6 to IPv4 if you asked them to do so, and I believe you should contact your provider directly and request this change. We had few other ISPs also facing this issue and the switch to IPv4 resolved the problems. TE Data customer support didn't help us as they wanted to know the telephone number to further troubleshoot. If you contact them directly please specify your phone number and see what they can do. Separately we're checking on how is this traffic routed to our servers and maybe find something else. We believe though that it's not related to the network paths as we know it's also present in other games, eg.
Hello, ive just called them and told them to change my internet from IPv6 to IPv4 and they said its already on IPv4. then i told him are you sure it is on IPv4 then he asked me to do some steps on my computer in network and sharing center where you can change your DNS. and still couldnt connect to games
Riot tmx (EUW)
: We suspect this issue might be related to the IPv6 protocol that your ISP might be using. It's transparent to you (your IP in the OS still shows as IPv4) but we heard of similar problems with bunch of other providers who switched to IPv6 in their network internally. Question I have is: someone mentioned it's happening every patch. How was it fixed last time? How long did it last? Did you guys inform ISP in any way?
i tried to call them twice their response was very poor, they told me they dont provide support to online games. :/
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Hey guys, sorry to be late to the connection error party. Here is what I'm getting from your entries: - Some countries in Middle East cannot connect to EUW. - Problems occur on TE Data ISP (only that one?). - Problem is live for last 16 hours. - Players can connect using a VPN. Questions: - Can you guys connect to EUNE (server location is different) - Where exactly are you stuck? Login Queue? - Can you please visit and upload your logs using our tool? I'll be here checking this thread. It seems like a single ISP is being blocked somewhere along the path and we might need to contact them directly (either players through ticketing system or Riot Games).
thank you sir for caring, and by the way the game might just disconnect at any random loading% could be even 100% and if the game begins we get that attempting to reconnect and get stuck at base. its for EUW and EUNE players i've even tried to go to Turkish server with the same results.
noobIord (EUW)
: I'm of course not sure if it includes ALL TE Data customers. Link DSL users aren't experiencing any issues
noobIord (EUW)
: It's a problem for TE Data customers
you sure about that? do you have any other friends playing the game via different ISP? cuz my cousin is TEdata and i tested it on his internet and working more than fine
Attix (EUW)
: You think it's RIOTs fault?
idk what is the purpose behind this thread, seriously people are having problems no one knows whose fault it is and we want riot to help us out to at least find out who is faulty for this, not blaming or insulting them. I hope you just calm down and let this thread die.
mushu37 (EUW)
: EGYPT, TE DATA :/ *sigh*
hmm me too, others as well the weird thing is my cousin is also TEdata and the game is running perfectly im testing it right now, guess im unsubscribing from this shit ass company this month.
noobIord (EUW)
: It's obviously a problem in EGYPT. Probably only with TE Data. I called their customer service but ofcourse they have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. The lady kindly told me they don't support either Online Games nor VPN . Uninstall everyone..
ye i knew it thats why im asking people where are they from since i suspected its an issue in our country or smth with that shitty ISP, do you have any friends/relatives using a different ISP (e.g vodafone) where you can test the game?
mushu37 (EUW)
: Problem connecting to games.
hello, do you mind telling where are you from and who is your ISP?
: I have the same problem too! It is really annoying, I deleted air clients, downloads, solutions and repaired my game, and no change. My internet is working perfectly but I can't connect to any league game. And IF I connect, after 5 seconds when I enter the game , a " Attempting to Reconnect " pops up, and it won;t connect after that. Please if you have a solution , post it here.
hello my friend, may i know where are you from and who is your ISP?
Declined (EUNE)
: Easiest thing in the world, added you in client. I'm seeing a pattern unfortunately most people are rather uncooperative so I'm having some trouble pinpointing possible problems. Right now I'm suspecting this might be a routing issue, could you follow these steps to test it? * Download & Install [Cyberghost]( Run it and let it update. * Open the client and navigate between the shop, profiles, item sets, and create a custom game. Using a VPN you risk increasing your ping significantly, which makes this a patchwork solution, meaning you can play but it is a temporary solution until we can find a more permanent one. If you could answer these questions that'd be great. * What anti virus program do you use? * What is your Operating System? * Which Internet Service Provider do you use?
i've tried as you asked but after i installed cyberghost i got a message popped up saying that cyberghost isnt allowed to be used by my ISP something like that, i pressed "ok" and clicked that button where it says "click here for protection" as soon as it changed my IP i couldnt use my internet at all, surfing, opening league, nothing at all.
Declined (EUNE)
: That is absolutely a connectivity issue, which goes back to me needing to look at some logs which you should **NOT post anywhere public** at all especially if you do not have an anti virus software!!!! So the remaining solution appears to be
i think its something with my ISP since most of those people having the same issues are from the same country i guess if not, at least i do know they are in my region from their names, is there a way to know the source of this issue i mean if its my ISP fault or from riot? and tell me how i can privately send you those logs which you said it isnt safe to share them in public.
: Turn off your antivirus firewall(if you haven't tried it yet). It worked for my friend.
i just want to know because i had this issue before update, so it could be a problem with my ISP not riot
: Turn off your antivirus firewall(if you haven't tried it yet). It worked for my friend.
where are you from my friend?
Zeus36 (EUNE)
: no im not using any anti virus on this PC because im not using it that much mainly for league of legends
a quick SS just took it after it finally loaded
Declined (EUNE)
: I completely agree, every time there's a new patch, there is a list of usual suspects, there's a very high probability that the amount of changes and recent certificate update since last patch now require League to be whitelisted again in the firewalls, which is why I have to be certain. Last patch this turned out to be the problem/solution. > As it turned out "TCP Window Auto-Tuning" was set to "experimental". For some reason the league client does not like this AT ALL! > The fix is simple, one can set "TCP Window Auto-Tuning" to "normal" through the following command in CMD (run as administrator): > > * netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal When I reviewed your process list, I couldn't find any anti virus programs, was that me not being thorough enough, or do you have one, and in case you do, which?
no im not using any anti virus on this PC because im not using it that much mainly for league of legends
Declined (EUNE)
: Alright there are no outright errors in the Air Logs, which is...... good but it doesn't give me much to work with. In the list of running process, I didn't notice any outright bad programs, but I did see a lot of programs that could slow down your system and aren't important enough to warrant being open all the time. I noticed you have 2 'conhost.exe' process which is unusual, try to do some research on the differences of those two files and whether or not the 2nd is legit. Before you can test it again, I need you to have a look at the 1st video found [here](, I want to streamline your system and remove any potential interference. Once you've completed the steps there you can try again and get back to me, however if it persist I'm probably going to ask for some logs I do not feel comfortable asking you about in a public board, in which case it would be better if you went through support and provided them with the same information you've provided me, and in your 1st post, as well as "Network Analysis", "Tracert" and "Process List" if you go [here](, you can see how to retrieve them. For good measure they may also want a list of programs you run at startup, which you can acquire by going to cmd and copy pasting this. > net start > "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\Start Process.txt"
well ive watched your video as you suggested and done what is shown there and getting the same results, i will send a ticket to support but im not the only one having this issue theres 4+ threads out there so i think its something up with the game not my PC, anyway thanks for giving out your time to help others
: With client repair you mean in launcher repair thingy?
Declined (EUNE)
: Hey Zeus36 Your case I suspect one of two things, but I can't be certain without logs unfortunately :/ 1. Something you've installed could be interfering 2. Network settings aren't optimized. I want to have a look at the Air client log which you can find at this location. C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases[VERSION NUMBER]\deploy\logs\ * Find the most recent log * Go to [this]( website. * Paste the content * Set the expiration date to 1 week. * Post the link in this thread. *** List of running process * Press the [Windows Key] (that is the key on the left side of the space bar, between ctrl and alt) + R * Type cmd in the search bar and click "Ok". You should now see a black window with white letters. * Highlight and copy the following text: > tasklist /v > "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\Process.txt" * Paste this into the cmd window (black box with white letters) by right clicking and selecting "Paste". Do not use the Ctrl+V shortcut as it will not work! * Press Enter. * Wait 10 seconds while a text file with the Process List is created. * You should find a Process.txt file on your desktop. * Go to [this]( website. * Paste the content * Set the expiration date to 1 week. * Post the link in this thread. Gimme gimme gimmick ^_^ - air logs - process
: allready did dont work for me ^^
its working for me mate i did run a client repair and the game is fine, except for i still cant join a game getting an error that stops the game from loading at loading screen, theres another thread for that if you are having similar issues:
: i just tryed all :c nothing worked but its only by the 6.1 patch
right now im running a client repair will keep you updated
: After Launch nothing happen
thank you, you saved me about 2~3 hours. i've the same issue i've tried to fix it and was about to uninstall the game and install it again then i came here and read your thread. i hope someone can help us out.
zeio2013 (EUNE)
: loading screen bug
you are not alone
: Help please with connecting to games!
same issue here was just about to post about it then i read yours. heres what exactly happens with me, i join a game normally at starting screen it may/may not load up to 100% i keep on getting an error saying "you have been disconnected, please check your internet connection and try again" even if the game starts after a few a secs i get that "reconnecting" popped up with that filling bar, it's been 6+ hours now and im trying to fix it and btw i've encountered this issue yesterday once in a ranked game just like today then i stopped playing ranked and right now i cant join a single game. i've tried restarting PC, router, repairing client, my firewall is turned off anyway and setting a public DNS (google DNS). i assume its something up with riot servers since i only use my PC to play league other than that i be studying so i havent changed/downloaded any thing.


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