: These aren't the proper chatlogs
I said that's what I recall happened , the laptop is busy when I get it back i will be sure to drop the chatlog
: You didn't chill in the game, so Riot wasn't chill about your punishment. Look, I understand that this sucks. But it's a punishment, it's supposed to suck. I totally get your frustration, being banned is tough. But what should I say? You brought this on yourself by breaking the rules.
: > That was literally me salty cuz of my lag First of all: So what? It doesn't really matter why you were toxic, it just matters that you were. And secondly: How exactly did your teammates deserve to be flamed this way just because you had technical problems? How is that their fault? > Noway it was that severe Let me tell you what we tell everyone who wants to discuss about his punishment: Chatlogs or it didn't happen.
I think I was flaming back at their flaming ... It started something like Garagas : x9 mid Lux : for ? Lagging ? you can't ban me if I am lagging Gragas : you are inting 1/6 Lux : I said I was lagging dumbass Gragas : we dont care about your ping Lux: then you can stfu Varus : PLEASE GO AFK STOP INTING Lux : if I go afk I will bedetected easily , I tried it before Varus : /all x9 this lux Lux : give a %%%%ig reason to report me and ban me gragas : /all inting Lux : I am not inting , just lagging and having a bad game Gragas : /all you are inting Varus : ahaahha of course And despite that , I was 2/17 and varus was like 10/14 and literally no one said a thing to him Second game : I was auto filled so I took xerath support , MF was Arabian and I am Arabian so she flamed my ass in Arabic , and literally telling me to hang myself and killmyself , get cancer , and I was trying to win me and urgot the whole tame and she had a premade that also was flaming 3rd game , the chat log was too short , the game was sliding , it was weird and really laggy in a weird way but here is the log Annie : fck lag Annie : report enemy ahri and singed for trolling Annie : when you want to win your promos and internet is like Annie : that's where you wrong kiddo ( we lost a teamtigjt , I saw nothing of it and ironically it was gragas flaming me again ) Gragas : report Ashe and Annie for trolling Gragas : how did we lose the fight Annie : you were focusing a 1/13 singed ofcrouse And the end game screen , he literally started cursing my family , giving death threats , saying I know your IP address I will come and killbyou in the front of your mother's eyes Is that enough for u?
Treycos (EUW)
: Got any chat logs ? > That was literally me salty cuz of my lag Why would you be salty ?
I am using my phone because I am no longer on the pc , and the chat log was childish as shit and I think I snapped on my varus typing report mid for inting and I was lagging :/
Treycos (EUW)
: > I was In a game , lagging , so I was salty You shouldn't be the salty one In most extrem cases you will get directy banned, skipping chat restrcitions And yup, when receiving any sanction, your honor level will drop
Will drop , I know , but 2 levels at once ? Chill riot
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Skipping chat restrictions is perfectly possible if your violation is severe enough. This happens in cases of racism, homophobia, death threats, etc.
That was literally me salty cuz of my lag , Noway it was that severe I was never ever banned since season 4 this is literally my first ban in all of my 3 years playing league ...
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