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: unfairly perma banned?
i guess you were a little toxic but def not toxic to be banned. Usually you get banned after being toxic in more games than one. so either you didnt post the second game or you just got banned for no reason
: Looking for a committed team to have fun and practice a few hours a day.
Do you mean like go play in a LAN? or just through league?
: Eh not really. Just coz she has a lot in her kit doesn't make her inherently better than other adcs. She wins just about as much as any other adc sitting pretty at a 50% winrate since release.
so you wanna say 49.36% win rate with 43.59% pick rate is fine?.. she has too much to her kit. both ad and ap scaling..
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Why does the game depends so much on the team? Individual Skills Means Dog Crap.
ik the feeling when you are doing rly well but rest of team is dogshit and you cant do anything about it. games like that happen. mosly in silver, gold tho, when i got to plat its all even imo.
Suprémacy (EUNE)
: What is wrong with my MMR?
you can leave your and the reason you are getting 15 lp a win is that you only won 7 games out of your last 20. intresting thing is that i won 17 out of 20 and im gettting +18 and -17:) in conclusion mmr is trash this season
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DutchPro (EUW)
: I mean if you win a few games in iron you should be matched with high bronze at max. I won a few games in plat 3 and now I have to play vs d4-p1 which is already a very big skill difference but its not the end of the world. Matchmaking is garbage
won 17/20 games in gold got to plat still have gold1-plat4 games.
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HitYourHead (EUNE)
: sadly remake was not created to help people fight the afk problem and disconnect players it was created to cover the problems they have with their game and client that make many people unable to connect (especially after new patches, or changes), so remake is for people that fail to connect to the game (many times because of riot not their own hardware,software or internet) not to deal with afk
in this case you shouldnt get any -lp or just half of it.. example when you normaly get -18lp you will only get -9lp for remake.
if you have high mmr you get matched with gold players (which probably have low mmr for their rank) frustrating thing about mmr for me is that last 20 games i lost only 3 and got from gold 2 to plat 4 in 1 and a half day. yet i still get 18lp a win(same as when i was in gold..)
: In placements you get inflated LP gains, up to 71 ish. Riot has changed their system to punish smurfs a lot harder. Not with bans or suspensions, but if you have 80% win rate in 10 games, you will be playing against much higher opponents than if you would do that last season. I believe, from mine, my friends and now your experiences, they have changed the system to be more forgiving for players with a lot more games played. That would mean the system is a lot more accurate to determine your skill level which will match you against players of similar ranks more often.
11th win i get from 18lp a win to 17 lp a win.. %%%%ing bullshit ass design..
: Coin flip
tbh silver and low gold is elo hell.. after that im having good time playing. i dropped from g4 to silver 4 on EUW just bcs of my teammates.
: Well, yes and no. The basics of the mmr system is that a win increases your mmr and a loss decreases it. How the matchmaking system works is it takes your mmr, finds other players that are similar to your mmr, so if you're 1650 mmr (totally made up number) the system will search for players between 1600-1700. If the system can't find players that close together it will expand to 1550-1750 as an example. Then the system creates an average for your team and the enemy team. If your team has a higher mmr average, you will get less lp for a win and lose more lp for a loss, if your team has a lower mmr average you will get more lp for a win and lose less lp for a loss. Being gold 1 and getting matched with and against gold 2s and gold 3s sounds natural to me. It's around the same mmr bracket. The system can't gather all the gold 1s together because there simply isn't enough of them playing at the exact same time. 18lp for each win sounds a tad low, I think it should be either 19 or 20 for an above average mmr value, but it's not as consistent as "I should be earning X amount, why am I earning Y amount". It'll change. Any more questions just reply to this and I'll get back to you as soon as I can to try to help!
i remember season back where you would go into games vs higher ranks than you if you have big win streak.. playing with same ranks after 9 win streak seems kinda stupid.. did riot change anything about mmr and matchmaking? ive seen people saying they get 50lp a win.. it used to be max at 35+- (cant remember if it was more or less)
Zanador (EUNE)
: All right, then let's go into some details. That MF played poorly, no question about it. Even her build choices are questionable, namely no boots against Blitz and not maxing either of her skills at lvl9. That being said, how did you fair? First things first we have to get something out of the way: "I get matched with lvl 30 players who never have played ranked." This is true. You just forgot to mention in your post that this lvl30 player who never played ranked before was the enemy Jax who vastly outperformed you with double CS and 12 kill participation instead of the 1 on you. You also had the single lowest gold in the match. Even that MF outfarmed you. At minute 12 you had the same amount of gold and from that point on she was leading. Sure an ADC needs more and usually gets more gold than a support jungler, but we just established that this MF was performing very poorly, yet you couldn't keep up with her. You placed a total of 4 wards in this match, all from trinkets, no red wards. 4 in 22 minutes. Everyone in the match outleveled you. Your team by 3 levels and the enemy team by 4. Also as mentioned you are tied with your top lane for the lowest kill participation with a single assist in 22 minutes and 14 kills on your team ( 7% ). ------------------------------- So is it your fault that MF was bad? No. Did you perform just as poorly? Yes. How did you reach gold 3 if you can place only 4 wards in 22 minutes? How is the matchmaking unfair if everyone in your team, including you has the same poor performance? And why do you call them trolls when they are not really worse than you? This ties back to the question of Ivern. Yes, he has the potential to win, but then again literally every champion does. He on the other hand has quite a weak early game and by his nature only performs well against junglers who rely on farm and who can't gank early. The enemy team is full of assassins and roamers and in lower ranks if you allow your enemy to freely gank your team and you can't even warn them by good wards, then your team will die a lot, that's how this works. If you had a jungler that could put some early game pressure on the enemy team, then they couldn't freely roam and destroy your teammates and at least some of your teammates would have a chance to perform well. Just take a step back, rewatch your match, check what you are doing each time an enemy ganks and what you could have done instead. Improve your warding and vision control. And most importantly, instead of hoping to get better teammates than the enemy and farming safely in your jungle, go out and help your team more before you write them down as trolls and feeders. Don't blame others and the matchmaking, improve yourself.
kid got owned lmao
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Shamose (EUW)
: You mean like the old tribunal? That system that was removed for being too slow at handing out punishments?
i dont remember tribunal. I probably wasnt playing at the time when it was a thing or i just didnt know it existed. maybe it could get another chance since there are still more and more players in the game
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: Personally I find warden his best skin, astro his second, abyssal and worldbreaker 3rd, subterr last by far, i don't think 5 is good enough, and adding chromas for astro nautilus would be nice too
Chromas on Astonautilus would look great.. they could at least add those maybe whole skin later?
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N1dre (EUNE)
: Sudden reveal in fog of war
I've seen a bug where the map and in game it looks like i have vision at some place but i dont.. its really annoying especially when you are going into a bush thinking you have vision in there and 3 enemy players fock you up..
: Does Rage quiting even get punished
well, sometimes you just have to leave. Giving same punishment to ppl who ragequit and ppl who have to do something different is just stupid.. also i dont think you should get punished when you DC from a game(electricity goes out, overheated pc etc.) and then coming back..
Xplosion101 (EUNE)
: Why do I keep getting players who feed a lot in my ranked teams? How can I carry better? [No names]
you made it too long lol.. doupt anyone will read it (i didnt for sure :D)
: Ingame FPS suddenly stuck at 10-50, when I've had a consistent 80 for the last few years.
happened to me as well, but i get 10-20 fps.. prob some bug
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Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: You must be drunk. If you were to watch any pro matches right now, Azir appears in almost every game. He has little counterplay, and only a few champions can even stand against him. Only Corki seems to have equal impact as him.
yeah, but has 46% winrate in solo Q? :D
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ymmmuS (EUW)
you mean ranked? they are dissabled atm
SuperJunk (EUW)
: that isn't how TFT works, because TFT is new mode and it isn't balanced, and in next patch it will get champ balances and guaranteed item drops
yeah but its luck based?
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: Because is not about RNG but the ability to adapt and strategize base on the RNG, sure some time you can have terrible bad luck but same as people whining trolls in soloq stop them to climb, the others can also have terrible bad luck (trolls in soloq case) so in the end the smartest person that is logic and fast thinking to adapt will riese and others will whine!
well aram is RNG in getting champs, but you can ADAPT and STRATEGIZE based on the RNG...
Akrylia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zineus,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=KarjlVHX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-06T18:09:39.629+0000) > > i really like it as a concept, but could you make it more detailed? if so id be intrested to see it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Detailed like what? Too detailet would be too complex at least for me :3
as detailed i mean what a splashart would look like
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: Add Sunfire cape into team fight tactics
imo 200 hp on {{item:3751}} too much also 20 dmg is too much since you have scaling.
Akrylia (EUW)
: Coven Evelynn Skin Concept (By Me)
i really like it as a concept, but could you make it more detailed? if so id be intrested to see it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Lamb Sauce (EUNE)
: Nubrac xp starved his mid laner and left his adc 1v2 on bot lane. That doesn't seem fair to me and having a 60%+ win rate playing like that means there's something wrong with the game. Also, nb3 got a 2 week ban for flaming him as well : ^) And yes, you can play any champ in any role as long as you're silver or below, because no one really knows how to play against most champions there
> Nubrac xp starved his mid laner and left his adc 1v2 on bot lane this doesnt make any sense.. since he left bot adc gets more xp, denied enemy mid lot of gold AND xp... nb3 should be banned for more than 2 weeks and the rioter should be kicked out of company..
: the portraits look much better and more realistic now with the better shadows and extra graphics
it doesnt look good on any champ imo, they could of atleast zoomed out the portrait a bit
: I miss the good 'ol days where randoms would hop into Crystal Scar and play hide and seek. Really fun. {{champion:421}} Best Hider :p
i used to like hide n seek more that actual game tbh :P idk why they removed crystal scar from customs tho...
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