chill22518 (EUNE)
: With the new item (The one that makes you dash and throw fireballs), he is probably the second strongest mage. after {{champion:90}}. Imo
Yeah the new items goes well with Vel'koz :)
Moe Striker (EUNE)
: I main Vel'koz myself and to be honest, learning vel'koz earlier and maiming him will do you good in higher elos. He is great and have good combos which can do a lot of difference in a team fight.
Thank you :)
: Do you like skillshots? Then yes. Don't like skillshots? Then no. He is extremely fun to play in my opinion, but to be a true Vel'Koz master you need to master the Q, and that takes practise.
Yeah learning how his Q works is really fun, that's a good fact to buy him, thanks
: He is a really fun and good champ to play, in teamfights he can just stand back use his q,e and ulty while a support protects him from cc for a free penta, of course you need to learn to play him and he has fucked up counters like yasou with his wall, of course he's really squishy so he will have problem against lb, kata or zed but at end, i would recommend buying him and learning to play him as he can carry games :)
I know he has some counters... Thanks for the recommendation :D
SeekerK (EUNE)
: What champions or lanes do you normaly like to play? Learning a champion that just got motified or buffed ain't wise to learn, as always the stronest champions will get nerfed in the next patch. Vel'koz is very balanced now with the R buff. Deffenetly should try it. But it needs slow and patient laning and good timing. Quite hard to master.
My roles are primary top and secondary mid, thanks for the replay
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