Rismosch (EUW)
: But I am optimistic when it comes to teamcomps. I've seen the wierdest picks win games, so why shouldn't win an Annie Top + Lee ADC? It was only lost because they didn't even tried to win.
Of course,you've seen that in low elo( or bad players).How do you think lee adc can get over laning phase vs normal adc who can poke the s*** out of him,and annie who has 0 mobility and probably can't be tanky enough as another normal top laner... IT could happen that you win but chances are small and almost impossible in higher elo
drymonkey (EUW)
: mate all the chaps you listed are pritty far apart from eatch other so il just list some chaps i love and explain why i do maby you like them to {{champion:31}} he is the defintion of a pain in the ass his unrelenting sustain passive poke and burst make him hell to lane against when you build this beast ap tank he will 1 shot evry carry and still be tanky enuf to remain fighting for a long time i big downside he has 0 mob {{champion:61}} her passive makes it eazyer to farm (if your new to farming mages) she is a supporty mage with alot of raw power verry fun to play and a suprisingly good counter for the mid lane assasins thar dominate the meta today . working her ball feels alitle strage in the begining but is rewarding as hell if you get it right + being an utility mage you dont nead to be fed to help out your team {{champion:133}} top ' jung 'or adc doesn't matter she can dominate with her raw dualing power not even a fed vayne can walk away form this beast of a dualist (not to call it assasin) she is so dam fast you can be evrywere and if you do it right you can nd will 1v1 evryting that comes near you ( but not vegar tho he creams you XD) being an assasin like adc means you can teamfight well and on top of that you can acualy defend yourself if a bruser wants to kill you playing her takes some getting used to cus she is an opertunety hunter or a steady teamfighter depending on what the team neads (she can split good to)
Yes I know my list of champions i like to play are not connected in anything,but I just find them fun...I dont know what role do I wanna play what kind of champ i wanna play I just have champions I have fun with and thats all xd,ty for your list I wanna try out Orianna I always liked her but never really tested her out ty :)
: Gangplank, for sure. {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}}
I dont like him but ty for your suggest :)
Lux Lux (EUW)
: *Fun* is completely subjective. You prefer higher skill-capped champions so you can invest more time in them, which is great. Everyone has their own taste and I don't think people should offend someone else by saying their mains are boring or whatever, since that's just gonna create unnecessary conflict. My main's Lux, someone you might not want to main since she's fairly easy to learn and pick up. My main reason I like her is her position in a fight: far at the back, where no one should be able to touch her. The second reason I love her is her 100% reliance on skillshots. Having all four of her abilities as skillshots greatly increases her skill-cap, and it takes time to master her completely. However, as you said, since you will perceive her as easy at first, you'll probably lose interest pretty quickly (generally how I think about someone like Veigar, who I personally find boring, but that's just my opinion). Since my playstyle differs a lot from yours, I'm probably of not much help. xD --- How about someone like Zed (even though he's not that strong anymore), or Leblanc? I find the new Leblanc a lot of fun. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I totally agree with you dude,Im not kinda ''asassin'' guy and that stuff,personally I like playing either far at back or tanky melee ranged,I find fun Shyvana and Trundle,Vi is cool aswell,I play Ekko and champions similiar,I will still stay Thresh main bcs I find him champion that fits me but I just wanna find someone new :d
: Don't main Shaco if you don't want to be flamed, if you can deal with that, Shaco is love, even though they killed Ad and only ap / hybrid makes sense now. Also his early is easier punishable compared to before.
I thought about Shaco aswell.. Can you give me some tips and situational builds /core items on him.Im really bad shaco player because im so squishy but i have to come in melee range so its kinda hard for me to play him
: {{champion:102}} is really strong right now with the jungle giving huge advantages for fast farmers and she will get even stronger if the PBE fervor changes should go live.
Im actually watching shyvana gameplay atm xD,I thought about Trundle or Shyvana I will probably decide one of those
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Rismosch (EUW)
: The amount of trolls recently is just insane. Just last game someone banned Vayne, then our ADC decided to go Top with Lee and fed intentionally. He threatened everyone that he would %%%% our mothers. And on top of that our toplaner decided to troll aswell and went Annie. [Matchhistory](http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2953534844/216115303?tab=overview) Just why? Why are people so dumb?
When you saw he started trolling in champ pick,you could easily leave... If he trolls in champ pick its obvious he is going to troll the rest of the game ( or at least not do very well ) :0
: I had the same experience several times. I think it would be good option, if you can not ban a champion, which is chosen by your teammate. After all, the pick and ban phase is for building up strategy and by chosing champion before ban phase, should mean something, not to be just new reason for trolling
Its ok you have your opinion,but sometimes it's bad...Like imagine you got a teemo support troll ... Of course if he is real troller he will pick something else and troll and you are probably going to lose , but anyways... Every option have it bright and dark side no matter what,you just can't make pefect stuff...
Goodnigut (EUW)
: 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, half hour and so on...(unless they changed it in the last 2-3 months, but I kinda doubt it) You just left a lot of games since you received the 20 minutes queue ban. Nice try to lie yourself out of it though.
Dude...Sorry for taking too long to answer...I didn't say I never left the game or anything like that.All I am saying is if there is problem you didn't cause like I did at that situation where i got disconected and stuff...It should be less anoying.If you ever played CSGO and you know that ban system its too much better. This is way too frustrating
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