Anechrome (EUNE)
: Thx Riot, I'm done. I wrote these a while back. You might find them interesting. I also agree with you about wanting to keep the trollers in the game. I had another theory though, not because they spend money but because riot want to have some kind of balance in the ranks. I explain it here if you want to check:
: I main Irelia top and bard support. When I select support + top, I get queue times of 20-40 seconds. Even if I play with a friend who takes like bot and mid(or w/e the most taken lanes are). So get a friend who mains support an BAM your queue times wont be longer than 40 seconds.
I still dont get it thoug. Sometimes we go 4 friends and all have different main lanes and it may take up to 5 mins n more. How hard is for the system to find the one missing lane :p
: >while few have attempted to understand why they do it. There is nothing to be understood. Why? Because there are literally no reasons to flame your teammates, ever.
I'm not talking about right and wrong here, I'm saying whether someone can handle his emotions or not. If the CAN'T then they flame. You blame them for not being able to control themselves? So if you can, are u superior to them? Then you blame someone who is inferior to you? Hmmm I could say the exact same thing to those who actually get hurt (emotionally) by flamers. According to you it's 100% their fault for listening, paying attention and feeling hurt. Well that makes no sense. Some will get hurt others will not. Some will flame others will not. The only common thing these two groups have is that they act in different ways. You want me to agree that flaming your teammates is bad. Of course. But the moment you are so absolute in your answer you lose the game. 100%? Doubt it. Literally no reason to flame? I bet all flamers have a reason to flame :p So in essence you negate your own argument. You just proved that ur opinion is one-sided. If you think their is no reason to flame go ask a flamer, i bet he will give you tons of reasosn. And again don't missunderstan I'm not saying flaming is right, I just say it is natural. Do u imply that those who flame are immature pricks etc. Who knows but is it really important what they are? What matters is the end result, and that is flaming in-game. As you said on the above comment why would anyone go in the private chat? It;s not about others going there, it's about the flamer to blow off the steam. Sure he can scream at his screen but i bet he does that whether he flames or not. We can talk all day about why private chat could be proven usefull, but as long as you give me arguments as absolute as 100% and anyone, everyone then it is not a productive discussion. If you want an absolute then here: Flaming is 100% bad for those who receive it and 100% satisfactory for those who create it. ;)
Sjeikken (EUW)
: The definition of Flaming: _"An online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another"_ I too have come across these annoyed children. whenever you tell them to react and engage the enemy faster next time or tell them what they can improve they burst out and call you a flamer and report you. what is this... how are you supposed to chat with people in this game. I personally have feared to talk to anyone after I received a penalty for telling my Alistar support not to headbutt Draven but instead thresh. Conclusion: I don't speak with anyone anymore I just fear it, I fear that I will get reported and banned. I urge you to do the same never use the chat box again like me, I know it's stupid but it's sadly the only way until these children get inculcated properly by their parents then this is the only way. Sadly this community is garbage, wait at least garbage can be recycled - this community is filtered shit where all the nutrients have been extracted and there's only SHIT. This same "SHIT" exists on the reddit league of legends community and in these boards here and in-game. I feel sorry that you posted a solid thread here and it got downvoted and even this "Foxist" who came in here explaining and justifying "SHIT" for you and how all of the "SHIT" is not the "SHIT'S" fault but your fault, for taking the time to post this, feel sorry for you op.
It's alright. :) I was expecting a controversy of opinions. People even in real life they need to understand that not everyone is like them and not everyone handles situations the same way you do. I tried to explain that it's the game's nature to promote such behaviour, plus i forgot to mention internet anonymity and yeah foxist said its 100% their fault, with no evidence. You dont blame the sun for being too bright. Its his nature to do so. Same way you should not blame someone who cant handle anger as much as other people can. Its his nature. Their is a thing called dark figure, in which statistics dont get reported. Riot might say in their stats that players stop flaming after they get banned but behind the screen they might be raging as hell and destroying shit n stuff... who knows. So my suggestion was to transfer that anger from reality to the private chat. Dunno just blurring out ideas :D
candoodle (EUW)
: >banning those who are expressing their emotions because the game itself provokes them is not the right way. im tired of this bs "the game provoked me" please gtfo of here with that not flaming back = super simple muting = also really f*king simple no excuses for flame not even the classic toddler cry of "but...but...- HE STARTED IT" that's what players sound like when they come to boards saying they were provoked and therefore had no choice they all sound like children throwing tantrums yelling "they started it" as for your private chat idea that already exists it's called saying Sh*t out loud to vent instead of wasting your time typing it in chat I'm sure my neighbors have heard me yell "F these bronze idiots" hundreds of times, but not once did i feel a need to type it in chat as that would be a waste of time
You said they sound like children. Well part of LoLs community are children so you cant bash them for actually being children :p You cant compare immaturity with maturity. They are both psychologically explained why they exist at certain ages. I'm just trying to take the evil's side, since everyone blames flamers for losing their game, while few have attempted to understand why they do it. Just so we are clear my point of view is not as one sided as you might think. I never flame. Literally never. I have even lost games because i convinced enemy troller to stop trolling and he basically carried the game. As for yelling to a vent...I'm sure they are doing it already :D
: >how is that going to help someone who actually wants to express some emotions such as anger if he is not even allowed to flame? You can rage and swear all you want, just don't use the frigging chat. **There is no excuse or reason to flame, ever. ** >Not everyone can handle and manage anger. Not everyone is patient enough. Is it their fault? Yes, it's 100% their fault. They **choose** to press enter and start typing/flaming. >The purpose of this discussion was not to promote flaming ... > flaming should be allowed in-games Riiight.... Sorry but no. By flaming, you greate more negative environment than it already is. You also make yourself look like immature prick and no-one wants to play with people like that.
First things first. I never said to flame in the chat. Therefore i suggested the private chat. If you have never had the urge to flame good for you, but you can't actually speak on behalf of those who want to. That's kinda one sided. When u say it's 100% their fault, u again take a one sided view. Dont think that because you can manage your anger eveyone else can. You just completely ignored the last paragraph and copy pasted like a newspaper article would. I suggested the use of private chat, where if two people want to argue or whatevs they can do so. And the rest of the team will not be affected if they dont look at the chat. The guy below said scream off-screen. Sure thats a solution as well :p
: Why?
I actually don't get the new draft system in which you have to pick two lanes. Why?? can't we just pick the one we want and match us with those who picked the rest of the lanes? Also just so people don't ban your champ, just don't select him in the beginning :p You have 15 sec to choose if you don't then nothing happens, then its banning time and THEN you can pick whoever you want.
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DaWolfer (EUW)
: 14 d ban gg
It's not that the report system works or doesn't work. I bet few people have actual evidence that a troller/afk/flamer gets punished. The only evidence available exist if the troller himself admits he was banned in a forum or something. That being said, there is no proof the the system works or doesn't work. Also, just to play the devil's advocate, a troller could be banned after being reported, but the chances to play with the same person again are very few. So naturally you will end up with another troller who is not yet banned. HOWEVER, the biggest flaw of riot's system is (and i think this is what frustrates you and everyone the most) that it has 0 preventative/ deterrence measures. Sure you report the troller, then what? Game is lost riot, ok i will help you punish him but what about my game? Nothing you or riot can do about it. So riot SHOULD implement deterence measures and prevent the unfortunate to happen before it ruins everyones game. And noone really cares if he will be reported afterwards, cause game is lost, and you get no notification that the troller was being punished, only in few cases. But surely i got nothing ever, and i came across dudes that literally either own team or enemy team were standing next to enemy tower waiting for the enemy to kill them. So yeah, its just a psychological think, but it wouldn't hurt to notify us when someone is being banned. Otherwise you have the feeling you lost a game, you reported yet you got no reward. Btw dude, regardless of whether someone trolled or not you flamed and your attitude was from your first text negative. You essentially contributed in losing. I've won games when i had a troller in my team, and I've lost game when the enemy had 2 fucking trollers in their team. It's as simple as that: you already have 5 enemies, you don't need more. I've lost 6 times IN A ROW my promo, not even once I flamed or troller or afk or surrendered. All times i had a flamer, troller or afk in my team. One time i was 2 vs 5. So basically flaming makes things worse, it's just a means of expressing your feelings, but noone ever listens and changes to someone who swears at them. So flaming in its root is pointless, you only hurt yourself.
: Im f*cking done
Although you have a point you lost credibility about here :''So, telling the truth to 10 years old mentally disabled kids with issues means I'm toxic? Telling them they SUCK SO FUCKING HARD is a crime?''. Don't get me wrong it's not that you have no right to retaliate, but if you really want to 'help', them swearing at them is not the answer. If you think that riot is doing a bad job then i suggest you start doing riot's job yourself. When someone flames you don't flame back at him, cause you are neither his parent nor his role -model to listen to you. Instead you explain, CALMLY what he did wrong, if he insists on flaming (happens most of the time) just take it as a joke, you could also ask for his assistance instead of dismishing it. When there is an enemy troller, i ignore him and don't kill him. That frustrates them most of the time and they go afk. They are just attention seekers. When the troller is in my team i ask for the reason he trolls. Normally is because a teammate is not good. Then I try to help the troller get kills while he is still deciding whether he should troll or not. That obviously boosts his confidenence cause they suck at that, and the chances of trolling are less. Although it's a really exhausting process to try to convince someone unworthy of convincing, eventually it works. And let me remind you no swearing and flaming. Try to understand him and 'befriend' him. Always think that you have 5 enemies already, you don't need more in your team. ;) About your ideology, it is neither right nor wrong. You have the right not help those that don't help you and to defend when you are being verbally attacked. But either you want to win the game or you want to change that person and let me tell you YOU CAN'T CHANGE HIM. You take shit and create a statue... it would still be shit. What I'm trying to say is, winning is more approachable than changing the flamer. So get on his good side, help him get kills, help your team, if you are mid and bot flames, go help bot, if you are top swing by bot help them and use teleport to protect your top tower. It's not about changing them, it's about helping them and above all helping yourself to win. One last thing, there are many reasons why someone blames another person or flames or trolls. And trust me noone can change them over night especially in a 30 minutes game through a chat. When you swear at them subconsciously you want them to understand their mistakes, so essensially you want to change how they think about themselves and about you. Not possible bro. All you can do in order to win this game is to do all the above I mentioned. And yes I do too believe that riot is not doing a good job, and when people say trollers and flamers and stuff are the minority it's just annoying. What does it mean to be a minority, to get neglected? Apparently we the minority think we are neglected and obviously riot is making tons of money and doing very little or no proper updates. So either you quit LoL or if you still like to play, try doing it yourself and dont wait from riot.
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: Urgot can make him very miserable aswell. Since he becomes quite a bit less tanky with black cleaver on the E and you can combo him each time he tries to stack his Q. It's all about how well you can zone him and full arm pen urgot would be very good for this. In solo Q he will always be strong since the play between lane's is unreliable. In team comps nasus is too big a liability to play even. Perma ganks would be another idea but that generally fails hard if mid or bot need help. If you can force him to E farm instead of Q then you're on the right track though. And forcing early teamfights would make him rather useless in that case. Best idea would be to invade enemy red with the jungler to force 2v2 or 3v3. Nasus will generally be forced to stay in lane or be an easy target.
In case you have to help your team in team 4v5 then nasus will be alone having fun. Plus consider this. Assume you have nasus vs (any champion in game) they both have full build, BUT nasus has 1000? 2000? infinite? stack. Even if the other champion like veigar stacks up ap or something else it is inevitable that in 1v1 nasus will win. He can pretty much 1 hit every mage, every assasin, and it would not be that hard for tanks and the remaing classes. So in essence nasus is unfair cause he can kill every champion ever created. Of course this is just a fixed scenario, he is never going to have infinite or whatever his maximum is. But everytime you leave him alone in lane (cause you have to help your team, you are afk, or someone distracts you), he is getting closer to that monster. And it's not like you let the adc farm more than you, at least you can counter that someone, they die easily. But he is a tank :p I have seen so many games carried by nasus. Not because he was fed, he barely has 2 kills, he has stack, and even though his team sucked and we are fed he still keeps on walking.
: The only thing that needs changing is that "slow" of his...
exactly, slow in addition to staked dmg and tankiness= you cant escape me bro
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: Honestly that's the best answer i got so far. Because disregarding the fact that he is one of these people that just want to watch the world burn, I can relate 100% of what you just said to his behavior. So i guess it just turns out to be a matter of self-esteem and ego that caused him to think that he is better than to be playing with us. I burst out laughing at the "disorder" that makes people think the world cant handle their awesomeness. Its like "umm, I cant be playing with you cause your swag level isn't high enough".
It's called mephobia i think. It's fear-related."Having the fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it and everyone dies. " Urban Dictionary. But you got my point. I assume he was not a sadist cause he did not intent to feed until he was "provoked" to.
Selpher (EUW)
: Trolls in promo or just BadLuck
check this:
: Neat. However, there is still nothing about Promo games that make them 'More likely' to have trolls/afks.
True. But I believe if you can't prove something, until you prove it don't believe it's either true or false. Regardless of the topic, even if one person (which is obvisouly not the case) is being harassed by trollers/afks etc. riot should have done something a long time ago. And not this report crap.
: > "Always Trolls in Promo" Of course its not true. Promo games tend to be more important to players so they remember all the negative ones (And not the positive ones). Every player can recall a painful experience in a promo game, but rarely a positive one. The game doesn't treat your promo games any differently than any other game and doesn't try to artificially make them harder by 'finding trolls' etc. That's pretty absurd.
The theory you adress is called negativity bias. However, there is also positivity bias, so let's not make it an absolute that we remember mostly, the negative experience in important situations. What if there is no positive experience to remember? I mean I can recall some games, with postive attitude, a really nice team etc. But some people might not have played such games. And experience mostly trolls etc. The fact that they recall only negative games could be because they havent experienced a positive game. Otherwise you would more or less remember it. Especially, when you believe that the majority of games are full of trolls and suddenly a game has only postive players. That's unforgetable in LoL. Another point is, even if I sometimes don't have trollers in promos/non-promos, I often see the opposite team with an afk, troller etc. Today I lost 2 games because one we had an afk (on purpose), and the other one guy believed that split pushing (in 2nd tower bot) while we have a team fight and protecting the inhibitor was more important than helping us. Three or four times he split push while we were having team fights. Oh yeah he was our adc... job well done. Anyway the last game i played and we won because enemy had 1 afk. Yesterday out of 2 games I won 1 because enemy had two intentional feeders. What I'm trying to say is I remember games that were not negative for me and I recall winning not because skill, but mostly because someone was afk or troller. Lastly, I lost 6 promos in a row due to trollers and afks in my team, literally. A guy explained it to me that mathematically I was just unlucky. But common let's say I played two promo games per day. Just 2. Imagine how many more are experiencing the same thing when millions of games are played daily! It's just that riot has a lot more work do to on that domain, especially when in hero select screen you see two mid noone top an adc alone and a jungle. It's not that it will not work or lose the game, but there is a given format to play in, and winning will be certainly harder. So in case you want to leave the game you get penanlized by losing LP, short time-ban. In some cases the system its like telling you : hey you lost even before you started :p.
: So what exactly causes people to have these kind of behaviors in game?
If I had to guess, it's a theory in psychology called attribution of responsibility. Basically if we disregard genes and sadistic personality traits, by looking at this theory alone, the person blames someone else becuase he wants to protect his self esteem. In other words, it's not my fault (I'm cool) it's your fault. By doing so people believe that they did the right thing, it is just the world that its not working with them. In your example, one could argue, that sona experienced high amounts of the above theory, thus trying to justify herself by blaming the others for first blood. It's easier to blame someone, than to admit you are wrong. Some people experience this in higher amounts than others. To make it clearer those who blame only others and don't improve themselves are called narcissists. They love themselves so much that they are never wrong, they are the best etc. Just to make things funnier, there is actually a (let's call it disorder) that makes people believe that they are so awesome that the rest of the world will not be able to handle their awesomeness. This is just a simple explanation for the first blood example. When sona started intentionally feeding, you can either say based on the above theory, that she was basically defending her own judgment of blaming others or as in normal cases, such people have insecurities about themselves, which leads to further need of justifying their actions. In simpler words, sona fed because she initially had insecurities about herself and skills and in order to protect herself she draged the whole team down. It's kind of a weird thing to do, but to people with a lot of insecurities this might makes sense. This was just a hypothesis of what might have happened. Of course there is a posibility that sona was a sadistic asshole, or an immature child, or a wrongly developed child according to Freudian theories :p Hope i got you covered. It's not that her mentality is to ruin a game. This happens in the process.
: > isn't it a bit weird that riot does nothing? Nothing? Nothing about what? I see Riot doing thousands of things, i am not exactly sure what you are refering to. Would you mind epxlaining? > The matchmaking system for a fact, places someone with people of equall reports or 'skill Thats not a fact. I have no idea who told you that, but reports have absolutely nothing to do with matchmaking. > But who tells us that it does not purposely places someone with a troll if they are about to get promoted Riot does. And why would they do such a stupid thing? Why would they ruin the experience of their players intentionally? > Or why (so I've read) do higher ranks like plat lose points if they stay inactive for too long? Like in every other sport, you have to stay in training to keep up with others. Riot noticed that skilled players who don't play for a while actually get less skilled (compared to others). Thats why the decay exists. If it wouldn't exist, every player who would take a break would have to suffer from losing a lot of games until he is in shape again.
1: Nothing about in-game control. Trollers have 100% control of the game. The other players just sit and watch them destroy the game. And even if you report, you are less likely to come across the same dude again, so in any case you 'save' the game for others but you have to lose yourse in order to do that. If you want specifics, for instance when someone is afk, he is afk. Team is 4vs5 and they have a hard time winning. Dota for instance allows you to control the afk. Why isn't that happening here? 2:I asked riot support a question about how matchmaking works, and that's what they told me in summary. I would like to think they didn't lie. 3:First of all riot has no reason and benefit to admit that they put trollers in promo. But even if we disregard the 'conspiracy' theories, since I was informed by riot that the matchmaking system recognizes how many reports someone has, past behaviour, bans etc. why don't they filter the matchmaking system to avoid trollers getting in promos. As I said, i lost 6 promos in a row due to trollers and afks. Coincidence? Everytime I lost promo I have to earn about 20-30 more points. In those games i came across trollers and afks in the opposite team and I asked them if someone from them was promo. Everytime they said yes. I am not saying that everygame i played which was non-promo there was a troller, but in those that were, they said that they were in promo and (coincidentally again?) i had no trollers/afk in my team in non-promo. Why would riot do such thing. I don't know, but I assume a form of balance in the ranks. Trollers need to keep those in bronze at the bottom and those in top at the top. I forgot to mention that what the guy explained to me about matchmaking, it was the probability to be placed with someone of similar skill and reports. So when I say that trollers come up in promo I mean the probability is higher for them to appear in promo. So when someone easily advances, it doens't negate this theory, it's just that he was lucky enough to escape the probablity (I dunno 30%non-troller, 70% troller) of being matched with a troller. 4: I haven't though it like that, which makes sense :)
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings The main Issue with your Post is that the amount of Posts made here about how "bad/flawed/unfair" etc. the System/experience is represents the small minority. It can leave the impression that most players are unhappy with it, because you rarely see People that are happy/neutral post about it. Its the same for toxicity.. The % of toxic behaviour is rather small compared to the one with neutral/good behaviour. We humans just have this odd habbit of remembering the bad experiences better than the good/neutral ones in alot of cases atleast.
I agree, but if I experience in 4/5 games flamers, trollers etc, either I'm amazingly unlucky or many experience the same. Also in my case I do remember only the good games, with no flamers etc, while I don't remember the bad games, cause they are soooo many. The same theory though can be applied to those who don't experience much of this. I mean they might think it's not as bad as it looks since they haven't experienced it. People are posting their troll plays on youtube. It has become an entertainment sport now, to troll others. Even what I say represents the small minority, how many people are we talking about? (I'm sure the number is high enough since the total is more than 10 m). So it all comes down to this again, even if the small minorty is 100.000? 50.000? it's not a small number to ignore. So the question is why does Riot ignore this minority? What i mean by ignoring is, they don't 'protect' them from ill tempered people. Even though other games have shown potential for restrain measures against trollers etc. One last thing, again i might have been unlucky, but I don't believe that's the case if in 6 promos in a row I came across trollers, afks, and flamers who became afks. In one game we ended up 2vs5 because you guessed it, they have the spine of a gummy bear.
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ZartarUK (EUW)
: it sounds like your problem is with the players and not the game itself also sounds like youd prefer dota 2 or hots
It's true that the problem is the players. Sorry if I made u understand wrong. What I wanted to say is simply that team play can't happen if not everyone from the team cooporates. There are solutions for it that some of them are implemented in games, as you said dota 2 (don't know hots... sorry hots fans :p). or battlenet in WoW. For instance, in dota 2 you can control the afk. In battlenet among others, there is a votekick system which is not being abused and it works perfectly. I play LoL cause my friend likes it so we can do stuff together and it has some sort of charm. But it's just unbearable to be faced with such toxic community while you try to have a bit of fun. You can simply say quit LoL. Well I prefer to stay here and complain hoping to change at least something for the better.
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LÿcH (EUW)
: As you said, good behaviour doesn't work most of the time. Sometimes i keep my cool and try and talk to people with logic in a calm mature way, but in response they just call me the usual names. Noob, feeder, your mom this your mom that etc... So i just treat people how they treat me. I don't usually get angry when playing with stupid people but there are times i've flamed hard and said all kinds of things to them, which i don't regret or see irrational in any way due to their initial behaviour towards me. One very common thing that tends to happen is that someone thinks he's a master at tactics and dominates the whole team telling them what to do. Sometimes you don't agree with such tactics and say we will lose if we do what you say, but of course since you're not in the mood to argue you listen to them, then get smashed because it was the wrong tactic, or he put you in a position you're not good at... and then you get the noob, reported for feeding... etc But in general no matter what you do, people are going to complain no matter what. About ANYTHING. You do bad? your a bronze noob reported for feeding (Everyone has bad matches but they never get it) You do good? means you're kill stealing, or complain that you only help yourself etc, anything they can think of basically. The nice 5.14 update with a slick new HUD and improvements arrived, and what is the first thing people do?? COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. I had this one case. I was playing a match (with Swain i think) and i carried the team, i was playing well and i got fed, got lots of kills etc... so after the match, one of my team mates adds me and invites me. We play together again, this time i got smashed and fed the enemy, i had a bad match dunno why, it just happens. Then after that he never invited me or talked to me again. So one match when i carried with Heimer, some guy on the enemy team was asking me if i wanted to play with him afterwards... i didn't answer him. In general the community is shite, try being nice and reasonable as much possible, but don't take bullshit and don't be nice to someone that clearly doesn't understand logic.
It all started when people got the report option. The reason why people blame the team instead of themselves for their loss or mistakes is because they are afraid to be reported. That's called attribution of responsibility and basically transfers the blame from you to others so you can protect your self esteem and i guess avoid the report. Since people started to abuse the report option, players are afraid to make mistakes because they fear someone will report them. If you have the dignity to admit the mistake then might as well expect that you might be reported (or not). But if you attribute the blame to others then in a sense you excuse yourself from the mistake and you believe subconsciously i guess, that you will not be reported. This has become an innate or reflex response nowdays in LOL games. You make a mistake boom, it's the other's fault. Of course you think you will not be reported and you think your self esteem is secured but in reality you get reported big time for refusing to communicate with the team or whatever. So there is a circle that involves the cause=blame others and effect=get reported. It never ends. That's the majority of LOL games now. So don't bother changing the community with kind words cause it doesn't work. Promoting healthy behaviour to unhealthy behaviour is like saying: ok i will rehabilitate negative beh. to become positive. Rehab even for minor beh. takes a long time to achieve. And riot expects us with a single game, through CHAT, in about 30 mins, to promote healthy behaviour to a stranger. Well something is off here.
: BRO!!!! You just made my day. This is exactly what I say ALL THE TIME. No one listens. Disregard trolls, yes but Rito should make a "special" unseen queue. It may be complex but I prefer it to getting new meaningless skins every patch. And the Ranked system is broken. It needs attention. A LOT of attention. Diamond 5 especially. Pfft.
The thing is riot wants the trollers in the game apparently. Solutions are many and other games have succeeded in them. Why doesn't riot use the same solutions? Is it because of copyright issues? Dunno. But in a certain game (not right to name it here) the votekick option exists and works and no one abuses it. Simple as that votekick the troller out. It's not as simple as that but I've suggested in other discussions how to avoid abuse of this option. Probably we are demanding too much from riot, but the report option is useless since you already lost the game and it's insulting and demeaning for the players to experience stuff like this in a GAME.
Leonism (EUW)
: I 100% agree. I was about to write the same post, and might just do it in a couple of days, we all need to remind Riot over and over again of these issues. NO ONE is afraid of being reported, players take reports as a joke: "yeah ok report me, I dont care, **** you, you noob" and so on. Riot should start banning people for real, they have the money to get a bunch of people banning such players. And as you said, updates are only full of shiny skins, well thats business, they dont care about our fun and our time, they just want people to buy stuff and earn money, and its working so they think "why should we?". But Im afraid players with good behavior will stop playing this game. Real stroy: My girlfriend wanted to try playing LoL because I do, without telling me. My girlfriend did quit LoL after 3 games for life, and sent an email to Riot so they delete her account. Can you guess the reason? Right. she played only 3 games, and in all 3 she got flamed and people talked about how bad she is and said mean things in the chat, in an intro level of BOT game. It's a bot game for gods sake. People with bad behavior do it even in bot games, so what's left? where isnt there flame, trolling and afks? Healthy behavior is getting you nowhere in this game, not in ranked and not in normal. healthy behavior doesnt give you anything more than toxic behavior. I go on my series in ranked. lets assume i win the first game, then I lose the next 2 games because of 1 afk player, and the next is trolling. OK, Now i have 80 or 75 lp, that means I need another 2 games to get to my series again. lets assume I win the next 2, now I need to win 2 out of three, that means I played at least 5 (3 games in the first series + 2 after losing it) more games because of 1 afk and 1 troll. 5 games are approx. 5 hours. 5 hours are a lot. if I come back from work and want to just relax and play LoL and i have only 3 hours or so, then my break/relax time is filled with boredom looking at my team being owned in their own base, I would go afk in this situation, because I really can do something more useful than 30 mins of dying the second i get out of my base, but its going afk and thats "bad". When I play, I dont wish for a good team anymore, I just wish for a match without trolls and afks. Its 100% chance that you get AT LEAST one afk or 1 troll in your team. Riot should heavily punish toxic players/bad behavior, ESPECIALLY in ranked games, where they affect other players the most. Another point. Match making system creates flame.Im silver 3. why did I get a bronze player in my team a couple of times when Im playing against silver 2 players? What is this matchmaking system, doesn't your rank say how good you are? well then, when you make teams then make sure you get people from the same ranks against the same rank. If Im a player in silver 4 and have an mmr of a player in silver 2 or 3, then how do you expect me to get to silver 2 or 3 if you already put me against teams from silver 2 or 3 and give me a bronze player to make my winning chance 50%? if im better than silver 4, I have to beat players from silver 4 not from silver 2, to advance to silver 3. Where is the logic here, Riot? Playing as Duo doesnt make you stronger, it just means you wanna play ranked with a friend. Im saying this, because this kind of match making system also has something to do with toxic behavior. Of course, how do you expect your bot laner who is silver 4 to do very good against a silver 2 player? He will probably lose his lane maybe hold it at the best. Then people with toxic behavior will surely flame him, even players who hold themselves will snap at some point and flame him then. Its not his fault its Riots fault. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. Sorry for my english.
About matchmaking read my reply on the comments below. I think it makes sense. Its all about balance.
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: Off-topic, I guess, but somehow almost every Rengar-player I have seen are just like ones you described.
What if he is the same person :p lol no. But still I think it's just chance, unless there is a correlation between rengar and unstable people.
: Well said mate. Positive attitude doesn't really get you sheet on here. Don't let the trolls get to you tho'. Anything someone threatens to troll or go AFK, I say "Go ahead lad. I'll love that". Not because I love it but because they'll still do it anyways. So just put **all** your focus on carrying those games. And as long as you are positive with the rest of your team, you can win those games. And reporting trolls isn't really effective. Just leave post game and don't bother reporting. The ugly truth is that you'll still find them in most games after that.
I don't care about trolls in-game. They have their psychological problems or they are just immature and can't control their emotions. I don't even care if someone swears to me or my mom who f*ing cares these are just words. It annoys me that Riot doesn't do shi t even though there are solutions. I posted a discussion called: How to deal with trollers!!. Check it out if you want and comment if you think it makes sense. I say the same thing, and even if the enemy team trolls i try not to kill the guy who trolls cause i feel sorry for my enemies. But it's just plane mockery. Also maybe it is my imagination but since i know for a fact that there is a matchmaking algorithm to put people with the same skills in the same team, considering of course the amount of reports they have, isn't it possible to put trollers and afks (higher rate of afk) in promotional so that not everyone can advance? I'm not saying it happens in every promo, but as with the normal matchmaking so in ranked the probability is increased to be matched with trollers. Remember I'm not saying that it is every promo, so if someone goes from b2 to b1 it doesn't mean my logic makes no sense, i said it works as a probability. So those who got promoted and got no trollers got for e.g. in the 30% of probability of no troller, the others are in the 70%. If you think about it, it makes sense since for so long riot came up only with the report option against the trollers (more chance-probability to appear), they DO have a matchmaking algorithm and i've asked many people who had trollers in the team including myself if they are in promo and they said yes. Is it a chance? Am I dillusional. I just believe that they want to keep a balance on the divisions, that's why when u are diamond or high ranks you lose LP when inactive. Want to hear more opinions on this so feel free to comment.
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