Arzzo (EUW)
: Why the %%%% you lieeeeing. gaining 10 lp at a win is impossible, the LEAST you can get is 15 as far as I know buddy
Tell me how to put a picture on the thread, I actually got 10lp and was pissed.
Arzzo (EUW)
: The system decides what your mmr is based on by judging how you play against other mmr players. If you play against people with lower MMR, you gain less mmr per win and lose A LOT if you lose the match, same goes for playing against people with a higher mmr just the opposite. So if you never played with people that have a higher mmr than you, guessing you only had people with similar or lower mmr in your team, you will lose more mmr and therefore gain less LP. Also if you were early in the season performing well, as example 50 wins and only 20 looses, your mmr will grow hugely and you'll climb fast. But when you start to loose more often, the system will think you either reached the rank you belong to or maybe you even got a bit too high and your acutal rank lies lower in the latter, it will adjust your MMR so you don't gain LP that easly anymore. So with my example, and it's just an example. In your second go you would have 20 - 30 wins and 50 - 60 looses after your great start, meaning periodically in the near past you lost twice or more games than you won, the MMR system will place you lower therefore. Since the MMR calculates loosing and winning streaks by being lucky or unlucky, it will consider that in the MMR it will give you. Everyone can get each. The worst player in the entire server hardstuck b5 could get lucky and win like even 10 - 20 games in a row but still playing like garbage, since he will climb higher than he belongs to, the MMR will take that into consideration that you might have done nothing to decide the outcome of those games. Same goes for the opposite, even the BEST player in soloq can lose 10 - 20 games in a row by just being unlucky, meaning he would potentially drop from his deserved rank, but why should the MMR system punish him for simply being unlucky? And at the end, why should it reward a player who doesn't deserve a higher rank just because he was lucky for a couple of games?
_I'm playing with golds and silvers, that's basically the elo I am in. Just won a game and gained 10lp.. My W/L is 94/81 and I am silver 2. There is no explanation for me to have MMR under silver 2, when I have positive winrate. Therefore, there is no explanation for me how did I earn 23lp per win before 2 weeks, kept winning more than loosing, (e.g. W/W/L/W/L/W/W/W/L/L/W) and now suddenly I earn 17lp every game (the positive winrate still continuous) and last game 10lp. This is %%%%ed, I could already be gold with the amount of my wins compared to loses recently._
Arzzo (EUW)
: That's because pages like are sh*t Op.GG doesn't know your mmr and can't really calculate it, it can only take a GUESS, sometimes it's pretty close to what your actual MMR is. But sometimes, like in your case, guesses COMPLETLY wrong and gives you totally false informations. There isn't any way to see what your MMR is at, only riot knows your real mmr, pages like don't
_Ok, but i have 85 wins and 74 losses, if anything i shouldn't have low MMR_ and i should get 20lp per game. ty tho_
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