: [Suggestion] Option to mute one persons pings.
i dont think you should be able to mute pings, as even if someone is muted he could always ping to give simple pieces of info, that is important in a team based game, even if you dont care about what that person pings about
: about AFKs and Defeats #riotpls
im pretty sure this was an old, old idea already suggested to riot and they said that this could be abused by players who dont want to lose points just bully to oblivion someone so he would leave and the teamates wont lose points, so even if the player wont leave this system will make players much more toxic to each other more than they are now just to get them leaving and not to lose lp, is that what you really want? btw a point to think about some trolls get in your team, some trolls get in the enemy's team ,who do you make a post about? the guy that ruined your game or the game that made your game easy to stomp but made the enemies' game harder?
: You guys are breaking my heart...
just a small thing,did you close the lol launcher and start a new one and then try to reconnect? i found that after crashing and not being able to reconnect doing so (even a few times) will most of the time solve the problem and let me join back into the game
: Could it be a bot of some kind?
if you think this player is a bot and is ruining the game for people (aka diving into the enemy all the time) just send a ticket to the support about this account and tell them about this,they will be able to see the match history and decide from that.
: Good. I still don't think Azir shouldn't be able to clear wards, and ward like abilities so well. It's a small, but important thing. Some adc (ie Cait) can clear wards from safety, but she has to have **vision** of the ward. Azir just throws a soldier into a bush, and clears Pinks, like they never existed. With 0 counterplay.
and still while having soldier near a shroom even when azir is at range to attack the shroom himself the soldier will attack instead preventing him from dealing any damage to the shroom while any other champion can, this is clearly a bug, as if riot were do to what you suggest they would prevent the soldier from attacking at all wards and wardlike abilities and allowing azir to attack when he is in autoattack range
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