CJXander (EUNE)
: I've stopped to read the next moment i saw "instalockers". Age has nothing to do with the toxicity level, just to let you know.
I highly doubt that ... but i respect your argument and opinion. However, younger people tend to have more fun, so they find different ways to do so. In a recent post I've read that 67% of the people playing League of Legends are acutally teenagers around 12-17 years old. So technically most of the 'instalockers" and "feeders" are kids.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I just don't really see where a differeciation between age would make sense. As far as I'm aware there are little differances (if any) between ages on both skill and behaviour. And a big part of the join froma game is to meet people of all ages on equal footing. Having 2 different age groups not get along would be similar to 2 different cultures not getting along, it's something that definitly should be overcome-able for games. ^^
I think that it 's better if you could actually say if you want to be queued by age or not ... best of both worlds.
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