Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Benshirro,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-02-12T17:25:34.498+0000) > > Whenever something bad happens I try and question myself - why did it go that way? What could I have done differently? _Why do I main Ekko?_ ######Sorry, couldn't resist.
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132ads (EUW)
: Able to see enemy team not All chat
When you see enemy chat in the middle of a fight [](https://www.google.rs/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjx5vP8k9nSAhVCWxQKHbgkDJwQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Frebloggy.com%2Fpost%2Fgifs-deadpool-colossus-angel-dust-d-marveledit-by-mohammed%2F143404488653&bvm=bv.149397726,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGbrN32lBuHQsz6CIgXL048zQJqAw&ust=1489689476148311)
Stell (EUW)
: I'm also tired of ice hockey and football, damn same map every year.
And in football, there is no new champions... Only Messy and Ronaldo
: Can u bann my account ????
I don't think that you are stupid, but you are not smart either. There is so many easy ways to get your acc banned like: 3th party programss acc sharing etc and you choose to ask riot to ban you for no reason, but because you want so?? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Normal chat is toxic enough, i dont think hearing ppl scream into ur headphones what a "dumbass feeding %%%%" you are is going to improve the gameplay experience.
Well, I think it would be less painful if you hear them, because most of the times, you will hear that 12 year old voices, and then, you will laugh so hard that you won't be able to understand single word they are trying to insult you with xD
jozuaaaah (EUW)
: ekko jungle?
Well, ekko doesn't have the best clear for jungle, because he doesn't have much sustain damage, and his burst early is bad, so... I prefer him much more in the lane that in the jungle
: ***
Hey man, insulting people who's trying to help you will talk much more about you than about them. If I were you, I would thank to the Riot for not doing what they should do a long time ago and ban me permanently for insulting others, but you are thinking that you're above everyone else, and that everybody who doesn't agree with you are pathetic %%%%%%ed donkeys... You actually made me pleased because of you losing your promos because of the ban... Karma is a *****, isn't she?
: ***
Idk what winrate is supposed to do with this, but the main thing is, with that attitude, you will get banned permanently pretty soon
: I get a loss in my promos cause of Riot
Well, if you wasn't being toxic, Riot wouldn't ban you, so, guess it is kinda your fault...
: Toxic players posting on boards that they are not toxic
I will be honest with you, bro. In my experience, while climbing from b5 to s3, I met a lot of toxic people, and the most fascinating things about them were: they didn't admit, or even recognize their mistakes. They will die to a roam, even if you ping, and that's your fault. They took a bait: your fault. Their mother told them that they're failure: your fault. Most of these people are bronzies, but don't make mistake thinking that the most of bronzies are this type of people. You should ignore them, because just as pathetic as they are, they will try to make everyone else around them as miserable as they are, so, just mute them, and continue. And, for player behavior section, well, most of the people that appear there are type of people that I just described.
: pc ip you can change, modem ip you cant. just like your MAC adress spare me youre ''IT'' knowledge
Agree, but, there's internet cafes, and some people are playing from there. That's why that's not good idea
FylGer (EUNE)
: Stolen Account
I don't know what should I say to you. If I were you, I would stop hanging with that friend because he made idiot of you. I don't know how didn't you recognize the scam, because 9-year old kids are smarter than that. If it asks you for username and password, it's a scam. Riot wouldn't do that, because they already have your password and username, other way, client wouldn't be able to match your username and password. I mean, it's like {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
42069I (EUW)
: A Bronze Yasuo Main (PERMA BANNED)
Good editing tho, but I think it would be much better if you didn't use every single meme in the internet. Except that, everything is good, my friend :)
: Would you say there are less trolls in ranked? because everyone is lv 30 in ranked so they would have better experience at trying not to feed? Anyway thank you for your response.
Well. They're rarely showing up, but when they do, it's even more frustrating that in normal game. What I wanted to say is, stop care about them, and focus on your own game mate :)
: Noobs, Noobs Everywhere
First, noobs are part of the game, and not only noobs, trolls, afk people, generally toxic are part too. And, in ranked, it's even worse, because you will lose some games because of them, and those would probably be pretty important to you (like promos). But, you have to know, no matter what, you should play your game, and you should never get tilted because of the one Tristana troll. Those people will show up time to time, but you will find them in the enemy team too. And, if I were you, I wouldn't even try ranked, till I start to feel 100% ready for this. That means, when you stop worrying about others' opinion about you, AFKers, trolls, and everyone else that ruins this game. Even then, you won't be totally ready, but trust me, once you find out how not to care about those stuff, you will find yourself enjoying in League more. Funny thing is, when I stopped to care about my ranking, and decide to play as much Ranked as possible, so, what happens, it happens, I went on the huge win streak, and I climbed like 3 divisions in less than 2 weeks. That's the magic of having fun.
RuffioCas (EUW)
: You had low CS, it's not a bug. You have to have a decent CS, decent ward amount and decent score to obtain an S.
True, but, the fact is, for my elo, that IS a decent CS
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Apparently, there's people who don't only blame junglers for not ganking. I've got blamed for loosing the game and reported even tho I ganked at least twice every lane, because "I stole all kills" (I did take most of kills, but still, those kills were made by me, and good laners should be able to take advantage of that one assist, or even one death of the enemy laner)
: Vel'koz or Ekko ?
Well, as Ekko main, I vote for Ekko
: Riot, make up your mind about counterplay
Before this assassin update, nobody even heard about Akali, and people cried how Ekko has no counter play. Now after his passive nerfs, when he doesn't have his passive slow anymore, people slowly forgot about ekko, and now they're crying how Akali has no counter play ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°){{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Kian987 (EUW)
: RIOT explain me why you allow this!
Who knows, maybe he is one of those "Diamond smurfs" who just get out of Bronze ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Yeah lol, luckily I already have the 3 ultimate skins :P
: Well you can play her later when she is not free i guess. {{champion:84}}
Yeah, but that feeling is really bad, idk why
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: Good job! I'm on 37, did pretty bad on the first stage, but the quarters were a no brainer for me, got 4/4. Come on SKT for the win!
I've came on SKT too {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Well, after you get more than 34, it doesn't really matter, because there's really little chance you've got everything right
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J0hn Wickk (EUNE)
: ekko
Because they imagined ekko as a squishy bitch who kill people and then runs away with his movement speed, not as a Nasus 2.0 who is strong from the beginning to the end
Jaskik (EUW)
: i dont care, adc or jungle or top, i just need champion right now becasue i have just about 10 champions only..
IDK m8. All of them are good choice, no matter what do you pick, it's won't be bad pick
SmB Koji (EUW)
: It has nothing to do with fun, this argument is irrelevant. You're playing soccer and a mate of yours, assigned randomly, suddenly starts scoring against your own team. Wouldn't you kick him out ? No matter if this is a championship or local match, people who go against their team (no matter how) should deal with consequences (from ban for feeding to huge elo loss if performing poorly).
Feeding on purpose is one thing, but simply having fun while playing League is something totally different. Also, there were cases (in soccer) where people defend opponents' goal, or they gave an auto-goal. Look at this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5gDJfFvObg Should referee give Nani a red card for making a stupid decision at the moment?
: Riot is killing the game with bringing solo queue back, here's how and why
When you calling solo Q players mostly pathetic, egoistic and lonely, you are directly insulting huge group of players including a lot of successful youtubers and streamers such as Redmercy, PantsAreDragon (he is challenger, but I am sure he never abused dynamic Q, please tell me if I am wrong), Gbay99 etc. You are clearly dynamic player, which is fine, but that doesn't give you any wrights to call (most of) solo Q players pathetic, lonely and so on. Plus, there won't be any fighting about role, because Riot will keep all way for queuing up, for both solo Q and dynamic Q players
Nejcko (EUW)
: Rito pls
Dude... If they are THAT good that they don't have any counters, and they are that strong you should play them! It's freelo!! If you end up losing games with those champs, well.... It's not problem with them, but with you
Jaskik (EUW)
: Which champion i should to buy?
What role do you want to play? Top or Jungle or ADC to play? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
kurak38 (EUW)
: Stupid people - punish them harder pls
Banning people for having fun while playing ranked in league is like giving red card in soccer because you enjoy while playing it
: Whos retarded idea was it to alow you to ban your team mates champion
To be honest, Riot could make this really simply. When you pick champ you wanna play in the beginning, so your teammates won't be able to ban them. Problem would be: players will find out every hole in rules. So, a lot of them are using bans to ban teammates' champion simply because they wanna tilt him, or they simply don't wanna that champion to play with. But, if you unable them to ban teammates' champions, they gonna use it in some way. If this happens, be sure you gonna see more "Annie ADC" and "Yasuo Jungle" because there's always people who wanna mess around in ranked, and to tilt out of their teammates
Eambo (EUW)
: How's your pick'ems?
When I saw that I've got 26 points, I was like {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} but now when I read comments, and saw how much have you guys just won, I am like {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Who did you guys pick to be in the finals?
I decided to put SKT T1 against C9, because I belive SKT T1 can win again, and I just wanna see C9 in the finals, without any special reason
Damiel (EUW)
: Why is Kennen top tier all of a sudden?
Watch this video, and you will find out :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ARldiVGwm8
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Sayainji (EUW)
: The irony
This post made my day xD
lil pëep (EUW)
: Ekko...can we all just admit riot fucked up? He cant be nerfed!
> [{quoted}](name=Hαttori Hαnzo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=94t4Izqr,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-10T20:43:09.594+0000) > > Ok, so this guy goes ap or ad or full tank and does more damage than like all the team anyway and is unkillable. They try to nerf his tank aspects but he still gets played tank because its just that good. They buff his ap scaling and it pretty much just encourages everyone to get like one ap item on him... > > Riot will we see a rework here? or will this cancer continue? Im tired of worrying about ekko every time i see him. Like voli does damage as a tank but damn that guy doesn't have like minimal mana costs and a 3 second cc move, or a gap closer or a aoe stun or a second life (passive doesn't count). pretty much making ekko unkitable compared to other tanky damage champs. > > I Just think that ekko is like GP very difficult to nerf without making him shit and unplayable; But unlike GP this guy requires 1/10 of the skill to be effective. So please. On behalf of all the squishy mains and voli bears trying to catch a 2 hp ekko and failing {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} Rework this shit Okay, I will explain to you where you are wrong: First, tank Ekko is not a thing anymore. With one AP item, he cannot deal enough dmg with his abilities, and I didn't see a lot of tank Ekkos in a past 2-3 moths. Unfortunately (for you), Riot confirmed they will do only minor changes on Ekko in assassin rework. Also, you should worry about Ekko only if Ekko is good, just as you would worry only about good yasuo. Mana cost is not a problem, some champions doesn't even have mana, or any costs (yasuo, zed, katarina), and it's not that big problem. Ekko's stun doesn't have 3 sec cc, but he cc needs 3 sec to land, and a lot of ekkos don't use it, so, ekko must be good enough to use stun, and he must be smart enough to knows how to place it, or you must be dumb enough to not pay attention on his ghost that will appear at the moment when ekko cast his ability. As an assassin champion, he needs gap closer, some champions have more than one, and they are way more sticky than ekko (fizz, zed, akali, even new kled). And, I think reason why are you crying on boards are because you don't know how to counter Ekko. Yes, he has counterplay. First, his early levels, as all melee assassins, you can poke him, if you are range champion. At lvl 2, he can trade with you hard, but after his abilities go on cd, you can trade back. As all assassin, ekko needs kills to snowball, so, ekko without kill is useless ekko.
: which isnt enough imo. this isnt a prison, its an online game.
> [{quoted}](name=je suis dat boi,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=b2J4ny7j,comment-id=00050000000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-18T11:42:59.176+0000) > > which isnt enough imo. this isnt a prison, its an online game. If you think 1 year ban seems like prison, than permaban is life sentence
arialo2002 (EUNE)
: What I think about Perma-Ban
Quick update: I never got any kind of bans, chat bans, anything. And I never got leaver buster of 20 min!!! (the longest one I got was 10 min), so maybe I'm little bit to scared. But, guys, try to look it from the other side. If you think you're not toxic (and don't use 3rd parti programs), and, then, one day you log in and see you got permabanned, how would you feel? 99% should get banned forever, but if you found yourself in that 1%, you would totally agree with me. Again, I never got any kind of ban, problem is, Im afraid (maybe, for no reason) that I will get banned by mistake or something like that
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YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: its not a chance. It resets exactly each month on the day u droped your fist key after start of hextech crafting. U can only drop 12 key shards (4 keys) then the drop chance gets abysmally low (like 4% on win). And unless u play like a LOT u wont recieve any until next month/reset.
> [{quoted}](name=YourSh4dow,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=89oqJ0Kl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-16T05:37:47.497+0000) > > its not a chance. It resets exactly each month on the day u droped your fist key after start of hextech crafting. U can only drop 12 key shards (4 keys) then the drop chance gets abysmally low (like 4% on win). And unless u play like a LOT u wont recieve any until next month/reset. Dissagree. I've got 2 keys at begining of the month, now I cannot get any key fragment, so unfair
: Achieved S Rank on Lvl 6, no token drop?
If you earned S-, and you're lvl 6, you won't get a token. Maybe you didn't see the -
sjorus80 (EUW)
: LvL 10 what now?
Go PVP. You will maybe be bad at start, but you will improve better and faster than against bots
: wtf u want ? :D:D:D I dont have a ban :D this is completely offtopic
UPS, maybe I talked to wrong person, sorry xD
: just noticed the ridiculous toxicity punishments
I don't know, I'm sorry man. I've never play with you, I don't know is this punishment unfair or not. Of course it will be plenty of unfair punishments, players love to report all, when they are in a bad mood, but, that's part of a game. There's a lot of perma-banned people on the boards. You will get nothing with it. Riot doesn't want to listen excuses, or how many years did you play, or how many money did you spent. They don't care.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Ask him to marry you then! What are you waiting for!?
-.- This is old joke for 10 years-old kids
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