: Clash Trophies
Can't even begin to describe just how much of the satisfaction from playing clash is taken away, knowing that winning it is pretty much inconsequential cause we are getting stripped away from the trophy. Like what's the point of taking them from us? Let us collect the trophies. There is so much ridiculous and out-of-place features like 'levels' and 'mastery' as if LoL was some MMO leveling game. It's a competitive game with 'match' being a core unit, we got great structure connecting those matches into leagues, tiers, now delightful tournaments (clashes) but instead of having features to celebrate actually competition oriented achievements (beyond end-of-season summoner icons for particular tiers) we have no profile features to show for them. Last season border lasts a year and a trophy lasts laughable 14 days. We have mastery points immortalized but we have no way to exhibit past seasons ranked tiers and now, our trophies get deleted too. THIS IS SO BACKWARDS, get a grip Riot. It's a competitive game and our profiles have all the wrong features displaying misguided 'progress' and nothing for actually celebrating-worthy achievements in the context of our game's genre.


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