noway345 (EUNE)
: placement matches are useless
its based around your succes last season my gold 3 friend went 5:5 in placements and got bronze 4
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: Shop is broken?
i cant connect to store either and im on windows 8.1
PepsiMan17 (EUNE)
: i cant open the store either its only a balnk screen for me
same so annoying i just want to see if i have enough money to buy a certian amount of rp
: Store Problem
same here exept rp part
PepsiMan17 (EUNE)
: Can't buy champions
simmaler issue but i cant connect to store
: Lunar revel shop unavailiable on EUNE.
it is avalable but it took a rly long time bcs they need to make a random shop for each account i waited since the morning and got only 1 hour ago ui currently cant connect to regular shop tho
: Can Taric keep being outrageous after his rework?
SupperDude (EUNE)
: but what subject should I put on the ticket?
account probs
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SupperDude (EUNE)
: Contacting Riot
create new account send ticket to riot support
PauIo (EUW)
: What did you get from the Lunar Revel Shop?
a day wasted on relogging every 5 minutes to see if i get lunar revel shop and still nothing edit: got it now good thing i skipped school today because geography cant help you get challenger
Trollas (EUNE)
: Finaly!!!
my boy taric is finally close to beong reworked this is truly outrageous
: Trying to sign in on the Support page, and all I get is a white screen. :l 10 minutes of leaving it to do something, and it's still white.
no idea never happened to me hope it gets fixed
FonikosDoom (EUNE)
: Lunar Revel Shop
at least you got a lunar revel shop ive benn waiting since morning and still didnt get one
Ulizica (EUNE)
: LCS Players
they play in euw
Nuunna (EUW)
: Please, I just want to play my main role.
how about you place mid as secondary role{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: if someone quits champion select
i personally have a problam with the ncs that everytime i get to the ban stage my client crashes
: Sending a picture to Riot for a bit of RP
send a ticket to riot games support explaining the situation and draw a fan art or make a poem or anything artistic and entertainig and they will probably give them to you send me the picture if you decide to draw pls
Sir Leon (EUNE)
: hello
they can and sometimes do youll have more chances if you draw a fan art or do something like that to show your rly desperate for the rp
: you should relog if it doesnt show up :D
i relogged like every 5 minutes since the morning still didnt get
: Lunar Revel Shop
still didnt get a lunar reveal shop
: Ok this is some BS Riot. Players on Na get everything. (Rant, Solutions, future TIPS and IDEAS)
no amazon works mainly in us its to show their partnership with amazon by linking the accounts
: Well it's mostly in portuguese so I don't think you will understand but casically I call them noobs and insult them, never wishing death to anyone or something like that
14 day ban for no reason... lel
TornoX01 (EUNE)
: hey man I'M sorry but the main team has been set , if you want i can put you as an extra player in any case someone left or isn't available tell me if you want. thanks
sure i wrote i even want to be extra player/substitute
: make new champion
there is already ziggs lol
TornoX01 (EUNE)
: We All Came Here To Get Better ( Ranked Team For All Div )
can i join account name is axblaze i can play most of the roles and know atleast 4 roles i each lane and can i sub? division still havent finished placments probably somewhere between gold and silver i dont have a main lane
Anaaxa (EUW)
: Why doesn't Talon's Q work on monsters?
: My account is cursed.
it isn cursed lol u should specify better just normal ranked
Ithaqua (EUW)
: What was the most stupid thing You have ever been reported for?
someone reported me bcs i didnt agree to buy an item
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Mute (EUW)
: Since harrowing is approaching... I want this to be a thing.
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: > [{quoted}](name=axblaze,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=ewEayJ2A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-17T10:45:45.907+0000) > > at msi there was a match between demacia vs noxus besides i think that it was already cinfirmed the next will be shurima but dont quote me on this I think that was more of a filler feature game: "Hey guys, we wan't to do some interesting filler game, what can we do? Some all skin teams? Poolparty vs Mecha or something? Or how about a faction thing Demacia vs Noxus?".
yeah i know i actually thought of it but i want other factions to get events first like maybe a freljord event where you get to pick which faction you want to help and uyou get tasks and more
BoldyAnita (EUNE)
: Demacia vs Noxus event
at msi there was a match between demacia vs noxus besides i think that it was already cinfirmed the next will be shurima but dont quote me on this
kiwishrew (EUW)
: New PROJECT Skin Teaser
i want it to be someone with a background story like yasous maybe project yi
Dangiuz (EUW)
: My friend is keep receiving mystery gift from "Riot Games"
did he buy the bonus mystery skins thing?
fortrath (EUW)
: can i play league on windows 10?
: Does anyone get the 6+1 bonus Mystery skins?
didnt get it either but bcs it wasnt specified if 2 am or pm then u should wait and if u dont get in 2 days contact riot support
: Champion price reduction schedule
it does like shyvana and nautilus
: New game mode: Ranked ARAMs
i think this is a good idea bcs im better with playing random champions then my favorite bcs its more fun for me and i think thta people that will be toxic in this gamemode will just be muted
Bombardox (EUW)
: When your support doesnt buy wards or sightstone or upgrad trinket....
as someone who was a support main even tho he needs to ward and buy sightsone vison and map control isnt only his duty because 4 wards that u can place without vision ward if uyou see a support that isnt buying sightstone you should feel free to ask him why he isnt buying and telling him y he should buy sightstone also even if your adc you should buy a vision ward once in a while cause it really helps the supports and the whole team
Kurzy (EUW)
: i just want to get out of bronze is that too much to ask
only thing u can do stop playing ranked take break for 2 days play normals with wanting to improve and not to win and then afterwards play ranked or wit untill next preseason and do placements again
: > [{quoted}](name=axblaze,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ynTxYTOp,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-08-05T05:06:36.073+0000) > > im not from england or america dude Pretty sure the worst offenders in bad use of English are from 'Murica and UK. They don't put in the effort.
yes but i dont speak in english at home i speak in adifferent klanguage which i write in to so i will have more problems even tho im the best at english in my class i just dont care about while im typing and i have many mistakes cause i type fast
: bed gramour
im not from england or america dude
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SuperFlex (EUW)
: no radds i just restarted computer dnt hlp
well its not the server cause for a streamer im watching its working fine write to riot support
: when will ppl stop playing hecarim top with ignite teleport
lol no if hecarim is top check his match history maybe he is actually good or maybe its just bcs hecarim is countered by a lot of champions
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