Forte (EUNE)
: Welcome to the game, I've sent you a friend request, feel free to accept or reject {{sticker:cass-cry}} We're about 10 guys, all chill nobody flames, nobody is toxic, english speaking and we use discord. Edit: I know it sounded like an add xD
cool thanks send me a discord link if you want
: People are toxic in normal games too. People are toxic everywhere in this game. Even in Bot games.
people been chill for me
: Just saying, I would never want anyone to go through the tilt you get here..
im used to cs go shit but maybe this some real shit ?
: Hey um this might sound really bad but if I were you, stop playing now.. quit while you can, trust me, you will have some good times in this game but for the most part it'll be a tilting mess, literally any other game will not piss you off as much as this one will, I beg you, leave while you can. Don't say I didn't warn ya
ok but i ain't gonna play rank tho
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