WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I want a monster tamer skin for him but not a dragon tamer. I want him to either be a slime tamer or just a tamer that can call upon many magical beasts. I mostly want this because I want him to drop a big slime on people with his W. If we go full slime then his Q and ult could just be different slimes and his E would be a wall of basically jello with a face. If we go tamer then his Q could be him throwing an egg and his ult could be a full grown phoenix while his E would be idk a bunch of treants joined together? IDK I just want to kill someone in this game by dropping a huge slime on them.
So many idea's hah, yep that would be funny
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Void Guardian veigar , this will open line for void line champions skins
Ye true. it will be awesome
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