: > You ban account's that keep you alive by donating money a) You are not "donating" money, you are spending it. b) How is that unfair? If Riot would treat people differently, depending on how much money they have, that would pretty much be the definition of "unfair". But they don't, they do the exact opposite. They treat everyone the same. Everyone is judged by the exact same systems and rules. That again is basically the definition of "fair". You know the rules, you agreed to the rules, you know there are consequences for breaking the rules. And you decided to break the rules. So you got punished. Doesn't get fairer than that. And there is only one person to blame for this ban, and that is you. You decided to break the rules, it was 100% your personal decision and at any point you could have decided not to do it. But you didn't. So face the consequences of your own decisions like a grown up instead of complaining how unfair it all is. In other, more figurative words: https://i.imgur.com/TqIEnYB.gif
I'm just gonna answer to your b), Maybe i wrote it wrong or it sounded wrong.Of course you are not gonna make exception to people "spending" ,money as you say and not donating,I didnt say to treat me like i'm special.I find it pretty silly to get suspensions and perma bans just by typing words like some of them i mentioned above.I guess i will be become one of these players which joins a ranked game,feed his a$$ off,mute everybody and at the end of the game reports them for a random reason.Anyways,peace and love.
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